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Evil Reborn
Part I

Sometime had passed since the Ancient vampire Tiberius Giovanni had parted company with the wayward Kindred named Vittore. He had meet with Final Death again at the hands of his own Childe no less for not the first but second time and yet had some how miraculously cheated his death yet again. He was left to pander the purpose of his existence and locked in something of an existential crisis. For over two thousand years he had schemed, bargained, and fought for his vision just to have it slip from his grasp. He came to realize as he wandered the frozen wilderness of Eastern Europe that his vision of the world was folly, he had seen a God in the company of Vittore and knew full well that he was out of his league to contend with it. The time had come for a new vision, a new future. To make this though would require power, the acquisition of which the ancient was all to familiar with.

Using his talents in Protean he was able to make a Haven out of the earth slumbering in the cold grounds embrace. He would stalk hunters traveling in the wilderness as the looked for pray of their own, several hunters went missing while callous as any jaded elder might be he only actually killed one man finding his taste for senseless killing somewhat waned as such he kept his captives within a small cave and using his Necromancy pulled their souls from their bodies to wander long enough for himself to put some distance between the false grave site and where he slumbered as he reflected on what he needed to do.

Unbeknownst to the Ancient his activity had gone far from unnoticed and a strike team was dispatched to hunt down the soul stealing monster in the woods largely comprised of Hunters from Task Force Valkyrie coordinating with local level hunters. Unfamiliar with modern technology as he was he did not notice the presence of several Drones over the course of several nights which were following him recording his behavior. Before long enough passed the team was geared up with orders to capture if possible and to kill their subject otherwise.

Three teams of five made their way through the woods which were otherwise pristine covers with a fresh coat of snow which contrasted with their dark uniforms. The strike teams were comprised of agents from Task Force Valkyrie and local specialist on ghost. The teams quickly had to abandon their automobiles as the terrain made advancing in them untenable. The three teams fanned out approaching the last known location of their pray. One of the strike teams stumbled upon the gravesite and went to work of returning the wayward ghost to their bodies via esoteric occult ritual the other two teams continued to advance towards the target location.

The team that took up position at the gravesite quickly confirmed that their pray was a vampire given the excessive blood loss in the victims. Knowing that it was in fact a vampire the hunters ran the case against a database of known vampires in the area unsurprisingly no such correlation emerged, vampires were able to procreate so quickly that it was of little surprise to see a new face. It struck the hunters as odd that a new vampire would be capable of ripping the souls out of victims they deduced they must have been tracking some aberrant Bloodline.

The two teams came upon a small clearing in the woods and took up positions to encircle where they thought the Vampire was lingering. A few brief moments passed and surly enough the vampire Tiberius Giovanni emerged from the earth, at first glance appearing as a dried emaciated corpse but quickly was restored to youthful vigor as his body grew flush with Vitae a subtle growl coming from the ancient vampires fanged mouth as he awoke. He seemingly had not yet taken notice of the ten figures arrayed around him siting in ambush. The Hunters were hesitant to move waiting for the ideal time to strike as capture was the prefers course of action by their superiors. Tiberius kneeled down cupping a small handful of snow in his hand observing it in his hand.

“This world is fixated with me.” Tiberius said with a whisper.

“Even when I pull away it can not go on without my presence to calm it.” His grip slightly tightened on the snow compacting it.

“I had planned to return to you.” His gaze locked on to the eyes of one of his would be assailants, the sound of their hearts beating within their chest was a symphony to his ears.

“But you force my hand by coming here to me, to bring me back.” His gaze looked upwards towards a blank nights sky.

“I will return to you.” His gaze returned to the forest line.

“On my terms.” A grin came to the ancients face.

“For now, I find myself surrounded by nothing but fear and dead men.” His grin grew excited and his eyes shot to life.

The night seemed to grow ever darker as the ancient vampire crushed the snow in his hand and blood began to flow from it the snow melting away to a shallow lake of blood. The trees and plans life withers away the trees limbs seemingly sagging as the plants died rapidly. The hunters quickly grew panicked some frozen in fear others panicking while only the most resolute had any nerve to take up any position to assault the vampire but their movement was slowed as one looked at their boots the earth had melted away revealing mangled and twisted bodies.

“Open fire!” One of the shaken hunters shouted.

“I have consumed thousands of lives.” Tiberius said as he slowly made his way towards the lead hunter.

“I Defied monsters and became one.” Tiberius barked as he passed by one of the fear stricken hunters.

“I have survived hundreds of lifetimes, I am immortal.” He continued as the first hunter pulled the trigger firing wildly as Tiberius began to close the distance with him.

“I cannot be contested by mortals as simple as the likes of you.” Tiberius said as several bullets found a home in the ancient vampires chest though the wounds were only ever superficial.

By this point several of the hunters collapsed drowning in the shallow blood of the world even as those courageous enough attempted to organize a defense but they were poorly equipped to face a Vampire of Tiberius’s quality. Within a matter of moments the hunters were felled by the ancient either driven in to a comma by the horror they were subject to while others were physically gored by the claws and brute strength of the ancient. One hunter remained strong enough to still be coherent despite their wounds.

“More of us know, you will be stopped monster.” The hunter said on pained breath.
“If more of you wish to die it is of no concern to me.” Tiberius was callous in his response.

“I did no great harm you cattle were the ones who came to me.” Tiberius grabbed the hunter by her throats lifting her and holding her against one of the withered trees.

“We are at war with monsters like you!” The Hunter was defiant.

“You have no idea child, your simple mind can only begin to scratch the surface of my sins.” Tiberius seemed amused by her defiance.

“I will travel to your city, your war with me was over long before it ever began. Consider yourself fortunate, you will survive, you will tell your leader, if they wish to live they will come groveling to me.” Tiberius said with a wicked grin running his clawed along her back leaving a small but memorable scar.

Tiberius left the surviving hunter where she lay at the base of the tree confident she would covey his message to her superiors after her peers came upon the location. He would have his first triumph with his new Requiem and it would be settled with words or violence it mattered not to him. He left a pristine scene of white and lively trees with a score of comatose hunters in the wake of his wrath and marched towards the city with a hunger like fire burning in his chest.
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Evil Reborn
Part II

The ancient put some distance between himself and the site of his confrontation with the hunters eventually finding his way to a patch of road which he followed for several miles. The fight had used a good amount of his Vitae and hunger burned at the back of his mind, the situation was not favorable to him, this extended stay in the wilds made feeding difficult and far between, he needed a city now, he needed fresh pray. He had to do something though he had not done in ages, knowing hunters would be looking for him he would need to be subtle with what he did lest he draw unwanted attention.

He followed the road for some six or seven miles eventually he found himself at the city limits of Odessa, a popular tourist destination he could easily elude the hunters here who could no more openly confront him then he could wantonly feed. He made his way through the city streets which were sparse to say the least barring the occasional passing car he could find no one and the winter cold likely drove most of the homeless inhabitants in to hiding, hunting would require more concentration then he would like but he pushed on ever deeper in to the city.

He made his way in to the downtown area of the city where there certainly were more people but no easy pray the herd here traveled in callous gaggles ignorant of the world beyond their devices and their company. Had people actually cared to notice they would have seen the Vampire was dressed in cloths inappropriate for the winter months, but humanity was callous as ever and uncaring and truthfully the cold hardly bothers the ancient vampire. As he traveled his ears caught the doubt of a solid repetitive beat, traveling in its direction he saw a line of people waiting to get in to a club. He took up a position in the line he knew these places were popular feeding grounds for younger Kindred as such he figured the environment would be both easy feeding and allow him to elude any possible pursuers.

