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System Rules

Posted by The UniverseFor group 0
The Universe
GM, 1 post
Tue 14 Feb 2023
at 12:59
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System Rules

This system will only use 1d6.
To make a skill check you add (stat)+(skill rank)+1d6
Checked against either a Difficulty Number based on the chart below or an opposed roll (as in combat, stealth or social interactions)

Easy DC = 1 (Anyone can complete this task)
Average DC = 3 (requires some luck, talent or training)
Difficult DC = 6 (requires astounding luck, talent or training)
Very Difficult DC = 9 (unobtainable without talent or training)
Incredibly Difficult DC = 12 (unobtainable without significant talent or training)
Impossible DC = 15 (unobtainable without significant talent, training and luck: the stuff of legends)
Godlike DC = 18 (requires an incredible amount of talent, training and luck)
The Universe
GM, 2 posts
Tue 14 Feb 2023
at 13:00
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System Rules


BRAWN (raw physical strength)
COORDINATION (includes eye-hand coordination as well as balance, manual dexterity and nimbleness)
TOUGHNESS (ability to take a hit as well as survive poisons and diseases)
WITS (logic and deductive reasoning)
INTUITION (sheer gut instinct)
APPEARANCE (physical beauty)
LUCK (truly sheer dumb luck)
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The Universe
GM, 3 posts
Tue 14 Feb 2023
at 13:01
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System Rules

Active Skills:

Aimed (a ranged attack using Coordination)
Athletics (running, jumping, swimming)
Block (using a shield or weapon to stop an attack)
Dodge (evading an attack)
Melee (using a close combat weapon)
Stealth (hiding your location and moving silently)
Throwing (a ranged attack using Brawn)
Unarmed (punching, kicking or biting)

Awareness (perception)
Enchanting (imbuing a mundane item with magic)
Mechanical (physics and engineering)
Medicine (mundane healing)
Ritual Magic (long term magic use)
Spellcasting (short term magic use)
Survival (tracking, hunting, gathering and orienteering)
Tactics (military strategy)

Barter (negotiating a sale)
Deception (selling a bluff)
Etiquette (knowing how to behave in situations)
Insight (reading body language and conversational context)
Intimidate (strongarm social tactics)
Performance (entertaining people)
Persuasion (social debate)
Streetwise (understanding the social underground)

Passive Skills:

Downtime skills, knowledge skills and professional skills

Open to player creativity
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The Universe
GM, 4 posts
Tue 14 Feb 2023
at 13:02
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System Rules

Secondary Stats:

Hit Points = Toughness + Brawn + 3
Stamina = Toughness + Intuition

Armor Class may be either

Stamina absorbs damage before Hit Points

Armor absorbs damage as well
Light Armor = 1 damage
Medium Armor = 2 damage
Heavy Armor = 3 damage
The Universe
GM, 5 posts
Tue 14 Feb 2023
at 13:04
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System Rules


-1 Stamina per spell effect

Casting a spell involves either Wits+Spellcasting+1d6 or Intuition+Spellcasting+1d6 depending on tradition

One spell effect takes place per skill rank

One damage, healing or effect with a duration of 1 round per spell rank effect

Physical damage effects are opposed by Coordination+Dodge

Mental effects are opposed by Intuition+Insight


Fire damage 1
Wits+Spellcasting+1d6 vs DC 3 Coordination+Dodge+1d6 vs DC 3

Fear effect 1
Wits+Spellcasting+1d6 vs DC 3
Intuition+Insight+1d6 vs DC 3

Rank 2 type spells:

Fire damage 2
Wits+Spellcasting+1d6 vs DC 6 Coordination+Dodge+1d6 vs DC 6

Wits+Spellcasting+1d6 vs DC 6
Fire damage 1  Coordination+Dodge+1d6 vs DC 3
Fear effect 1
Intuition+Insight+1d6 vs DC 3

Acid damage 1
Area 1
Wits+Spellcasting+1d6 vs DC 6
Acid damage 1  Coordination+Dodge+1d6 vs DC 3
For target and all adjacent creatures

Cold damage 1
Duration +1
Wits+Spellcasting+1d6 vs DC 6
Cold damage 1 for 2 rounds Coordination+Dodge+1d6 vs DC 6
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