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Captain Jaxen Falko
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Mon 11 Jun 2018
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The Day After the Night Before
Jaxen was amazed by the spectacle of Tae's lust! He had never in his life seen a woman so totally caught up in the passion of love making! Jaxen, fought to continue, making love to Tae but instinctively knew that he could contain himself no longer! He thrust into her as deep and hard as he could while pulling her hips into his crotch. He had a look of agony on his face. He cried out, "I'm filling you with my seed! AGGHHH!!" His cock began spurting his sticky seed into her! His cock would throb and then send a shot of his gooey seed into Tae's body! This happened at least three times!

Jaxen suddenly had no strength left and collapsed onto the bed. He was laying on his side, next to Tae with one arm thrown over her. He was still panting and trying to recover his composure. He felt as if he had just fought the longest duel in history! After a few minutes, he began gently stroking her hair with his hand. He whispered into her ear, "I have never experienced sex like that in my life! You are incredible! What a fool I was for not bringing you into my life sooner."
Taena Phassos
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Tue 12 Jun 2018
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The Day After the Night Before
She chuckled as she finally regained her breath and a little composure and snuggled closer to him, unwilling to break contact with him.

"Jaxon?  I have loved you from the moment I met you.  When you took the time to show me compassion when I was hungry on the streets.  I have always known my heart belonged to you.  But I have also known that your heart can never be mine..." her voice turned a little sad.  She didn't want to spoil their time together, but she also wanted him to know that she understood.  That she was a realist.
"I've known that one day I will watch you marry.  But I have always prayed that she will make you happy and glad." She smiled up at him softly.
Captain Jaxen Falko
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Thu 14 Jun 2018
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The Day After the Night Before
"It saddens me when she thinks of her self a lesser" Jaxen though silently to himself. He cupped her cheek with his hand and looked deeply into her eyes just staring lovingly. He sighed and said, "Tae, unfortunately, I will never have a wife. There is a long standing, unwritten rule concerning the Captain of the Royal Guards." While still gazing into her eyes he continued, "The Royal family does not want the Captain of their guards distracted or vulnerable in anyway." A sadness crept into Jaxen's eyes as he softly said, "So, the Captain cannot be married or have a family because those things are viewed as distractions or vulnerabilities." Jaxen still reveled in the sight and smell of Tae as well as her soft skin.

He leaned in, kissed her cheek, and with a smile said, "If I was no longer Captain Falko, we could be together! I will gladly give up everything to have you as my wife, if you will have me!" Before Tae could say anything, Jaxen leaned in and began passionately kissing her with all his soul.
Taena Phassos
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Mon 18 Jun 2018
at 18:35
The Day After the Night Before
Tae was glad that it was at that moment that the love of her life leaned in to kiss her passionately.  She allowed herself to be swept away by it.  She wanted to tell him how much she wanted to be his, but she knew how dangerous that was, and she did not want him to give up a life that he loved just to be with her.

She wriggled her naked body closer to his, pressing herself to him, trying to tell him she was his without saying a word, yet at the same time, trying to conceal the disappointment that they would never be together or raise a family or anything like that.

Finally, she broke their kiss:

"You will always by my Captain Falko, always.  The only man I have ever loved.  The good, kind man that gave me  a loaf of bread or a penny when I was hungry." She smiled a him.
Captain Jaxen Falko
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Wed 20 Jun 2018
at 04:09
The Day After the Night Before
Jaxen enjoyed the feel of Tae's body against him. After she complimented him, Jaxen said, "Thank you for those good thoughts you shared Tae. However, I am sure there are a lot of people who don't think so highly of me." He quickly said, "Taena Phassos is the only woman for me."

He made sure he could look into her eyes and as he spoke, he punctuated each statement with a kiss. Jaxen said, "You have a quick wit" and he kissed her. He continued, "You are kind and caring" which was followed with two kisses. "You have the greatest sense of humor I have ever witness in a woman", he smiled before kissing her.His eyes gained a more lustful expression as he said, "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen" which was followed by a longer, passionate kiss. After he broke that kiss, Jaxen laughed and said, "Something I never knew about you until recently was that you are a wonder in bed! I have never experienced such loving making in my life!"

