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Journey's, Sanctuarys, The Shadow and Treasure
Players Assigned Tasks for a Journey

Guide:  Asgrim
(In Charge of all decisions concerning route, rest and supplies.  Guides rely on Wisdom and Survival proficiency)

Scout(s):  Primary: Gundri
(In charge of setting up camp, opening new trails.  Scouts rely on Stealth and Investigation.)

(In charge of finding food in the wild.  Hunters rely on success with Survival checks.)

Look-Out(s):  Primary:  Thirisen;
(In charge of keeping watch.  Look outs rely on their abilities with Perception.)

-Only 1 Guide per Journey
-Only 1 Task per character per Journey
-Only 1 primary Scout, Hunter and Look-Out per Journey.  A second player can assist and give the primary rolls at Advantage.

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Sanctuary (Patrons) that have been Opened
Esgaroth/ Lake Town: Gundri, Asgrim, Blackfeather, Fergal and Thiriswen can now claim a 'Men of the Lake Heirloom' instead of their culture)

Rivendell:  Fergal

Rhosgobel: Asgrim, Gundri, Thiriswen, Valtharr, Hummond (All can claim 'Woodsman' Heirlooms in addition to their own culture

----------Characters Home (Counts as free Sanctuary for them)-------------
Asgrim:         Rivendell
Gundri:         Lonely Mountain
Thiriswen:      Thranduil's Hall
Valtharr:       Esgaroth/ Lake Town
Hummond:        Shire

______________________DEPARTED PARTY MEMBERS_____________________________________
Dirhael         Minas Tirith
Blackfeather:   Rhosgobel
Fergal          Bree
Beornaben       Anduain Vales
Alenia:         Iron Hills
Berethor:       Rohon
Thalanir:       Thranduil's Hall
Perry:          Shire

Agrim:          Bard
Gundri:         Gloin
Thiriswen:      Gandalf
Hummond:        Radaghast

_______________________DEPARTED PARTY MEMBERS______________________________________
Dirhael         Bard
Blackfeather    Radagast
Fergal          Beorn
Beornaben       Beorn

Asgrim, Blackfeather and Thiriswen can take 'Open Sanctuary' in Erebor/ Lonely Mountain

Asgrim, Blackfeather, Thiriswen, Fergal and Beornaben can now take 'Open Sanctuary' for the Easterly Inn.

Asgrim, Alenia, Berethor, Gundri, Thiriswen and Sadrion can take 'Open Sanctuary' for Beorns' Home.

HOUSE RULE:  Any Sanctuary opens the 'cultural heirlooms' of that location.  EX. a non dwarf with a Sanctuary of Erebor may take a 'dwarf' heirloom vs their own cultural heirloom.

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                 Permanent                Temporary          WIS
Asgrim               0                        4               15
Gundri               0                        4               13
Thiriswen            0                        6                9
Valtharr             0                        1               08
Hum                  0                        0               13
________________________________DEPARTED PARTY MEMBERS_____________________________
Dirhael              0                        5               10
Blackfeather         0                        1               13
Thiriswen            0                        6                9
Fergal               0                        4               16
Beornaben            0                        3                8
Alenia               0                        0               10
Berethor             0                        0               13
Thalanir             0                        5               16
Perry                0                        0               16

****Ensure you add Temporary Shadow Points and Permanent Shadow points on your character sheet somewhere.

1.  When you roll against corruption (shadow) use your WIS with bonus as the base.

2.  DC 15 is the 'normal' roll and if I forget to give you a DC use that.

3.  Temp shadow points accumulate and take a special act to remove-typically during a fellowship phase.

4.  When you TEMP shadow points exceeds your WIS you become 'Miserable'
  a.  While Miserable you are at disadvantage on attack rolls
  b.  Automatically fail Charisma checks
  c.  When you fail any WIS roll by the difference you have a 'Bout of Madness'

5.  When in a 'Bout of Madness' I take over your character for a short while and have you do something you will regret based upon your classes 'Shadow Weakness'(Think Boromir trying to take the ring from Frodo)

6.  After your 'Bout of Madness' you remove all Shadow Points and place 1 permanent shadow point on your character sheet.

7.  Usually 4 'Bouts of Madness' and you character will be retired

OOC:  Players book  180-188 goes into better detail.  I intend to do a better job in the future on 'handing' these out.  One of the aspects of this that I think makes the game so 'Tolkien' like.

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Fellowship Undertakings
Here are the Fellowship Undertakings from the PHB and the other source books;

House Rule: 3 Types of Fellowships, Short, Normal and Long. If not annotated assume its only a Normal

Long Fellowship(L):   > 5 months
Normal Fellowship(N): 3-4 months
Short Fellowship(S):  < 2 months

1.  Recovery:   Per page 200 PHB, (S/N/L)
2.  Training:  Per page 200 PHB, + new tools and background specialty's. (L)
3.  Gain New Trait:  Per page 200 PHB (N/L)
4.  Heal Corruption:  Per page 200 PHB (S/N/L)
5.  Meet Patron:  Per page 201 PHB, (S/N/L)
6.  Open Sanctuary:  Per page 201 PHB (S/N/L)
7.  Receive Title:  Per page 201 PHB, (N/L)
8.  Research Lore:  Per page 202 PHB,(N/L)

-  Get Married (1-2 posts about a potential courtship in earlier fellowship phases) (N/L)
-  Have a child (Need to have a significant 'other' and then 9 months.  ex is an adoption) (N/L)

From other sourcebooks(Only available once party has been to location in game):
-----Thranduils Hall------------
-Visit the Sentinel Oak (N/L):  Attune with nature at the 'first' oak tree.  Next adventure phase the peril rating of any journey in Mirkwood is reduced by 1.

