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Mon 1 Oct 2018
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The Red Lion - Without a Barmaid
When the Midday bells tolled Jaxon found his way back to the Red Lion.
Inside, the Inn seemed to be a little more noisy than usual for lunch time trade, though the buzz seemed to be of anger and frustration.  Seamus looked up as he heard the front door of is inn open.  His gaze was hopeful mixed with ready anger, then his shoulders sagged when he saw it was the Captain.
He moved over to the man quickly.

"Captain Falko, have you not seen Taena this day..?" he asked with concern.  It was clear that without the barmaid he was run off his feet.  "We sent her out for more cheese from the market, it should not have been a long errand, and she never returned.  The cheese was not even picked up from the seller..." The burly innkeep took Jaxons elbow and turned him slightly so his words would be more private.  "I fear something has happened to her.  She never just goes off and does her own thing! This is not like her at all!"
Captain Jaxen Falko
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Mon 1 Oct 2018
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The Red Lion - Without a Barmaid
Jaxen had entered the Red Lion with a smile on his face and joy in his heart. Things just couldn’t seem to be going any better! But immediately, Jaxen got the sense that something wasn’t quite right, especially when he saw Seamus’ reaction when he entered. As he listened to what Seamus had to say, Jaxen immediately got worried.

He said to Seamus, “I saw Tae walking in the streets coming to work here in the morning. I went to the guard headquarters and have been there since.” Trying to give Seamus hope, Jaxen patted him on the shoulder and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll go look for her and rest assured, I will find her.” The tone in Jaxen’s voice left no doubt about his determination. Jaxen turned went back outside.

As he was in the street, Jaxen slammed his fist into his other hand and muttered under his breath so no one would clearly hear, “I sense LeBlanc’s involvement in all of this.” Jaxen strode off in the direction of the City Guard headquarters intending to confront LeBlanc!
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Thu 4 Oct 2018
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The Red Lion - Without a Barmaid
Within the confines of the City Watch building was a practice yard.
Captain LeBlanc was standing outside, watching his men drill, shouting orders.  It was clear he had been sparring with a number of the men there.  His cheeks had a high color and his eyes were bright with excitement from fight.

He turned to see Captain Falco move into his yard, his territory and his eyes narrowed as he approached his old rival.

"Jaxon. What do you want?" he said gruffly.
Captain Jaxen Falko
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Fri 5 Oct 2018
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The Red Lion - Without a Barmaid
Jaxen was sure that even if LeBlanc didn't actually do something to Tae, LeBlanc was surely somehow involved in her disappearance. It took all of Jaxen's control not to leap on the man and beat him until revealed what happend to Tae. He kept his calm even though LeBlanc had insulted him by not using his rank.

 Jaxen said, "Well Captain LeBlanc, I have a matter I wish to discuss with you. I would prefer to discuss this matter in private." Jaxen waited to see what LeBlanc would do next.
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Wed 10 Oct 2018
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The Red Lion - Without a Barmaid
LeBlanc raised an eyebrow and a slight smug smile graced his lips before he took control of his face.

He motioned to Jaxon and led him into his office area, located just to the side of the practice yard.

LeBlanc closed the door behind them and then sauntered over to sit down behind his desk.

"Alright," he said, "I'm intrigued.  What brings the High and Mighty Captain Falko to the City Guard?"
Captain Jaxen Falko
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Thu 11 Oct 2018
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The Red Lion - Without a Barmaid
Jaxen took a deep breath to calm himself before he spoke. Then he said, "Look Captain LeBlanc, I know that you have a romantic interest in Tae. I am hoping that you had nothing to do with her disappearance." Jaxen said, "In fact, I was hoping the you would be willing to assist in finding her and returning her to her job at the Red Lion."

Jaxen held out his hand to shake Captain LeBlanc's hand to seal the deal.
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Thu 11 Oct 2018
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The Red Lion - Without a Barmaid
A look of surprise (was it acted?) crossed the Captain's face, he leaned forward on his chair as if thinking about the situation.
He stood and shook Jaxon's hand firmly.

