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Dynasties of the Night: London
Theme: Ageless Ambition
The Norman Conquest of England has redefined life on the island for both the living and the dead. The old established ways have been trampled and integrated in to the culture of the conquerors and while things seem French the truth is something new is emerging as the cultures begin the slow process of blending together. The completion of the Doomsday Book has shaken ancient hold the Kindred have had over the Kine for centuries allowing the ambitious to rise like never before. Despite this though, things take time luckily for the ageless Damned they have that in spades, time enough to grown their personal prestige as well as the power of their Dynasty.

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The Masquerade is more flexible now then it will be in the modern era, the occasional dead body does little to attract attention. The truth of the night is every Dynasty schemes against one another while the Covenants compete for the patronage of these Dynasties both old and new. While a Dynasty wishes to present a united front to their rivals their internal politics can be no less ruthless as Blood Bonds and Blackmail are currency of London’s Kindred.


The Normans have ruled for nearly two decades by now nearly all the native born Anglo-Saxon english nobility and clergy have been stripped of their wealth and their lands with many more going in to exile across Europe. The Normans and other French aristocrats now hold nearly all of the property even as some seek legitimacy by marrying in to native born nobility.

The aristocracy of the land are but the play things to the Kindred, more damaging was the completion of the Doomsday Book which accounted for the ownership of nearly everything of worth in the kingdom. The Weihan Cynn which have governed the Kindred of England since the fall of the Camarilla were forced to abandon much of their holdings both within London and across the island to keep their presence hidden from the tax man of all things. This has opened the opportunity for the Lancea et Sanctum to expand its hold on the Islands clergy and act far bolder then they have ever in the past thanks to mysterious patrons. The rush for the Weihan Cynn to divest its assets and its simmering rivalry has also made those ambitions members of the Gallows Post wealthy, connected, and influential.

The Vampires of London live under a growing shadow from across the English Chanel as the self made Emperor of the Night spreads his influence across the mainland it seems only inevitable that the self proclaimed Holy Night Empire of the Invictus will attempt to reach out across the Channel. Despite these worries no Vampire in London claims affiliation with the Covenant at least none openly so.
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Dynasties of the Night: London
Citizens of the Night

Following the Norman Conquest life for the Kindred of London has changed significantly as the city was thrown in to chaos following an influx of foreign Kindred. With no Prince to seize primacy in the city an agreement was made to organize the cities Kindred in to two separate yet equal houses, one house would be comprised of the Dynasties of London’s native Kindred while another house was formed around the new comers. Each house is in turn comprised of any number of recognized Dynasties with the most powerful Dynasty taking the mantle of leadership of the entire house. During the first two decades of Norman England the two houses achieved little occasionally competing with one another for power but with the completion of the Doomsday Book a third house has come in to being and has used its weight to support both the native and foreign houses.

Other smaller houses with no real recognition have also come in to being acting more like street gangs then anything else rendering some parts of the city off limits to those outside of their small house.

There is little doubt that London is the chessboard for the plots and schemes of the Kindred that make their Haven there. Wealth and power flow in to the city and feed their endless hunger while blood drained body choke the Thames. The Kine know to wander London’s streets alone after dark is to invite disaster yet there are those among the Kindred that claim such excess will lead to retribution some night. Such proselytizing often comes from doom sayers among the Lancea et Sanctum while the dark lords of the Weihan Cynn shrug off such claims. The Gallows Post holds the enmity of the other Covenants in the city who covet the wealth the routes have accrued.

No hunter though is successful without support, a wolf has its pack while a Kindred has her Coterie, Dynasty, and House to call upon to support her. On more then one occasion has the Masquerade been stretched thin by the slightest provocation between individuals of rival houses only to erupt in to all out battles in the street. Without a single overlord or Prince criminals are seldom brought to account for their crimes and feuds rage on in to the nights to come.

The living thralls of Kindred are held little higher then Slaves by their Regents and subject to all manner of abuse. Most Ghouls will serve their masters knowing nearly nothing about the All Night Society but there are few Ghouls who prove heir value that they may be recognized by a dynasty and the truly fortunate acknowledged by a House, these revered thralls are give task of importance and often prospective candidates for the Embrace.

