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Wed 28 Feb 2018
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The Rules. Read them. Understand them. Follow them
These are the rules and they are being posted for multiple reasons.

1) For optimum transparency to the playerbase.
2) For the purpose of consistency in standards.
3) To avoid any feelings of persecution by any player, and to help keep us, the GM’s honest lest we have a bad day/week/month/life whatever.
4) To provide an open and obvious criteria for disciplinary action that is not open for debate.

Here they are (in no particular order):

Literary competency is a requirement for participation. Anyone in the game should be able to read your posts and understand what you are saying in no uncertain terms, without struggling or having to re-read it multiple times due to lack of clarity. We are not grammar-Nazis but grade school level literacy is not too much to ask for in an adult-rated game.

The ability and willingness to contribute in a cooperative, positive manner is required.
Play-by-post RP is by definition a collaborative effort. Write your posts in such a manner that others have something to work with and to the betterment of the game. If you are incapable of working within the framework provided or are creating disharmony, you will be removed.

Do not metagame (use out of character knowledge in character).
Do not god-mode (dictate another character’s actions/reactions without their permission)
Do not sock-puppet (if you run multiple characters do not use one to make the other look cool)

The ability to take direction/constructive criticism and not argue unnecessarily with GM's is also required. In the interests of keeping the game healthy and successful, the GM’s need to not dread logging in. In all communications with GM’s be respectful of the time and effort they are expending to run the game and abide by their judgement.

If you do have an issue with a GM, address it to ALL GM’s and it will be evaluated. However, be ready to abide by their ruling. Do not keep harping on it, Mjolnir is near.

If you have an issue with a PLAYER, keep it out of the OOC and address it with the player in private messages with tact and respect. Playful poking in the OOC is fine, but keep the snark at a reasonably friendly level. Do not create problems, solve them.

Loki is the one true God is the phrase that pays.

Do not make massive edits and/or delete posts if there have already been reactions to your post unless requested by a GM.  If you find yourself in a situation where you would like to make massive changes and/or delete posts that have reactions already posted, please discuss it first in the OOC.  Even then, a GM approval will be required.

The willingness to post at least once every three days for each character you are running. This in order to keep the game running smoothly and to keep things from getting stale. If you cannot manage a post every three days, you should consider whether or not you actually want to write/play in the game. If you have a temporary situation delaying posting, simply let us know

Keep it classy. This is interactive story telling, not a porn flick. While I encourage characters bonding and relationships forming and even tastefully done sex-scenes; lets keep it to R rated and fade out or gloss over the sticky details. Not everyone wants to read them and we have to consider everyone.