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Mon 29 Jan 2018
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Character Generation
Characters for the game should be people that might reasonably be hired for a field expedition into uncertain but likely dangerous territory.

Military veterans, scientists, technicians and medics, all might be part of the team. The expedition is being staged by a private organization, so currently serving members of the military and other government agencies are not going to be involved.

Skills in Geology, Archaeology, and Physics would be sought after. Engineers and the like too would be desired, but given the constraints of the situation, only a small team can be fielded, which means that the recruiters would be more interested in a wide skill base than looking for the world's greatest expert in a single field.

There is also a strong element of secrecy involved, at least at the beginning, so people who are going to be missed by close family and friends are not in the cards.

150 points + 50 in disads/quirks
Tech Level 8
Starting wealth $20,000, of which $4,000 is available for equipment purchase.

No powers of any kind at start.
No cinematic advantages at start.
No dependents.
Ties in general like patrons should be avoided.

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