He began kissingTae passionately and then running his hand from her thigh to her glorious ass and back down.
Taena Phassos
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Wed 20 Jun 2018
at 19:32
The Day After the Night Before
She chuckled as he alternated his kisses and his compliments, melting into his final passionate kiss.  She allowed her own hands to roam his toned body, softly raking her nails up his thigh and his back.

In a quick move she firmly pushed him away from her so that he was lying on his back in her bed.  As quick as a cat she straddled him with an impish grin.  She sat up straight, affording him a magnificent view of her pert breasts.  Her hands gently stroked his chest as she gazed down at her lover.

'No one compares to you Jaxon!' And with that she leaned forward, her erect nipples brushing his chest and she kissed him softly but with some hear, her tongue toying with his.  She slowly gyrated her hips against his crutch, her womanhood hot and wet from all their love making already,
Captain Jaxen Falko
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Sat 23 Jun 2018
at 04:26
The Day After the Night Before
Jaxen was taken a little by surprise with her sudden move. Her hands felt wonderful as they explored his body. He smiled broadly when Tae said that no one compared to him! He appreciated the compliment. The next thing he knew, Tae was kissing him and her hips were grinding into his crotch.

He felt his cock get erect and ready for action. Jaxen broke the kiss and laughingly said, "My, aren't you the saucy one!" As he gazed into Tae's eyes Jaxen simply laid there and stared. Then he decided to let Tae be the aggressor and see what she would do next.
Taena Phassos
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Tue 26 Jun 2018
at 19:28
The Day After the Night Before
She grinned down at him, she took a hold of his hands and moved them to her full breasts, encouraging him explore she skin, massage her.  The dusky pink nipples were painfully erect again.  It seemed the barmaid could not get enough of him now that she knew her feelings were reciprocated!

With his hands occupied she sat up and reached down between her legs, wrapping her fingers around his length, and gently stroking him, his cock lubricated with their juices. She manoeuvred him a little so that the tip of his manhood brushed against her clit.  She have a little hiss of breath as she felt her excitement grow again.  Never had she known anything like this!

With a wicked grin, she looked down at him  and then with a swift move, she impaled herself on his rigid cock. She gasped as he slid back inside her and then began to rock her hips backwards and forwards rhythmically.  Her pussy welcomed him and gripped on to him tightly.
Captain Jaxen Falko
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Wed 27 Jun 2018
at 04:32
The Day After the Night Before
Jaxen smiled as Tae put his hands on her breasts. They felt marvelous and he immediately began massaging them. He let out a groan as she stroked his cock. Then when she grinned and impaled herself on his cock, he gasped, "Oh God that it incredible!"

As she began rocking her hips, he would move his own hips to grind his crotch into hers. He hands were busy kneading, squeezing, and massaging her breasts. Then he would roll her nipples between his fingers and lightly pinch it. He groaned, "Oh Tae, I wish we could keep this up all night! It feels so wonderful."

His eyes were locked on the vision of loveliness passionately riding him!
Taena Phassos
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Fri 29 Jun 2018
at 19:34
The Day After the Night Before
Taena maintained her rhythm for a little while, building up both of their excitement, but as Jaxon's fingers rolled and pinched and toyed with her nipples, she gasped and her hips increased their movements.

As she increased the speed she bent over him and and kissed him passionately, all the while her hips undulating, her tight canal stroking him up and down, needing his seed again.

"Please Jaxon... please fill me again!" she whispered in his ears as she met his thrusting, little gasps and moans of pleasure escaping her lips, her breath warm on his skin.
Captain Jaxen Falko
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Sat 30 Jun 2018
at 22:05
The Day After the Night Before
Hearing Tae ask him to fill her again was all the encouragement he needed! Jaxen grabbed Tae's hips and would pull her downward while he thrust up with his hips. It gave him the maximum penetration into her! He gave into his passion completely! He continued thrusting harder and faster into her, reveling in the feel of her womanhood gripping him tightly. All he could do was let out gasps because it felt so good and his mind was so focused on the sensations that he was incapable of speech. After several minutes of vigorous thrusting Jaxen couldn't hold out any longer! As he thrust up, he used his feet and arched up so high he literally lifted Tae off the bed! Luckily his hand had pulled her down tightly onto his crotch. All he could manage was a gutteral groan, "Aggghhhh" as his cock began pumping his seed into her!