The line moved at a steady pace some people being rejected others accepted though the logic for how these decisions were made seemed dodgy to the ancient. He eventually made his way to the front of the line where a bouncer stood with a clipboard and a disinterested look in his eyes. As the bouncer saw Tiberius approaching him he rolled his eyes.

“How can I help you?” The bouncer said with a thick Russian accent.

“I wish to enter.” Tiberius said with some measure of humility not wishing to draw attention to himself.

“I don’t think so buddy.” The bouncer said looking Tiberius up and down, his shirt had some holes and dried blood on it the bouncer practically scoffed at the idea.

“Sir, I must get in.” The bouncer carried a smirk reaching out with his hand.

“A bribe.” Tiberius was amused as much as time had passed humanity remained the same and carried a relentless appetite for coin, however due to the nature of his rebirth Tiberius was without any such luxury.

Tiberius smirked this was child’s play for him as he locked his gaze with that of the bouncer.

“You will let me in.” Tiberius commanded the mortals mind unleashing his hungry beast to invade the mind of the bouncer who gestured and let the Ancient proceed unhindered.

He enters in to the dimly lit room flashing with lights of various colors the seething masses of humanity moving about around him some dancing in a hysteria as liquor seemingly flowed endlessly from a makeshift bar. The was certainly not a high end establishment the likes of which the Ancient had seen in his past life this was a place that gathered the masses of the herd. He milled his way through the crowad observing the masses around him, noticing the depravity and decadence that reminded him of mortal years.

As he made his way through the crowd he quickly noticed himself being followed by a young man with pale skin and with what contemporary individuals would call an emo hairstyle dressed in a loose fitting shirt with a deep collar exposing some part of his chest. Tiberius saw no obvious weapon on the man perhaps he was one of the hunters reconnaissance people sent in to follow the ancient, if so he was doing a bad job of keeping himself hidden. Tiberius kept moving about the crowd trying to elude his stalker but to no avail every time he looked over his shoulder he saw the strangers eyes following. Eventually the Ancient took a seat at the bar his stalker siting some ways away. The bartender quickly approached Tiberius.

“What can I get for you.” She was clearly in a rush and mildly disinterested in whatever he actually said.

“Nothing.” Tiberius was serious as he was contemplating what his next move would be.

“Works for me.” She moved on to whatever else she had to do.

Some time passed Tiberius observed the herd interacting around him being sure to keep his eye on his stalker who stayed at the bar. By the time the stalker had purchased his second drink Tiberius began to think that he was projecting the idea he was being followed on the man. He could see him talking to the bartender but could not make out what was being said over the noise of the environment around them. He paid the bartender and excused himself from the bar a Tiberius disregarded the mortal now beginning to scan the room for potential pray. Before much time had passed the bartender made her way back to Tiberius placing a napkin in front of the elder with some cheaply put together cocktail.

“I did not order this.” Tiberius seemed perplexed.

“Someone bought it for you.” The bartender was equally unamused on her second visit with the vampire.

“Who?” Tiberius was perplexed but the bartender had moved on to her next customer before he could get a reply.

Tiberius had taken a sip of the liquid he could tell whatever concoction it was it was far from his taste eventually pushing the glass to the side when his eyes saw something bleeding through the napkin as it absorbed the condensation. He turned the napkin over where he could observe some writing scribbled across the napkin. Written on it was simple saying, “saw you walking around, looking for a good time meet me in the bathroom.” Tiberius was intrigued and carried a smirk, it was a perfect environment for him to get the answers to his questions and state his hunger.

He made his way towards the bathroom cutting his way through the seething masses of humanity ignorant of the wolf among the herd. He made his way to the door where one of the club goers just exited pushing pass the Ancient Vampire. He could sense there was only one other individual in the bathroom, his pray, his stalker.

Tiberius entered the room it was sub standard to say the least graffiti littered the walls as the light flickered desperately clinging to life. Tiberius could see the despondent face of his stalker come alive with excitement as the vampire enters the room.

“You must be new around here.” His stalker said with a slick smile and a feverish look in his eyes.

“I am, what business is it of yours?” Tiberius still was unsure if this was some kind of trap.

“I suppose it’s none of my business, but I could see you needed a hit.” The stalker tugged at his collar exposing his neck further.

“How so?” Tiberius grew more cautious, he was sure this was not another Kindred and seemed not to be a hunter from his inviting demeanor.

“Your looking for a hit and I can be your lick.” The stalker said with a confident smirk some level of impatience in his voice.

“A blood doll, how base, but you will do.” Tiberius rolled his eyes slightly but opportunity was opportunity and hunger was coming close to driving his decisions.

Tiberius skipped any small talk and found his fangs quickly sinking in to the blood dolls throat, his sharpened teeth melting through flesh like a hot knife through butter as he pressed the blood doll against one of the bathroom stalls. As he fed he could feel his victims heart beat practically chagiging so to make the feeding last all the longer, the blood gave its self over willingly and Tiberius drank deep. Not wishing to leave a dead body on the ground Tiberius knew he could take only a few more drops.
“My god!” One of the clubs patrons opened the sold only slightly falling in the vision of the Ancient who was far more I in the blood rolling over his tongue the door slammed shut as the club goer retreated. Tiberius ran his tongue over the small wound his hunger satisfied for now.

“Damn.” The blood doll seemed frustrated.

“What were you looking to die.” Tiberius seemed slightly irritated.

“To you maybe, it shouldn’t be a big problem just most people here do not approve catching two men like we were.” The blood doll rolled his eyes at the door even as he ran his fingers over the sensitive area along his neck.

“My name is Luka Sokolv by the way, nice to meet you newcomer.” The stalker reveled his identity without asking for anything in return.

“Luka, I am Tiberius Giovanni, your assumption is correct I am new to this domain but I find I need some spring bored to put my Requiem in order, if you help me rewards can be yours.” Tiberius was straight forward a blood doll could be cheaply controlled without the need to use Vitae.

“If every time you feed like that you have yourself a deal.” Luka was clearly enamored with the offer and not needing to hunt for vampires would make his feeding his addiction infinitely easier.

“You need a place to lay low for a while?” Luka asked already knowing how dangerous it was for roaming vampires.

“I will need a place to make my Haven while I am here.” Tiberius was surprised just how forthcoming the young mortal was being, a sheep that hunts for the wolf it would seem.

“Cool, you can stay at my place just don’t kill anyone and you can borrow some of my cloths don’t need the police asking you many question.

The pair eventually made their way out of the club and traveled to the apartment Luka was staying at, a poorly renovated soviet era communal living bloc, far from luxury it would work though plenty of places to hide from the sun. Lukas personal quarters were perfect place for a vampire to slumber away, his addiction made it an obvious necessity. The first step in the Ancients new Requiem had been taken.
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Evil Reborn
Part III

Several nights came and went with Luka and Tiberius spending their nights in the club where they had meet. Tiberius was easily able to run off the weaker Vampires with a simple flash of him Blood Potency and an intimidating look leaving Luka to settle any parties that felt wronged. The Ancient was impressed with the addicts ability to spin his words and resolve conflict. Over the course of nights Tiberius was able to sate his hunger periodically feeding Lukas addiction.

Tiberius had made his first conquest as modest as it was it was satisfying to carve out his own feeding grounds. Yet his heart burned for more, for the glory, fear, and respect his name once spread throughout the world. He needed more and the city was simply unable to provide it to the ancient, Luka was far from financially comfortable so his resources to call upon were modest at most. He knew his old allies in the Eternal Senate were functionally useless to him even if he could call them together they would not help him. There was one ally he had left, one whom he had a strained relationship at best with. He would need to accrue more resources in order to track her down.

