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Hellfire Fiends
Part I

A cold wind blew in off of the sea washing across the land until roaring its way through the charred remains of what was sure to have been a lavish house at one point. Cool wind hoisted hot embers into the sky fleeing from the dark deeds done in the place and the evil yet to be unleashed. The grounds were hallow and blighted as life had long abandoned the place. Despite the sickly land sounds of toil silenced the fleeing breeze as nearly a dozen people spaced away feverishly.

At the center of the ruins they toiled for there at the root of their toil lay a great hole that dug into the earth like a wound. The hole which took the dozen nearly a year to craft and yet more to anoint with their dark intent. The walls of the hole were anointed with blasphemous sigils and words of power known only in the Devils own tongue. Such things though would be submerged by their last great labor.

The last labor took many years as the robbed individuals scoured the breath of the land for victims. One by one the pit was filled with the mangled bodies of the innocent and the corrupt. Their bodies were twisted and mangled beyond recognition some in various states of decay yet always the blood sank into the thirsty earth.

The dread night came at last and a new individual came to observed the sight. He wore the guise of a man well into his years yet his body was strong and his eyes soulless and cruel. He was adorned in a Roman tunic dressed with the distinction of a bygone age. The beast a vampire by the name of Tiberius marched across the corrupt earth seemingly drawing strength from the evil.

Beside him walked another seemingly lost in the shadow of the ancient evil yet he to was another coiled by the blood of Tiberius. Dressed as a priest his gaze was fixed to the ground as even his soul was shaken by the wanton evil that surrounded him. The Vampires name was Gavin Giovanni.

The pair came before the great pit and the cultists fell to their knees in awe of their immortal masters. Tiberius looked upon the sight and pride swelled in his chest.

“Look now Gavin, upon the price for power.” His raspy voice murmured as he raised his hand in defiance of all the world.

“There is no doubt that the tribute gathered here would bring angels to mourn and all of hell to sing.” Gavin could barely keep himself together at the sight of what was before him.

“For years we have toiled and now at last our work is done, master, the rewards promised to us by you.” The lead cultists spoke but fell silence as the gaze of the ancient vampire meet his.

“Indeed, slave, let the ritual commence and the final sacrifice made.” Tiberius spoke his grin twisted and wide his veins ran black as the night and his eyes covered by darkness.

In the flicker of an instant the cultists found their wills stolen from them their bodies slowly encircled this pit.

“You can not do this!” A voice screamed from among the cultists as they looked over their years of work.

“Oh, but I can and I do.” Tiberius spoke wickedly for he had used his power over the mind to assert his control over their bodies yet leaving their awareness in tact, leaving them little more then passengers in their own body.
 The cultists each slowly drew ceremonial knives they kept at their side and plunged the knives in to their bodies. The weak willed ones died first plunging their knives in and falling into the pit bellow. True horror existed for the stronger willed who resisted but failed none the less.

“Begin.” Tiberius said turning his attention to Gavin.

“With the blood of the innocent, we open the way for you.” Gavin spoke his voice ringing like a priest reading the scripture.

“By the blood of the guilty, we call to you.” Gavin continued and the ground seemed to churn.

“An alter fitting the throne of smokeless fire has been peppered.” Gavin continued the spell and the bodies of the pit began to writhe with agony.

“We beseech you oh great one, return to us the seed we gave to thee now grown so that through its roots you may transcend your bindings.” Gavin spoke ever more submissively as the world around him grew ever more warped.

The worked churned and the pit writhed in agony the soil spat fire as the land cracked. Gavin began to chant in the dragons tongue and after a stretch of time which felt like an eternity something emerged from the pit. It screamed like a vengeful new born its pale skin anointed by the blood of countless sacrifice. Horns sprung from its head and its hands like claws slashed its way through the pit.

Both vampires recognized the being which crawled from the pit, it had been a sacrifice many centuries ago and now it has bloomed.

“Erik.” Tiberius spoke and the creatures glared at him with fangs showing.

A symbol burned one Gavin’s had as the creature emerged an image he ingrained in his mind as it vanished away.

“You … what do you wish?” The devilish creature spoke as if compelled to do so.

“Providence is at hand little creature and you shall make certain that the embers of resistance are sniffed out.” Tiberius spoke.

“Rome, the eternal city, has long been a bastion for Kindred civilization, now it is a hollow shell of its former self abandoned even by those dark things from Dis. Yet still, it has proven to be the bastion of my opposition, they are broken and you shall see to it that this place shall never again become a threat to my ambition.” Tiberius turned his gaze towards the city.

“Gavin you shall return to Milan, see to it that Rome is ignored, I shall travel to the new world for it is there that the power to change this world shall be found.” Tiberius said with a wide grin as he issued his commands.
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Hellfire Fiends
Part II

A decade had nearly passed since the massacre of the cultists and the summoning of the devilish Erik Giovanni. The whole event seemed ignored and forgotten, people simply made no mention of it and denied such a place ever existed.

The ancient Tiberius Giovanni tasked Erik  to scour the city of Rome from ever being a source of trouble for him again. It was a monumental tasks as the eternal city housed a Kindred population far greater then it had any right to. To honor his pact the fiendish Kindred needed time of which he seemingly had plenty as Tiberius had departed for the new world in pursuit of the Philosophers Stone and Gavin acted in his Sires place among the conspiring Eternal Senate.

Erik spent many of his nights in the cities Elysium’s masquerading as a sultry Daeva as he stalked the Rack for rumors and gossip. In time he came to learn of the cities most affluent individuals and took a keen fascination with the influential individuals. The most successful merchants, the most cunning politicians, and most cutthroat bandits, he knew them all by name and by desire.

Like a virus his influence over the cities elite grew slowly at first but with time there was not a noble in the city that did not know of the youthful socialite who was able to entertain any taste. It took great effort as he slowly plucked the most desirous nobles to make up his herd and slowly twist them into a secret society of a sort built upon the darkest desires of those who were counted as members.

Ten years it had taken for Erik to craft this hellfire society and it had grown to such an extent that it no longer needed his night to night attention and so he returned to the cities countless Elysium’s to further work his machinations. The other Kindred did not care for what was building beneath them seeing the small throngs of degenerate humans as little more then trivial amusements. The Vampires of Rome tended to their ancient grudges remaining ignorant of the future.

Erik’s movements went unnoticed by all except one, a Mekhet carrying a deep intelligence and a silent yet dark charisma. He went by the name of Sahar, an old vampire by any record he was a traveler and spent many years seeking the purpose to his existence. Despite his travels and his lengthy torpors he always garnered greater insight and always he would return to Rome.

Sahar appeared as a young man just barley having come of age at the time of his embrace his hair was short and silky colored like a deep brown. His features were soft yet inviting and his form slender and unimposing. His skin was free of blemish and kissed with a distant memory of the sun while his eyes seemed to betray his inner darkness as they were black as ink.

Sahar was known for being a philosopher of the Kindred condition and seldom spent time engaged in politics yet he could not help but be intrigued by Erik and his growing influence. Sahar began investigating Erik almost as soon as he arrived to the city going so far as to make his Haven at the sight of where Erik was conjured up.

Sahar was confident he knew what he needed to make his move, night after night he attended the hellfire society’s meetings. He engaged in all manner of the society’s depravities seemingly unfazed by them. He enticed some with decadences of his own and came to hold some sway over the society.

Word of Sahar eventually made its way to Erik who ignored it at first but it quickly became all to apparent that Sahar would not simply go away. Erik knew he had to confront this would be usurper. He called for the society to hold an event so grand that all of its members would be in attendance, Sahar would have to come.

The great party was to take place in the most affluent members estate and sure enough all were in attendance. No expense was spared as the rooms were immaculate, food and drink were copious, and depravity could be sighted at nearly every bend.

Sahar worked his way through the crowds saying nothing, he knew what was going to happen tonight and that it was but a matter of time. Likewise, Erik commanded his revelries in earnest encouraging new heights of excess in all those that he could but his eyes never escaped the upstart.

Sahar set a challenge for himself, something to entice and enrage Erik whom he knew he had the attention of. He would set out to entice one of the society’s women, not with his words, not with his wit, nor his powers of the blood but only with his eyes. It took work to find a suitable candidate but he did find her and made his way with her to a corner. He was sure to keep Eriks attention as the vampire had his way with her yet his himself behind a cloak so Erik could only see his rivals eyes. Sahar plunged his fags intro her throat as she writhed against him but Sahar had long lost interest in the women and kept his eyes upon Erik.

Erik was raptured and enraged at the deliberate action he stepped down from being the center of attention and moved to confront Sahar. The clever Sahar abandoned the women he used to bait Erik and quickly made his way to the winding halls of the estate. Erik was undaunted and gave chase knowing that his pray could only run so far.

Erik cornered Sahar at the end of one of the hallways within the estate, both knew there could be no more running and stood there in silent observation of one another. Sahar stood there silent he had made his gamble and knew he stood little chance in a physical confrontation. Erik was perplexed by his preys silence and was cautious.

“You went through a lot of work for this, what are you after ?” Erik spoke out as he quickly grew impatient as Sahar simply looked at him with a triumphant grin.

“You, is it not obvious.” Sahar spoke in a soft voice.

“If you are looking for a lover then you just needed to ask.” Erik in a sense was relived.

“What fun is it if there is no hunt and we can both serve one another’s needs quite well.” Sahar spoke his voice soft but eery sound to it.

“I doubt that very much.” Erik spoke now in a standoffish way.

“I know you were sent here to set the Kindred of Rome to ash.” Sahar spoke his words like knives drover Erik’s eyes wide open.

Like a bolt of lightning Erik kept forward his hand clasped Sahars throat and pinned him to the wall.

“I should open you up right here but you came this far and worked hard so you have my interest.” Erik said with a subtle intensity.
“You could do that but what will there be to savor when your done?” Sahar spoke seemingly unafraid of the threat.

“I have my reasons for wanting vengeance on the Kindred of Rome and I find you endlessly fascinating.” Sahar continued to speak his words whispered to Erik’s ears.

“Let us make something beautiful together, so I can prove that I have your best interest at heart.” Sahar said wrapping his arms around Erik and raising one of his legs to Erik’s hips.