He held that position until he emptied all his goey, sticky, seed into her and then collapsed back on the bed. He stared at her dreamily as he panted trying to regain his composure.
Taena Phassos
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Mon 2 Jul 2018
at 12:31
The Day After the Night Before
She held herself still as Jaxon bucked beneath her.  His actions merely served to trigger hew own release and she cried out as her orgasm flooded through her body, causing it to shake and clamp around his cock, milking his seed from him.

When they were finished she collapsed next to him, panting and laughing. It was such a thrill to discover the act of making love could actually be like this!

She allowed some comfortable silence to pass between them before she looked over at him.

"Jaxon, I will make sure I don't... Y'know.." She looked embarrassed, and almost sad, as her hand fluttered over her belly, indicating she would try and avoid a pregnancy.
Captain Jaxen Falko
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Tue 3 Jul 2018
at 20:46
The Day After the Night Before
In reply to Taena Phassos (msg # 67):

Jaxen watched as Tae put her hand over her belly and then it dawned on him that she meant getting pregnant. With a somewhat sad smile on his face, as he said, "I would be more than honored and happy if you were to carry my child. It would never embarrass me." He wistfully said, "My greatest desire would be for you to be my wife and bear my children. I would greatly want our child to legitimately have my name."

Jaxen got a far away look in his eyes as he was deep in thought. Then he spoke, "Tae, I will find a way for you to be my wife. You can count on that. I am not sure what my livelihood will be but with you by my side, I truly need nothing else." Jaxen, gently kissed Tae with tenderness but not passion and wrapped her in his embrace.
Taena Phassos
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Sun 8 Jul 2018
at 10:55
The Day After the Night Before
She smiled softly and melted in to his embrace happily, their love making had been so utterly satisfying!

"I would never want you to lose your job Jaxon, I know how hard you work." she spoke.  And she truly meant it, she was mature enough to realize that if he lost the job he loved he would be miserable.
"I know we will find a way some how." She smoothed her hand over his chest and closed her eyes, sleep threatening to take her over.
Captain Jaxen Falko
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Mon 23 Jul 2018
at 04:03
The Day After the Night Before
Jaxen's energy was all gone. He loved the feel of Tae in his arms as he fell asleep. While he was sleeping, Jaxen's mind was coming up with plans for him and Tae. In the morning, he would have Tae accompany him to see Marcela Ciceron, the matron in charge of the staff at palace. He would have her find a safer place for Tae to stay. In fact, if Tae was willing and there was a position available, Marcela may find employment her. After all, Marcela did owe Jaxen a favor.

Jaxen slept peacefully the rest of the night. In the morning, he kissed Tae awake with gentle kisses on her lips. He had another throbbing erection as well but he hoped she wouldn't misinterpret his intentions in waking her. When Tae opened her eyes, Jaxen said, "Tae, an idea came to me in the night that may help with some of our situation!"
Taena Phassos
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Thu 26 Jul 2018
at 13:57
The Day After the Night Before
She smiled sleepily up at him as she enjoyed his kisses.

"What idea do you have my love?" she murmured softly with a smile.
Captain Jaxen Falko
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Thu 26 Jul 2018
at 20:15
The Day After the Night Before
Jaxen was excited to tell her. He began, "After the break in to your house yesterday, was concerned about your safety her and came with this plan while sleeping." Then he continued, "I would like you to accompany me to see Marcela Ciceron. She is the matron in charge of the staff at palace and I will ask her to find you a safe place to stay." He smiled and added, "If you are willing I could ask Marcela to find some employment for you in her staff because she owes me a favor."
Taena Phassos
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Thu 26 Jul 2018
at 21:34
The Day After the Night Before
She snuggled into him and chuckled softly.

"You're worried about me?  I can look after myself! You know that!" she pretended to be offended, though was teasing him now.
He had known she was a gutter rat, she had a tough life on the streets, she had the scars to prove it! But she kissed his chin softly touched that he cared enough to have put some thought into her safety.
"Would I have to leave here?" she looked around her beloved home.  It was the only home she had known.  "I couldn't leave the Red Lion...." she mused aloud, not knowing what other job she could even do!
Captain Jaxen Falko
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Fri 27 Jul 2018
at 03:49
The Day After the Night Before
Jaxen said, "Well, you could continue working at the Red Lion, I suppose. I am sure it is hard to leave your home but I think you would be safer in another location. You would be able to move your things there." After a pause, Jaxen said, "You know, this will all probably take a while. First there is meeting Marcela, then her finding a place, and finally the move. You would have some time to adjust to the whole thing."

