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Magnetic Springs Summer Camp
Abandoned in the 60s, the Magnetic Springs summer camp remained unused until it was recently reopened and renovated.

The summer camp originally hosted scouting summer camps when it was created in the 1950s by Jeremiah Pickett.  The remote area was ideal for survival training, and the lakes, rivers, and mountainous area seemed ideal for letting teens learn confidence in themselves.  In the 1960s, Pickett disappeared and the camp was left to go to ruin.  It sat in the Pickett estate until it was purchased in the early 90s by Melissa Mansfield.

The camp was renovated over about a year and reopened in 1995.  The camp runs non-scouting summer camps for kids aged 10 through 15.  The brochure said you'd learn survival skills, self-confidence, and leadership skills.  Your group of kids is the first to enjoy the scenic beauty of the area for many years.

In 1995, Google was only an idea in the minds of two graduate students.  Alta Vista has just started as an online search engine, and the World Wide Web is filled with informational sites.  Online commerce hasn't gotten started yet.  Smart phones were just being designed, and cell phones were used primarily by business executives.

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Magnetic Springs Summer Camp
Notable NPCs

This will be filled in partly during character creation, and partly as we go.


Mrs Mansfield - Melissa Mansfield is the camp's owner.  While she doesn't stay at the camp full-time, she's often there for week-long stretches.  She's generally friendly to the campers and seems to enjoy them.

Camp Director Nunez - Miss Nunez probably has a first name, but none of the campers have heard it yet.  She's probably in her late forties and speaks with a Spanish accent.  She's friendly to the campers, but also very firm in her insistence that they follow the camp's rules.

Miss King - "Call me Cathy," King is the camp cook and is most often found in the kitchen during the lunch shifts, although evenings often finds her by the lake.

Miss Lilith - Miss Lilith is the camp's head nurse.  She often heads out with hiking groups just in case of an emergency.

Miss Coulter - Miss Coulter is another of the camp's nurses. She's generally around the nurse's cabin, waiting for some emergency, but she makes sure that all the groups going on hikes have a good supply of poison ivy lotion.

Mr. Porter - James “Duck” Porter is head of the aquatics program.  Any water-based activities will find him involved in some fashion.  Duck is mellow by nature, but campers have heard heavy metal coming from his cabin after hours.

Sandy Dumbroski - Sandy is the Arts & Crafts counselor.  She's very creative, and can come up with a variety of crafts to do with minimal supplies.

Ms. Lee - Ms. Lee owns the snack and bait shop that sits on the lake, just outside the camp's boundaries.  While the camp store provides essentials, Ms. Lee's shop provides that extra bit more that makes the wilderness bearable.  Candy, soda, chips, magazines, cigarettes, and more can be purchased both by campers and the locals who come to fish the lake.  Now and then Ms. Lee's eighteen year-old son is watching the register, and he's known to not care what he sells to whom.

Mr. Watson - Phil Watson is a 20 year old zoology student at the state university, working as the Nature Lodge counselor for the summer.

Mr. Barrings - Holden Barrings is a university student. Majors in History, minors in Education. He's the boy's camp counselor, but doesn't seem to really enjoy camp life.

Mr. Ramírez - Jesus "Soos" Alzamirano Ramírez runs the camp store. There's a little bit of everything in there, including a vending machine that takes money but never gives up the goods. While technically an adult, Soos connects more with the kids at camp than the other adults.

Mr. & Mrs. Mouton - Greg Mouton and his wife Agnes.  Greg is the Camp Custodian and with his wife lives there year round.  He is retired from the US Navy (CPO) and lives in a small house by the fenced maintenance compound.  Agnes doesn't really like the swarms of kids.

Andre - Andre is the bus driver.  He's not always at the camp, but when the kids need to be taken somewhere on a field trip, he's always ready to take them.  His accent is thick enough the kids are hard pressed to know what he's saying.

Jake Briggs - Jake is a live in counselors in one of the boy's cabins.  He's just a bit older than the boys, but acts as if he has a lot more life experience than they do.

Tom Everett - Tom is the general contractor and architect who renovated the camp buildings.  That's an ongoing process, and Tom can most often be found working on whichever building is most in need of care.

Kenny "Big Mac" Macintosh - Kenny might be a bit slow, but he's got a big heart and does whatever manual labor Mr. Everett needs with good humor.

Isabella Cortana - Isabella is a lively young woman who loves athletics and seems determined to give her campers as many experiences for their summer as possible.

Michelle Fox - Michelle is another of the girls' counselors, and seems friendly and approachable.

Rachel Wells - Miss Wells is the camp sports director.

Tom Meldrich - The camp psychologist.

Janet Jenkins - Shows up now and then to talk to Mrs Mansfield

Other Campers

Megan Price - Megan is 15 years old, plays soccer and sings.

Elias North - Elias is 13 years old, athletic, and a bit of a prankster.

Johnson Johnson - Johnson is 12 years old, and a bit bookish, but generally up for anything.

Dodge Everett - Dodge only 7 or 8 years old, but is Mr. Everett's son, which is possibly the reason he's allowed at a camp primarily for older kids.  While he lives in a cabin with his father, Dodge attends many camp activities with the campers.

Joshua Reed - A friend of Elias', and just as much a prankster.

Jannet Harver - Jannet is 13 years old, and very pretty.  Her personality doesn't match her looks, though, even on first impression she's mean and petty.

Jessica Harver - Jessica is 15 years old, and far nicer than her sister Jannet.

Carl Kerry - Carl is often gruff and mocking, very much the picture of a bully.  Are there hidden depths to his character?

David Warren - A 12 year old who doesn't seem to like Lian Yang for some reason.

Tobin - Nobody's seen anything of Tobin since arriving at camp, but most everyone remembers seeing him on the bus.

Rose Durant - A 12 year old girl who seems to have a bit of a chip on her shoulder.

Rudy Durant - Rose's 12 year old twin, generally a cheerful and likable boy.

Lee - Lee 14 or 15.  He seems to have a mean streak, although the adults never see that side of him.

Johnson - Johnson always seems to have a comic with him, and will take any opportunity to read it.


Macy - The camp cat.  Nobody admits to owning her, but she's always around and seems to understand you.

Mickey - Mickey wanders into camp now and then from the Appalachian Trail.

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