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About the Game
Rune Knights: A Space Opera is set in a universe of advanced technology, magic, diverse life forms, and adventure.  It is a story-driven game, with numerous tales that can span over the vast universe.  The game primarily focuses on Rune Knight pilots - individuals who are in possession of powerful mechs powered by a special engine that blends magic and technology.

The game is largely freeform and uses the character sheets as a guideline of how capable they are.  However, each story is run by a GM, and they have ultimate authority on what happens in their thread.

Due to the content and level of detail that will be allowed, Rune Knights is rated a Mature game.  All players must comply with RPoL's guidelines for joining and participating in Mature games.
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Character Creation
Creating a character for Rune Knights is fairly straightforward.  Pick a race and four Traits for your character, pick an Armor Type, Primary Weapon, and four Features for your rune knight, and select a handful of items for your initial equipment.

Each of these details are expanded on following this post, as well as giving examples that you can use or work off of.  Below is a blank copy of the character sheet layout.  You are free to include any other details you want, such as age, appearance, and history.  Some stories may have additional entries you will need to select for your character.

Character Name:

Rune Knight Name:
Armor Type:
Weapon System:

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Race & Traits
This section briefly discusses Races & Traits.

There are countless sapient and intelligent species throughout Rune Knights.  Many of these have discovered space travel, whether through their own means or from running into other races.  Players may create their own custom race for their characters, or use existing races.

The Human Standard
Humans are used as the standard measure and limits for any character races.  By default, any race has more or less the same physical and mental capabilities as an average human, and has a similar range of senses.

To represent a race that is naturally superior than the human average, you create Racial Traits to reflect this.  This can represent a significantly greater average in a physical or mental aspect, or being able to do something humans are physically unable to do, like flying, having armor-like skin, or being able to use echolocation.

Once established, any NPC or other character made from the same race must take the same traits as well.

Your occupation reflects the overall field of training your character has received.  This does not represent any current job or employment, but rather what kind of skill set your character has.  It can be assumed that your character is fairly proficient with any skills that could reasonably relate to your chosen occupation.  In addition, characters are also skilled in the basic capabilities of piloting the vessel type their Rune Knight is.

You do not need to take traits to reflect being competent in skills that relate to your occupation.  You may take Traits to reflect being particularly talented in one or more skills, or to reflect training in additional sets of skills.

Traits are special advantages that your character has over the common person.  These can represent racial advantages, biological or cybernetic enhancements, skill and training, or even magical gifts.  They either enhance your character's ability to do something, or allows them to perform actions that a normal human is incapable of.

Diversity vs Capability
Because players are free to make up any kind of trait, the range of what they cover can vary broadly.  Some traits may be very narrow and specific in what they affect, while some may be very broad and cover several aspects.  To ensure that all traits are fair, the more general and diverse a trait is, the less of an impact it has on a character.

This is to ensure that a player who may have picked a more limited trait is still viable compared to a player who made a trait that covers the same ability, but gives other benefits too.

It is assumed that a single trait slot has a finite amount of how much it helps you out.  With the GM's permission, you may be able to take a particular trait multiple times; each time you take it again, its effects increase substantially.

Forbidden Traits
At no time may a character have traits that grant them the following effects:
- Immortality
- Invincibility
- Resurrection/Reincarnation
- Reality Manipulation
- Time Control

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