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Sat 27 Jan 2018
at 22:21
Ronís Starport Bar
Located just inside from the main hangar, Ronís Starport Bar is a meeting place, a country western-themed bar, and a pretty good steakhouse. Traders stop in for a quick bite while their ships reload and refuel. Station personnel visit for the food, the ambiance, and line dancing on Wednesday nights. Thereís a mechanical bull near the pool tables, and Ron always has a stash of the finest single malt whiskey this side of Sol. Whenever you decide to visit, thereís always someone interesting to meet at Ronís.
Brody Frawdman
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Mon 29 Jan 2018
at 09:37
Ronís Starport Bar
Brody entered the bar flanked by Patricia. As they made their way to the bar Brody took in all of the patrons there for the day before sitting at bar on a stool along with Patricia who looked pissed. "Hey Ron I need a single malt for my day..." Patricia scoffed and turned to Brody angrily, "We would have had it had you not decided to go for those creds! Brody, you do realize we are now out of both the job and those creds! I said we could have a go at them once the job is done! Yah never listen do you, you dumb bastard." Brody just attempted to covertly ignore her, his face plastered with embarrassment.