-Study with the Lampmaker (Elf only)(L):  Must also know Elf Magic.  Build a lamp that does things.

-Feast in the Great Clearing(N/L): Celebration with the elves.  Allows the hero to remember joy even in darkness-Next adventuring phase gain Inspiration whenever you gai a shadow point.

-----Rhosgobel, Woodman town, Woodland Hall-------------
-Compete on the field of Honor(S/N/L) (Any woodman settlement):  Hero participates in a contest of arms.  Costs 5sp to join.  Depending on Hero does can gain some extra money

-Go Hunting with the Woodman(S/N/L) (Any woodland settlement): Use Wisdom (Survival) to determine how well the hunt goes.  Can earn different advantages on next adventuring phase depending on how well the hunt goes.

-Enter Wuduseld (Woodland Hall)(N/L): spend time inside the magnificent Great Hall studying the carvings and rich history.  Next adventure phase can gain inspiration on history or lore one time for an automatic check.  Can wait to be used AFTER a dice attempt

-----Mountain Hall---------------
-Hunting Grim Hawks(S/N/L):  Hunt these foul birds on the western side of the Anduin.  If you kill enough you gain an advantage next adventure phase and the title 'Friend' of the Mountain Hall.

-Visit the Market at Traders Island(S/N/L):  Travel down river and meet with the river folk and attend one of thier open markets.  DC 15 Intelligence (Insight) to see what kind of items you find.  Everything from a wothless trinket to an item that will profer some slight advantages.

-----Anduin Vales---------------
-Tame the Steed of the Moon(L):  Fellowship in the Anduin Vales.  this is a Party event and would be a mini-adventure phase.  Once party gets a steed of the moon (Meahras) the fellowship phase is about taming the creature.

-Befriend the Beasts(Beorns House)(N/L): Learns the ways of the wonderous animals and gain one of the following:
   a.  Befriend a pony:  Gain one of Beorns pony; gives advantage on Perception and Survival checks-will follow hero anywhere
   b.  Befriend a hound:  Gain one of Beorns Hounds, advantage on Investigation or Survival.
   c.  Speech of Beasts:  learn the secret tounge of animals-choose wolf, dog, bear, bird or a burrowing beast.  Interpretation requires a DC 15 INT (Riddle) or a DC 15 WIS (Insight)

-Guard the old Ford(S/N/L):  Fellowship phase at the old Ford.  Anyone can help out the Beroning as the guard the new ford and build a bridge.  Use DC 15 Wisdom (Insight) and you will have an event that gain you useful knowledge in next adventuring phase

-Gather Firewood in the Elfwood(any Anduin Valley)(S/N/L): Gathers firewood from elfwood, this wood catches fire easily and burns warmer.  In the next adventuring phase allows a campsite to reduce 1 level of exhaustion.

-Return to the Carrock (N/L): Beornings only when they fellowship at home.  Allows a Beorning to heal any corruption using any Wisdom skill with advantage.

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Here is where I will keep track of unique treasure and any cultural heirlooms you get.

PARTY:  found this out:
1.  Wicked Knife from the Woodsman Hermit-Fergal delivered it to Lord Elrond of Rivendell for further study.  Fergal found the following things out:
   a.  Writing is in the language of Mordor-The Black Speak and simply reads 'Festering Carver"
   b.  Knife is made of a steel that you have never seen before.  None of your experiments are able to do any damage or wear to the blade.
   c.  Blade edge itself shows signs of dullness-almost deliberate-perhaps to amplify the pain of a cut?
   d.  Why or how it was made you are unable to discover.  But when you find reference to it you also see reference to something known as the Chain of Thangorodrim

2.  Free Room and Board at the Easterly Inn

3.  Party has 1 draft pony and 2 Light riding horses

-Dwarf Friend Ring (100gold)
-Simple bear claw broach (Advantage on any interaction with a Beorning)
-Black feather pendant: (Advantage on any interaction with a Woodsman from Rhosgobel)

-Dwarf Friend Ring (100gold)
-Simple bear claw broach (Advantage on any interaction with a Beorning)
-Wooden mug from Blackfeathers wedding(Advantage on any interaction with a Woodsman)
-Black feather pendant: (Advantage on any interaction with a Woodsman from Rhosgobel)

-Black feather pendant: (Advantage on any interaction with a Woodsman from Rhosgobel)

-Black feather pendant: (Advantage on any interaction with a Woodsman from Rhosgobel)

_____________________________DEPARTED PARTY MEMBERS______________________________

-Dwarf Friend Ring (100gold)
-Simple bear claw broach (Advantage on any interaction with a Beorning)
-Black feather pendant: (Advantage on any interaction with a Woodsman from Rhosgobel)

-Dwarf Friend Ring (100gold)


Fergal Carrying the wicked looking knife from the Woodsman

-Simple bear claw broach (Advantage on any interaction with a Beorning)

-Simple bear claw broach (Advantage on any interaction with a Beorning)

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