"Oh I am sure the City Guard will be able to find the lovely Tae.  I'll look into it personally, I can assure you that." he nodded.
Captain Jaxen Falko
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Sun 14 Oct 2018
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The Red Lion - Without a Barmaid
Even though Jaxen couldn't stand LeBlanc he desperately need the man's help. Getting Tae back was the priority! As Jaxen shook LeBlanc's hand he said, "Captain LeBlanc, thank you for being willing to cooperate with me on this matter. I will reinforce my order to my men that they need to leave your City Guard unmolested for any reason. I will also tell my men that if the City Guard requests it they should render any assistance required."

Jaxen had a thought flash through his mind. There was a place, Tae's secret place, he would check after he left Captain LeBlanc. He knew he couldn't mention the place and also needed to make sure he wasn't followed. But, perhaps Tae went there to think about everything that had happened.
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Sun 21 Oct 2018
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The Red Lion - Without a Barmaid
LeBlanc grinned as the Captain spoke and gave him a smart bow to hide the grin

"Whatever assistance you need," he reaffirmed. He moved them both to the training yard.  "Now I am going to get my men in to looking for our Taena..."
His smiled widened as he gestured to Jaxon, inviting him to leave now.
Captain Jaxen Falko
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Mon 22 Oct 2018
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The Red Lion - Without a Barmaid
Jaxen left the City Guard headquarters and went out into the street. As he was walking along, he saw a group of small children clustered near a street corner. He walked over to them and said, "Do you know who Captain LeBlanc is and do you know who I am?" The children nodded that they did. Jaxen said, "Do you think you can follow Captain LeBlanc around today without him know you are following him?" The children nodded they thought they could. He said, "Captain LeBlanc is throwing a surprise party for a friend of mine and hasn't told me where the party is. I was hoping if you follow him you can find out where the party is for me." Jaxen held out one coin for each child and said, "There will be one more for you tonight if you meet me outside the Red Lion. Do you know where that is? The children took the coins and nodded they knew where the Red Lion was.

Jaxen waved, and began walking back toward Tae's secret spot to see if she was there by any chance. As he walked, Jaxen would frequently check to see if anyone was following him.
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Mon 19 Nov 2018
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The Red Lion - Without a Barmaid
The Captain's instinct was correct.... so a certain degree.

Tae had been asked to pick up some kitchen supplies for the Red Lion.  In fact, the cook had requested a particular herb that Tae herself had a supply of and the Cook knew she kept her herbs well.
Upon returning to her little house, she found two ruffians rifling though her things.  They were as startled as she was when she entered her house and without thinking one of the men took a powerful fist to her face.  Knocking her out cold to prevent her from screaming and raising the alarm.
Both men worked quickly.  They found a small cart and bundled the unconscious Tae into it.  Covering her in the blanket that had only that morning been on her bed... she she and the Captain had lain.

The men moved inconspicuously through the streets and back alleys towards the seafront.
LeBlanc had told them of her hidden cave and the cove that lay beyond it.
They dragged Tae through the cave and once out of sight of prying eyes they bound her hands and feet.  They set up a small campfire by a rocky outcrop where the groggy barmaid started to come round. Both men grumbled that Captain LeBlanc was not going to be happy about this.  They drew straws for who was going to tell him.  The scrawnier of the two lost and moved off to break the news to their employer.
For now, Tae was alone with the burly thug who had punched her. She glowered at him as he leered back at her.
Captain Jaxen Falko
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Wed 21 Nov 2018
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The Red Lion - Without a Barmaid
As Jaxen was nearing Tae's secret spot, his attention was drawn to a rather suspicious looking man heading in the opposite direction. Jaxen watched the man for a few moments and then continued on his way to the secret place.

As Jaxen entered the secret place, he was totally shocked by what he saw. Tae was there bound hand and foot with a thug sitting beside her! Since he was taken by surprise, the thug, who was less surprised and reacted first. The thug quickly stood and pulled out a dagger. Continuing the motion, the thug threw the dagger! The dagger flew and stabbed Jaxen in his left shoulder!

Jaxen grunted in pain and drew his own sword. The thug drew his sword and charged! They began a furious duel. Jaxen was a more skilled sword fighter but his injury effected his fighting. The thugh made a slash which caught Jaxen on the left thigh but Jaxen drove his sword through the man's chest and killed him.