“So what’s next?” Luka said taking up a seat next to the ancient.

“More then this.” Tiberius was blunt as his eyes scanned over the heaving masses of humanity as they began to fill in to the room.

“We will leave this city, when we have have the means.” Tiberius said with a solemn voice.

“We?” Luka was taken by surprise.

“Yes, I have decided that you belong to me.” Tiberius did not so much  as flinch at the statement.

“Cool.” Luka was intrigued but he could not contain the smile of satisfaction on his face.

“So what do we need to do?” Luka inquired

“Money, it is one of the most vital tools to power.” Tiberius answered.

“Unfortunately our position is not favorable to such a thing. I am going to think of a way to acquire what we need.” Tiberius was frustrated he knew the issue with money was that it came easily enough but required time and he was impatient.

Tiberius dismissed himself from the club leaving Luka to watch over the club  he set out in to the neighborhood surrounding his feeding grounds. The neighborhood was a mixture of the old communist east meeting the hungry capitalist west, a light snowfall came over the city nothing serious enough to leave a gentle coating on the grounds. The ancients mind turned to the hunters he was somewhat surprised not to have another encounter with them by this point. He deducted that they must have figured that it was easier just to ignore him rather then confront him, this pleased Tiberius to no end he was still able to strike fear in their hearts.

The crisp night air narrowed his thinking and Tiberius was confident that with time he would fine the money he needed to engineer his scheme. By this point he had wandered for several hours through the city streets before making his way back to the club. Upon making his way back he observed the street filled with individuals exiting the club and an ambulance storming away. A sense of alarm instantly shot up the Ancients spine and he moved with purpose towards the club. His mind was awash with thoughts over what could of happened his initial thought turned to the hunters but it struck his as odd for hunters to be so brazen, his mind then turned to the neonates he ran out perhaps they returned with a desire to hurt the place.

Tiberius entered the club as the last of the patrons cleared out he could see the staff trying to put the place back to some semblance of order. As he looked over the room a familiar face, the bartender from several nights earlier waving her hand to call him over. She had a distressed look on her face as he approached she lead them both to a secluded area in the club.

“You’re the guy that has been hanging out with Luka right.” The bartender said on a hushed whisper.
“Yes, what of it? What happened here.” Tiberius inquired with a killers focus.

“Luka was attacked in the bathroom by a few bratva, they Best him up then someone pulled a knife, he has lost a lot of blood.” The bartender placed a reassuring hand on the Ancients shoulder.

For a moment Tiberius was silent, thoughts of hellish rages passed though his minds, he could feel his Beast calling for vengeance, with his power he could easily have felt with the intruders in to his domain and dispatch them for violating his household. He did not know what triggered this even, frankly he did not care much part of his mind was filled with a desire for bloody vengeance but he knew better he needed to take command of the situation and see what ground he stood on.

“Listen I know there is something between you two and I’m not going to judge you for it. Luka is here all the time I am going to go check on him do you want to come along ?” The bartender was sincere thinking the man she knew nothing about was simply in shock.

“Thank you, I appreciate at the sentiment, I would like to see him.” Gears began to turn in the Ancients mind of all the ways he intended to terrorize to wrong doers but a smaller thought grew progressively louder, he grew anxious as concern grew steadily in his mind.

Tiberius found his muscles tense as he and the bartender enters her car the drive was silent his eyes were glaring out the window as his mind spun. Visible concern appeared on his face as his mind thought about his options, what if Luka died, what if he passed away before they got there , the ancient sacrificed his ability to commit the Embrace years ago otherwise that was an option. His mind spun and spun and the anxiety was mounting the Beast craved vengeance but so to did the man. Before he could do anything he needed to see Luka.

They came before the gargantuan building it was far from pristine and certain areas were more run down then others. Tiberius let the bartender do most of the talking as they were guided to a waiting room where they awaited the doctor. The bartender quickly enough took out her phone and began sending messages probably to her boss while Tiberius kept his eyes fixed on the door the doctors would come in and out of unknowingly his eyes would grow wide each time the door opened only for disappointment to set in when they were not called. Time went by and eventually a doctor approached them with a somber expression on his face.

“Are you two the family of Luka Sokolov.” The doctor was serious.

“I don’t think he has any family he is not from around here, we are his friends.” The bartender said putting her phone down.

“Well, we stabilized him, but his condition is very serious, we will know more about his condition in the morning but I would not let your hopes get to high.” The doctor kept a pessimistic look as he talked eventually returning to his work. Tiberius could smell Lukas blood on the doctor it only served to enhance his rage.

The bartender put her hand on Tiberius’s shoulder pulling him in to the embrace. The Ancient could hardly react he struggled with fully understanding the situation the bartender passed it off as shock. Shortly after a nurse fetched the two of them leading them to the room where Luka was being kept. His face was blacked and scratched his arms showed sign of a fevered defense while his body was bandaged but obviously hurt.

“Oh Luka, how could this happen to you.” The bartender carried some grief in hiker voice she looked at him looking at the machine tracking his vitals.

“Hey I will give you two some time to yourself, I will be right outside if you need me.” The bartender shot Vampire a smile and she stepped out.

Tiberius stood in the room by the door silent for a moment he could see the particulates of blood in the room he could hear the staggered heartbeat of Luka clinging to life ever so faintly. Truthfully thousands had died at the Ancients hand yet somehow this got under his skin, he was shocked in a way he had not been for years. He eventually approached Luka standing by his bedside the sound of his beating heart was louder then the machines by this point.

“This will not go unpunished.” Tiberius said running his hand over Luka.

“You are mine, no one will tarnish what is mine.” Tiberius closed his eyes as he felt Lukas faint pulse.

“You will endure this, I pledge to you, you will borrow my strength and lean upon my everlasting life.” Tiberius said quietly so that he could barely be heard he could see the bartender looking in through the observation window. He leaned over Luka bringing his lips to the slumbering victim using one of his fangs he pierced himself giving to Luka some of the Vitae the ancient had stolen. He pulled away from him some color already returning to his vassal. Tiberius had done all he could in the moment and made his way to the door.

“Are you going to be ok?” The bartender asked as the door closed behind the Ancient.

“I will be fine.” Tiberius said crossing his arms and looking again through the window.

From the corner of his eyes he saw a petite women with a clipboard who clearly was not a doctor approaching them.

“Excuse me but do you two know this man.” The women spoke.

“I do, what of it?” Tiberius was in no mood for pleasantries.

“I have been sent by the administration to discuss payment for the procedure today, do you two have any money or know if he can pay for his treatment.” The women turned the clipboard which displayed a series of services rendered.

“I will pay the bill.” Tiberius blurted out in a hue of rage it took a measure of his restraint not to kill the women for being so egregious.

“Very good sir all we need is some identification.” The women said with a triumphant if crooked smile.

“You will let me pay later.” Tiberius spoke in an intimidating way but had employed his powers to send the women on her way.
“Could you drop me off at Lukas place.” Tiberius asked the bartender.

“Sure thing.” She said with a solemn smile.

The ride back was as quiet as the ride to the hospital but Tiberius had begun to scheme he would have his vengeance the next night his hunt would begin.
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Evil Reborn
Part IV

Several nights came and went with Luka having grown stabilized enough the that the doctors could confirm his survival, the Vitae gave him the needed strength to endure to this point. Knowing this Tiberius moved forward with his scheme, he started this by walking the city streets observing every alley way every niche he knew how the herd moved through his territory. He was able to scare off the local Vampires and given their lack of stomach for a fight he knew they were not the ones responsible for Lukas condition. For the first time in several nights the club opened and Tiberius made sure to be one of the first people in to the building.

