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Sun 25 Feb 2018
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Character creation
Okay. For the most part we are going to follow the books. If you can give me a source for something that you want to use that I am not going to have to shell out money for, I am fine reading it over and making a call on it. My main thing here will be try not to screw up the game. You can twist the rules to your will even if I only allowed core things, so I have to trust and fall back on this idea no matter what. I would generally prefer to let people have access to things that they like. Please don't make me regret it.

Now on to the specific requirements. You will all live in the same town. You can be newish, but it would generally be preferred if you had been there for a while. Connections to each other would also be lovely. Feel free to discuss them and share them with me. It makes group cohesion a lot easier if I do not have to make a bunch of strangers in a tavern stick together long term. If you have reasons to care about each other before things get started it makes everyone's life easier. Keep in mind that when things get started you will likely become local heroes. There may have been more powerful people in town before the start, but at the end they will be few and far between or have reasons to stay behind. If your character needs a home for equipment and the like, I will not destroy it. I have no interests in giving any of you the short end of the stick in things you cannot control, so if there is anything you want me to leave untouched for the most part just tell me.

We are going to start at level 1 make your characters with that in mind. Rolling or point buy is fine. I will possibly be handing out rewards for connections, so keep an eye out for that. Also, feel free to add details to the town and surrounding area. The richer we make the world the easier it will be to get into it. I might have a picture in mind, but I am totally okay with changing it as we work together. So, if you need it in a particular climate feel free to mention that. Contradictions can be worked out as well and I will do my best to point them out when I can and offer solutions if I can think of them.