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Sun 18 Feb 2018
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For all the enemy info that you guys learn.


Burrow-Mawgs are ferocious predatory pack hunters with extremely keen senses of hearing and smell.  Their eyes are very sensitive to light, so they avoid the daylight and hunt at night.  While mostly blind in bright light, their keen other sense make them still a very dangerous opponent even in the brightest of conditions.  When one senses their prey, they release a series of chitters and squeals to alert the rest of its pack. (night vision)

They will devour their prey and other food source indiscriminately.  Small coins and jewelry are known to get stuck in their digestive tract.  A sufficient number of them can and will attack larger prey, swarming over them and taking out large vicious chunks. (gang)

Their adrenal glands are prized alchemical components.

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Wed 21 Feb 2018
at 16:45

Thrullgs are rare amphibious creatures that occasionally lair within the sewers of industrial cities. They feed on arcane energy, particularly in the form of mechanikal devices and steamjack cortexes.

The absorption of arcane energy causes an extreme buildup of arcane extract within the creature’s tissue, particularly in the nodules at the base of its tentacles.  Arcane energy is only a small (if essential) portion of a thrullg’s diet, and thrullgs will starve without normal sustenance.