He kept quiet at first observing each individual as they walked in to the building his own supernatural insight telling him all he needed to know about the individuals as they came in. Most of them were far from note until a band of three thuggish individuals made their way in to the club. As they walked in Tiberius looked over them seeing cold blood dripping from their hands, blackish bile drooling from their mouths and hollow lifeless eyes. Tiberius knew what these portents meant, they had been involved in violence but not recently, their bodies were poisoned likely from alcohol but ultimately they were pawns to someone higher.

“Give is our fucking drinks!” The lead man strode up to the bar standing beside the silent ancient.

“Here you are.” The bartender could not look more frightened of the man if she tried.

The bartender handed him a bottle with some clear liquid in and three glasses. It took everything in Tiberius’s power to not rip the man apart right then and there but he knew better. He watched as the men claimed a table and began drinking and laughing at some asinine sense of humor.

“Give them whatever they want.” Tiberius whispered to the bartender.

“But, these are the men who attacked Luka, I recognize them.” She was stricken with fear, these men were the local thugs their job was to create trauma.

“Time will call them to account, when they go to use the bathroom I need you to raise the volume of the music.” Tiberius spoke in a cold way his eyes were fixed on his pray they would be but the first to taste the fire of his wrath.

Some time went and the men drank to their desire coming up to the bar several times with their unwholesome demands. Tiberius said nothing practically remaining so still he was as a fixture perhaps under normal circumstances this would have been conspicuous but amongst the hustle and bustle of the club it was as if his was invisible. His gaze was fixed on them studying every aspect of them how their bodies moved how the blood flowed through their veins every small detail. He was going to savor this moment as the would be invaders indulged in their marry making.
Nature inevitably ran it course and the men made their way to the restroom muscling out its occupants. The Ancients eyes narrowed and he could not help the grin tugging at his lips. With a simple gesture the bartender arranged for the volume of the music to escalate and the volume of the crowd followed suite. Tiberius stood up from the bar waking through the crowds his predatory features shining though eventually making it to the door.

Tiberius stepped in to the familiar room and was immediately greeted by the two smaller men staring him down. The Ancient was hardly impressed by the petty display his eyes radiated with murder and it was the henchmen who were unnerved.

“Fuck off” the flunky said from the stall.

“You three were in this room three nights ago correct.” Tiberius was cold he savored the terror of the moment.

“Maybe we were, what about it!” The man was defiant.

“You attacked a young man in here that night did you not.” Tiberius was speaking with deadly seriousness.

“So what, he had it coming, who are you anyway.” The man started to put himself back together within the stall.

“My name is unimportant, I am here to kill you.” Tiberius said with a sublime smile.

“What! Kill this bitch.” The man shouted lost to his rage

The two men hesitated then moved towards Tiberius, the ancient had a smirk and his Vitae began to surge. He was faster now then he ever was before his mouth filled with sharpened teeth dripping with black ichor. The first man caught a glimpse of the monstrous metamorphosis and froze in place just as Tiberius lashed out at the man, his jaws slightly unhinged like a snake as he hit the man in the area of his left eye and with monstrous strength clenched his mouth shut his teeth slicing through bone and brain. The first man fell to the floor dead in an instant, the second man was horrified but within a blink the Ancients wrath fell upon him his hand tightly latched around the mans face and with a blatant display of supernatural force slammed the mans head through the tiled wall cracking his skull and killing him in a instant.

The brief display of violence was pleasing to Tiberius he savored the experience as the men who confronted him leaked their life on the ground and floor. Just as he had finished with the second man the third emerged from the stall brandishing a knife, Tiberius could see the particulates of Lukas blood upon the blade. His rage flared as the man grew wide eyed when he saw the brutal display he charged at Tiberius plunging his knife in to the Ancients chest.

“How quaint.” Tiberius said with a slight chuckle unshaped by the blade protruding from his torso.

“What kind of monster are you!” The gangster was horrified backing away slowly his eyes wide.

“No worse or no better then you, granted you violated what is mine and I can not let that stand.” Tiberius slowly approached his pray his boot dripping with blood as he marched through the crimson ichor of his first victims.

“There is perhaps one way you can make it out of this place, tell me who put you up to it.” Tiberius came to a dead stop as the man backed up against the wall the ancient pulled the knife from his torso.

“That’s, that’s fine man, it was the owner of this place he paid us to do it, now just let me go.” The gangster was in a blind panic but the ancient could tell he was not being deceived.

“I appreciate you being forthright with me, but it still remains you came in to my territory and harmed what is mine.” Tiberius had a killers mood as he rushed forward stabbing the knife in to the mans stomach.

“We had a deal.” The man said as he let out a shriek.

“I do not care.” Tiberius said with a grin the beast roared to violence as he pulled the knife out only to plunge it in again a little harder and a little deeper. The feeling was exhilarating Tiberius wanted this man dead and killing with what he though was a rational enough reason was satisfying. Some point during the violence the knife of the blade broke not that it bothered the Ancient any as he just tamed his fist through the wounds. The man was long dead by the time Tiberius ended the violence his right hand dripping with blood and gore a smile on his face.

The whole encounter felt just like the rush of seeing a lover and left Tiberius with a sense of deep satisfaction but his hunt was not over. There remained one more to taste his wrath and he knew just how to lure him to the wolfs nest.

Just beyond the door to the restroom was a fire alarm, Tiberius opened the door and slowly made his way to the alarm the darkness of the room made it nearly impossible for anyone to see the blood dripping from him. With a quick action his hand pulled the alarm and panic ensued people and staff running for the door and the ancient sulked back in to the restroom where he began to arrange the trio of bodies.

It took a few minutes but the man eventually burst through the door carrying a fire extinguisher, he was middle aged with a disheveled appearance a white powder dried underneath his nose. He dropped the extinguisher as soon as he saw the room his jaw dropped.

“Amazing how one can reap what they sow.” Tiberius spoke instantly grabbed the mans attention and he entrapped him with a gaze from his ancient eyes.

“What happened here.” The owner said his voice was trembling.

“These men, somewhat remained me just how deplorable a mortal heart could be.” Tiberius was oddly calm as he spoke.

“One might excuse my cruelty for violence is part of what I am.” Tiberius said baring his fangs.

“Yet amazingly, you were able to do quickly put this place back together after what you had done to Luka.” Tiberius remained calm and he crossed his arms.

“I must asks why.” Tiberius focused his attention.

“Because of what he was doing, ungodly things here, with men, I told him to leave and he refused.” The words slipped from the owners lips.

“Ungodly…” Tiberius let out a chuckle.

“How fortunate for me that my gods offer me far better guidance in this particular situation.” Tiberius sounded disappointed that this was the cause of his frustration blatant human ignorance.

“So it would seem you are hardly worth my frustration, I had hoped for something more entertaining.” Tiberius said with a smirk.

With the flick of the Ancients wrist the three dead bodies rose from their death like sleep growling and gurgling as the dead husks of men do. They lumbered towards the man who stumbled to get away slipping in the pooled blood on the ground. The three pounced upon him their flesh only faintly warm by this point as they tore in to the owner of the club their  teeth gnawing through him as they were intent to pull him apart. The owner screamed but his desperate pleas fell on deaf ears until he eventually fell silent.

