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The Untouched Flower

The Rossellini were a noble family who resided in Rome for countless centuries but unlike the eternal cities other noble families they never cared for the petty politicking and only looked to enrich themselves. The families fortune came from facilitating trade between Rome and Egypt and during some time during the high renaissance the family began to dabble in the occult. Using stolen lore from Egypt to pursue their goal of eternal life the family became accomplished necromancers.

Generations came and went as the family chased its goal of eternal life, it did not take long for them to be discovered by one of Rome’s resident Kindred Scholars, Camilla Giovanni. She offered her protection and knowledge to the family in return for their fortune.

By the time of the early 1800s the family remained affluent although they became something of outcasts as their eccentricities put off many in the city. This did little to hinder their work however as they relentlessly pursued Camilla’s unknowable agenda.

During this time other of the Vampires kin came to work with the family notably the wayward Haloise Giovanni who conspired with the elder Camilla against his own Sire.
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The Untouched Flower
<table>Part 1: A Seed </table>

The Rossellini family had obsessed over their quest for immortality for countless centuries and subjected themselves and countless others to their twisted experiments in Necromancy. Their estates were known to haunted by their ancestors as well as their victims and even with their knowledge of the dark arts they knew better then to trifle with some ghost.

Over the centuries of constant experimentation the family found producing heirs increasingly difficult until the once prolific family had dwindled to an aging male patriarch and his much younger spouse and a few distant relieves. The patriarch of the family had been through three fruitless marriages until eventually conceiving a child with his final wife. The boy was born and given the name Renzo, the family was feverishly protective of their only scion and restricted access to him to only a handful of trusted servants.

Camilla the patron Kindred of the family oversaw his academic development feeding him a twisted education that only an ageless monster could. She stoked his intelligence with both cunning and a degree of ruthlessness yet to her dismay the boy formed no real substantial relationship with her. Camilla knew the young boy could see her for what she was indeed she was aware of just his substantially her humanity had drifted.

Fortune shined on Camilla when she heard that the progeny of her brother by the blood was traversing through Italy supplanting his Sire where he could. She dispatched a messenger with an invitation.

On a stormy night the vampire known as Haloise Giovanni appeared at the Rossellini estate, the elder vampire noticed immediately the presence of what was perhaps the most haunted places he had ever seen.

He knocked at the door and it was answered promptly enough by a morbid looking butler.

“May I take your coat sir.” The man said in a low raspy voice.

“Yes, and where is lady Camilla?” He enquired handing his rain slicked coat to the henchman.

“She will meet you in the parlor shortly.” The butler replied gesturing to the parlor just a few paces away.

Haloise made his way to the decrepit room, certainly the estate had seen brighter days, there was a noticeable layer of dust in the corner of the rooms and the mirrors were covered by sheets.

Haloise cared little for the hygiene of his would be ally, this was the first true opportunity he had to stand firm against his Sire in many years.

A few minutes later a women dressed for a funeral came upon the room, she carried a blank expression only coming to smile like it was a sort of after thought.

“If it is not my illustrious nephew. I am so very pleased to meet you at last.” She spoke and it became clear to Haloise in that very instant she had her own scheme but every vampire of a certain age did.

“The privilege is all mine.” He offered a nod of his head after all he also had his own plans for the future.

“Word of your struggles with your Sire have not gone unheard by me, by far I think you have proven to be his most capable foe.” She said as one of the butlers came to the room with two glasses and some kind of wine.

“I have struggled with Tiberius since before my nights began but your letter implied that you have similarly struggled with him.” Haloise kept still.

“I have, he forced me to this graveyard of a city, an exile of a sort yet now his influence grows in Italy and it would go unchecked if it were not for you.” She explained filling the two glasses and offering him one.

“Then our goals are alighted why are you now approaching me ?” Haloise took the glass in his hand but nevertheless remained resolute.

“Tiberius spreads his influence ever wider and now is again at my doorstep, I would not end up like our lost sibling, I will be prepared for his presumption.” She explained.

“Then this is an alliance of convenience for you ?” Haloise spoke but it was clear he demanded a direct answer.

“It is.” She spoke with the callous of centuries as she raised her glass.

“So be it then.” Haloise agreed.

No sooner did the pair form their accord did they hear the creek from the door leading to the parlor. Without hesitation Haloise drew his weapon and held it aloft and ready for the intruder. To his surprise a young boy of no more then seven or eight years stepped through doorway seemingly captivated by the shimmering steal of Haloises weapon and the pristine white of his clothing.

“Master Renzo, allow me to introduce you to my nephew, Haloise, he has traveled a great length to join us.” Camilla saw a twinkle in the boys eye that she knew she could never spark.

“Greetings, Haloise” the boy spoke unafraid of the weapon pointed at him as he entered the room.

