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Campaign information
This is The First Adventure Path for Starfinder.

If you have it, have read it, have played in not take all you read and/or see for granted. I will be modifying things to make them my own. I promise there will be differences.

Dead Suns

Incident at Absalom Station
When a derelict spaceship towing a huge Asteroid is found on a course towards Absalom Station, multiple factions become interested. Of them The up and coming Brande Coporation. The party is sent to Absalom Station to investigate and find out what They can find out about the Asteroid from the various factions.
When a brutal gang war breaks out in a docking bay in Absalom Station and th contact to one of the Mining Companies interested is slain, the player characters are left with a dead end and are forced to Delve into the station's seedy Spike neighborhoods, the heroes confront the gangs and discover that both were paid to start the riot and that the true conflict is between two rival mining companies battling over a new arrival in orbit around the station: the mysteriously deserted ship and the strange asteroid it recovered from the Drift. To head off further violence, the heroes are asked to investigate the ship and discover what happened to its crew, as well as the nature of the asteroid it tows. But what the players find there will set in motion events that could threaten the entirety of the Pact Worlds and change the face of the galaxy forever...

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