Gaming Proposal (OOC)   Posted by Narrator.Group: 0
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Mon 10 Dec 2018
at 07:26
Gaming Proposal (OOC)
So I realize that everyone is really busy with shifting schedule and the like and so thing have slowed down but I would still like to see this game through. To that end I want to make a few adjustments, firstly is with regard to posting, I think 48 hours should be sufficient to reply so if we go 48 hours without a response I will put up some Narration to hopefully move things along.

Additionally I want to micromanage your characters a little less and as such when we do time jumps of any sort (a few hours, a few months, whatever) I want to encourage you guys to essentially type up what your Charcter is up to and if it involves any other players or key NPC’s we can still act it out or come to some arrangement.

Through this you guys might help really flush out some aspirations or NPC’s close to your character but whose relationship we can not fully explore now because of the nature of this game format and real life situations.

To help drive home the point I will be awarding what I am calling Story Beats for everything you submit in such a way and these Story Beats will turn in to Story Experiences which I will elaborate on in another post in this thread at some point.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of this leave them here so we can reallybiron things out. Also please post anything in response to this thread just so I know you read everything above. Thanks guys let’s keep gaming.
Yvette Merula
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Tue 11 Dec 2018
at 19:36
Gaming Proposal (OOC)
Yeah, I think 48 hours will be a better timeframe to post within as things are just insane now.

Do you want us to post relationship/off-kilter story stuff in our personal threads?
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Tue 11 Dec 2018
at 23:13
Gaming Proposal (OOC)
In reply to Narrator (msg # 1):

48 Hours is a great timeframe. I'm usually checking in within that time
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Wed 12 Dec 2018
at 00:47
Gaming Proposal (OOC)
Post in your respective Character Notes Threads.