Even these most revered thralls hold little influence or honest respect compared to even the most novice Kindred. Rumors speak of bands of free Ghouls abducting stray Kindred to help fuel their addiction.

Bastards of the blood as they are London has no short supply of them skulking about the River Thames in search of their next victim. For a Kindred to be found responsible for the creation of such a thing brings great shame not only to herself but her dynasty as well, to that end many houses systemically rout out these dens of Revenants with a fiery fervor.

It is not unheard of for a bastard to be uplifted, while the practice is far from frequent and it is often done to spite the creator of the Revenant or provoked by the profound guilt of the Revenants creator. These newly uplifted vampires will find their early nights quite the struggle as they still hold the stigma of being a bastard, yet their knowledge of the depths of the city often sees them brought in to the Gallows Post.

If Revenants are the bastard offspring of the Kindred then the living half damned are prized and taboo gems. The number of Dhampir in London is unknowable although they are excitingly rear and all but the most learned Kindred know anything about them. For the Dhampir existence is one of advantage and being feared as to often they find themselves surrounded by creatures her understand them less then the half damned themselves.

Once the Dhampir becomes known she will find herself eagerly courted by the Weihan Cynn who are by far the most knowledgeable about the Dhampir and often used by the covenant to preserve its contacts and wealth. The Lancea et Sanctum pursues the half damned to serve as a conduit between the damned and their mortal thralls. The sacristy of the Dhampir lead both Covenants to feud with one another on more then one occasion. The Gallows Post warns its members of creating Dhampir or with associating with them, labeling them as threats and possible Hunters.

Our Victims
During this era London is but a sliver of what it will become in future nights yet still the Kine have called this place home since the Romans and the city grows rapidly now as the capital of the Kingdom. The vast throngs of humanity are but cattle to the cities Kindred as the Masquerade is far more flexible during the dark nights where superstition was enough to explain away most acts conducted by vampires. Countless Kine serve Kindred masters blissfully unaware of the monster that they serve.

Weather it be through cults or contact with Vitae, not all mortals are ignorant of the existence of vampires some fiendishly serve their masters in hope of receiving the Embrace or being enthralled while whole bands of peasants lurk about the night with a desperate desire to taste the ecstasy of the Kiss. To be one of these aware mortals is a sure way to shorten ones life as Kindred care little for such extended liabilities in the long run.

The Others in the Night
The Kindred are far from London’s only residents with access to strange gifts and command influence over the cities population. For most though tales of werewolves and sorcerers is just that a passing whimsy and a chance for a night of speculation. For the Vampires of  London it is some measure of solace to know that others can be blamed for the unexplained.

Few vampires have any true understanding of the cities other creatures it is the Weihan Cynn who horde knowledge of the others and maintain close relationships with them. For those outside of the dark brotherhood to court the favor of the others is to invite the wrath of the Lords and Ladies of the Weihan Cynn.
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Dynasties of the Night: London
Houses of the Night
While the Clans and Covenants might go about their scheming the most powerful pillars of Kindred existence in London comes from the Houses of the Night. Each House if comprised of Dynasties comprised of Sire and Childe and so on, through the Dynasties the Clans and Bloodlines wield their influence. No House claims outright control of any of the City Covenants as is often the case the Covenants are called upon to arbitrate grievances between Houses.

Each House keeps its own laws and traditions that it all to often will apply to all Kindred of the city if given the chance. Each House also keeps its own Elysium where politics are discussed and ambitions furthered. For a non member of the House to attend would cause exceptional intrigue and even be dangerous for the trespasser.

House of Cedric
Comprised of those Vampires who have long laid claim to London and the British Isles the House is very loose hierarchy. So long as an individual Vampires actions would not bring harm to the House or other Kindred a Vampire is largely free to lord over herself and govern her own agenda. While the laws of the House allow for the Embrace at the choice of the Sire the progeny of the Sire will not be accepted by the House until such an Embrace shall receive the blessing of the Head of the House, those found guilty of Amaranth will themselves be consumed by the head of the House or another of their choosing.

