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Wed 14 Feb 2018
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Tales From The Loop - Character Creation
This is the basic character creation outline.  More details in the replies and other posts.

1) Choose your Type.  This consists of picking a set of three skills your type of Kid specializes in.  While some combinations of three skills have names, others do not.  Feel free to create a name for your Type that captures what you're going for with your character.

2) Pick an age, from 10 to 15 years old.

3) Distribute your age in points among the four basic attributes.  Each attribute must have at least 1 point, and can have a maximum of 5 points:

    Body  - Running, jumping, fighting, sneaking, climbing, etc
    Craft - Understanding traps, tracking, hunting, etc
    Heart - Making friends, lie convincingly, lead others, etc
    Mind  - Understand people, have knowledge, find weak points, etc

4) Your Luck points are  15 minus your age.  You can spend one point of Luck to reroll all the dice in a failed attempt that are not showing sixes.

5) Distribute 10 points in skills.  Your three core skills can have up to 3 points each, all other skills are limited to 1 point each.

6) Pick an Iconic item

7) Pick a Problem

8) Pick a Drive

9) Pick a Pride

10) Define two NPCs

11) Select an Anchor

12) Name yourself

13) Pick your birthday

As your character ages, stats will change. The game starts June 3rd, 1995.

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Wed 14 Feb 2018
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Tales From The Loop - Character Types
A character Type in this game consists of a core group of 3 skills, and defines your experiences and worldview.  The concept of the Type is up to you, but you need to pick 3 core skills.  Each combination of core skills may only be chosen by one player.

Listed here are the Types from the core rules that apply to this game.  They'll be struck through when they're taken.  Additional Types will be added here as they're taken.  Feel free to change the name of any of the core types to better reflect your concept.

TypeSkill 1Skill 2Skill 3
Popular KidCharmContactLead
Band KidEmpathizeLeadMove
Curious KidInvestigateMoveTinker
Foster KidCharmMoveSneak

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Wed 14 Feb 2018
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Tales From The Loop - Available Skills
Body Skills

Sneak - hide, sneak, steal
Force - fight, lift something heavy, endure physical stress
Move  - climb, balance, run fast, parkour

Craft Skills

Tinker    - build traps, disarm traps, construct simple machines
Survival  - knowing what to do in the wilderness, tracking, hunting
Calculate - understand how a device works.  On a success, ask two questions:

What is its purpose?
 How does it work?
 How can I use it?
 Who built it?
 What problems could it cause?
 Is it illegal?
Heart Skills

Contact - you know people
Charm   - lie, befriend, convince
Lead    - help your friends work together more effectively

Mind Skills

Investigate - find hidden objects, understand clues.  On a success, ask two questions:

What is hidden here and where is it?
What does it mean?
What has happened here?
How can I get into/out of/past something?
What threats can I perceive here?
Where is it?

Comprehend  - having the right piece of information
Empathize   - understand what makes another being tick, find weakness.  On a success, ask two questions:

What is her weak spot?
How can I make her do something?
What does she feel?
What does she want?
What will she do?
Is she lying?

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Wed 14 Feb 2018
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Tales From The Loop - Character Creation
Iconic Items

This is an item you always carry that says something about you.  Items in general can give you bonuses to tasks where the item is useful.


Each Kid has a Problem.  This is something that's part of everyday life that worries you.  Your Problem will come up during play to cause you grief.


Why do you push yourself to investigate strange happenings and solve mysteries?


This is a true statement about yourself (or at least one you believe to be true) that makes you feel strong.  Once per adventure you can use your Pride to automatically succeed at a task where the Pride can be useful.


As part of character creation, you define two NPCs you know.  These should be NPCs who are likely to show up regularly at the summer camp.  An NPC might a person you're friendly and close with, or someone you're afraid or suspicious of.


Your anchor is someone you can go to for support, comfort, and care.  You can spend time with your Anchor to remove a Condition (a penalty to actions).
Director Jay
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Fri 16 Feb 2018
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Tales From The Loop - Sample Problems, etc
These examples are meant to inspire you, not limit you.

Sample Problems

Nobody tells me how my dad died.
My sister is really sick.
That weird man is following me
The tough guys hit me.
She/he doesnít even know I exist.
I seriously hurt someone by mistake.
My brother refuses to go out of his room since the accident.
My teacher hates me.
I cannot read very well, and they want to move me to a special class.
Mom/dad is having a secret love affair.
Your rival knows what you are trying to hide.
My parents are about to divorce.
I steal money.
Unrequited love.
My parents say that Iím good for nothing.
My mother/father drinks a lot.
We are short of money.
My father is a communist.
My brother is doing weird things in his room.
I get bullied at school.

Sample Drives

They say Iím the most curious person alive.
Drawn to anything different or strange.
Iíll do anything to get away from home.
My friends and what we do is the only thing not broken in my life.
Iím doing it for love.
Hunger for everything in life.
Itís a relief to get away from the burden of popularity.
I hate secrets.
Iím in it for the thrill.
Itís the right thing to do.
There is more to this world than what meets the eye.
They need me.
I love puzzles.
Peer pressure makes me do it.
I want to find answers to the big questions in life.
I need something to brag about.

Sample Prides

Iím the smartest kid in school.
Nothing scares me.
When the shit hits the fan, I donít back down.
Iím the smartest kid in school.
My machines will one day conquer the world.
I help other people.
My father is a firefighter.
No one calls me chicken!
Everybody likes me.
I know everything about everyone.
I play the guitar.
I stood up for my friend.
I helped a bird with a broken wing.
I stood up to the teacher.
Iím not heterosexual.
Mom says that I am beautiful.