When Tiberius was content that his vengeance had been sated he reached out with his hand and the bodies began to wither away to nothingness, burning away like dyeing embers until it was as if nothing had transpired within the club. The Ancient though was accustomed to cruelty and would not tolerate their transgressions their punishment would linger past their deaths as he conjured their spirits anchoring them to himself so that he might have access to them at his leisure.

The whole series of events was but a few minutes as the Ancient walked down the streets he could see emergency officials coming on to the scene. They would never know what transpired there that Night four men would go missing never to be found but people would know that punishment fell upon them for their crimes against an unknown evil.
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Evil Reborn
Part V

Money had been the single the holding Tiberius back from advancing his ambition and kept his chief retainer confined to a hospital. Opportunity emerged from the previous nights violence as the Ancient enslaved the helpless souls of his victims binding them to his will. He tormented his captive specters in his search for a way to resolve his standing issue. Eventually one of the shades relented revealing to the Ancient that the crime syndicate was having a regular meeting in the following evening where all the ill gotten cash would be distributed between the crime lord and his lieutenants. Tiberius was given the information as to where this meeting was to take place but there was sure to be dozens of guards

Tiberius tortured all the information he needed out of the captive ghost before the making his way to the destination where the meeting was to be held. He would steal his riches it was indeed easy enough to slaughter his way through the minions of the crime lord and send his lieutenants to an early end. Interestingly enough the crime lord himself was not among those present, it did not matter much to the Ancient he had what he wanted and left quickly enough thereafter returning to his makeshift haven with his ill gotten gains.

The following night the Ancient retrieved Luka from the hospital where he was well recovered and the doctors sat eagerly awaiting their compensation. Tiberius had more then enough to give them what they wished and he and Luka made their way to the apartment.

“Why did you help me?” Luka seemed intrigued.

“You have thus far proved useful and have shed your own blood in my glory. This brings me great pleasure as such I saw no cause to dismiss you from my service.” Tiberius seemed pleased with himself.

“Cool.” Luka carried a smirk pulling some small plate of food out of the microwave.

“Make no mistake Luka, you are mine, blood, body, and soul, a transgression against you is a reproach on me and such a thing can not go unpunished.” Tiberius said with an unknown smile as he watched Luka return to strength.

“What comes next?” Luka asked.

“We will depart this city and pursue one of my old allies, make arrangements for us to travel from here to Istanbul tomorrow.” Tiberius spoke in a commanding way but with more sincerity then he normally carries.

“How, with what money?” Luka did not question the order but could not conceive the logistics.

“We have plenty of resources for now.” Tiberius had a slight chuckle as he through the daily newspaper on the table, the front cover talking about a violent vigilante group that took down a major crime syndicate.

“This was you?” Luka took a moment to skim through the article his eyes grew wide.

“Let this be your fist lesson, in times of crisis you take what you need, when no path is clear attack, the world will balance its self.” Tiberius took some sense of satisfaction as he spoke.

Tiberius proceeded to place several bags stuffed with money on to the table driving Lukas eyes even more open as he looked on in shock. Several nights passed and Luka had set himself to his work of arranging their moving from Where they were to Istanbul at the insistence of the ancient they would travel by boat to their destination. As Luka was busy setting the path forward Tiberius moved to tie up any lose ends he left in his wake, first he tracked down the bartender who had been particularly helpful giving her money that was well in excess of a years salary in return for her silence, he then tracked down those Kindred he had run off informing them he would be leaving soon and that they might make use of the feeding grounds in his absence and not to look in to him. Lastly Tiberius attempted to track down any signs of the Hunters in the woods yet known could be found the bodies seemed to have long since been removed, the scene was scrubbed clean. Content that the issue was resolved Tiberius meet with Luka to finalize their departure.

The night eventually did come for their departure, Luka had contacted a captain of a miserly sized ship that was to make way for Istanbul and was willing to accommodate some undocumented passengers for a fee. The pair arrived at the docks Luka carrying a few bare essentials in addition to their cash. The ship was being loaded with the last elements of the cargo for the trip. Tiberius directed Luka to pay the captain and see to their quarters, he could sense something was amiss, blood was on the air.

Thee large black trucks roared in the direction of the ancient stoping just before him as several heavily armed people emerged from them as well as one man dressed in exceedingly expensive cloths. Tiberius could sense a familiar heart hidden among the mans guards, the female Hunter he showed mercy to in the woods.

“You have been a hell of a thorn in my side monster.” The man in the suite spoke arrogantly.

“Oh, and who might you be?” Tiberius said with a chuckle.

“You killed my guys a few nights back.” The man was far from amused.

“Ah, I see, I missed you, apologies would you like to join your wayward lieutenants, shall I regale you with how they screamed as I ripped the entrails from their body.” Tiberius carried a defiantly sickening grin.

“You know when my people first encountered you in the woods, I knew you would be trouble but I never could have imagined all of this.” The man grew more angry Tiberius could sense his blood boiling.

“Ah so you are also the leader of the Hunters, curious that you would masquerade as a lowly criminal.” Tiberius placed his clenched fist in front of his face to muffle his laughter.

“When operating internationally the task force is forced to wear man masks in our war with monsters like you.” The man grew increasingly irritated but still did not order his solders to attack.

“Or maybe it was the money.” Tiberius lowers his hand there was no sense of humor in his words.

“Criminal money, money you were paid to make war upon what is mine, for that you must be punished.” Tiberius grew increasingly serious.

“We are ready for you Vampire, give him a taste.” The man spoke and one of the men fired off a round into the Ancients knee, Tiberius was instantly brought to a knee the slug itself only inflicted superficial damage but released some compound which burned the Vampire like an acid.

“Poor choice.” Tiberius said with a clenched jaw as he rushed Vitae to the wound.

The Ancient lunged at the lead man his hands cracking and shifting in to monstrous claws, one of the soldiers stepped forward nearly slashed in half as the Ancients rage roared. Another solider moved to open fire only for the ancient to use the lost soldiers body as a shield. He then conjured a ball of black hellish flame hurling the fire at the solider who tried desperately to extinguish the fires jumping in to the waters where the fire endured burning the man in the Ancients evil. A third man coverd the retreating leader was quickly dispatched.

Tiberius effortlessly made his way through the third hunter and as he did he slowly approached the truck where the leader was screaming certainly for the women to start driving the truck. Her attention seemed lost only for a brief moment she then pulled her leader out of the truck and shooting him in the knee.

“Why!” The man screamed in pain as he laid on the pier.

“It does seem only fair?” Tiberius kneeled beside the lead hunter.

“The moment you brought her you sealed your fate, I have violated her mind with my will, her thoughts have been twisted to my desire, I suspected we might have such an encounter.” Tiberius seemed amused observing the smoke billowing from the pistol of the female hunter.

“I will soon be departing this city, clean up this mess and see to it I am not followed, you will be summoned when I have need of your services.” Tiberius spoke to his hidden henchman.

“Yes master.” The female hunter spoke devoid of feeling and set to her tasks.

“As for you, one last bit of entertainment before I depart.” Tiberius said with a content smile holding the man by his ankles and submerging his head in to the water and held there until the last gasp of life slipped from his body.

Tiberius eventually made his way to the ship having dispatched the scene with the hunters meeting with Luka in a private room that was set up for them in the heart of the ship.

“This place should work.” Luka said with a smile certain he had pleased his regent.

