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RTJ / Character Creation

In your RTJ, please include your character's name, species and class.

Additionally, please indicate the role(s) you anticipate playing in the squad (medic, sharpshooter, heavy weapons, etc.).

Lastly, please provide a brief sketch of your character's background - no more than a paragraph.

Create your character using the d20 Revised Core Rulebook.


Use the Point-Buy method to generate your ability scores from a pool of 32 points.


Any Force-sensitive for those playing Jedi.  Human for clone troopers.


Humans may choose any class except Force Adept.  You will begin at 1st level.


You will receive equipment for each mission from the quartermaster (weapons, armor and equipment).  You also receive the maximum starting credits for your class with which to buy any personal items.

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Lightsaber Forms
Shii-Cho - Form I
Form I is the most basic form of lightsaber combat.  The moves of Form I focus on disarming one's opponent without hurting them.
Prerequisites: Jedi 1st Level
Benefit: When wielding a lightsaber, you gain a +4 bonus on opposed attack rolls when disarming an opponent or when an opponent attempts to disarm you.

Makashi - Form II
Form II developed when the Jedi began fighting Sith and other lightsaber wielders. There are many who admire it as the most elegant form of lightsaber combat.
Prerequisites: Dexterity 15, Burst of Speed, Weapon Finesse(Lightsaber), Shii-Cho-Form I., Jedi 5th Level.
Benefit: This feat grants a +3 dodge bonus to Defense against Lightsaber attacks.

Soresu - Form III
You use a specialized form designed to defend yourself against an opponent. The practice of Form III is an important reflection of Jedi philosophy, as it emphasizes the Jedi belief in calmness and non-aggression.
Prerequisites: Wisdom 13, Shii-Cho-Form I. Dexterity 13. Jedi 5th Level.
Benefit: When wielding a Lightsaber, you gain a Defense bonus equal to your Wisdom Modifier.

Ataru - Form IV
Form IV is an aggressive, acrobatic style. A practitioner of this form channels the Force to achieve quick, deadly strikes. To an outsider, it appears as a wild rush of movement.
Prerequisites: Combat Reflexes, Weapon Focus(Lightsaber), Jedi 5th Level.
Benefit: A character with this feat may add one and a half times her dexterity bonus(instead of strength bonus) to her damage rolls when wielding a lightsaber one-handed, and two times her dexterity bonus when two-handed.

Shien/Djem So - Form V
Form V was developed out of Form III, utilizing its precise defensive motions to create a more offensive fighting style. Its basic premise is using one's natural strength to dominate an opponent.
Prerequisites: Str 13, Power Attack, Shii-Cho-Form I, Soresu-Form III. Jedi 7th Level.
Benefit: When wielding a Lightsaber, as a free action you may leave herself open to attack while preparing devastating counterattacks. Enemies gain a +4 bonus on attack and damage rolls against the Jedi until the beginning of her next turn, but every attack against the Jedi provokes an attack of opportunity from her, which is resolved prior to resolving each enemy attack. You must declare you are using this feat.

Niman - Form VI
You use a very general form that covers all the bases. This is the "jack-of-all-trades" style of lightsaber combat.
Prerequisites: Wisdom 13. Shii-Cho-Form I, Jedi 5th Level.
Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus to Reflex, Will, and Fortitude Saves. You also gain an insight bonus to attack rolls equal to your Wisdom modifier.

Jar'Kai - Form VI(Advanced Training)
Form VI has advanced training for Jedi who dual-wield lightsabers. You use this specialized form based around wielding two lightsabers in combat. You can defend yourself with exceptional skill.
Prerequisites: Wisdom 13. Shii-Cho-Form I, Niman-Form VI, Two-Weapon Fighting, Jedi 7th Level.
Benefit: When wielding a double-bladed lightsaber or two Lightsabers(one in each hand) you gain a +2 armor bonus to your Defense. When you are fighting defensively this armor bonus increases to +4.

Juyo - Form VII
Form VII is the most difficult of the traditional lightsaber forms, both physically and emotionally. Practitioners of Form VII channel into the fight, attacking with chaotic and unpredictable moves to catch their opponents off guard.
Prerequisites: Any 3 Lightsaber Form Feats, Combat Reflexes, Improved Critical(Lightsaber, Jedi 8th Level.
Benefit: When confirming a critical hit, you gain a +2 to the roll

Vaapad - Form VII(Advanced Training)
A variation on the traditional Form VII fighting style. Its premise was turning the Jedi into a conduit, channeling an opponent's negative emotions back at him.
Prerequisites: Any 3 Lightsaber Form Feats(Plus Juyo-Form VII), Combat Reflexes, Improved Critical(Lightsaber, Jedi 10th Level.
Benefit: Your threat range increases again by +1. This increase stacks with Improved Critical. Your lightsaber's threat range is now 17-20.