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Thu 15 Feb 2018
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Slayer Central
Somewhere in the Scottish countryside near Inverness, Scotland
Mid-Summer 2004

Sheila Anne and Ellie sat in uncomfortable wooden chairs next to an empty desk outside of what appeared to be an office door.  It was on the second story of an old stone building.  The temperature was  warm, Thank God.  Fall through Spring if it wasn’t raining, it was foggy, and if it wasn’t foggy it was windy.  The weather in had been anything but pleasant lately.

They both appeared to be in their late teens or very early twenties.  Sheila Anne carried herself as if she was always ready for action.  The bespectacled Ellie looked as if she would be more comfortable curled up with a good book by a fire.

Both young ladies knew they were waiting to speak to someone important on the “Slayer Central” team, but they weren’t sure whom.   And they weren’t sure why.  Ellie couldn't seem to stop fidgeting..
Ellie Walker-Wright
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Thu 15 Feb 2018
at 15:30
Slayer Central
Ellie took a quick side long glance at Sheila Anne and with a quick wave said, "Hi.  I'm Ellie."  Then after a short pause, "Would you happen to know why we're here?  Are we in trouble?"

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Sheila Anne MacKenzie
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Fri 16 Feb 2018
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Slayer Central
Sheila looked over at Ellie and smiled. "Guid day, a'm Sheila 'n' ah dinnae think we're in trauchle though ah'ament sure how come we're 'ere. Hae ye dane anythin' tae git in trauchle ower?" She asked.

"Ah haven't, the lenth o' ah ken."
She said, shifting on the uncomfortable chair.
Ellie Walker-Wright
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Sat 17 Feb 2018
at 11:50
Slayer Central
Ellie face broadens into a smile, "You must be from the UK too. Brilliant!".  She moves her hand towards her chest as she speaks, "I am from Liverpool.".  Sheepishly she adds, "from the blue side."

"Where are you..."; her voice trails off.
Xander Harris
Sat 17 Feb 2018
at 11:55
Slayer Central
Sheila Anne and Ellie hear a door open down the hall and shortly thereafter a man in his mid to late twenties with dark hair and an eye patch on his left eye rushes through the doorway, “Hey Dawnie, where is the…..”.  He stops short because he realizes he is talking to an empty desk chair.  “Now where the hel…… “.  In mid sentence he notices Sheila Anne and Ellie.   “…..Hello, ...Sheila Anne and Ellie right?   You were earlier than I expected.”  Sheila Anne and Ellie know exactly who they are speaking to.  He is Xander Harris, sometimes jokingly referred to by some of the girls, as “the General”.   But everyone here knew Buffy trusted him implicitly and his job was to coordinate all of the Slayer groups across the globe.

He opens the door next to Dawn's desk and shows you to two nicer, plusher seats in his office.  The office is ..... cluttered.  On his desk is a computer and the rest of his desk is littered with papers and a plate with old pizza crusts.  The room is brightly lit by sun coming in the two windows of the corner office.   The walls contain a World Map with numerous colored push pins, an old diagram that appears to be about demons, a Star Wars poster (Revenge of the Jedi), and an empty Whiteboard.

Let me just get the Buffmeister and we can get started.”   He sweeps out of the room and yells, “Hey anyone know where Buffy is?”, his voice trails off as he moved down the hall.
Ellie Walker-Wright
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Sat 17 Feb 2018
at 11:56
Slayer Central
Ellie turns to Sheila Anne without saying a word, her mouth agape and surprise written all over her face.
Sheila Anne MacKenzie
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Sat 17 Feb 2018
at 21:03
Slayer Central
Sheila was about to answer Ellie, about to tell her it wasn't her fault for being English when Xander Harris came rushing in, giving proof to every rumour that he was a bundle of energy in a tall, dark, and rather handsome package.

She stood, tongue firmly in the hold of the bloody cat she didn't know was lurking around and sat down in one of the seats he indicated and looked around his office before her head snapped back at his mention of Buffy.

Buffy Summers? Here? Now?

