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Mon 29 Jan 2018
at 20:00
Joining the game
When you message me to join the game, please include the following things:
1) A general idea of how familiar you are with RPGs in general, particularly GURPS 4e.
2) How often you realistically feel you can post.
3) A general idea of what sort of character you wish to play.

When posting, please do the following things:
1) Note that this game is not set to mature or adult, so keep things at a level that is not offensive.
2) Post in complete sentences. A solid paragraph is about the shortest an average post should be.
3) Post dialogue in a consistent color, OOC notes in red, and mechanics in orange.

General rules of engagement
1) Don't post actions or thoughts for any character other than your own.
2) Post twice weekly as a minimum standard.
3) If you can, give notice of absences.
4) Without communication, a character will continue in npc status till he or she can be parked conveniently.

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