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Brief background of the Story.

Built in 367 DR, PHLAN represents the perseverance of humans and their tenacity to bring civilization to the savage wilderness. Since its founding, it has been razed repeatedly by inhuman creatures from the north but continually rose, like the phoenix, from the ashes of its own destruction. The city’s ruler, LORD PROTECTOR ANIVAR DAORAN is dead, and the city in disorder. The Lord Reagent, KNIGHT COMMANDER ECTOR BRAHMS, and greedy NOBLE HOUSES and LABOR GUILDS vie for control of the city. From the shadows, the WELCOMERS a criminal organization turned vigilante group--work against them and for their trouble, are hunted by the remnants of the KNIGHTS OF THE BLACK FIST, the militia that struggles in vain to keep the city's peace. Phlan has grown rich from trade with the untamed wilds to the north of the MOONSEA. Those seeking their fortunes flock to Phlan before adventuring out into the enchanted QUIVERING FOREST, the mysterious SORCERER'S ISLE, and the orc, goblin and dragon-infested DRAGONSPINE MOUNTAINS. But even the city itself has its share of dangers and secrets. Deep beneath the city, the POOL OF RADIANCE lies dormant; at least for now. The CULT OF THE DRAGON and their allies, the RED WIZARDS have sent agents far and wide in search of the DRAGON MASKS and other resources to assist them in their agenda. And somewhere within Phlan, the depths of the sleeping Pool, and the surrounding wilderness, the Cult may find just what it is that they need.