She looked at Ellie, two cats firmly holding on to her tongue and quite certain her expression of being entirely gobsmacked matched Ellie's.
Xander and Buffy
Sat 17 Feb 2018
at 22:15
Slayer Central
After a few  more minutes of waiting, you hear a female voice,  talking to Xander as they get closer.
So tell them to stake out the nest, hit it at daylight and wipe them out.
Already on it Buff, relax, they got it.
After a pregnant pause, Xander continued, “Now wait a minute Milan was different, Andrew’s team didn’t know they were dealing with demons…..
Buffy cut in forcefully, “We were lucky nobody got killed.  Look, I am responsible for all of these girls, and I take this very seriously.
I know, so do I, so does everyone Buff.”, Xander replied in a conciliatory tone.
Buffy sighed, “I know. I am sorry, I am just feeling a little stressed, maybe the coffee will help.  What’s next?

Xander led Buffy into the office, “Well funny you should ask.  Here are Sheila Anne and Ellie per your request.

Buffy turns towards Sheila Anne and Ellie," I know we haven't formally met and I thought it was time to rectify that. "  She holds our her hand, "Nice to meet both of you."
Sheila Anne MacKenzie
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Sat 17 Feb 2018
at 22:48
Slayer Central
Sheila stood the moment she heard the voice of Buffy Summers; the Slayer. No, make that The Slayer - the one responsible for all of this. The one who took one Slayer at a time and made thousands which allowed the fight to be brought to the Powers of Evil worldwide.

To say she was a little awestruck was an understatement of massive proportion. When Buffy walked in she had managed to school her expression so it didn't reflect the fact that her heart was beating at around 130 (give or take 20 beats).

She took the outstretched hand and managed not to stutter when she spoke. "Aye 'n' tis an honour tae catch up wi`ye, a gey stoatin honour. A'm Sheila Anne MacKenzie."

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Buffy Summers
Sun 18 Feb 2018
at 12:02
Slayer Central
"Let's see if you feel that way after we have talked", Buffy said with a wry smile.
Ellie Walker-Wright
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Sun 18 Feb 2018
at 12:03
Slayer Central
Ellie stands and starts to curtsy, stops herself, then as a slight red tinge grows on her cheeks shakes Buffy's outstretched hand mumbles, "I am honored ma'am".
Buffy and Xander
Sun 18 Feb 2018
at 12:11
Slayer Central
Buff motions towards the chairs and says, "Please sit down."

As Buffy moved to the desk chair to take a seat, both girls had a few seconds to reflect on the moment.
This was the first time either girl had seen Buffy up close.  The compound was buzzing with training and classes, and Buffy was so busy the girls typically only caught a glimpse of her.  She was like the CEO of a small company, albeit of Slayers and White Hats….. and of course, she had better hair.

She didn’t look that physically imposing, but both Sheila Anne and Ellie had heard the stories.  And they knew the world owed her several times over.

Buffy sits in the desk chair.  She picks up a steaming mug, blows on it,  takes a sip and sits down at Xander’s desk.  Xander stands beside her with his arms crossed.
Ladies, thank you for coming.”  Buffy starts, she chews on her lip briefly as if she is trying to determine how to start.  “We would like to ask you to do something, you can say no if you want to.  There is a place near New Orleans that the seers say is … “  She pauses and turns to Xander, “Where’s Willow?
Her and Kennedy aren’t quite done in Buenos Aires yet
Buffy raises an eyebrow.
I’m serious Buff, they have another one to track down.
Buffy shrugs unconvincingly and turns back to Sheila Anne and Ellie, “the seers say it is hot,  or could become hot.  We don’t have enough trained slayers to send an entire squad, plus it also seems like a squad might be overkill.  But it does seem like a good place to send some personnel, so you can watch each other backs.  "

Buffy pauses, "Where ...?".
Anticipating her question, Xander picks up two files from the from the mound of files at the corner of his desk and hands them to Buffy.

"Ah, here we go.", as Buffy opens the first folder.  "Sheila Anne you have been performing very well in training.  Both Kennedy and Renee highly recommend you, and Kennedy notes you are particularly dangerous with... a Claymore. "  She nods appreciatively, "Nice".  She smiles at Sheila Anne, "That may come in handy."