The current head of the House is lord Aethelwulf a brutal leader who regularly accepts challenges to his rule. House Cedric holds its Elysium in an abandoned Anglo-Saxon market on the outskirts of London proper and beyond the walls which protect the heart of the city. Naturally the House is comprised of many members of Weihan Cynn but younger Vampires of the Covenant have chosen to leave the House because of the brutal rule of Aethelwulf and the aloof nature of the Blood Queen.

House of Caen

Many Vampires saw the Norman Conquest as an opportunity to to restart their Requiems in a new Domain. Many of these Vampires take a form of comfort from the Feudal Hierarchy and the vast wealth their Norman thralls have managed to amass. The House expects its members to act for the betterment of the House as a whole as such things that could bring unwanted attention are looked down upon. Progeny can not be had unless the express blessing of the lord of the House is given and often comes with a steep costs. Those found guilty of Amaranth of their lessers face exile while commuting the act on ones superior will lead to the end of ones Requiem as well as a possible purge of ones Dynasty.

Robert Curthose lords overHouse Caen and is certainly one of the most wealthy Kindred in London and possibly the whole of Europe, his wealth largely was stripped from Elder members of the Weihan Cynn during the creation of the Doomsday Book. He is also a senior member of the Gallows Post and many members of the House are as well. Robert holds Elysium within one of the towers of the White Keep which has become a symbol of the Norman Conquest as well as his own personal influence.

House of Westminster
By far the most forward thinking House is that of Westminster and it also stands as the youngest of the great Houses having come in to existence shortly after work on the Doomsday Book began two decades ago. On Progeny the House dictates that the would be Sire retrieve the approval of the head of the House and assume responsibility for their Progeny during their early nights and on the act of Amaranth one is stripped of all titles and status and then typically meet with final death. It is in the Masquerade that the House stands apart from their rivals who are content that the nature of Vampires can easily be explained away. The House of Westminster feverishly defends the Masquerade and has helped individuals in other Houses cover their transgressions. This sense of service to the Kindred community has earned them the respect and enmity of their rivals.

The House is ruled by the powerful Lord Camden a Nosferatu who arose from torpor several centuries ago. He holds allegiance to no Covenant although he is on friendly terms with the Lancea et Sanctum and is believed to have at one point been a member of Weihan Cynn prior to his torpor. As it is the smallest of London’s Houses it does not have the same broad pull as its rivals yet frequently they find themselves acting as peacekeepers in the name of the Masquerade. Make no mistake though, they will help you hide what you did but they will remember where the bodies were buried.
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Dynasties of the Night: London
The Blood in Your Veins
For the Vampires of London Status is next to saintliness yet determining ones place determines on numerous factors. Before one even receives the Embrace their base Status is being molded, the standing of ones Sire and Dynasty by extension is a critical component of where one will start in the Danes Macabre. Some Clans hold more respect and esteem then others as do some Bloodlines which will also play a part in a neonates status. While each of the five Clans are accepted within the city some Bloodlines are seen as so heinous that the truth must be hidden from other Kindred.

The Roses: Clan Daeva
With the coming of the Camarilla the Serpents found their way to the British Isles, the Lovers in White they were called a pair of shored and decadent Kindred to which many Daeva on the island trace their origins. The Lovers enshrined themselves in Roman decadence embracing the most perverse of their flock. Their line came to inhabit many of the Roman cities in Britain but as Rome declined so to did the fortunes of the Serpents, The Lovers in White fell in to torpor and their brood grew divided in their pursuits.

Over centuries the Daeva have rebranded themselves as eclectic thinkers and charismatic leaders as a result the Clan is often looked upon in a favorable regard. Yet in London two lines of Davea carry the legacy of the Lovers in White, the decadent Douchagne and the Children of Judas. Both lines emerged following the Norman Conquest but they were already there, the dark truth to the Roses lie.

The Rabid: Clan Gangrel
Long before the Camarilla the Gangrel stalked the misty island where they were worshiped as the gods of old and sacrifice was made to them regularly. Packs of Gangrel laid claim to vast swaths of the countryside and for generations they feed and to the Gangrel of this era grew fat. When the Romans came with the Camarilla, the native Kindred were quickly subdued. Some Gangrel fought on clinging to dying traditions while most would join the Camarilla. When Rome fell the Gangrel saw their fortunes improve helping forge the Weihan Cynn.