Jaxen took her face in both his hands and looked deeply into her eyes. He said, "Tae, you have an amazing strength of character, strong will, and an ability to take care of yourself. However, if LeBlanc is behind this, you don't have any idea of the means he has at his disposal the depths of what he may be capable of doing." Then he kissed her and pulled back to say, "I love you and don't want anything to happen to you."
Taena Phassos
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Mon 30 Jul 2018
at 13:29
The Day After the Night Before
She tried to give Jaxon a bright smile as he kissed her, but her eyes swirled with worry and some sadness.  She was clearly upset to have to leave her home but she knew he was right as well.

She wanted to tell him she was brave, and that she could handle LeBlanc... but something told her she shouldn't be silly.  She didn't truly stand a chance against the man, she had 'street smarts' but that didn't help if he had a weapon...

She sighed and kissed his forehead thankfully.

"You always look after me Jaxon..." she stroked his face, remembering all the times he had passed her some food when she had been close to starving, or let her off with a warning when she had been caught. "Thank you." she whispered.
Captain Jaxen Falko
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Tue 31 Jul 2018
at 04:08
The Day After the Night Before
Jaxen said, "I will escort you to the Red Lion this morning. After I have made the appropriate arrangements, I will meet you at the Red Lion. Hopefully around noon."  He smiled at her because she was being so brave! He gave her a big hug to hopefully let her know just how much he appreciated her. He didn't know if he would be as strong if the situation was reversed.

Jaxen ended by saying, "You mean so much to me Tae! I hope you know that I will always be there to help you and take care of you."
Taena Phassos
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Mon 6 Aug 2018
at 17:53
The Day After the Night Before
"And that is why I love you Jaxon." she smiled at him.
Reluctantly she disentangled herself from him on her bed and rose and began to dress for the day.

"I could get used to you walking me to and picking me up from work.." she smiled at him as sh pulled a simple black dress with intricate embroidery on the sleeves and began to lace up a corset over the top of the dress.
Captain Jaxen Falko
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Wed 8 Aug 2018
at 03:36
The Day After the Night Before
Jaxen smiled and said, "I could get very used to that too." He got dressed as well. Then he said, "So, I'll be walking you to work?"
Taena Phassos
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Wed 15 Aug 2018
at 15:50
The Day After the Night Before
She grinned and took his arm as they left her home.  The worries of his earlier words forgotten in her excitement to be with him.

When they reached the busier street she disentangled her arm from his, conscious that they ought not to be seen walking arm in arm in quite such a public arena.

She chatted with Jaxon as the moved through the crowds towards the Red Lion.
When they arrived she gave him a little curtsy.

"I will see you at midday then Sir?" she asked.
Captain Jaxen Falko
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Mon 20 Aug 2018
at 02:41
The Day After the Night Before
Jaxen was enjoying his stroll with Tae. It just felt right, walking along with her on his arm. He was somewhat sad as he left his arm but continued to walk and talk with him. Before he knew it he was at the Red Lion and would have to say goodbye to her. He chuckled when she curstied to him. In answer to her question, he said, "Yes, I will be back at Midday."

First Jaxen went back to the Royal Guards headquarters and checked on how everything was going. He quickly went through some reports, did some observations of soldiers going through their training. Then he departed to see Marcela Ciceron. Jaxen found Marcela busy at work but she happened to look up, saw him coming and smiled at him. When he got close enought to her, Jaxen asked, "Marcela could I speak to you in private?" Marcela repoled, "Of course Captain Falko." He explained, "Do you know Taena Phassos who works at the Red Lion?" Marcela said, "I have heard of her but I don't know her." Jaxen continued, "Well, she mentioned to me, when I was in the Red Lion the other day, that someone broke into her quarters a night or two ago and she no longer feels safe there. Do you know of someplace she can move to and feel safer?" Marcela eyed the Captain and said, "Since I owe you Captain, I will see what I can do. Come and see me tomorrow morning." Jaxen said, "I do as you have bid."

He went back to the Guard Headquarters and waited for Midday to arrive.