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If you've read the rules in the other thread, then you are probably ready to request access to the game!

Rule set

The rule system that will be used is "No Rest For The Wicked", a Powered By The Apocalypse engine variant set in the Borderlands universe. It is a narrative system designed for quick play, so don't expect the level of mechanical depth and stat tweaking found in the video game.

A free PDF of the system can be found here: http://1d4cast.org/files/No_Rest.pdf
"The Twisted" add-on playbook: https://docs.google.com/docume...W_CiNCgUt3nyFjw/edit

Notes on character creation: Try to make your character fit into the Borderlands universe. There are plenty of crazy characters and silly humor in the series already, but stick to the basic tone at least when designing your own.

Building your character

The rules of this system are pretty straightforward, but here's the short version:
  1. First, pick the playbook (character) you would like to play. I'm fine with multiple people using the same playbook - your personality and other choices will make them unique from each other anyway.
  2. Follow the step-by-step in the playbook to create your character. Notice that for Name and Looks, the ones listed are guidelines. You may choose your own name and looks, but try to keep it thematically appropriate.
  3. Don't fill in History until other players have joined and we can do it together. Your character's History is meant to guide how the group fits together and interacts.

If you need any help with creating your character, send me a PM and I can guide you through the process. :)

Here's a blank character sheet to copy into your RTJ post:



<b>Moves: </b>
(One move per line, only their names are needed)

<b>Gear: </b>
(One item per line, put the details you choose too)

Example character (make your own!):
Playbook: The Hunter
Name: Mordecai
Look: Man in dusty travel wear, long body, sharp face with tired eyes.

Stats: Cool+2 Hard-1 Hot-1 Sharp+2 Weird=0

Vice: The Good Stuff (Get drunk or wasted)
Drive: Cash and Loot

Animal Companion: Bloodwing
   Bloodwing's stats: Mean +2, Smart+2, Tough+0, Keen+1
   Strengths: Flying, vicious
   Trainings: Scout, fight monsters
   Weakness: Stubborn
Long Shot (The Hunter gets an advanced move at level 1)

Sniper Rifle (1d10 far, hi-tech; 4 ammo; Hyperion)
Survival tool: Machete
Pistol (1d6 hand, close/far; 6 ammo; Jacobs)
Light shield (8 shield, fast recharge 1d4+4)

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Custom moves

Games based on Apocalypse World thrive on hacks, homebrew, and custom creations. I am open for giving you home-made moves as you level up. All you need to do is ask for a concept, and if it's reasonable and fits your character we can work something out.

For initial character creation, however: Please stick with what's in the existing rule set.

Starting off

All characters begin play at level 1. You have the weapons and gear you chose from your playbook.

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