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Wed 28 Mar 2018
at 03:35
Adventuring Companies and Logistics
For the restart this will serve much the same as the old thread, to discuss with other players your careers and your ranks as well as helpful information I give out to the group as a whole.


The Wilderness Kriel

Those of you in this company have a walled kriel village set in the great Thornwood forest.  It as seen very recent combat and with the nature of the dense thorny undergrowth, scavenging for old military weapons and supplies is still lucrative.  Your Kriel is in a unique position that you can easily send traders to Corvis within only a day or two of travel.

The leader gains Natural Leader (if he already has it, choose another ability in his careers that he can take) and everyone in the Kriel gains one rank in one of these skills: Animal Handling, Command, Craft(stoneworking), Detection, Driving, Lore (Dhunian or Trollkin), Negotiation, Riding, Survival, or Tracking

For sticking with me through the first part, you are awarded 2xp to allow you an advancement of +2 occupational skills.
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Fri 30 Mar 2018
at 15:53
Adventuring Companies and Logistics
In reply to GM (msg # 1):

Warbeasts and armor:  Their armor and natural armor DO stack.  However, a warlock does not start play with the gear for the warbeast, as giving them the equipment right out the bat would be rather overpowering.

So for your starting warbeasts, you choose the way you want to train them based on the skills you have for their animus, but you use their profile without equipment until you can get it.

Though this may see like a kick in the pants for warlocks, fear not, as those warbeasts are pretty dang powerful even without equipment.
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Sat 31 Mar 2018
at 17:14
Adventuring Companies and Logistics
For those characters that are not made as part of an existing adventuring company, I am more than willing to have you start up a secondary one with any other players.  Baring any glaring discrepancies once you petition it to me you will get the bonuses for it after a small in game intermission to indicate training time for skills and setting up of the bonuses.

As far as interaction between those in and out of adventuring companies, such as the kriel and the others we have now, your level of interaction is up to the player themselves, save that you are at the very least cursory associated with them.

I will note, that an adventuring company should have at least three members, and as we may get more players, I can run separate adventures for each but I will require someone to take on the roll of GM-assistant so we can make sure that posts are still being made and everyone can keep having fun and playing.
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Mon 2 Apr 2018
at 05:04
Adventuring Companies and Logistics
Languages can be a burden in a rather divers group of adventurers, so I have come up with a solution, a language everyone knows.

The Common Tongue

This 'language' is more a series of shared words from the languages and pantomime.  While using it, you can convey the most basic of messages and you will be mostly understood.  It is however a crude system for bartering wares between language barriers.  So no social roll can be made using this language.
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Wed 11 Apr 2018
at 02:16
Adventuring Companies and Logistics

The game I have set up for us is separated into many different scenes and chapters.  This makes the game concise while still having it open for your own level of roleplaying.  At the completion of every scene where you have posted at an acceptable level, you will be awarded one(1) XP.  For every scene that includes a combat situation that I have planned, you will receive one(1) additional XP.  At the conclusion of a major chapter, you will receive one(1) more additional XP.

Conditionally, I will award individual players via PM bonus XP for excellent roleplaying, creative solutions, or just being generally awesome.