Buffy shuffles the 2nd folder to the top and opens it.  "Ellie.  You have proven to be particularly adept at research and ancient languages; and can handle a crossbow pretty well.  Great.  Hmm and it says your uncle is....."  Buffy stops and she bends her head towards the folder.  Her brow furrows before she looks up at Xander in surprise, "Seriously?"
Xander nods.
Buffy starts to say, "I didn't know....."
Xander smiles understandingly, "I don't think anyone did."  Xander looks briefly at Ellie and then back at Buffy.  "She would rather that not be public knowledge."
Buffy turns towards Ellie and studies her for a few seconds, "Okay, I get it."
She nodsd and starts again, "Your primary…… ”. Buffy's voice trails off.
Objective.”, Xander adds.
Buffy nods.  “Right. Objective.  Would be to stop the evil.  What exactly that means you probably won't know until you get there.  We have it on good authority that there are vampires in the area.  However any unearthly evil is fair game.  No guns, no killing humans.  If humans are involved, by all means stop them, but don’t kill them unless you have no other choice.”  She paused, and looked both Sheila Anne and Ellie in the eyes, “  Above all,  keep a low profile. While there are some baddies out there aware of us, not all of them are, so there is no point in announcing yourself.  Plus, in our experience the locals quite frankly don’t know how to deal if we go public. Remember, you have help here.  If a job is too big, back out and give us call."

"Both of you have learned as much as we can teach you here.  The next step is field experience."

She exhales, then breathes in deeply, “So what do you think?
Sheila Anne MacKenzie
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Sun 18 Feb 2018
at 18:24
Slayer Central
Sheila sat there a moment processing what had just been said whilst also curious as to who Ellie's uncle might be. For so little said there was a tonne of information there.

"Lousiana, kent fur heat, hurricanes, mair heat, 'n' alligators plus, fae whit ah hear, some o' th' maist unhealthy fairn in th' world. Tis an entirely different culchur thare bit thare is Mardi Gras 'n' yin o' th' larger concentrations o' supernatural beings anywhere oan Earth. Richt! Whin dae we lea?"

She turned to look at Ellie. "A'm duin tae stoor some vampires. Howfur aboot ye, Ellie?"
Ellie Walker-Wright
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Sun 18 Feb 2018
at 19:35
Slayer Central
Ellie looks at Sheila Anne, excitement in her eye, "We'd be daft to say No.  This is the chance of a lifetime."  She whipped her head around to Buffy and Xander, "I am absolutely in!"

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Buffy and Xander
Sun 18 Feb 2018
at 19:41
Slayer Central
"Great", Buffy nodded emphatically as she stands up.
She turns towards Xander and asks, "What's next?"
"Renee is down the hall with everything they need.  House keys, airline tickets, computer codes, everything,", Xander replies.
"Awesome.", Buffy turns towards the girls and in a serious tone says, "This won't be training anymore and you will be in some very real life and death situations.  You are ready for it, but that doesn't make it any less dangerous.  Contact us if you need help.  Look out for each other."
Before you know it, she rushes forward and gives you both a big hug.
She keeps her eyes on the you as she shuffles next to Xander; gives his shoulder an affectionate squeeze and starts to leave the room, "After all that is how we got here in the first place."

She smiles at Xander as she steps out.
"True dat.", Xander calls after her.
You hear Buffy snort in laughter in the hallway, "Nice try Harris."  You can hear Buffy chuckling as she repeats "True Dat." as her voice drifts away.

For just an instant you see a look of embarassment on Xander's face and then he regains his control.
"Follow me" he says and walks out of the office.

He takes you down the hallway, towards the center of the large stone building that you know used to be an old Scottish castle.  He takes you down three flights of stairs and you realize you are now underground and near the refurbished and modernized Command Post where Communication with Slayers across the world is housed.

As you turn a corner, a tallish African-American girl with light toned skin and blondish short curly hair greets you.   You recognize her as  Renee.  Renee works in the Command Post, but she also teaches some of the introductory classes you both took.  Renee flashes you both a big smile.  She holds up 8 envelopes, she hands four to each of you as she says, "These contain the house keys to 110 Ridge Avenue, New Bordeaux, Louisiana. It will be your base of operations in New Bordeaux.  This one contains airline tickets.  This one contains computer codes for the computer in the house.  This final one contains all of the other general information you should need."

"I will be your main contact in the Command Center, although you can always talk to anyone that is on duty."  She pauses to catch her breath.  Then she steps forward and gives you both a  big hug.  "You are going to do great!"

"Thanks Renee. well done." Xander replies.  As he does so, Renee takes another step back, smiles deeper and steals a glance at Xander, her eyes linger on Xander before she looks away.
"Any last questions?", Xander asks you both.
Sheila Anne MacKenzie
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Sun 18 Feb 2018
at 21:11
Slayer Central
Sheila has another small moment as Buffy hugs them but keeps herself under control as if her heroine, role model and person who has saved the world...she can't remember the last but it's a large number, hugs her every day. She smiles as Xander and gives Ellie a wide-eyed look as Buffy parts ways and they follow Xander.

She takes the envelopes from Reene and smiles at her and her vote of confidence before returning her hug. "Ta fur everything, Renee. We'll mak' sure tae bade in titch."

She looks up from the envelopes as Xander asks if they have any last questions. "Aye: how's oor gear getting thare? Ah dinnae think mah sword wull be allowed oan th' plane. Thay tend tae frown oan giant blades."

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Xander and Renee
Sun 18 Feb 2018
at 22:32
Slayer Central
Xander looks at Renee expectantly.
Renee flashes a big grin.  "We have a couple of guys, well technically, a gal and some guys that work customs at the airport."  She looks expansively up and down the hallway.  "One of the benefits of having a lot of slayers in the fold and on campus.  Is that they have a lot of relatives.  And they all want to see their daughters and sisters fare well."
She bobs her eyebrows up and down with a sheepish grin, "We are a pretty big sorority."
Ellie Walker-Wright
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Sun 18 Feb 2018
at 22:33
Slayer Central
"So what about all of my books?", Ellie asks.
Renee and Ellie
Sun 18 Feb 2018
at 22:36
Slayer Central
"They are all packed in your trunk and ready to go", Renee said with a confident expression.

"The Sumerian translat..."
"The Phoenician and Greek tex..."
"The dialogue on Latin verbs?", Ellie queried.
"We got them all honey.  Including your book about the family tree.", Renee emphasized.
"Briliant! I don't know how to thank you.", Ellie said happily.
"My pleasure .... Eleanor", Renee teased.
Ellie gave Renee a light slap on the arm and shared a laugh.
Ellie turned her gaze to Sheila Anne and asked, "I can't think of anything else can you?"

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Sheila Anne MacKenzie
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Sun 18 Feb 2018
at 22:59
Slayer Central
"As prepared as ye seem tae be wi' ellie a'm guessing ye'v packed mah trunks as weel 'n' a' that's left is tae say some goodbyes 'n' git oan th' plane, aye?" Sheila says, flashing a big grin at the lot as the reality of the situation sinks in.

They're about to get on a plane, fly across the pond, and spend time in America doing what they've been training to do.

"This is a' pure bloody stoatin'!"
Renee and Xander
Mon 19 Feb 2018
at 13:29
Slayer Central
Renee nods reassuringly to Sheila Anne's question, "Yep, yours too."

"Great!  Best of Luck.  Don't Die.". Xander replies lightly.  Then in a more serious tone he pivots his right eye onto both of you for a second and says, "But seriously don't die, we don't want to lose you."
He steps back, nods and states, "You got this."
With that he turns and walks briskly a door on the right side of the hallway and when he opens it you can hear a bustle of voices and activity.  He strides in, "All right, let's see...".  The door closes and his voice is cut off.

With that Renee leads you up a couple of floors outside the old castle to a waiting limo .....

This is where we will stop.  I will post so everyone can see, although everyone should be aware that at this time this is player knowledge, not character knowledge.  In other words your characters don't know any of this information and shouldn't reference it at all until  it is revealed to you (of course Sheila Anne and Ellie are exempted.)