“You did well Luka for that you deserve reward.” Tiberius said bearing his fangs.
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Evil Reborn
Part VI

The ship cut its way through the waves, Tiberius and Luka interacted very little with the barebones crew as they made way for their destination. The Ancient would periodically entertain his hunger using Luka to sate his thirst for now, otherwise he remained in silent contemplation, the gears of his mind churning as he planed out every step of his machinations. He knew little of his plan would survive meeting another Kindred of his caliber which were thankfully far and few between. He knew full well that there were limits to his new identity and if he had not found a new font of strength before his vengeful Childe caught wind of his rebirth he could be so easily swept to the side. The Ancient knew urgency was the most necessary course of action he did not have years to wait, slowly accruing influence, at his own estimation he had months to perhaps a year before his situation grew all the more threatened.

Several nights came and went Tiberius knew they were nearing their destination eventually Luka who had taken to wandering the ship came back to the room that was a makeshift Haven.

“We should be there by tomorrow night.” Luka said carrying a slick smile quite content delivering pleasing news to his master.

“Good, when we arrive you have two tasks Luka, first you are to find someone who will be dealing to take care of this boat.” Tiberius spoke in a cold commanding way.

“Why?” Luka inquired.

“Everything I have done thus far has been to obfuscate our trail from people I am certain will endeavor to follow me, between any surviving Hunters and my own Childe caution is a necessary course of action.” Tiberius kept his cold voice.

“You and your Childe do not have good relations?” Luka seemed genuinely perplexed.

“He is thus far my greatest triumph and also my greatest threat, in time he will be brought in to the fold, for now this his agents scour the world and when the web trembles he inevitably learns.” Tiberius cracked something of a satisfied smile, he did indeed that great pride in his Childe even if they were enemies.

“I understand, what else do you require master?” Luka knew what was to come.

“You will find us a Haven to make use of while we stay in this city, something of convenience and as little paperwork as possible.” Tiberius made the expected request.

“Of course master.” Luka was pleased with the request.

The next day came and went by the time the Ancient had awoken the ship was making port and the sounds of a city of over twenty million souls rang over the engines. The jewel of Europe was rich with history for the Kindred from ancient catacombs to structures that baffle the mind the Kindred of this city have had a hand in it all and the ancient was sure the ally he chased would have agents here. He knew though he had to be cautious for one of his own clan was the Prince of this city and he was the progeny of his sister in the blood. The two held a feud that went back hundreds of years. The last thing Tiberius wanted was to complicate matters any more then to have her notice his activities.

Luka arranged their merger belongings as the two began to make their way from the ship, traveling through the bulk of the vessel the ship was far more quiet then normal, perhaps some of the sailors had made their way in to the city but certainly not enough to make the ship appear empty. The two made their way topside for the first time in nights breathing the nights air and catching the glimmering light of the city. Even as they moved to disembark the two were halted by the captain and the crew appeared from various hiding places.

“Now sir, I don’t mean to judge your business but I could not help but see when you came aboard you had more money then I was lead on to believe.” The captain spoke brazenly.

“I decided that the fee is going to be double, consider it a penalty for the miscommunication.” The captain had a grin and gestured to several of the crew who brandished weapons.

“You bastard we had an agreement!” Luka was incensed his anger bristled in his eyes.

“Your duplicity is hardly surprising.” Tiberius spoke calmly placing a reassuring hand on Lukas shoulder.

“I suspected as much, it seems the freedom of the sea leads people away from sense.” Tiberius glared at the captain.

“Just pay up and no one has to get hurt.” The captain was not intimidated.

“I am afraid we are to late for that, you and your crew have signed their death warrant.” Tiberius almost began to smile.

“Have of your way.” The captain began to raise his arm.

“To late.” Tiberius became electrified as a wide grin now came over him and a harsh otherworldly wind began to blow up from the waters bellow.

At first the gale seemed to rip the oxygen from their lungs but in a matter of moments small specs of flesh began to blow off their body dissolving in to the wind. The captain and his crew began to howl in agony yet so little noise got out despite their pain. As the wind intensified larger pieces of the men blew away revealing blackening and charming bones beneath their lost flesh. In just over a minute nothing remained of the captain and his crew.

“You, you did this!” Luka was shocked, horrified, and entranced all at the same time as he looked to his master captivated by his raw power.

“Indeed I did, I told you did I not that you would need to sell this vessel. The petty ambition of a mortal life is painfully obvious to see through.” Tiberius spoke but even he was impressed with the order of magnitude of his power he displayed.

“Nothing shot of spectacular.” Luka was enamored with the power of the ancient, his heart was a rush with a fire, he knew not to fail, rewarded awaited diligent service.

“Now go begin your hunt for a buyer, I will begin my own search, we will meet here before sunrise.” Tiberius gestured for Luka to go ahead of him a somewhat bizarre gesture by the Ancients standards.

Luka set his course he had an instant for finding the worse kind of people but even this task could take home some time, yet he was motivated and would not fail to please his keeper. Meanwhile Tiberius descended in to the city to familiarize himself with the surroundings. He quickly learned this portion of the city was controlled by the Daeva, through a series of powerful dynasties. The city may have become more modern yet so much of it remains the same, for as long as he knew the Daeva were influential in this city even if their power diminished somewhat in recent centuries he knew they would cling to the ports, for Kindred it was the best way in and out of the city. The Nosferatu said to be the first clan to reside in the city skulk in its ruins and catacombs a city beneath the city. The Mekhet usurped the Daeva as masters of the cities religious institutions while the Ventrue and the Gangrel hold fast to an uneasy alliance. Above them all was a single Giovanni who ruled the city pitting the clans against one another to maintain his own supremacy.

Coming here was a risky gamble and Tiberius knew it yet it was also the only surefire place he knew Desponia was sure to have her agents. It was a matter of tracking one down and finding out where the serpent queen made her residence.

Feeling certain he knew the territory well enough the Ancient returned to the docks where he encountered Luka who was already waiting for his master in eager anticipation.

“Your back so soon, I trust that means you have results.” Tiberius spoke as the small waves sang in the background.

“I have master, a man has offered to take care of the ship for us and offers us some compensation for our efforts, I suspect he is in the drug trade or human trafficking of some sort.” Luka was eager as always.

“Good, during the day then you will hunt our residence.” Tiberius had a content grin on his face.
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Evil Reborn
< b>Part VII </b>

Several nights passed by and Luka did as ordered eventually closing the deal to sell the boat and eventually finding a place where Tiberius could make his Haven. His skill in tracking down the corrupt only seemed to grow as he continued to serve the Ancient. Luka found a man responsible for maneging the residential property for a foreign investor. The building was an impressive fourteen stories tall but none of the units were rented out, truthfully the investor was using the property to launder dirty money. The property manager did not care about the circumstances of his employer and offered Luka the space so long as he paid cash and made no trouble. It was plenty of room for him and Tiberius and was the perfect place to hide from the cities Kindred.

“It is difficult to hunt the rack in this city, there are Kindred everywhere, I cannot risk being found out not yet.” Tiberius looked out from one of the towering windows over the city with distain.

“There certainly are quite a few of your kind here.” Luka took up a position beside Tiberius looking out over the city.

“Such a large city, the herd is so densely packed here if one were to go missing it would be hardly noticeable. For hundreds of years the Kindred population here has flourished which makes hiding away from them all the harder.” Tiberius lectured Luka his mind fixing for his next meal.

“I have an idea it could help us track down some leads as well as take care of your hunger.” Luka seemed to have a thought of his own as he looked out over the city.

“What do you have in mind?” Tiberius inquired.

“It’s complicated I just need you to trust in me to deliver.” Luka gave a reassuring smile to Tiberius.