Jaxen staggered over to Tae and cut the ropes binding her and collapsed gasping on the ground.
Taena Phassos
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Mon 3 Dec 2018
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The Red Lion - Without a Barmaid
There was little Tae could do to help the Captain as he came to her rescue.  She watched helplessly, tears of fury pricking her eyes as she saw him get stabbed.

Almost as quickly as the fight had begun, it was over.  Jaxon managed to cut her ties before collapsing beside her.
She ignored her aching limbs as they protested at the sudden use after hours of being tied in an awkward position as she scrambled to see to him.
She tore at the hem of her dress, ripping a long length of fabric, she used this to tie the slash to his thigh then ripped another length of skirt and pressed it firmly to the stab wound at his shoulder.

"Jaxon!" She cried, hot tears of fright and anger now falling freely down her face.  She didn't want to leave him but she would need help to get him to a proper doctor.
Captain Jaxen Falko
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Tue 4 Dec 2018
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The Red Lion - Without a Barmaid
It took a few moments before Jaxen had somewhat recovered his breath and senses after the events of the fight. A look of fear crossed his face as he saw Tae crying. He said, “Are you hurt? What did that villain do to you?” He didn’t see any blood on Tae and her clothing didn’t appear to be torn so he hoped she wasn’t injured. Then Jaxen reached up and brushed her tears away. He said, “Don’t cry, everything will be alright. You are safe now. I won’t let anything else happen to you!” As he struggled first to sit up he said to her, “Don’t worry about these scratches. I have suffered much worse injuries in my days in the guards.” He smiled lovingly at here. Then he choked out, “Tae, my love, I could never live with myself if something happened to you!”

Jaxen held out his hand and said, “If you could help me get to my feet, I think I will be able to walk back to the Doctor’s. In fact, with you by my side, I could walk to the end of the earth!”
Taena Phassos
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Mon 21 Jan 2019
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The Red Lion - Without a Barmaid
She tried to smile for her love.  But the fact he had taken such terrible wounds for her broke her heart.
She took his hand, and with as much strength as she could muster, she helped him to gain his feet, trying to take care not to jar the injuries.

"I know of a good healer... or do you have a special doctor for the guard...?" she tried to make her words light when she truly felt heavy and afeared.
As she helped him off of her special beach and back into the city, a dark little shadow watched them and then sped off into the streets... as if it had something urgent to tell someone...
Captain Jaxen Falko
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Wed 23 Jan 2019
at 03:49
The Red Lion - Without a Barmaid
Jaxen smiled weakly at Tae. He hurt but he didn't want to worry her. Using her for support he began to slowly walk out of Tae's private beach. To answer her question Jaxen said, "The Guards do have a doctor. I think that it may be best to go to him." He didn't want to make her nervous but he felt that he would be safer in the Guard quarters. Especially if it was Le Blanc and the City Guard behind this.

Jaxen said to Tae, "Would you be willing to stay with me after the Doctor is done?"
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Tue 29 Jan 2019
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The Red Lion - Without a Barmaid
The dark shadow that had been watching for Jaxon to emerge from the beach scampered off to Captain Le Blanc.  The shadow turned out to be a street urchin.  Unnoticeable to most.  But LeBlanc knew their value.  Hells - he had been one once - and risen above it... and his prize for this should have been Tae!

He punched desk in front of him as the young lad told him that The Captain of the Royal Guard had escaped - and Tae with him.  His plan had fallen through... this time.  He gritted his teeth and paid the lad handsomely, swearing under his breath that this was by no means over.
Taena Phassos
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Tue 29 Jan 2019
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The Red Lion - Without a Barmaid
Tae carefully assisted her Captain back to the Headquarters of the Royal Guard.
A young Private who saw the state his Captain was is ran off to fetch the Doctor immediately.
The old man came, grumbling about foolish men getting into fights needlessly, but was surprised when he saw that Tae was hovering fretfully around the man.

"What sort of mess have you gotten yourself into now Jaxon?" he mumbled, pulling up the mans shirt to peer at the wounds critically.
Tae fell back a little, not wanting to get in the way but never taking her eyes off of Jaxon.
Captain Jaxen Falko
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Wed 30 Jan 2019
at 16:54
The Red Lion - Without a Barmaid
As the Doctor began to examine Jaxen and asked what he had gotten into, Jaxen replied, ”This young lady here, Tae Phassos, was abducted and being held against her will.” The Doctor said to Tae, “Miss, please help me get the Captain into the infirmary. I am going to need to do some work on him.” The Doctor put Jaxen’s left arm around his shoulder and waited for Tae to take Jaxen’s right arm.

