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Wed 31 Jan 2018
at 10:28
RTJ and update to mk.III
Create your character from any of the Iron Kingdoms books you see fit with zero xp.  Do NOT mix careers from Unleashed and Full Metal Fantasy.  Races go off of their most recent iteration; meaning the Ogrun, Nyss, and Gobbers should only use the stats from the Unleashed book.

Personal errata: I am modifying the system to the new mk.III rules for Warmahordes
Warcasters - No longer overboost their power field by camping focus.  They can choose to spend one focus to increase their armor value by +5 for one attack.

Warjacks - If activating in their controlling warcaster's control area, they gain one 'power up' focus.  They do not gain this while their cortex is crippled.

Jack Marshalls - Replace the old drives with these new ones that all jack marshals start with.  A warjack can only be effected by the same drive once.
Crush! - make one additional melee attack this activation and gain +2 damage on all melee damage rolls.
Hurry! - the jack can run, charge, or make a power attack for free and gains +2 to attack rolls on charge and slam attacks this activation.
Strike True! - the jack gains +2 to all attack rolls this activation.
Take Aim - the jack must forfit its movement to aim this turn and additionally gains +2 to ranged damage rolls this activation.
You got this! - A warjack that is in the command range of its íjack marshal can perform any one action on its stat card that would require it to spend focus.

A jack marshal can use a full round action to cause the jack he controls in his cmd range to shake one shake-able effect (knockdown stationary blind shadow bind)

Trencher Career - gain the Tough mighty archetype ability.

Arcane Assassin - Only ignores spell effects that add to DEF and ARM.  No longer ignores warcaster overboosting power field.

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Sat 21 Apr 2018
at 21:29
RTJ and update to mk.III

To simply damage done, it will be done on a D3 basis.  where 1 is physique, 2 is agility, and 3 is intelligence. For excess damage,  1 will bleed over to 2, 2 to 3, and 3 to 1.  The crippled aspects will be unchanged.
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Fri 4 May 2018
at 19:06
RTJ and update to mk.III

As it seems we've hit a lull, I'm going to implement the fantasy flight initiative system.  That is, characters roll for inititative to create a 'slot' in the order and any character can choose to go at that slot for that round.  This should help with people that dont post as quickly vs people who do.

Just keep posting and we'll figure it out as we go.