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Tue 9 Oct 2018
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World details and characters of note
Q: How are Harbingerís Children seen by society?

Harbinger's Children, another term for mutants caused by the comet, are seen with varied levels of acceptance. Unlike the Marvel universe, mutation is not universally shunned and hated because here it is so widespread The closest I can compare it to would be how other demographics are seen. You will have your bigots and fearmongers on one side, and you have complacency and acceptance on the other with all ranges in between. Very few however have universal opinions, and it falls on case by case bases.

Q: Who/what are the CFI?

CFI, or Child Find Incorporated is a goverment sponsored private organization that originally started shortly after the first Children began to appear and word spread of illegal medical "research" trying to "fix" those born with mutations. The organizations original mandate is to rescue
kidnapped or hostage Children, but they are unofficially seen as a "mutant police", offering a hands off approach to governments around the world. It is unknown how many countries they are in, but they have a presence on the six populated continents.  In this case, they are akin to the Sentinel program of the X-men universe, but with field agents instead of the giant killer robots. Views among the Children community is far darker, with the CFI being more akin to boogeymen, with tales of everything from assaults to experimentation.

(Please note these are my take on things and may not be on par with Skindancerís original perspective)

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World details and minor npcís
[In brackets denotes normal human (n), child (c) or unknown (?) ]

Eric Ivers - (n) Owner of Riverside Retreats. Uncle of Robin Ivers

Fred- (n) coonhound. Ericís coonhound

Jim Gibbons-(n) truck driver. Regularly runs between Salt Lake City and Denver.

Marty Kensington- (?) assistant director for Plausible set

Benny Wiggins- (?) stunt coordinator for Plausible set

Andy Mitchell - (n) Patrol officer with Encampment PD

Known non-human Children strains

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World details and minor npcís
Hope Flanders (?) - operator of Hope Matters, an animal rehabilitation center not far from Riverside Retreats