“Haloise, this is Renzo Rossellini, sole heir to the Rossellini family.” Camilla said already stringing together possibilities in her mind.

“It is my privilege to meet you, my lord.” Haloise sheathed his weapon and took to a knee shaking the young boys hand.
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The Untouched Flower
Part 2: The Blossom

Years came and went as Haloise and Camilla used the contacts and resources of the Rossellini family to fight their nightly battles against Tiberius across Italy. Camilla would remain in Rome overseeing the long term strategy for the conflict and keeping control of the family. Haloise would travel the countryside visiting various Domains to earn support for their cause disappearing for months on end as he saw the frontlines of the Elders conflict.

Renzo’s father the elderly head of the Rossellini family grew ill and unable to carry out his duties and largely confined to his bed. Renzo was to young to oversee the families business affairs and much of that responsibility fell upon Camilla who emphasized the boys education in earnest. Haloise also taught him in areas of chivalry and courtly manners, elements which were far to human for Camilla to explain in any kind of meaningful way.

Haloise had only recently departed for business which took him to the northern reaches of Italy leaving Camilla and Renzo in Rome. It seemed that Renzo would soon become head of the family as his fathers health took an ever poorer turn.

In the depths of winter Camilla kept herself busy overseeing the families fortune as several years had passed since she first formed her alliance with Haloise. She locked herself away in a secluded area of the estate, what must have been a study at one point was now a dimly lit room overtaken by time. The door opened and Renzo stepped in to the room.

“Fathers health continues to decline.” The young man said as he entered the room.

“Then you shall take his place as head of the family.” Camilla replied not so much as taking her eyes off of the ledger she was observing.

“Head of the family ? What family I am the only one left.” Renzo protested, he had grown from the child that could be talked down to with a few mere words.

“Indeed the main family seems to be diminished there remain numerous cadet branches that oversee our business across the globe.”She spoke in her typical chilling way.

“For generations my family served under you looking for the keys to eternal life and yet while we suffered you have prospered.” Renzo spoke sharply but fell silent with a cold glare from her eyes.

“Yet you live Renzo, if it were in my interest now could I not snuff the light of life from you and take what I need, your family is my investment and I believe you will be the one the provides me with the desires return.” She stood from behind her desk.

“You have lived countless years why do you not shear your secret with us ?” Renzo resolved himself he needed answers to questing that haunted the halls of his home.

“None of you have proven worthy of my kiss and as such, true tangible immortality remains beyond your grasp.” She spoke with a heir of mysticism.

“I demand you shear your secrets with us immediately.” The young man flexed his bravado.
“Brave, foolish but brave.” She lunged forward like a lifeless wind and before the boy could so much as react she grabbed him by the throat and pinning him against the wall.

“Do not think you can threaten me, for I am more clever and far stronger than you shall ever be, your family is a means to my ends but you Renzo, you will ride my coattails.” Her words were bestial and predatory, it was the first time Renzo saw Camilla wear such emotion, it was both majestic and terrifying in the same moment.

She released him and he fell to the floor struggling to catch his breath as his neck bruised from the force of her grip.

“Understand you are my hostage, but I see potential in you.” She spoke harshly but with a grim sense of entertainment.

“Now return to your father he has not much longer for this world and when he fades a new life will begin for you.” She gestured for the door and made her way back to her ledgers.

A few nights later Renzo’s father succumbed to his years and passed away, a funeral was hatefully put together although outside of those who worked in the estate no others came. The Rossellini family was widely viewed with superstition by this period and few in polite society would be seen with them.

That evening Camilla called for Renzo to meet with her in the great room of the estate, the space which was once used for entertainment and festivities had long fallen silent its lavish finery covered with sheets. All except a single chair and small table upon which sat a chalice and a knife.

“You called for me.” Renzo replies still dressed from the funeral.

“I did Renzo, the time has come for us to consummate the pact I made with your family.” She almost smiled although it was the same way a wolf might grin at a wounded sheep.

“You will shear the secret of your eternal life with me?” The boy seemed cautious.

“We shall begin the process.” She pulled up the knife running it along her wrist and filling the chalice with her Vitae.

For a moment Renzo looked shocked as he watched the ebon crimson liquid fill the cup his eyes were wide.

“You must drink the contents of this cup Renzo only then will you truly be the head of the Rossellini family and begin your search for eternal life.” She spoke putting the knife down watching Renzo as he gradually approached her.

“Could it really be so simple ?” Renzo spoke with a shocked whisper.

“It is the beginning.” She answered.

“Consuming blood, it is unnatural.” He spoke continuing to step forward

“Eternal life is unnatural but can be within your reach.” She assured him as he took up the chalice.

“Now drink …” She spoke almost suggestively and Renzo was hypnotized by the moment brought the chalice to his lips and drank the Vitae.