Despite their long ancestry on the island the Rabid are constantly forced to prove themselves to their fellow Kindred and they do so with primal abandon. With the Camarilla came the Kerberos and the bloodline spread like a weed among the native Gangrel, the Watchdogs serve in a mercenary fashion while chasing their own agenda, they carry more respect then most Gangrel. Not all of the Rabid are co tent with the change in the Clans culture and those vengeful Gangrel join the Childer of the Morrigan and wage a hidden war to preserve the old ways.

The Silent: Clan Mekhet
The smallest clan across the British Isles the Mekhet came before the Lancea et Sanctum found acceptance and those early Shadows came to escape persecution. Hidden amongst the monasteries and in the shadows of cathedrals. Devotion to their faith and their flock has kept the clan small and their distance from regular Kindred society has left many to question the intentions of the Silent.

The Silince of the Shadows leads others to question their motives and in the harsh politicking of London leads to rumors that paint the Silent in a poor light. The practically nomadic Morbus do not help the reputation of the Silent as they taint the wicked that make up the Herd of others while the newcomers known as the Khaibit carry out a hidden war against other creatures in the dark and move to eliminate threats to the Kindred both within and without.

The Thorns: Clan Nosferatu
The Haunts existed in seclusion in the island before the Romans some even say before the Gangrel although if that is true none know for sure as most Nosferatu trace their origins back to Rome. Though the Julii are long dead the Haunts still believe Kindred society can be brought together, living on the border of civilization and the wild the Haunts from Rome to the completion of the Doomsday Book try to act as negotiators between the Vampires of London.

Their place as negotiators brings the Thorns both respect and support from their fellow Kindred, to cross a Nosferatu is sure to harm ones ambitions and little is done in the city without the involvement of the Clan. Despite their respectable place in London’s Courts the Thorns are haunted by a story, in ancient times one of them consumed another out of hunger and in that act forged a line of canniblas known as the Noctuku. Perhaps more regal are the Yagnatia comprised of Anglo-Saxons that exiled  themselves to the Byzantine Empire and returned as Kindred telling tales of the conquering Holy Empire of the Night.

The Crown: Clan Ventrue
As the Anglo-Saxons filled the void left by Rome as it abandoned the island and as the Camarilla crumbled the vampires in hiding among the barbarians filled the void left by Rome. These Kindred called themselves Ventrue, they did not exist in Rome yet all across the world where Rome fell they filled the void. They were ruthless as they asserted themselves over Kine and Kindred alike. The Lords do not have the prestige they will have in later nights now they are known as power hungry slaves to ambition but few can dispute their rule and far fewer are willing to risk their wrath.

While the Ventrue are divided by House and Covenant the Clan is more united then any other, nearly a Covenant in its own right it is a rear sight to see the Crowned fighting amongst themselves. It is rumored that the Emperor of the Night may be the eldest among them and this reputation carries fear and mistrust by London’s Vampires. The Bron have long traversed the northlands masquerading as monks and knights they come to London now as armed mercenaries while the line of Icarians lead the dark church of the damned.
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Dynasties of the Night: London
The Friends We Keep
The Covenants in London are not as powerful as they will become in future nights as the cities Kindred are committed to their House first and Covenant second. Despite this the inter politicking of the Covenants presents another field for the Houses to compete with one another for both prestige and influence. As a result of the meddling of the Houses many of the Covenants are not homegneous in method or belief resulting in each Covenant having factions, sometimes these factions linger for only a few nights but a few have endured and taken a deeper root within the city.

Rouges and Merchants: The Gallows Post

Nominally Robert Curthose speaks for the Gallows Post and is certainly its most affluent member but his authority is far from absolute among the free thinkers of the Covenant. Numerous guilds and associations exist for various hobbies that might entertain the Damned and as a result prevent any real centralized rule. The Gallows Post uses its wealth to support its numerous Havens in the city as well as preserving its Contacts in other Domains. Wealth has divided the post between those who would become merchants and bankers amongst Kindred while others who’s to remain the confederation of thieves and explorers that they once were.