When everyone was ready, the Doctor began to slowly make his way toward the infirmary. Meanwhile, Jaxen continued talking. He said, ”I found the villain who had captured her. Unfortunately I was too slow to dodge the thrown dagger and then he managed the strike on my leg before I could finish the duel.” As Jaxen finished, they reached the infirmary and went inside. They got Jaxen to a bed and the Doctor said, ”Well young lady, you may as well stay and help me.”

The Doctor went to his desk and came back with a needle and thread. He said, “Hold his other shoulder and chest down so he is still while I stitch his shoulder.” As the Doctor began to work, Jaxen talked with a strained voice due to the pain of the stitching process occurring, “I need to discuss a plan with Lieutenant Richmond about how to ensure Tae’s safety. Doctor, when you are through, can you have Lieutenant Richmond report here?” The Doctor simply said, “Of course but I don’t’ think you will be in very good condition to make such plans.”
Taena Phassos
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Fri 22 Feb 2019
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The Red Lion - Without a Barmaid
Tae kept quiet as she ably helped the Doctor move the Captain into the infirmary.
She was a little surprised when the Doctor requester her help but she meekly went to Jaxons shoulder and held him as she was instructed.  Her fingers were warm and every now and again, she moved them against his skin, as if to comfort him.  In some way she hoped it might take away the pain.  She could hear that he hurt even as he spoke and it drove proverbial dagger through her heart that this had happened because of her.

The Doctor didn't need to fetch the Lieutenant.
Without so much as a knock on the door, Lieutenant Richmond walked through the door, a look of concern mixed with fury that anyone had done this to his Captain.

"One of the maids told me she'd seen you slope off to the Infirmary! What in blazes has happened?!" he demanded,  all fire and brimstone for the criminal that had done this to Jaxon.  Richmond stopped short when he saw Tae.  He cleared his throat, slightly embarrassed.  He hadn't expected the barmaid to be there too.
Captain Jaxen Falko
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Sun 24 Feb 2019
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The Red Lion - Without a Barmaid
As the Doctor was finishing up stitching Jaxen's wounds, and Lieutenant Richmond had arrived, Jaxen said, "I need some wine before I can discuss much." He waited until he was brought a glass. He took a big drink, sighed, and said, "Well, where do I begin?"

Jaxen took a moment to organize his thoughts as he said, "Well, I don't have proof but I believe Captain LeBlanc had Tae, here, kidnapped. After searching for her I was able to locate her. I fought with her kidnapper and killed him but unfortunately I was wounded in the fight." Then he continued, "We need to ensure Tae's safety for the time being. I would like a guard with her at all times. If possible I would also like secure housing for her until we can solve who is behind this kidnapping attempt."

Jaxen slumped back on the bed, obviously exhausted from everything that had happened.
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Sun 14 Apr 2019
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The Red Lion - Without a Barmaid
Tae, after a nod from the Doctor, located the wine and gave Jaxen a cup.  She hovered worriedly beside him as he took a sip and explained the situation to his Lieutenant.
When he slumped back in the bed her hand snaked out and gently rested on his shoulder.

Richmond listened carefully, his eyes narrowing a little when he realized this was all down to the barmaid.   He could ill afford a personal guard for the woman.  But he had long known the Captain had a penchant for Tae.
The Lietenants mind raced then he clearly came to a decision.

"She can stay with me.  My wife is pregnant but she'll be safe at ours.  If you don't mind a cot bed in the kitchen.  Its warm enough." He smiled, apologetically at Tae, then looked to his Captain for approval."And you need rest.  I can cover the next few days off..." He asserted, trying not to dwell on how much his wife was going to berate him when she found a stranger in her home and her husband away more than usual.
Captain Jaxen Falko
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Mon 15 Apr 2019
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The Red Lion - Without a Barmaid
Jaxen smiled and said to Richmond, "Thank you for your help. I shall rest easy." Then he turned to Tae and said, "You are in good hands. Richmond here is one of the best. If he feels you will be safe then you should be safe."

Jaxen's eyes began close as he was getting more and more tired.