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House Rules: Exalted 2.5e
Character Creation

These changes are either in addition to or supersede the normal Scroll of Errata (aka 2.5) rule changes.

  • All of the changes to 2.5 normally restricted to Solars and Solar-like Exalt types apply to all Exalt types - they can raise Abilities to five without bonus points, select Charms from non-Caste/Favored status, and use the 4/3 bonus point costs for Charms.
  • All Exalt types use the lower of either their own Bonus Point costs or their own, whichever is lower. Some unusual traits might be additionally reduced. Lunar Knacks, for example, are reduced to the same 4/3 cost as Charms.
  • All Exalts gain a free Excellency of their choice for every Caste/Favored ability, attribute, Yozi, what-have-you.
  • All Player Character Exalts start at Essence 3 for free, which cannot be increased during character creation.

Character Advancement

To avoid the "gaming the system" encouraged by Exalted's split between BP at character creation and xp during play advancement, as well as to "flatten" advancement and allow meaningful increases to already decent rated traits, I will be giving out Bonus Points during play instead of experience.

Essence increases will be handled by discussion between storyteller and players, not by spending bonus points.


The only thing I really like about the mechanics of 3E are the Sorcery and Sorcerous Working Systems, so I'm going to to try to work some of those back into 2.5.

Sorcerers do not draw from their own Essence pools, instead manipulating the flow of Essence around themselves with the Shape Sorcery action to gather sorcerous motes to use in a spell.

From the 3E Core:

To take a shape sorcery action, the sorcerer must first declare the spell she is attempting to cast, and then roll (Intelligence + Occult). Each success contributes one sorcerous mote to the casting of the spell. If this is sufficient to meet the spell’s cost, it is cast immediately. If not, the sorcerer must continue focusing Essence into the spell in subsequent rounds. She may choose to take additional shape sorcery actions, rolling and adding successes towards the total, until she has enough to cast the spell. Once she has reached the total, she unleashes it immediately and reflexively.

The shape sorcery action itself is a combat action which cannot be included in a flurry. A sorcerer can pause in the act of gathering sorcerous motes to perform other actions, such as attacking or (dashing), but loses three sorcerous motes at the end of every round where no sorcerous motes were gathered. If she uses a ritual that allows her to reflexively gather sorcerous motes for a turn, this counts as if she had used a shape sorcery action—sorcerer-assassins often find such techniques efficacious in their chosen trade, allowing them to fluidly switch between fighting and shaping spells.

If the sorcerer begins casting a different spell from the one she has started shaping, then her current spell is prematurely aborted, and all gathered sorcerous motes disperse and are lost. If she simply stops gathering motes, she will continue losing three sorcerous motes per round until she has none remaining, at which point the spell is lost.

Spells that designate a longer amount of time to cast, such as conventional summoning spells, still take the regular duration.

For the purposes of ticks, Shape Sorcery is still a Speed 5, DV -2 action for Terrestrial Circle Sorcery, Speed 5, DV -3 for Celestial, and Speed 5, DV -4 for Solar.

Specifically note that this version of sorcery does not prevent the Exalt from using Reflexive Charms (such as many defensive Charms), or any Charm that might enhance an Intelligence or Occult roll such as Excellencies. Additionally, combat sorcerers don't need to be as worried about interruptions during casting.

Learning a Sorcery (or Necromancy) Charm gives a free spell of the appropriate circle.

Shaping Rituals are another way to gain access to sorcerous motes. I'll discuss those with potential sorcerers - I don't want to copy-paste too much of the 3E core book into a publicly visible forum thread.

Sorcerous Workings

Once again, from the Exalted 3E Core:

Sorcerous workings allow characters to permanently reshape the world through their occult skill, enacting blessing, curses, or transformations. Renewing the fertility of a barren field, creating life in a vat of alchemical reagents, raising a city up from its foundations to sit in the sky—all of these miracles can be achieved through sorcerous workings.

Again, I don't want to post big chunks of the 3E book, so I'll discuss sorcerous workings more with any potential sorcerers who are interested.
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House Rules: Exalted 2.5e
Scroll of Heroes

Merits and Flaws need to be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Scroll of the Monk

Unfortunately, none of the Scroll of the Monk martial art styles ever got 2.5 errata. As such, they require approval on a case-by-case basis, and may possibly be subjected to some house-rule errata.

Other Charms and Such

Charms, Artifacts, Backgrounds, and other etc. from books other than big splat books and the errata require case-by-case approval. Most are probably going to be fine, I just want to know where things are coming from.