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Beast - Brood: Children of the Dragon

Name: Trent Bramer
Family: Ugallu
Hunger: Collector
Kin: Vampires (mostly Invictus, some Carthian), Mage (Silver Ladder)
Brood: Children of the Dragon
What you know: he makes it a point to get around the Hive to get to know his fellow Begotten and is generally considered to be the leader of his Brood though he would never at least openly support that claim. He frequently meets with the most powerful Vampires and Mages in addition to the company of Beast he keeps, he wishes to forge greater understanding with his Kin. The rumor mill spins speculating that he may be making an attempt to become the Apex another thing he has said he has no interest in.
Physical Description: a man in his mid to late twenties he seems to be moving up in the world dressed in good cloths and carrying an intelligent look about him. He keeps his hair short but long enough for some individuality to shine through. He has a more lean build giving one the impression that he is more a thinker than a brawler.
Horror Description: a lithe dragon with scales dark as midnight that somehow seem to shimmer even in the dark, his wings are of great size large enough that should he fly above you one could assume it was night.

Name: Alessandro Vario
Family: Makara
Hunger: Predator
Kin: Promethean
Brood: Children of the Dragon
What you know: he is an outcast that sticks to other outcast, he joined with the military a few years back, probably the Navy and no one know for sure how it happened but he came back he was Devoured. He keeps to the outskirts. Now he hunts although no buddy is sure what it is all that he does, he can not keep a job his social circle seems to be small yet he is committed to those he keeps close.
Physical Description: he is what you might expect from a sailor stuck on land he has a strong physical impression, whatever he did in the nave made him strong as a bull. A buzz cut a few navy tattoos and cloths that looked like he picked up from a bad thrift shop.
Horror Description: big sums it up really damn big, a giant shadow beneath the largest boat with a mouth so giant when it closes whales would go missing. His monstrous form even can find its way on to land but it never strays far from the water.

Name: Lynn Rieker
Family: Eshmaki
Hunger: Nemesis
Kin: Vampires (exclusively with the Circle of the Crone)
Brood: Children of the Dragon
What you know: no buddy knows much about her past and she hardly discusses it even when she talks. She is a more creative sort delving in to abstract artistic pursuits that often keeps her in league with the eccentric members of the Circle of the Crone. There is no doubt about it though she is close friends with these deadly vampires and her art tends towards premonition.
Physical Description: she is a meager looking women she probably doesn’t eat as often as she should and she probably does not care what you think of her she usually goes about in warm cloths spattered with various shades of paint.
Horror Description: it is dark always dark, cold and you are lost the only thing you hear is a hiss it is quiet at first but it is getting louder and whatever it is is getting closer to you. By the time it is on you your choking on poison then comes the real blackness.
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Beast - Brood: Called to Chaos

Name: Lars Barret
Family: Anakim
Hunger: Tyrant
Kin: Werewolves (preferably Blood Talons)
Brood: Called to Chaos
What you know: he is ambitious boasting that he is the Apex though it is an unwarranted claim as he has yet to be recognized as such. To achieve dominance over the Hive he has begun convincing other Begotten to joining his Brood. Most know it is laughable but he desires to bring all of the Begotten underneath him in a single city wide Brood with him at the top of course, a laughable notion but he might just be strong enough to make it happen.
Physical Description: he is a strong looking man in his early thirties with a buzz cut hair, he dresses usually in a wife beater and jeans. His muscular form is only made more imposing by his slightly above average stature. His fist frequently are cut up and bruised he gets in to fights frequently in fact he spends more time in the bars looking for the next opportunity to assert his dominance then anything else.
Horror Description: he is huge he is towering over you even with his back hunched over and his knuckles dragging on the ground. One giant angry eye sits at the center of his head above an unorganized array of crooked teeth. His skin his thick and leathery coming to spines jutting randomly from his back.