“So be it.” Tiberius seemed reluctant but he had to give his minion some degree of trust.

The next night came and Luka departed with few words passing between master and servant. That night it started raining yet Tiberius felt a sense of unease about the entire situation which he chalked up to being his nerves and hunger. By the time the next night came Luka still had not yet returned and the rain continued, Tiberius stood as an unmoving sentinel atop his tower watching the umbrellas milling about in the streets bellow, he could not see any faces and saw no sighn of his servent among the crowd his concern only began to grow as the time went on. A third and fourth night passed similar to the other nights only dominated by mounting concern. On the fifth night Tiberius could observe some minor flooding in the streets nothing though that could not be over looked though the thought of descending from the tower ran through his mind and just as he resolved to do it he could just barely make out Luka and several others making their way in to the building. In one hand the Ancient was relived that his servant had returned on the other he was concerned with the unknown parties.

Moments later Luka and three others two women and what appeared to be a homeless young man made their way in to the room. Tiberius carried a typical serious predator scowl about him as he observed the four mortal hearts.

“You have been busy Luka, you were away many nights, I expect results.” Tiberius refused to show any sign of his internal relief

“It did take longer then I would have liked but master I think it will prove to be well worth your time.” Luka seemed impressed with himself.

“And what of these three?” Tiberius kept his attention focused on Luka even as he discussed the strangers.

“Addicts like myself with a desire for fangs, I beg you master take your fill for we have much to discuss.” There was a fire to Luka that reminded the ancient of the night they first meet.

Hardly needing much prompting Tiberius drank from the three vessels taking care not to kill them, they could prove useful to his machinations later on. Leaving them cold on the floor of the most spartan of apartment units he walked in to the other room to greet Luka.

“I trust you have more then blood to place at my table.” Tiberius said as he brimmed with Vitae.

“Indeed master.” Luka opened one of the windows allowing an impressively cold in to the apartment and the steady hymn of rain was easily heard.

“This storm, it is not natural, but rather it is created.” Luka said as he looked to Tiberius to monitor what his reaction to the information could be.

“Created by who? To what ends?” Tiberius was hardly impressed he had sensed something was amiss.

“That is what took me so long to find out. This cities Acolytes are conjuring up this rainstorm, they wish to cause a flood during which time they will stalk the waterlogged neighborhoods for pray to sacrifice to their leader, an elder Kindred named Keto.” Luka carried a sense of satisfaction as he saw Tiberius was intrigued.

“Interesting but far from useful given are present situation.” Tiberius looked out over the city he practically knew what neighborhoods were most likely to be victimized.

“This Keto and her Acolytes apparently host games in which combatants duel one another to prove their worth to become what is called the Chosen of Ruby, and it is said the champion of the game is entreated to the court of the Goddess. This could be your way to her without using your name.” Luka was excited for his theory and could see a hungry grin come over Tiberius.
“Excellent work Luka.” Tiberius was pleased.

“The great games are held in the temple of Keto beneath the city on the first full moon. Unfortunately we do not have time to make these games master.” Luka was disappointed to end his lecture on this note.

“We have one month to win these games and be invited to the temple of Keto. You have done well Luka and you have pleased me greatly.” Tiberius had a grin as if on the verge of triumph he grappled Luka by the throat lifting the man effortlessly pressing him against the wall meeting him eye to eye.

“You deserve to be rewarded, to serve and live by my blood.” Tiberius used his fangs bloodletting his own lip and bringing his to his thrall. He imparted his Vitae on to Luka with a spark of his own immortality by virtue of the act making Luka a Ghoul.

The next night came Luka awoke from the transformation he saw that Tiberius had awakened before him. The Ancient was looking out at the city the waters had risen significantly and a hungry full moon stood in the sky. The Ancient knew tonight would be the nights where the Acolytes would commence with their hunt for sacrifices.

“I can see them, skulking through the streets, the hungry waters rising to catch their pray.” Tiberius seemed to musing to himself.

“Monsters exist in this world for a reason Luka, this I have learned, I have accepted it as my destiny.” Tiberius turned to his awoken thrall.

“To bring pain, suffering, and to cast a darkness so that light has a contrast is the reason why I exist.” Tiberius seemed oddly philosophical.

“I am a monster, but my hunger calls for so much more.” Tiberius looked to Luka gagging his response.

“If you are as you say, rise to the pinnacle of it. People spend their entire lives not knowing who or what they are. I will proudly help you become the best of what you are.” Luka spoke with a passion and entranced by the Ancients power. Tiberius looked upon him and he was pleased.
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Evil Reborn

Nights came and went as Tiberius made preparations for the upcoming fights he was confident in his own martial abilities, he would easily overcome the rank and file Kindred that he was likely to contend with. Luka wishing to aid his master in every way which he could continued to recruit from the cities Blood Dolls so as to feed the elders boundless hunger. The blood dolls also proved to be the perfect spies their constant pursuits Kindred made them privy to privileged information, most of which was useless to the Ancients cause they did eventually learn where these games would be held.

The night of the first game had come at long last and Tiberius was eager to achieve his first triumph he stood in the apartment with candles lit and incenses burning. He stood before a small desk with a mirror laying upon it. A small bowl filled with oil sat beside a bowl of water. He conservatively applied the oil to his skin whispering a silent prayer to the spirit of war. He then gestured for Luka to come over, the Ghoul held a small razor like knife and gently began running it over the Vampires skin bringing the think layer of oil off of his skin.

“Every ounce of blood spilled is a foundation towards my glory.” Tiberius began to speak as Luka diligently combed over his regents body.

“Victory or death is all that awaits us down a road paved with the crushed bones of our adversaries.” Tiberius continued even as Luka continued his diligent work.

“Blood shall be served to us as wine at the table of triumph by our adversaries. With their defeat my destiny is affirmed.” Tiberius continued and lifted the bowl of water as Luka finished his work.

“Victory or death, battle shall free my soul.” Tiberius tilted his head up slightly poring the water over his face washing the fluid over his body.

“Blood shall be my price, blood shall by my victory” Tiberius finished his prayer gathering the candles and ashes of the incense in to one of the bowls smothering the embers in Vitae.

“Are you ready.” Luka whispered confidently as he saw the grim seriousness of his regent.

“I can not be denied, I will have victory.” Tiberius looked squarely in to his reflection in the mirror.

The first game came and went and Tiberius effortlessly bested his opponent, night after night came and the violence was like a storm and like an angry God the Ancient cut his way all of his opponents. The violence was so prolific that word began to circulate through the city even beyond the cities acolytes. Stories of a risen horror began to circulate the Kindred started traveling in groups as half frenzied and hysterical acolytes routinely spreading stories in Elysium.

Another lunar month was coming to a close and the hierophants of the Circle of the Crone gathered deep below the city conjuring another flood. So prolific were the rumors that the normally isolated Keto became intrigued and ordered the greatest champions of the Circle to gather for one final round of great games. As the flood waters came in Tiberius and Luka began to descend in to the most ancient parts of the city long since buried beneath the modern city and even older then the Roman Ruins. The place was dimly lit the occasional torch offering the only light through the damp paths. The pair made it to a large balcony which overlooked a flooded amphitheater. They came in from the places right flank a large iron door bared them from proceeding any further, this had to be the spot.

As their eyes adjusted to the dim light they could see bodies hung by chains over the amphitheater their blood allowed to drip to the waters bellow. As time went on the Acolytes of Istanbul began to fill in to the foreboding structure taking their place where they belonged. Beyond the iron doors Tiberius could hear the rapidly beating heard of this months catch fall still. It would seem the festivities were soon to begin.