Camilla kept silent as the boy finished the drink and the glass fell to the floor and he to his knees. Camilla smiled her hand running through his hair as just like every other head of the Rossellini family she had bound him to her with her blood. The game could begin again.
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The Untouched Flower
Part 3: Petals in autumn

Several years had passed and Renzo was now a young man sixteen years of age, whatever opposition he had towards Camilla faded away as he was steadily dosed with her Vitae, the addiction Camilla had used for centuries to guide the family. The young man became something of an accomplice to her, traveling from time to time to see to interest that she could not while also acting as a rubber stamp for anything she desired to do the Rossellini family name and business.

Haloise remained ignorant of the blood bond being forged by Camilla and Renzo assuming that the boy he watched grow in to a man was clinging to her following the death of his father. When he made his Haven at the Rossellini Estate he was close to the boy teaching him the ways of the sword and the art of being a courtier. Ultimately Renzo came to idealize in a way the mentoring Vampire seeing a nobility in his undeath That was simply lacking in the manipulative Camilla.

As the depths of Autumn came Camilla began to spend an increasing amount of time in Rome politicking for support against her sibling Tiberius. Meanwhile Haloise fought at the frontlines supplanting his Sire where he could, there was a truth though that both Giovanni could not admit. The longer this conflict went on the more ground they lost, by this point their influence was constrained mostly to southern Italy while Tiberius used terror to keep others from turning against them.

After an unfortunate battle Haloise was forced to retreat back to the safety of Rome and the Rossellini estate. He was wounded well beyond the limits of a living man, his body carried bullet holes, and deep cuts as well as wounds which were utterly supernatural. His horse trotted yo the front door before its Kindred passenger collapsed from atop it.

“Damn.” Haloise muttered as he staggered to his feet making his way towards the door opening it simply enough.

Haloise leaned against one of the walls slowly making his way through the house drops of rain and blood making a simple enough trail. The sun would be up soon and these wounds would be his undoing. The amount of blood he needed would certainly kill a person and although the thought passed his mind if he took time to hunt such a victim down he would certainly greet the sun.

He stumbled upon a central hallway of the estate with no windows, even if he were to sleep this place would save his body from the sun.

“So this is where it ends, well, at least we gave it a go.” He spoke to himself as he slumped up against one of the walls.

No sooner did Haloise consign himself to a lengthy torpor did his ears pick up the drumming of an approaching heartbeat. His eyes shot to the end of the hallway and there stood a startled Renzo. The young man was seeming preparing to go to sleep for the night but the commotion of Haloises arrival drew his attention. He looked surprised at the condition of someone he greatly admired and quickly made his way to Haloises side kneeling beside the vampire.

“What happened?” He asked nervously looking over the array of wounds.

“An unfortunate battle, Renzo.” Haloise said holding the beast back that was roaring for the boys blood.
“But you are immortal, how is this possible, you look as if you are dying.” Renzo observed simply overcome by the extent of the injuries he saw.

“I am immortal but such things do not come without a price, for creatures like me and Camilla we require the blood of others to sustain ourselves and revitalize our bodies.” Haloise explained as bluntly as he could struggling still with his Beast.

“Then why do you look so frail as you do ?” The boy asked nervously, his mind rushing with thoughts of how to save the vampire.

“I lack the blood to heal my wounds.” Haloise said his fangs obvious to observe.

“I will go in to the long sleep tonight, I am afraid, perhaps I shall see you in your grey years Renzo.” The vampire spoke with a heavy breath.

“Take my blood!” Renzo blurted out.

The temptation was there, a dish served on a silver platter yet Haloise knew the boy admired him and knew that if he started he would more then likely kill the youth as the beast took hold.

“No, perhaps it is for the best, that you do no see that part of me.” Haloise spoke with a waning measure of restraint.

“I am not giving you a choice, I will not lose you.” Renzo shouted pulling a small knife he had hidden away from his jacket and ran it along one of his wrist.

Haloise watched his mouth slightly agape and his eyes narrowed as he watched the first bead of blood drip to the floor. The smell of freely offered blood was intoxicating and Haloise felt nearly beside himself at the temptation. His heart tightened and he grabbed the youth and sank his fangs deep into the Renzo. He feed deeply from the boy with an animalistic sensuality as he overpowered the boy and pinned him to the wall.

Haloise drank until his wounds sealed, he drank until his thirst felt quenched however temporarily and then he came back to his senses. His grip loosened and Renzo fell limp to the floor, his skin pale as a sheet and the vibrant beating of his heart slowed to a cold monotony.

“Renzo.” Haloise spoke on a hush.