Name: Maxine Berar
Family: Namtaru
Hunger: Ravager
Kin: Mages and Sin-Eaters
Brood: Called to Chaos
What you know: in high school she was probably the popular girl but then came the drugs then the Devouring her life spiraled out of control but in isolation she found freedom and now sees herself as a free actor able to do what she wishes when she wants. She will not be told what to do except by one person, Lars Barret, seem to have some sway over her most chalk it up to the two being in a long standing on again off again relationship. She keeps the company of those with a tendency for danger Mages with a tendency to pursue the dangerous or Sin-Eaters chasing a particularly dangerous specter.
Physical Description: a freckled redhead of a humble stature and she dresses however she wants usually baggy clothing. She has some scars from her past as well as some needle pot marks about her forearms, she probably is not using any more but the signs of a bad habit are there and she wears it proudly.
Horror Description: your stuck caught up in a web in the dark her eyes strike you first, you count eight of them looking at you. She looks almost normal until you can see in place of her legs the features of a spider scuttling towards you.

Name: Tyler Hunt
Family: Eshmaki
Hunger: Collector
Kin: Changelings (Mostly Fairest), Vampires (Mostly Daeva)
Brood: Called to Chaos
What you know: at one point he was a good friend with Trent Bramer at one point he was even affiliated with the Children of the Dragon but something happened no one knows for sure but he struck out on his own for a while eventually joining with Lars Barret. He is a real estate lawyer by trad although he has not really practiced lately instead spending his time making money and building properties. Lately he has been rather skittish since joining the Called to Chaos.
Physical Description: he is a well dressed monster frequently wearing a business suit and a hard hat as he roams his properties. Sharp features and a soft voice often allows him to lure in his pray without any effort. He has a distinctive stud of an earring in the shape of a rose that he seems to have some sentiment for him.
Horror Description: he is not large hell he is hardly even imposing, it keeps its distance heck it might even be afraid of you as it flicks its purple forked tongue at you. Even so your starting to feel drained and it closes in on you its scales are dark near black and it moves fast it’s hard to see when it is really moving.
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Beast - Independents

Name: Artemis
Family: Namtaru
Hunger: Predator
What you know: he is intelligent, he always has been and he was shunned and used because of it. His family sent him to a strict academy and used his intelligence to make a fortune but the strain lead to what was seen as a psychotic break which masked his Devouring. He spent years in a cruel run down mental health treatment faculty where his hunger inevitably saw his Horror roam the the dreams of those that were kept there. Eventually he was released and cut his ties with his family making some money of his own he bought the facility and converted it to his home. He now lives to demonstrate his intellectual superiority and hunt down those who he thinks need to be broken down like he was.
Physical Description: he is in his early twenties and has a small wide eyed build, he is a thinker far more then a fighter. His skin is almost bleached white and his hair is a medium length brown and a greenish blue eye color. He dresses for the occasion when in public he dresses in a business casual sort of way while in private he wears an oversized white shirt and little if anything else.
Horror Description: the hydra has many heads each with its own chittering voice wrapped and coiled around one another, when one head dies two more grow in its place and the voice grows ever louder.

Name: Damian Alekseeva
Family: Inguma (Fear of the Other)
Hunger: Enablers (Transgression)
Brood: None
What you know: a recent graduate of one of the cities Universities he quickly found employment as a mild mannered architect but his interest in his profession is a veil at best. Since his Devouring he has come to loathe the hypocrisy in the world around him and is largely lead by his hunger, traveling from bar to bar, church to church anywhere in search of his next victim. By night he has come to sell his services for those looking for retribution but lack the means. He sets traps a skill he picked up from another Begotten using his last victim to run down the next.
Physical Description: he is a tall individual built on a strong frame, his eyes are grey nearly reflective and his hair is blond, kept short and professional. As far as dress he typically looks like someone who had a rough day at the office, the kind of person one would easily overlook in the city.
Horror Description: it stands taller then any man might and would almost seem human if not for its reflective metallic like skin and shining eyes.