Virtually all members of the Gallows Post are well traveled and more then a handful of the Covenants members routinely travel to other Domains. Shrewd members keep multiple Havens and keep a web of thralls to see to their business while others will offer their services as guides and escorts to Kindred needing to flee the Domain or lay low for a little while. It is also the nature of the Gallows Post to be the first Covenant to greet visitors form foreign Domains as almost surly their arrival would have been made as a result of the Covenants agents.

The Church of the Damned: The Lancea et Sanctum
Of all the Covenants the Dark Church is the most unified and arguably powerful of the cities Covenants with its power nearly equal to anyone of the Houses. As a result of this the Sanctified are often called upon to arbitrate grievances between the cities. Their role as Judges has brought the Covenant great wealth as it is no great secret that enough coin might help the Church be more friendly to ones situation. The Sanctum greedily keeps the faithful members of the Herd and members of the Clergy as its personal Flock and to transgress these feeding restrictions is sure to earn the wrath of a Covenant.

The Covenant has a deep seeded rivalry with the Weihan Cynn and sensing weakness actively harasses its members where it can. The Sanctum is not without its intrigued however, while the vast majority of the laity are adherents of the Monacchal Creed a growing number of worshipers have begun to revere Livia in equal measure to Longinus which has brought great concern to the orthodox leaning clergy.

Lords of the Night: Weihan Cynn
From without it seems the lords and ladies of the Weihan Cynn have been beaten down and backed in to a corner. Their Domain has been violated by these foreign interlopers and their riches plundered by greedy rouges yet to say the Covenant is on the brink of collapse is misleading at best. Each of the lords of the dark is a castle in their own right sure enough some fall but many more remain, some amongst these foreign Kindred have joined the Covenant bringing new blood to it.

For the Weihan Cynn authority is what you make of it and the absolute head of the Covenant is Blood Queen Osburh. She has delved in to dark mysteries even as the Covenant calls upon its vast web of influence to rebuild what it has lost and the infighting of the Houses provides the perfect backdrop. Some question the Blood Wueen though as she has proven to be rather aloof to the plight of her subjects.
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Dynasties of the Night: London
Without a Prince London’s Kindred have no central authority for establishing laws and traditions for the Domain. That is not to say London is a lawless wasteland quite the opposite, when laws are made they are done through the collective effort of those Vampires with influence to do so. As alliances shift so to do the laws.

Lords of London
Achieving recognition in the city is not some simple task as it requires broad support either from ones Clan, Covenant, or House. Systemically this works as follows, in order to purchase City Status one must also have the equivalent status in either Clan, Covenant, or House.

The Laws of Our Land
Affecting the laws of London is as simple as accruing enough City Status to do so yet even the most basic laws require Kindred to band together. To pass a law one must first call for an Elysium where all ranking Kindred must be present and then one issues their edict and if they have enough support it becomes the Law of the Domain. Clever Kindred will have an idea of who supports their policy and who does not well before calling for the Elysium. Listed bellow are some examples of what City Status is needed for issuing certain Edicts.

LawCity Status
Call Elysium3
Summon Thrall before the Elysium5
Summon Kindred before the Elysium5 + Kindreds City Status
Create Elysium
Claim Hunting Grounds3 + Hunting Grounds Merit
Declare Herd3 + Herd Merit
Strip Kindreds Privileges6 + Kindreds Merit to be Stripped
Exile or Blood Bond Thrall 6 + Half Regents City Status
Call for Blood Hunt on a Thrall6 + Regents City Status
Exile or Blood Bond Kindred7 + Kindreds City Status
Call for Blood Hunt in a Kindred10 + Kindreds City Status
Create Dynasty10
Create House15
Claim 20
Laws after Praxis
Claim Domain10
Forge Primogen 10
Restrict Discipline10
Restrict Bloodline15
Restrict Covenant or Clan20
Declare Princedom35

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Dynasties of the Night: London
Boons and Banes

Kindred deal in favors and no where more so then in London, deals cut between allies and rivals are common place for the ambitious to push their will through the law. Typically Vampires need at least some level of support to push through any Law, the easiest way is to do so is to offer something up, normally this would be access to the equivalent level of Merits equal to the Vampires City Status.