“Neither of us need to die tonight.” Haloise but in to his wrists dangling it over the semiconscious youth dripping down and eagerly consumed by the youth.
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The Untouched Flower
Part 4: The Disaster

Yet more years passed and Camilla and Haloises covert war with Tiberius was becoming the talk of Elysium’s across Europe. To the Ancient Giovanni who held his court in France and he could take the insults no longer. He gathered his hordes of vicious degenerates to him just as the Carthian lead rebellions shocked all of Europe. With his minions close the Ancient Tiberius made a gruesome display of those who rebelled against him the only ones which remained to openly defy him were Haloise and Camilla.

As the armies of Napoleon made war upon Italy so to did the hordes of Tiberius descend upon the peninsula. Those who sided with Camilla were destroyed while many more chose to remain neutral while some sided with Tiberius to further their own ambitions.

Renzo remained largely ignorant of the affairs of the Danes Macabre yet even he could see the forlorn growing in his dominators night to night expression. He knew better then to ask Camilla as any time he delved in to Kindred affairs with her he would suffer some kind of abuse followed by more exposure to his Vitae, he could not deny the fact that at times he craved the punishment and reward but these nights it seemed to dangerous to risk.

In a seemingly secluded room in the estate Haloise and Camilla meet to discuss their continued rebellion.

“His minions have already made it to Rome, it is only a matter of time before we lose the city.” Camilla spoke as she looked through a window.

“If we can lure him out, together we might be able to kill him.” Haloise answered.

“Perhaps but that seems like a fools gamble and I am no fool.” Camilla replied sharply.

“It is our only chance.” Haloise spoke out obviously frustrated by what he saw as carelessness on the part of the elder.

“The new world is an opportunity for us, your Sire has little influence there, we might recover our strength.” Camilla proposed an alternative amused by the outburst but unswayed.

“I have run from him for centuries, I will not flee further.” Haloise could not accept what she suggested.

“So be it then, death it would seem has been your goal since we began this escapade.” She turned to face Haloise.

“Make your stand then and have your war, I will make preparations.” Camilla spoke coldly walking by Haloise her distain obvious in her face.

No sooner did she exit did Renzo find his way to the room with a sealed letter in his hand upon which sat a seal engraved with an I and a name written in script saying Serena.

“Haloise, a messenger brought this for you.” Renzo could tell there was an argument between the two vampires as the situation grew ever worse they argued all the more.

Haloise grabbed the letter from Renzo harshly his frustration ever evident as he tore the letter open and read over its contents.

“This is our chance.” Haloise spoke with renewed hope.

“With this I can end this. When my work is over Renzo I shall help you find what you seek.” Haloise spoke confidently placing his hand upon Renzos shoulder before grabbing his weapon.

Renzo could not help but look at the letter, its words were simple, he makes his Haven here and a crude drawing of one of Rome’s necropolises.

Renzo smiled at the prospects of what might lay ahead of him as he watched Haloise depart for the city.

“Mater Rossellini, lady Camilla has taken a few men from the household as well as a carriage.” One of the servants addressed the lord of the House.

“She is free to do as she pleases.” Renzo said assuringly.

“I will be in the study if I am needed.” A surprise spark of hope rang in the reclusive young mans voice.

Renzo retreated to the privacy of his personal study where he skimmed through text as he was anxious to learn what Haloise had meant. Several hours went by and the young man could not be sure if he had fallen asleep or simply ideally let the time slip by nevertheless his attention was grabbed when one of his servants swung open the doors breathing heavily.

“Master Renzo, the Estate is under attack.” The man said breathing heavily.

“By who?” Anger found its way to the young mans voice.

“The peasants they have been riled up by a priest who has accused you and your family of consorting with the devil.” The man explained as Renzo graves a sword with which to defend himself.

The two made their way to the entrance to the estate where they could see members of the household being beaten by the mob while other peasants looted the place of its valuables.

“Stop this at once.” Renzo shouted yet his orders fell on deaf ears as one of the mob approached him he swung his blade at the man slashing him.

Renzo saw the mans blood spilling out across the floor as he lay there writhing in agony, the young noble could not notice as the mob began to set fire to the place.

“Cleanse it, in gods name.” A man dressed in the regalia of a Priest said as another older more soldierly looking fellow stepped beside him.

“Stop! This is all that my family has left, you will destroy everything.” Renzo tried to again confront the raging crowd but to no avail many now surged past him into the depths of his home ignoring him entirely.

“Poor boy caught up in things beyond your measure, use that sword to end your agony.” The priest and the older man approached him.

“Why have you done this, what have we ever done to you ?” Renzo fell to his knees as his home, his life was being destroyed all around him.

“You have done nothing but been taken advantage of I am afraid.” The older man spoke and in that instant Renzo could tell these two were vampires like Camilla and Haloise.

“From the moment of your birth to even this very instant nothing you have ever said or done has mattered.” The older vampire spoke again.

“Haloise will stop you.” Renzo looked defiantly at the vampire belittling him.

“I think not, after all, he fell for my trap, he was betrayed by his allies, that necropolis shall be his tomb but fear not, you will be on your way to the …” the older vampire continued as Renzo roars with anger and ran his blade in to the vampire.

“Oh how very quaint.” The vampire spoke grabbing the exposed part of the blade and shattering it unfazed by the attack.

“That skill could have served you well but now I am afraid our meeting is over.” The vampire wrenched a piece of the wooden railing on the stairs and impaled Renzo in the area of the shoulder and pinning him to the wall.

The boy screamed in pain as he tried to pry himself off of the wall to little avail he watched as his broken weapon fell to the floor and the Vampires body stitched itself together.

“I am told that death by burning is one of the worse ways to die.” The vampire seemed amused as he turned his back and made for the exit.

“Burn this unholy place my children and rerun what is Gods on to God.” The priest said following the older vampire as the fires roared around Renzo.

“I … did … nothing … Haloise… save …me.” Renzo said gasping for choking on the smoke as his home burned around him.
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The Untouched Flower
Part 5: Ascension

The fires subsided and the ruins of the house stood silent and smoldering, impaled in to a stone wall was Renzos body, his clothes singed and his skin darkened by ash and his body still. He soon began to feel his body burning not with flames but with hunger, his eyes shot open reflecting the light of the moon as he writhed upon the charred wood pushing through his body.

While his body burned with hunger his flesh was cold and lifeless and he barely had any idea what was happening around him. The only thing in his mind was to lash out to stop this hunger and find some measure of calm yet he could hardly muster the strength to squirm upon the stake.

His attention was grabbed instantly as he heard footsteps and he saw a carriage riding upon the scene. It was Camilla and those servants most sworn to her. Her eyes instantly fell upon Renzo and for the first time in his life she seemed surprised. Gradually she made her way over to the boy whom she had groomed to be her servant yet found now he had become something more.

“Well, well this is a surprise, you survived, in a manner of speaking.” She spoke aloofly examining his body as well as the tattered remains of the house.

“It would seem that not only have you tasted my Vitae but you have also been feed upon regularly, the Proxy Kiss, Haloise you dog you.” She seemed pleasantly surprised despite her remarks.

“When our business with Tiberius was done was this going to be your next move, regardless, opportunity knocks as ever.” She spoke aloud as her servants scoured the ruins.

“I am sure you are feeling indescribable pain, you will grow use to this but a mindless beast will do me little good.” She spoke pulling out a familiar letter opener.

“Now Renzo, you will learn the mistake everyone in your family before has made.” She slashed her dropping her Vitae upon eager lips, the raving revenant mouth wide open to catch every drop even as his tongue tried to find her wrist.

“They chased immorality by running from death instead of embracing it.” She spoke as she watched her Vitae nourish his form like never before.

“Now Renzo Rossellini, you die.” She spoke and with that her agelessness sank in to him twisting his form and snuffling the final spark of life.

Crimsons washes over Renzos eyes before eventually fading to black, He then had blood laden dreams the sinking of fangs in to necks, overpowering and out maneuvering his prey like a wolf might sheep. The dreams were horrifying yet strangely pleasurable to the former mortal. The dreams went on for what felt like an eternity only broken by a sudden and sharp pain in his chest and a radiating numbness that seemed to lessen with time.

His eyes opened and the pain the plagued him was gone, he was changed, Sired by Camilla and made a Kindred of the Giovanni by her blood.
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The Untouched Flower
Part 6: Rebirth

Several nights passed as Camilla, Renzo, and a small group of servants held up in one of the Elder Vampires Havens in the city of Rome. Over several nights Camilla explained the basic principles of Vampirism and the laws of Kindred society. She notably remained vague on the nature of the of the blood bond and manipulations she had used upon Renzo and his family.

Many nights Camilla kept herself busy with her own affairs rather then to tutor her new Neonate, likewise Renzo kept himself secluded in his room looking out over one of the city streets trying to mentally come to grips with what became of him.

A knock came at the door and Renzo instantly glared at the door, he knew it was Camilla, his instincts told him that, he felt the tether that bound them tugging.

“Get yourself ready, we are going out for a walk.” Her voice rang through the door and he had no strength to refuse such an invitation.

He dressed himself quickly, clothes of fine white though they were not his he felt some measure of comfort in them. In quick order he found his way to Camilla’s side and the two made their way through the streets in a seemingly random way starkly silent.

“How are you adjusting ?” Camilla broke the silence as they made their way into the old abandoned city.

 “Well enough, I suppose, I think I am learning to be comfortable in my body again.” Renzo replied.

“Good.” Camilla noted as her hand slid along the wall of one of the ruins.

“What have you learned? What happened to Haloise?” Renzo spoke with a desperate worry.

“Our scheming resulted in calamity, the Kindred you meet, the older was my sibling by the blood and my rival, and the Sire of Haloise, Tiberius. The pretend Priest was another of his Childe by the name of Gavin.” Camilla explained breathing in the age of the place.

“What of Haloise, did their ambush succeed?” His words still carried concern.

“I heard that he fought his way free of the city and disappeared in to the wilderness.

“We have to find him then.” Renzo chimed in.

“We are not so fortunate Renzo, Tiberius still looks for me and our ability to resist him diminish by the day, Haloise is resourceful.” She spoke rather somberly.

“How can you say that! How can you discard him so easily!” Renzo pleaded.

“Do not overplay your hand Renzo, it is by my blood you still love and it can be by my will that such a thing can be snuffed.” Camilla flared with rage.

“Then what are we to do, wait until we are found and meet our ends then ?” Renzo was quick to find his place.

“No, I have been planing for this possibility, we will travel to the capital of New Spain where my enemies have no influence, I have already shifted much of your family’s wealth there, we should be quite comfortable and quite capable.” She confidently explained.

“We are just going to run then and abandon everything.” Renzo sounded disappointed.

“In short yes but fortune may give us opportunity in the future should we prove clever enough. Time is our tool only should we use it.” Camilla explained further.

They traveled a little further and Renzo could begin to sense the signs of the living as they made their way to the heart of the old city.

“In order for you to be useful for me you must have access to your full strength and to do so you require blood. Here we should be able to find someone that will address your hunger.” She explained as a homeless man came in their view.

“No …. I … I cannot.” Renzo was obviously disgusted with the idea of the act.

“You speak as if your choice was your own.” She focused on Renzo tugging at his Beast and forcing his hunger to the surface.

Renzo had not tasted Vitae since his embrace and it was simple enough to coax the beast in him to the surface. Renzo flew in to a frenzy pouncing upon the homeless man drinking his fill.

“Easily forgotten, easily discarded, in time we might refine your taste but fill your strength Renzo we will need it for we will leave soon.” Camilla smiled as she observed the horror in Renzo’s face as the body beneath him was cold and lifeless.
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The Untouched Flower
Part 7: The New World

With the vast fortune of the Rossellini family at her disposal Camilla arranged for the transportation of herself, Renzo, and a handful of retainers to New Mexico, the capital of New Spain and the seat of power for the Spanish Empire in the New World. The city attracted all manner of Kindred from Europe as well as numerous native Vampires that have pushed in to obscurity with the colonization of the New World.

Years before their arrival Camilla used the wealth she stole to build a villa that was as much a Haven for herself as it was a fortress where she could conduct her macabre work. A whole wing of the ornate structure would serve as Renzo’s personal quarters where he could conduct his own affairs while under the scrutinizing eye of his Sire.

It took both Vampires several months to grow comfortable with their environment, learning the language was simple enough and spreading their business interests was natural. Camilla had no intentions of losing the luxury to which she was accustomed. For more months still she grew accustomed to the courts and Elysium’s of the city while refining Renzo in the hopes that one night he would be presented before the Rack.

Renzo for his part focused ever more on himself, pushing his newly undead body and growing more familiar with the Disciplines he had at his disposal. He could not shake the regret he felt for abandoning Haloise in the old world his mentors fate unknown to him. He eschewed the occult magic of his clan in favor of more direct methods, practicing disciplines such as Vigor and Dominate extensively.

Renzo remained a fledgling and not formally a member of the all night society, something his Sire wished to change as she worked her own ambitions. The night came where Renzo was to be presented before Prince Félix. The Prince was a ruthless Vampire of the Gangrel clan, his rule being one of might makes right.

Prince Félix kept his court in a theater frequented by the Kine during the day but by night it was where the Price decrees his mandates and where he enacts his public punishments. Camilla and Renzo rode by carriage towards the Elysium.

“What comes after tonight?” Renzo asked his gaze fixed past the windows of the carriage.

“After tonight my Childe our game begins.” Camilla spoke with a ring of deviousness.

“What do you mean ?” Renzo further queried

“This city, will belong to us, it is but a matter of time.” The Elder spoke.

“You already have a scheme then ?” He asked turning his attention to his Sire.

“I do, you will be this cities Prince some night, we will not make the mistake of lingering in the shadows for to long but for now we must bidet our time.” She continued with her devious flare for words.

“I appreciate the confidence but I think it maybe unwarranted, I hear the Prince is rather comfortable in his position and I have no way of earning this city even if I desired such a thing.” Renzo was obviously conflicted.

“Leave the scheming to me and it will be so and your desire for that post is irrelevant to me, you shall do as I say by my blood.” Camilla spoke matter of factly.

“As you say.” Renzo could not muster the strength to argue.