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Mage - The Pentacle

Shadow Name: The Silver Eyes
Name: Renato Alunni
Path: Obrimos
Order: Silver Ladder
Legacy: None
What you know: personally people do not know much about him he is connected, a made man, a pillar of criminal enterprise. Perhaps a criminal of a different time as he is something of a gentleman criminal he is also apprenticed to Hierarch Faust. Relatively recently he has risen in the ranks of organized crime and now acts as something of ambassador between the Awakened and other residence of New York.
Physical Description: in his early thirties dressed in a pinstriped suite almost always with a cigarette not to far away. He comes from a long family line of Sicilian immigrants and his features represent that with sun darkened  skin and short dark haired.

Shadow Name: Vala
Name: Louve Wolfgang
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Orderless
Legacy: None
What you know: she is a distant member of the Awakened owing Loyalty to none of the Orders she eschews the company of all but the most determined Mages. She is a member of savage pack of Werewolves whom she serves as a spiritual guide to. She often acts as an intermediary for the Awakened in situations where the Council cannot officially be involved, of course her services come at a price. There are also rumors that say her and her pack are somehow connected to the Vampire known as Neferata.
Physical Description: she is a relatively tall women with long raven like hair and midnight like eyes while her body is shapely and near perfect as she has used her mastery of Life magic to end her aging. She has blue tattoos across her body like the druids of old. She loathes modernism and any sense of civilization and spends most of her time completely bare, while this would normally be a cause for issue she spends most of her time as a large black wolf capable of speaking without issue.

Shadow Name: Schrodinger
Name: Zachery Beale “Zach”
Path: Mastigos
Order: Guardians of the Veil
Legacy: None
What you know: well to be honest it is not very much, he gets where he wants to get and always seems to be a step ahead of his pursuer otherwise even when he is there he is quiet and unassuming.
Physical Description: he is a young man certainly in his early twenties with a rather slender form, he has short sandy blonde hair and dark colored eyes. His dress is unassuming usually a simple t-shirt and blue jeans.
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Vampire - Sanctioned

Name: Viktor Korban
Clan: Daeva
Bloodline: None Manifested
Covenant: Lancea et Sanctum
What you know: embraced as a young man some decades ago by the Bishop of the Lancea et Sanctum his Requiem came with lofty expectations, many of which he has meet in short order quickly earning the rank of Crusader. He lingers among the universities and clubs blending in with the youth waiting for his next test of faith. Having achieved the pinnacle of martial prowess his superiors have begun driving him in to the realms of politics leading him to become one of the Churches representatives in temporal matters.
Physical Description: short blond hair with bright blue eyes which contrast against his normally dark colored clothing. He has a strong build but not overtly so and a faint scar in the area of his throat. He usually dresses simply relying on his disciples to get attention when he desires it.

Name: Manar Kanaan
Alias: Neferata
Clan: Mekhet
Bloodline: unknown, presumed Khaibit
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
What you know: a master of scheming that would make even the most lofty Ventrue blush she has long since grown tired of the arbitrary scheming of her peers and has long since kept out of Kindred politics. On the odd occasion when when she craves entertainment she is known for causing mischief weather if be for her fellow Kindred or whatever else interest her is entirely relieve. It is believed she has some relationship to the Mekhet Primogin Asdrubal Cleto but neither are forthcoming with answers. For several decades now she has lorded over a cult of fiendish blood devotees in the greater service of the Builder of Empires.
Physical Description: her pale pristine skin conceals her Arabic origins possibly a result of Blood Magic or Vampirism while her hair runs well past her shoulders. In her presence one can not help but have their attention drawn to her and bewitched by her beauty and shortly thereafter dazed and with a little less blood then they started the night with. She does not hunt when she desires blood it comes to her.
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Vampire - Aberrant

Name: Vincent Daggen
Clan: Nosferatu
Bloodline: Neglatu
Covenant: Ordo Dracul (Tentatively)
What you know: Next to nothing is known about this Vampire and those Kindred that do know anything about him keep their silence at best at worst they get hostile.
Physical Description: an aura of menace surrounds this vampire although he seems more then content with it always carrying an eager smile. When one first looks at him he appears almost pleasant looking smooth unblemished, sharp observing eyes but his features almost seem to grow evermore predatory as time lingers on, the color in his eyes fade away leaving only an absent milky white, his inviting smile flares in to a mouth with neat rows of razor sharp teeth. He keeps his hair held back in a medium length ponytail and dresses in indistinct workmen’s uniform

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Werewolf - Forsaken

Name: Sean Miller
Auspice: Rahu
Tribe: Blood Talons
Lodge: Gram
What you know:
Physical Description:

Name: Aaron Sieger
Auspice: Rahu (possibly Gishtahu)
Tribe: Storm Lords (almost joined the Ivory Claws)
Lodge: None
Pack: The Primal Howl
What you know: he is a major player in the underground fighting scene, some say that he doesn’t have much else beyond that. His fights are known for their brutal ferocity where he pushes his body beyond its limits and emerges triumphant. His fellow Uratha know him as a pillar of savagery and strength which often puts him at odds with more civilized Werewolves. He is perhaps the second most powerful Uratha in the city standing next to Sean Miller.
Physical Description: He is a tall strong looking man with a fierce look about him, it is very rear that he is not nursing some kind of injury and his body has many scars which take the shape of his Renown. He keeps his blond hair short and his eyes are an icy blue.

Name: Emily
Tribe: Iron Masters
What you know:
Physical Description:

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Promethen - Independent

Name: Max (named after a coffee container that was in the room after his creation)
Lineage: Ulgan
Refinement: Cupurm (Refinement of Self) Currently
What you know: No more then a year old this Created has developed remarkably fast though still not yet fully understanding how to develop its own independent lifestyle. The Alchemist responsible for its creation was killed for some slate against the Vampires of the Lancea et Sanctum and since that time has followed Viktor Korban looking to the Crusader as a mentor going as far as to adopt some of the beliefs of the vampire church. Frequently the creature will stalk the cities Werewolves often at a distance, it has more then once been a point of contention between the cities Werewolves and Vampires.
Physical Description: this Created has long dark unkempt hair in contrast with emerald eyes that seem to always be looking beyond. His form is small but tone for what it is while his choice in clothing leaves much to be desired with tears being common, he could easily be mistaken for being homeless as he frequently is. Should one catch a glance past the façade of his Azoth they would see a whirlwind of unsubstantial stuff contained in a crude humanoid shell black smoke emanating from his eyes and ruptures in his shell across his body.
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Mummy - Independent

Name: The Builder of Empires
Decree: The Decree of Shadow (Sheut)
Guild: Tef-Aabhi
Judge: Am-Khaibit
What you know: the Arisen of New York are an enigma shrouded in mystery and the scarcity of their number only reinforces this mystery. Despite this the Builder of Empires having recently been awoken from his deathless slumber is one of the more well heard of Arisen but this is part of its intentions as large holes in its memory drive it to learn about the modern era it has awoken in. Rumors are circulating amongst the more dangerous elements of the city that it is looking for someone or something and it will not rest until it finds what it is hunting. The cult which reverses its deathless master claim to have its roots in the founding of the Roman Republic which would mean the Builder of Empires was among the first of the Arisen to exit in ancestral homeland.
Physical Description: he appears as a strong man of tall stature with an intimidating gaze which commands both reverence and fear. His hands and forearms bare countless scars from eons of crafting and his skin kissed by the sun from years of labor if this is his original form. He cares little for dressing in contemporary fashion frequently sending cultist to do errands but when such things arise that he must go he will dress as a laborer would. In private he dresses in white robes with gold bands and jewelry decorating his form.