The waters began to bubble and Keto emerged from the mired waters, her pale gaunt form gripped with water and cold blood of her victims, her hair ran dark and long nearly the length of her body while her eyes were as if one had never been allowed to sleep. She was dressed in a revealing drape of copper links akin to to those of a belly dancer yet they had long turned green due to exposure. As she emerged from the waters the crowd of Acolytes seemed struck by reverence. Tiberius could feel her Potency she was closer to his power then he might like given the situation but ambition came with risk.

“Well, well, if it is not our nameless champion come to face the final trial to prove himself worthy of being one of the chosen of Ruby.” She spoke to the crowed but there could be no denial that her attention was fully fixed on the Ancient in her midst.

“Let us illuminate this glorious occasion so that the triumph of combat can be seen by all the gods.” She continued speaking she clearly beloved fervently in whatever alien religion filled her head she slit one of her wrist open flicking her blood on to the ground three times.

“May the great goddess drink of the blood spilled here in her name.” She ended her fiery sermon as two Acolytes walked behind her carrying a torch each bringing them to the waters edge igniting a great inferno behind her as the waters burned like fire. Some of the Acolytes flinched at the sight of the flames but the Elders remained undaunted.

“Tell me what is your name, nameless one so that upon your Final Death I might inscribe it upon the walls here.” Keto approached Tiberius with a wicked smile.

“I am Atticus Giovanni and I will have you write my name in victory.” Tiberius lied using a name had had used as an alias in the past, he wanted to obfuscate his trail as much as he could for when Haloise sent out his investigators.

“Ah what a bravado you have, it will be amusing to watch it broken.” Keto was amused as she made her way now to the iron door gesturing for it to be opened.

With a loud creek the rusted iron doors began to slowly open and as they did a ferocious howl echoed from the chamber. No less then six Kindred walked out each holding a strong chain which were coiled around a young man, obvious scars littered across his body and yet an untamed ferocity gleamed in his eyes as he writhed about in his chains. Tiberius could hear a strong heart beating in the captives chest, in the first instant he though he was to face a mere mortal but that would be foolish, his eyes then began to recognize a certain pattern to the scars, this was no mere mortal Tiberius knew already that he was facing a werewolf of a potent caliber. The Ancient had experience fighting these creatures before he had hunted them for centuries but he had always been far more prepared to face them then he was now.

“The goddess sends her fiercest hound o be your final test.” Keto resumed her sermon as the six handlers pulled the chain taught.

“May the fury of the underworld echo in your blood as you send another soul to Hades.” She cuped her hands slowly exhaling a crimson gray mist bringing it to her captives face and he inevitably took a deep breath of the mist.

As soon as the mist filed the captives breath his muscles tightened, he growled in discomfort as his scars began to glow as his body surged with essence. Keto began to step away joining in to the ranks of the Acolytes the six handlers struggled to keep their captive restrained. His muscle mass quickly began to build as bones twisted, snapped, broke, and repositioned themselves. In the blink of an eye he was two heads taller then a man with wolf like features roaring through his eyes glaring like a snake.
“Die!” The man howled as his transformation came to fruition.

Surging with power the beast easily broke free of its chain and charged in the direction of Tiberius with all of its wide eyed fury. Tiberius braced himself to receive the charge putting his arms up in a defensive posture, he knew if its mouth got near anything important he could be stricken with disaster. It closed the distance with him and his hungry jowls roared towards him, the Ancient put forward his arm using all of his unnatural endurance to keep his arm from being torn off. Before so much as an instant passed the creatures massive claws came crashing down upon the ancient. Tiberius was forced to his knees, Tiberius underwent his own transformation his hands coming to claws themselves, he slashed at the things belly opening up with ease. The creature let out a cry of agony giving Tiberius time to put distance between himself and it, as it regenerated so to did he use Vitae to knit his wounds back together.

“Surly you can muster more fury then this!” Tiberius mocked it unleashing his command over the beast upon the thing though to no avail.

In a flash of fur and fury the creature hurled a large stone at the Ancient taking him by surprise he could feel several bones snap in his chest as he was propelled some distance because of the objects velocity. He could not afford to let his guard down, he conjured a bold of black fire throwing it at the beast inflicting superficial harm at best but it bought him enough time to stagger to his feet and count the rabid things charge.

Claw meet with claw as each combatant struck at one another with ruthless abandon. Tiberius knew though that this was not the way he would win, for all the catastrophic damage his claws inflicted on his adversary it simply enough regenerated his wounds while his Vitae was dwindling. Calling upon his great strength Tiberius kept away from the beast its fangs and claws dripping with his Vitae, the Ancient was impressed with the unbridled fury he was contending with. His blood ran through it he could sense it and in an expression of his rage caused the blood to burn and lash out.

As the creature howled in pain, Tiberius took the opportunity to further alter his Protean form two massive appendages emerged from his back like massive wings but in place of feathers there ran four massive spines. Just as he was ready the creature again came charging at the ancient and as it came within reach the wing like weapon swung down one  spine impaling the creature in the arm two others finding purchase in its torso. As Tiberius moved to drive the second wing of spines in to the beast the werewolf reached out with its clawed arm grabbing hold of the wing and with titanic strength it snapped the extremity ripping it off of the Ancients back. Tiberius screamed as the limb was pulled off though he recovered quickly enough and just as he did the beast sank its jowls in to the area between his shoulder and his throats pinning him to the ground.

Tiberius was surging the area with Vitae just to keep the wolfs jaw from snapping through every bone, he was in the brink if he ran out of Vitae he was sure to die. Resisting was pointless between the position and the sheer ferocity of the wolf he could not overpower it. He was nearly frantic until he observed one of the chains that had restrained the beast earlier. He grabbed hold of the iron wrapping it around the werewolf throat and began to squeeze. This would be it one of them would relent in just a matter of moments the contest would be settled.

Tiberius could feel hunger welling up within him the beast wanted to assert itself though that would be his doom. A few silent moments passed and eventually the werewolf began to shift in to its human façade passing out of consciousness and collapsing upon the exhausted and taxed ancient. The battle was. The room fell silent as the spectators looked on uncertain who the victor of the contest was, Luka was on the verge of a panic attack as he looked for any signs of life from his master, while Keto stood impressed with the battle she had just observed. Reprieve came when Tiberius heaved the werewolf from atop him bringing himself upright.

“The goddess has spoken!” Keto roared as the crowd rejoiced.

“Let there be no doubt that this is the chosen of Ruby, a kindred fit to serve the goddess. Let the Feast of the Foolish begin.

Keto flicked her wrist and a flock of simple humans were escorted in to the room while others descend from chains. An orgy of hunger and blood commenced as the Acolytes gave in to their hunger in celebration of victory. The Ancient drank one of the mortals dry to ensure he had Vitae enough to recover from his wounds and then proceeded to meet with Luka.

“You won!” Luka exalted his master.

“Did you ever have any doubt.” Tiberius said with a blood coxed smirk.

“Chosen one, within the next moons cycle I shall bring you to the goddess. For now revel in your triumph.” Keto smirked before vanishing in to a flock of her Acolytes.

“You almost have what you want master.” Luka seemed to ride the High of the Ancients triumph.

“Yes Luka, but at this moment there is something I want.” Tiberius said with a grin flashing his fangs as he pined Luka beneath him.

“And you’re the one I want to give it to me.” Tiberius sank his fangs in to his thrills throat the pair laid beside the conquered beast as the revelry of the Acolytes celebration went on around them.