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Fri 16 Feb 2018
at 19:39
This is essentially a sandbox game. There is no overarching plot-line to be followed. I expect narrative threads to emerge over time but, at the start of the game, as the party assembles outside the entrance to Forestfell Dungeon, the world is your oyster.

The main source of potential plot hooks and character motivations within the game will be the trusty Rumour Table. In your private messages youíll find a starting rumour for each character. These have been shared secretly with each character; it is up to you as to whether or not you share them with your fellow party members.

(If you donít see your rumour straight away, donít panic - Iíll get them all posted as soon as I can).

However, the DM will not be the only source of rumours. You, the player characters, will also contribute rumours. Please post in this thread one rumour that your character would like to share - a snippet of gossip they have learned prior to arriving at Forestfell. Post this openly so that all players and the DM can see it in this thread. The rumour may relate directly to Forestfell Dungeon or the wider world. Where appropriate, I will  weave these rumours into the ongoing adventures.

Remember, any give rumour might be largely true, partially true or a complete fabrication. Only time and bitter experience will sort the fact from the fiction ...

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Fri 16 Feb 2018
at 20:55
Long ago, there was a great city on the site where Forestfell Dungeon now sits.  The city collapsed upon itself and fell into what is now the dungeon.  Nobody knows why, or how far down in the dungeon the city's remains might be found.
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Fri 16 Feb 2018
at 21:07
Only when the moon is high,
the forest fey around be nigh.

Found beneath a moonlit pool,
they tempt the wise and cheat the fool.

Speak the words they long to hear,
they'll play the part of the seer.

Where there's wine soon will follow,
wisdom lost in an old oak hollow.

Bitter be the taste of truth,
though sweet it is upon the tooth.

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Sat 17 Feb 2018
at 00:52
A large part of the dungeon was originally carved out by dwarves, but they were chased out by a winged demon. Forestfell is now haunted by the remaining souls of the dwarves trapped from escape.
Brother Solomon
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Sat 17 Feb 2018
at 16:13
"That all might well be true," Brother Solomon admits. "The fallen city. Dwarf-ghosts and a winged demon. The poem about wine and moonlight. But there's more to it than that." He leans forward, lowering his voice. His mouth is a harsh line across his face, speaking a harsh truth in a harsh whisper. "Forestfell is, in fact, a malign shadow world, shunning the Sun, and this dungeon that we call Forestfell is merely a ruin housing portals leading to ... and from ... that Dark Realm. The Portals. Must. Be. Closed."

He leans back, relaxing a bit. "Also, I heard there are mushrooms and snails there that when you eat them have all sorts of magical effects."
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Sun 18 Feb 2018
at 17:14
Alwin has heard rumors of a great elven warrior that disappeared about 500 years ago in the area of Forestfell.  The warrior wielded the ancient elven blade "Cuthalain".  The loss of this blade has been painful for Alwin's people.  There have been a number of elves that have ventured to the area to search for the blade. It has never been located and some of those that have searched in the area have never returned.
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Wed 28 Feb 2018
at 23:54
"Yeah I heard stories of those shrooms.  I thought it was all bunk until I was in a game of dice in the back of this place with a dark creeper and a bunch of others.

Anyway, long story short creepy wanted to settle the pot with some of those magic shrooms.  The way he told it the eater would 'turn on and tune in'.  I wouldn't have accepted that they're always lying, but this Half-Orc fella with rocks in his head won and took'em there and then.

It wasn't much later and he suddenly started mutating.  Weirdest thing I've ever seen and I fell out the back of my chair I was so intent on backing up quick smart.

He went all grey and toothy, then nobbly and green.  Last I saw before ducking under the table he had gone pale and hairless with large bulging yellow eyes with slitted pupils.

The room suddenly went the darkest black I've ever experienced.  Absolutely pitch black I couldn't see my hand in front of my face even with infravision.  All sorts of a curfuffle ensued, but when the light came to I was the only one left there in the room and place had been trashed.  I legged it of course.

I've heard word since the half-orc was in fact a Doppelganger, and the shrooms apparently scrambled its molecular structure and drove it insane.  It escaped into the forest unable to control it's body changing.  It's still out there somewhere, but those shrooms are a surefire way of finding out if someone's a Doppelganger and I have a small piece with me here."
  He unwraps a small piece of brown plant material from some waxy paper.  By the look of it, it could be anything.  "One gp and this Doppleganger detector could be yours."
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Thu 1 Mar 2018
at 16:19
Saba's starting rumour from the DM: