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Rules (Read First)
A note about the Mature Rating: This game is for Adults not children.  Because it is Free Form I am allowing characters to express themselves as they see fit.  While there shouldn't be any reason for sex etc. in this game- Adult Language including a certain word that rhymes with Duck probably will be used, and behavior will not be restricted to Disney-esque actions.  I want to give my writers latitude to explore their characters- as I would want to explore it if I wasn't the GM.  The people who enter this mansion want to win, and I'm allowing them to play as adults.  You have been warned.

General Rules and Etiquette

If you've participated in games on RPoL before, then you know the basic rules that every GM asks players to adhere to.  The GM will not waste your time and bore you with yet another list, as you are undoubtedly intelligent individuals.  However, the GM would like to remind you of three basic but very important principles:

Be Respectful to Others
No Power or God Modding
No Metagaming
Use Common Sense

There will undoubtedly be instances where a player disagrees with a decision made by one or all of the GMs, whether it be in game or out of character.  In these cases, please bring your issue to the attention of the GMs via private message.  Do not air your grievances publicly; the GMs will respect you enough to give your complaint sincere and thoughtful consideration.  Please show them the same respect by keeping any strife out of the game's in game or out of character threads.  Do not take this as an invitation to constantly complain or second guess the course of the plot or in-game minutiae.  To do so will eventually earn the ire of the GMs, and may result in a suspension or removal from the game.

Players are permitted to have up to two characters in play at a time, at the start of the game, known as Player Characters (PCs).  All character concepts, biographies, images, etc. must be approved before you may begin posting as that character.  The GMs reserve the right to deny a character, but they will provide a reason and attempt to work with a player to help them fit their new character into the game.  The GMs will not allow more than three characters per player as the game progresses.  They will be happy to run NPCs for you, but do not expect them to create a character just to write with you.  Talk to other players and come up with ways to interact with one another.  After all, that's why we are all here!

A GMPC is a character a GM creates to play.  As with any other PC, a GMPC will have their personality and history detailed in accordance with the RTJ.  A Non-Player Character (NPC) is a supporting character created to further the story or provide interaction for a PC on a short-term basis.  There are NPCs who will have a recurring role in the plot, but they exist solely to further the game or PC involvement.

If you have any ideas for plots for your character or the game in general, please feel free to PM them to a GM.

A Note about Metagaming:
If you read a thread where another player has learned of a clue, and then you try to use that clue without your character discovering it or being told it- that path will be voided for your character. Meaning: all puzzles that could be obtained through that path will be unavailable to that player- even if you go back and repair the damage (ie- send your character to that room to find the information.)

The GM utilize a three strike system, which is detailed below.

First Offense = Warning
Second Offense = Suspension (Group Z)
Third Offense = Ban

It should be noted that there are three offenses which will result in being immediately banned and possibly reported to RPoL administrators.  They are:

Disrespect to any GM or Player = Immediate Ban
Violation of RPoL Terms of Use = Immediate Ban, Report to RPoL Admin

Rights and Responsibilities

Player Rights
to have their concerns aired and given fair hearing
to participate in the game at a reasonable pace
to be treated with respect and courtesy by other players and the GMs provide input on issues of contention, such as combat and conflict
to enjoy the game

Player Responsibilities
to raise any issues with other players either directly with that player, copying in the GMs, or with the GMs
to respond to posts and private messages in a timely fashion, or to advise when this will not be possible
accept GM decisions once they are made
to understand that sometimes they can't get what they want, and to compromise with other players

GM Rights
to be able to run the game as they see fit
to be able to make a call on how something will play out, and have this obeyed
to enjoy running the game

GM Responsibilities
to ensure that players are integrated into the game in a systemic and rounded way
to ensure world integrity and persistence to the best of their ability
to post at a reasonable pace
to be as neutral as possible in player disputes and not take sides

The Jerry’s Game is one of many freeform RPGs on RPoL.  It does not use any particular system and players will not be rolling any dice (though GM's may).  The GMs' judgments will be based on your character, the situation and the story.  The GMs are not out to maim, injure or kill your characters.  For the sake of telling a damn good story, we'd prefer to keep them around and in fair condition.  But your decisions will have repercussions.

Occasional events will occur to pique the interests of your characters in an attempt to propel possible plot(s) forward, but in the end, your characters' actions will be the story.

If you plan on being away from the game or RPoL in general for more than five days, or if you need to take a leave of absence (for whatever reason) for an undetermined period of time, please let the GMs know by posting in the Absences and Announcements thread or via private message.  This is not only a courtesy to them and your fellow players, but will enable us to make up for your absence and continue gameplay in the best manner possible.

When posting, please keep the following in mind:

Please try to proofread and spell check your posts.
Keep all speech in quotation marks.
If you would like to use "colored" speech, pick one color and stick to it.
Character thoughts should be italicized.
OOC messages within a post should be colored orange or made via a private line.
Your post should be written in third person past tense. i.e. George smiled and waved to Joe.
When departing or arriving at a new in-game location, be sure to annotate that in your post in the following fashions:

- [To: Dining Room]
- [From: Foyer]

(If you have read this far then you'll want to know the password is: FIELD MICE)

Since players post at different rates, and GMs have different policies regarding posting rates, the GMs will state their policy now so everyone is on the same page.

The GMs ask that all players make an effort to post at least three to four times a week.  With that being said, the game will generally move as fast as people post.  If you don't get a post in between some other players, the GMs will just assume your character continues performing their last action or does the most reasonable thing.  The GMs will only hold up the game if a decision is needed from a character at a critical moment, but they will only hold for three days.

This is why, when you are posting, you should feel free to make private, OOC remarks to the GMs about your motivations or future actions.

Please, do not worry if you are away or can't post as fast as some. That will happen to the GMs as well, where they might disappear for a day or two, suddenly return and make five to six posts in a single day.  After all, we all have lives.  If an action is needed from your character and the GMs don't have a post or message from you, they will assume the most logical course for your character or follow your earlier instructions.

If you have any questions regarding the above rules and policies, feel free to private message the GMs.

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