The pair made their way to the destination exiting the carriage and silently making their way in to the theater. The lifeless exterior masked the decadent activity within as dozens of the cities Vampires were present perpetrating bloody spectacles upon Kine comprised mostly of native individuals.

Camilla marched unfazed by what she saw while Renzo struggled to keep himself tame, since his embrace he fell into a habit of staving off his hunger only to feed deeply when his instincts compelled him. Camilla was amused by the behavior and certainly benefited from the shades left behind by Renzo’s victims.

Félix sat upon a rather regal looking chair a cold blood drained body beside him, he looked out over the audience with amusement and an almost wild smile. He was a man with a muscular build and wide shoulders, his hair dark as midnight and his eyes bright with a predatory gleam. His dress was far from sophisticated and he cared little for the idea of polite society and so took to mocking those that played at royalty as he preferred to look at himself as a tyrant.

The pair approached the Prince quickly catching his eye, he raised his hand in a way to command them to stop.

“So Camilla this is your bastard?” Félix spoke in a gruff and arrogant way standing and striding towards them.

“This is my Chile Renzo Rossellini and he humbly ask for your permission to take up residence within your domain.” Camilla spoke softly while stepping to the side.

“Is that so? You sure picked a runt.” The Prince sounded unconvinced.

“Prince Félix I could be of a great service to you and your court should I be allowed residence here.” Renzo spoke in a both respectful and submissive way.

“Oh … why the hell not …” Félix spoke as he approached Renzo before violently grabbing his hair and driving the young vampires face in to his knee.

Renzo collapsed to the ground following the surprise attack as the Prince paced around him with a gloating expression on his face.

“Let that be your first lesson kid, do not talk to me unless I talk to you first.” The Prince spoke before turning to the crowd the violent display catching the attention of all.

“Listen up I am letting him stay here other then that I do not care.” Félix shouted turning his attention to Camilla.

“I think we are done here.” Félix said before walking away.

With the business of the night settled Camilla moved to exit Elysium with Renzo behind her, she coiled not hide the fact that she was pleased by the nights events as they made their way in to the carriage.

“You have taken your first step in to the night.” She commented in a cool collective way.

“I hate that man.” Renzo said with gridded teeth as the carriage made its way off.

“All things in time my Childe. For now let us sate that fire in you.” She spoke as the carriage came to a sudden stop beside a passer by.

Renzo driven now by anger as much as hunger gave the Beast its time to sate its hungers and dragged a man off the street providing a personal macabre show for his Sire.
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The Untouched Flower
Part 8: Hymn of Ambition

Mexico City was ruled by a trinity of powers that held a tenuous truce in order for the city to be free of the chaos that would exist if they worked against one another. The pinnacle of these powers was Prince Felix who was unaligned with any of the Covenants and kept the cities more bestial Kindred under his thrall. His methods are both bloody and brutal and he has earned many enemies even among his own court as a result. Despite this none would dear have the audacity to openly defy the Prince for doing so was sure to make you a victim of his wrath.

Zama De Vita was Bishop of the cities Lancea Et Sanctum and commanded a powerful flock of Vampires whose influence presided over the cities mortal elite. Centuries ago she and her Covenant banished any Kindred tainted by the ancient customs of the land and now seeks the eradication of any who follow false idols. She could well be a threat to Prince Felix if her attention was not otherwise distracted by her followers pursuit of pagan Kindred.

Lastly was the Nameless Inner Circle of the Invictus, this coterie of Vampires at once point attempted to usurp the rule of Prince Felix but the covenant was bloodied for their presumption. The only reason they were not completely removed from the city was because even a rabid beast like Felix knew full well the importance of the Masquerade. The Invictus now keeps itself hidden preserving the Masquerade while slowly rebuilding its strength.

It would be supplicants of the Invictus that would first approach Renzo after his violent introduction at Elysium. He quickly learned that these vampires were only servants to the real members of the Invictus as the Covenant only permitted membership to a select few. Renzo was intrigued at membership in the elite organization as he felt betrayed by the faithful and loathed the Prince and his servants.

He learned the customs of the First Estate over the course of a year, his Sire knew much about them despite not being a member and her own machinations. He knew the best way to gain membership would be to make himself useful. Renzo knee his wealth would not be enough, he needed to demonstrate his power and accrue information of use. To accomplish such things he stayed a silent member of Elysium listening to the rumors following where they might lead, he learned secrets that could be used later. He knew well that the path to power also laid through the Kine so he would travel the taverns and bend mortals to his will as he practiced his own schemes.

Renzo had overheard a rather rambunctious band of Kindred talking about ambushing a vampire who was hiding in the city. The sight for their attack was to be in a church in the area where the Vampire kept his Haven.

The night came and Renzo made his way to the great building, it lofty towers eclipsing every structure within the city. The eyes of saints etched in to statues standing sentinel it the churches battlements. Renzo slowly walked in to the building and was immediately greeted by a scream and the scent of cold blood. He walked through the entry and he saw a monk upon the floor his throat slit open and his belly opened. The gruesome warning to others not to interrupt and clearly these vampires were in league with the Prince.

He made his way silently to the great hall of the building where he saw four Kindred before him. One lay upon the ground, his clothes of a certain finery his features soft and his hair a fair shade of brown, his skin was blemished by the brutality of his assailants and the creams were certainly his. The leader of the coterie was obvious from first sight, he was a large man with broad shoulder almost lurched over with long gangling arms.

The three took turns beating the helpless vampire only coming to a stop as the sound of Renzo drawing his blade rang through the hall.

“That is enough of this.” Renzo spoke assertively.

“He trespasses in our city, what difference does this make.” The bestial looking vampire replied.

“I could care less for the trespasser but your actions have left us all exposed, anyone could see the body you left at the entrance and to violate the herd of the Sanctum is quite unwise of you.” Renzo spoke with a dark sense of charisma.

“So are you one of those fanatics that likes to hang themselves on a cross ?” The Bestial vampire snorted.

“Hardly, but I cold not help myself but to point out something so incredibly stupid.” Renzo scoffed.

“You could always join this runt.” The Vampire grew more irritated.

“Are you so sure you could deliver on that threat.” Renzo smirked.

“I will make you a deal.” Renzos grin turned to a smile.

“Leave him to me and I will clean up your mess.” Renzo laced his words with his will reaching out and strangling the bestial vampires mind.

“Do what you want.” The bestial vampire replied his mind twisted by Renzo as he gestured for his allies to leave with him.

Renzo then approached the battered vampire although he relaxed his guard.

“Who are you ?” Re asked with a sympathetic expression.

“My name is Julian Pares.” The battered vampire looked up wide eyed at Renzo his voice carrying a slight tremor.

“Why on earth would you come to this place?” Renzo was still suspicious of the vampire

“I have been traveling from place to place since my Sire meet final death.” Julian replied cleanly.

“So you will just keep going on your way ?” Renzo recognized that he was not threatened.

“Perhaps, I have no future without a Sire.” Julian lamented.

Renzo brooded for a moment his mind a wash with thoughts and possibilities, he looked upon Julian and saw a reflection of himself. He had a chance to give another purpose and prove to himself that he was more then a pawn.

“Pledge yourself to me Julian, serve me loyally and let us write the future we wish.” Renzo again flared with dark charisma and instantly stirred Julian’s soul.
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The Untouched Flower
Part 9: Exile

Several nights had passed since the showdown at the church that saw Renzo runoff the bestial Vampire. Camilla had no issue with another Kindred staying at her estate for her it was another pawn in her game. Camilla did eventually learn of the circumstances that lead to Julian staying at her home and it is there that problems arose.

The bestial Vampire which Renzo dominated was the Childe of Prince Felix and rumors of that night inevitably made their way out at Elysium. Prince Felix was enraged and sure enough would soon act on his impulse. Camilla being far more cunning then the Prince chose to act before him and called Renzo to meet with her.

Renzo came as asked, not that he could ever resist the call of his sire and the two meet in a private room in the labyrinth like home. There was no kinds of decoration here nothing but an empty space but Renzo knew this was where she practiced the Dark Arts that had damned his family.

“Renzo …” Camilla smiled, the way she said his name struck Renzo with concern.

“You have made enemies though that you can’t quite contend with.” Her voice returned to its typical dourness.

“What do you mean?” Renzo did not understand and was unsure what was to come next, his side could see him as a liability and he knew he could not hope to resist her.

“Calm yourself Childe.” Camilla assured him.

“The Vampire you bested was the Childe of Prince Felix and for the first time Felix is feeling insecure thanks to you. You have done well but we must act hastily before the Prince can get ahold of you.” She explained in an assuring way as if the situation was under her control.

“What should I do ?” Renzo calmed himself knowing his Sire still had use for him.

“You need to stay ahead of the Prince, you must leave the city and abandon comfort until you are strong enough to rule this city yourself.” She place her hand on his shoulder.

“How is this possible ? Why is this happening ?” Renzo felt hollowed out but her advice made sense, the Prince was powerful, he had political allies and Renzo was a confident fighter but no match for Felix and had no idea how much he could rely upon his Sire for political support.

He came to grips with himself, with what must be done, he would suffer and become stronger.

“So be it.” Renzo said with a heavy heart.

“Good, I have already had a carriage arranged for you and Julian to be brought out of the city.” Camilla seemed satisfied.

Renzo made his way to the carriage, Julian was already waiting inside and their belongings were packed as soon as Renzo got in the carriage began to move. As they left the estate they saw the Prince and his minions making their way there, he was confident Camilla could manage herself as he went into exile.