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Making a Monster
This thread is all out of character

So bassicly here is want to set up a space for all of us to discuss character development, where you want your experience points to go, and any questions you may have such as mechanics or if something does not seem clear to you. I also may from time to time give you guys out of character task like filling out certain information or may ask you to give me a general idea of what your character may be up to during periods of down time.

As we get ready to close on what I am dubbing the introduction ark of the story you both have Experience Points left over from Chapter 1.
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Making a Monster
Stats for your Horror

Your Horror is a real thing that exist within the Primordial Dream and upon entering the Dream the Begotten merge with their Horror and are free to travel as they please about their own Lair, the Brood Lair, or the Hive.

Life: Same as yours
Legend: Same as yours
Family: Same as yours
Hunger: Same as yours

Power: Highest of your Intelligence, Strength, or Pressance
Finesse: Highest of your Wits, Dexterity, or Manipulation
Resistance: Highest of your Resolve, Stamina, or Composure

Health: Size + Resistance
Willpower: Same as yours
Satiety: Same as yours
Lair Same as yours
Size: Starts at 5
Defense  Lower of Power or Finesse 

Same as yours

Horrors can not utilize Nightmares

You have a number of points equal to twice your Lair rating that you can distribute between your Power, Finesse, Resistance, and Size.
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Thu 1 Nov 2018
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Making a Monster
Name: The Reflection of Man, Horror of Damian Alekseeva
Life: Relentless
Legend: Honest
Family: Inguma - Nightmares of the Other
Hunger: Enabler - Hunger of Transgression

Power: 5
Finesse: 4
Resistance: 5

Health: 11
Willpower: 4
Satiety: Same as yours
Lair 3
Size: 6
Defense  4

Doppelgänger (Players Guide)
Smashing Currents (Players Guide)

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