For Example,  a Mekhet is seeking to call for an Elysium requiring a minimum of City Status 3 but only poses a City Status of 1, she petitions her Sire for support, her Sire has a City Status of 2, the Mekhet gives her Sire access to her Resources Merit with a rating of 2 for a week and her Sire agrees, she now has sufficient support to call for the Elysium.


Some times a Vampire has nothing of worth while to offer and so must either rely on her other skills to get what she wants done. Should a Vampire prove to have nothing of worth she may owe a Boon to her would be supporter, if both sides agree to the terms the Vampire gains the Leveraged Condition until she is called upon to pay her debts at which point she gains the Tasked Condition.

For Example, take the situation above except the Mekhets Sire has little interest in her affairs forcing her to go to an ambitious Nosferatu. The Nosferatu has the requisite City Status and offers his support in return for a favor, the Mekhet gains the Leveraged Condition, a month later the Nosferatu ask the Mekhet to spy on one of his rivals, the Mekhet gains the Tasked Condition.

Not all deals are made in good faith and sometimes demands can be seen as to extreme, should a Vampire known for asking steep Boons or a vampire fails to repay their Boons gains the Guilty Condition.

For Example, take the situation above except the Nosferatu ask the Mekhet to kill the Thrall of a rival a steep price for calling an Elysium and the Mekhet refuses. The Nosferatu lets it be known that the Mekhet refused to repay a Boon and she gains the Guilty Condition as a result yet when she presents her side of the story the tables are turned and the Nosferatu gains the Guilty Condition.
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Dynasties of the Night: London

Status: House of Cedric (• to •••••)
• Safe Place •
•• Library •
••• Allies (House) ••
•••• Herd •••
••••• Savior of the Lost ••• (Thousand Years of Night)

Status: House of Caen (• to •••••)
• Resources •
•• Retainer •
••• Allies (House) ••
•••• Feeding Grounds •••
••••• Special Treat ••• (Thousand Years of Night)

Status: House of Westminster (• to •••••)
• Contact (Lancea et Sanctum) •
•• Resources •
••• Allies (House) ••
•••• Safe Place •••
••••• Major Domo ••• (Thousand Years of Night)

Master of the Roads (•, •••, or •••••)
Prerequisite: Survival •• or Streetwise  ••, Status: Gallows Post: ••
Members of the Gallows Post are experts at finding shelter weather they have to make it themselves or work the streets. The Vampire spends a point of Willpower and spends an hour working to find or make a shelter suitable to her and her companions. The Vampire rolls Wits + Survival or Streetwise, and for the remainder of the night she and her companions benefits from a level of Safe Place equal to successes rolled, at the third level of this merit the roll benefits from 9’s again and 8’s again at the fifth level. The Vampire also counts as having a rating in the Haven Merit equal to her rating in this Merit while she uses the shelter.
Drawback: The Gallows Post does not teach the tricks of their trade freely and occasionally the Covenant may have need of the vampires services

Penitent (••)
Prerequisite: Status: Lancea et Sanctum ••
The Church of the Damned is ascendant yet it is far from unrivaled or unquestioned to that end some of the faithful understand that they must do what they must to defend their faith, this Merit allows the Vampire to spend a point of Willpower for Detachment rolls. Additionally the Vampire may chose to take the Guilty Condition rather then the Bestial, Competitive, or Wanton Condition.
Drawback: Every use after the first use of this Merit in a Chapter automatically causes the Guilty Condition in addition to either the Bestial, Competitive, or Wanton Condition.

Dark Acolyte (•••)
Prerequisite: Status: Weihan Cynn •••
The Vampire has been tutored in the Black Art of the Blood Queen of London, she may purchase Crusć as an out of Clan Disciple. In future nights when the Circle of the Crone has emerged this Merit grants the user 8’s again on her rolls relevant to Cruać.
Drawback: Such power does not come freely as a result the Vampire must have at least a first level Blood Bond with either the Blood Queen or one of her supplicants.