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Game Master
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Wed 16 May 2018
at 13:18
(IC) Purgatory

The town of Purgatory is a small town, slowly growing. Farmlands are starting to be build, with crops visible in the distance. Several areas unfold: a bank, sheriff area, saloon, bath house, and other areas in the main area as well as a train station.

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Zacharias Walker
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Thu 17 May 2018
at 03:44
(IC) Purgatory
Zach breathed a sigh of relief as they pulled into town.  Granted, it was a frontier town and liable to be fairly lawless in its own way, but they weren't sitting ducks for more bandits.
And speaking of which...
After making sure the train was clear and safe, he would gather up the surviving bandit and escort her to the sheriff's office.
In theory, the sheriff might appreciate a deputy who brought in an arrest his first day.

He made sure the  other passengers were okay, too.
Maggie Kilmartin
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Fri 25 May 2018
at 03:38
(IC) Purgatory
She had dozed off until the train came to a halt, jolting the young dark-haired woman awake. Maggie’s stomach filled with nervous as she realized where they were. Purgatory. It was rather ominous, the name of the town. The name of a place which brought about fantasies of a place of suffering, waiting for redemption and the end of days. But in that, hope as well. Maggie stood and picked up her suitcase. She noticed the deputy exit. Trying to avoid direct eye contact with the man, she followed the rest of the passengers off the train.

Taking in a breath of the western air, her lungs filled with the freshness of untainted land. Maggie could never miss the smoggy, sewage stench, the fragrance of New York. This air, she could happily get used to.

Now, she needed to find the nearest hotel or inn. Anywhere she could find a bed until she could get on her feet. Wide-eyed, the Irishwoman searched for someone who looked like they knew what they were doing.

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Game Master
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Thu 31 May 2018
at 14:51
(IC) Purgatory
The bandit is gathered up and thrown onto a wagon. One of the people on the train offer it to Zach to take him to the Sherrif's office and hold out a hand to him.

All the other passengers go in different directions. Some are met by their families, others head off into the town alone or in pairs with their belongings in toe.

Maggie's eyes catch hold of a young man, perhaps in his twenties. He's helping some of the train people move their belongings from the train to either wagons or putting them down. The man wipes his brow. His eyes meet hers and he smiles before heading back to work.
Zacharias Walker
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Fri 1 Jun 2018
at 00:24
(IC) Purgatory
Zach traveled to the sheriff's office in the wagon, thanking the driver and asking about the town, getting to know the person
Tobias Westerfield
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Mon 4 Jun 2018
at 19:02
(IC) Purgatory
Tobias had passed the time on the train with some lite gambling with a couple of fine gentlemen. It had the greatest of pots but he now had a decent stake for his next game. Stepping off the lower step and on to the platform he swung his bedroll, which contained most of his belonging, over his shoulder. Lighting a cigarette he looked around the fine town of Purgatory, it didn't appear to be fairly large but there was quite a bit of hustle an bustle going on.

Walking over to the window of the station he tapped lightly to get someones attention inside, "Excuse me, but would you possibly have any advise on lodging in town?" Tobias was sure there was at least one hotel but it didn't hurt to know if there were other places.
Game Master
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Sun 10 Jun 2018
at 20:38
(IC) Purgatory
Maggie is interupted by the gambler as her belongings are being taken care of by one of the train workers. Another one tilts his head."Ask in the bar? They normally have rooms to rent. Or the hotel of course by the main center of town."

The deputy is guided by the man towards the Sheriff's office as he chit chats with him. He knows little but decides to come here with his wife and child to start over. He aids Zach into bringing the woman into the office. The sheriff puffs his pipe and offers a brandy to Zach and a seat. The woman is hauled into the cell and is locked up."So I bet you be the deputy am I right? Name is Miller. Thomas Miller."
Zacharias Walker
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Mon 11 Jun 2018
at 05:26
(IC) Purgatory
In reply to Game Master (msg # 7):

Zach nodded to the man.  He wasn't a fan of pipe smoke, but he ignored it.  He smiled and sipped the brandy.
"Yessir.  It's been a rocky start, I'd reckon, but I hope to help you keep the peace here in Purgatory."
Tobias Westerfield
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Wed 13 Jun 2018
at 15:13
(IC) Purgatory
Tobias tips his hat to the lady, "Apologies for the interruption ma'am. Didn't mean to cause you any delay."

Tobias looked down the street in the direction the gentleman had indicated, before gathering his things.
Maggie Kilmartin
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Mon 18 Jun 2018
at 21:20
(IC) Purgatory
Maggie smiled back at the young man moving others belongings. At least people seemed friendly enough. It isn’t long before another man asks about lodging. Before she could answer that she had been wondering the same thing, the man helping her with her luggage answered surely. And almost as quickly the newcomer had dashed off apologizing to her for the interruption.

Taking her luggage up in her hand, she turned to the man helping her, “That’s alright, sir, tank ye very much. I’ve got it from here.” She walked quickly trying to catch up to the man who was also looking for the nearest lodge. Her voice carried a little bit more than usual as she tried to grab the attention of the man, “Pardon, sir, mind if we walk together. Can’t say I know too well where I’m going either.”

Her breath was a little heavier from having quickened her pace to catch up. Adjusting the luaggage in her hand, she tried to keep pace with the man.
Zacharias Walker
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Tue 19 Jun 2018
at 01:22
(IC) Purgatory
The new deputy nodded at his boss.
"So, bossman, what should I know about the town, before I head out to wander about in it?"
Tobias Westerfield
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Wed 20 Jun 2018
at 00:34
(IC) Purgatory
Tobias stops as the young woman speaks to him, "Not at all miss. I was just going to see if I could find the hotel." Tobias smiled and shifted what he carried to his left arm. "Sorry, forgot my manners for a moment. My names Tobias Westerfield."
Game Master
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Tue 26 Jun 2018
at 13:36
(IC) Purgatory
People move about, talking amongest themselves as Maggie and Tobias move and talk, not sure of where to go. Yet they are lucky as two woman are standing just outside, putting up a sign that states 'Storgy's Inn'.

The sheriff takes a swig of his brandy and puts the pipe down. He pulls off his head, revealing the white mop and rubs his chin before putting it back on."Bossman? Don't call me that. Call me Robert. Yah know my name. You sick? This place be it new. Not much happens round here but there be indians somewhere in these parts. Probably confused on where we are here. Just innocent folks trying to survive. Not saying everyone is here, always some bad applies. That's why we are here. Some places yah should check out I know of be Charlie's Saloon. And that place Dunst Farms. Something be fishy with it but not sure. Keep yah wits about yah."
Zacharias Walker
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Tue 26 Jun 2018
at 23:50
(IC) Purgatory
Zach nodded,  but managed not to frown at the odd, rambling speech.   Was the man a bit tipsy already?  It certainly sounded like it.    Oh well, he mused, that explains why the town needed more help.
"Okay, then,  Robert, I'll go mosey around a spell and get to know the town a bit better, and report back.   Hopefully those bandits ain't the start of something bigger. I'll talk to some folks in town, to get a better feel for the place.   This looks like a nice town, and i'm looking forward to helpin' out around here."

He gets up to leave, nodding to his boss.
"Anything else that I need to know before I start?  Where will I be staying?  Should I get a room at the saloon, or does the town provide it? "
Tobias Westerfield
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Wed 27 Jun 2018
at 20:16
(IC) Purgatory
Tobias made small talk with Maggie as they walked toward the center of town, discussing such things as the train ride and the weather. After spotting the inn Tobias approached the two ladies "Good day ladies, would the inn happen to have any rooms available?"