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Antagonist Backgrounds - DBT - Andreas
Part I

The boy that would become known as Andreas was born in a remote coastal village village somewhere along the Mediterranean with some form of Greek heritage. He was the youngest son of a family that comprised a husband and his wife and a pair of older siblings, a sister and a brother. As a young boy he was already keenly aware of the supernatural world around him, he saw in to the world of Spirits and quickly came to understand the primordial structure which governed then.

In this era such insight earned the young boy a certain degree of reverence as those who resided in his village believed him to have a special connection with the Gods. He would learn what the Spirits wanted and in return the Spirits ensured the village knew prosperity.

Years passed and the wheel of fate saw fit to turn against the prosperity of the village, as winter ascended the Spirits of the land grew scarce. One night fate weaved tragedy as a marauding war band of slavers fell upon the village in the dead of night. They came with fire and sword killing and mutilating as they so pleased.

Andreas saw his father stabbed to death and his mother burned alive in what they once called their home, amidst the chaos his siblings were bound in shackles by the slavers only for him to suffer a similar fate. The barbarous slavers burned the village in to the ashes of history but Andreas could see what was behind them, a powerful spirit traveled with them in the form of an eagle and it to feed on the terror and destruction that the slavers brought with them.

The slavers brought their captives to the shore where they divided the slaves amongst their ships, Andreas saw his siblings for the last time that night when he was out on a separate ship that made its way out to sea that same night.

A happy future was was lost that night as the embers cooled as fate took hold of the young boy’s life.