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Haloise Dark Short Stories
The Lonely Path

He had followed her all across Europe keeping an eye upon her like an eagle might its prey but he was not hunting her, not in any malevolent way in any case. His soul kindled with life just knowing he was in proximity to her yet he knew better to confront her and so like an eagle he soared above unobserved but always watching. She was the blood of his blood and his wife in the night despite their present estranged relationship. Her name was Selene Giovanni, she had grown to be an Ancilla in their decades apart, she had parted company with her Coterie and remained independent of any Domain or Covenant. He was Haloise Giovanni, an Elder whose name both evoked hope and dread in those who knew him, he was one of the pillars of the Invictus with access to Contacts and Resources needed for a Vampire of his age to so freely travel.

They resided in some nameless city whose residents would be forgotten by the first hint of Torpors fog at least as far as Haloise was concerned. During this time he could easily enough move his pawns around the board to further his machinations and proximity to her was her prerogative.

She was growing anxious, he could tell, he had long learned to read her body language, she would soon depart the city for some unknowable location. So it was that he casts his net wide for there was no telling where they would stop once they began, regardless he would be prepared.

He sat in his Haven, sitting in silence a single candle burning as he watched the listless crowd moving behind his window. He pitted them, the thought crossed his mind, they had such a short time to find happiness then again they need not live an eternity with grief.

“Sire.” A nameless thrall disturbed his silence.

Haloise looked at the Ghoul but said nothing his eyes were enough to command him to get to the point.

“The lady has contracted movers for her belongings sire, we believe she shall depart the city by the end of the evening by train.” The servant spoke with urgency.

“Do you know where it is that she is ending this journey.” His voice sounded as alien to himself as it did to the ghoul, he could go nights without speaking as he watched the mass of human cattle before him

“We do not know.” The Ghoul reluctantly answered.

Haloise quickly came to stand striding across the room he looked his thrall in the eye.

“Have my belongings placed on that train.” He spoke what would seem a herculean task which was all to simple as he traveled lightly.

“After which I release you from my service, returned to your family with you compensation and live out the rest of you life as you wish.” This he enforced with a command that only a Vampire could deliver.

Haloise had little use for servants with such a limited skills and thought it better not to keep one to close for his own purposes.

He put on his long coat as was the fashion at the time and made his way to the train station. He stood there the last of the crowd was boarding the train cars when caught a glimpse of his beloved. His chest raced with anticipation at the sight of her but he could not bring himself to approach her. She made her way on to the train as did the other passengers.

As he made his way to the boarding platform he felt a hand grab his shoulder.

“Haloise?” A female voice chimed.

For a moment he thought it might have been her yet he knew better she was already on the train and the voice was certainly not hers. He looked over his shoulder to see a familiar face but also a ghost from his past.

“Marzanna.” Haloise said in a flat way.

The coldness in his voice struck the women by surprise but it had nearly been five centuries since their last encounter. She understood the weight of time as well as him and they had once been friends.

“I have been looking for you, it has been very difficult to find you, I was beginning to think you were dead..” She spoke in an amicable almost friendly way hoping it would rekindle that spark of mutual friendship they once had.

“Hmm.” Haloise obviously cared little for his wayward friend in the moment.

She was shocked at his response, they had fought alongside one another and bleed together. She gave patients another try.

“I need you to come with me, I need your help.” She said matter of factly.

“Bother someone else.” Haloise said eyeing a clock which sat in the distance the train warming up and getting ready to depart.

She was shocked by the coldness in her friend, she sacrificed for his benefit and to be so discarded brought her to the verge of rage.

“I want you to honor your promise.” She growled clenching her hand in to a fist several stones sharpened themselves to be like spikes.

“Do not follow this path child, I have no desire to harm you.” Haloise spoke sternly.

She had always looked up to him when she was younger, he was an ancient mystery to her but now what was the difference in a few hundred years.

“I have watched that cursed place for you for centuries, I sacrificed my freedom for your peace of mind.” She spoke over the sound of the engine staring up.

“How about you find one of the others to pester with your problems.” Haloise proposed the waning time taxing his mind

“Others!” Her rage slipped not at the idea of asking one of the others but for being abandoned by a friend.

One of the spikes thrust forward but fell to ash before it could reach its mark.

“I have no desire to hurt you.” Haloise spoke as a warning.

She was in a rage now, her sense of betray called for revenge, she would make him help her.

Several more stone spikes shot forward, the vampire dodged the first but he knew he had no time to keep at this. He had no weapon but he had his power. The second and third ran him through as he brought himself to concentrate.

A circle of silver and black materialized just at his feet and several chains shot out from
It cooling around the mage and pulling her through the dark door.

“I said I would not hurt you but you left me no choice …” Haloise said between gritted teeth as he pulled the spokes from his form. The dark door to the underworld closed beneath him but he had not acted quickly enough, the train had departed.

He did not know where she was going and for a first time the depth of the separation set in as he fell to his knees on the boarding platform.
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Haloise Dark Short Stories
The Bloody Rose

Years had passed since he had last seen her, but she was never far from his mind, they had parted ways more then a lifetime ago but still thoughts of her rushed through his mind. He knew though for her to grow he needed to allow her greater freedoms and so he loosened the web of servants and worked on his own goals. Eventually though word would come to him from one of his followers that she had joined the Ordo Dracul.

For him the Order has always seemed like more of a fringe society then anything else but he recognized that she was a Kindred of learning and so it made sense. His informant told him though that she was pressed into the Order rather then joining violently and this insult was one the Elder could not abide.

He made preparations for his abrupt travel, his journey was not to be a long one nor would it be a friendly one. As the train steamed across the countryside he allowed he rage to simmer, the beast howled in his mind to rip the throats out of these pretenders but he wrestled the rage with an all to human motivation for vengeance. As the train arrived at its destination all that was left was a cold certainty that the Elder would have his justice.

He exited the train car to a bright moon lit sky, his coat blew gently on the cold breeze, he had been alone for the last few miles of his trek the better to be left with his thoughts. He was not alone on the platform however, his servant who went by the name of Ulbrecht Von Brandt was there waiting for him, he was upon one knee upon seeing his master.

“Raise” Haloise gestured and his command was followed.

“My lord, I hope your journey went well.” The Mekhet spoke on a whisper.

“As well as circumstances would allow. Now tell me the details of what has brought me here.” Haloise began to walk his servant just behind.

“As I said in the letter, Selene was coerced into joining the Order by the Academy’s ruling Dragon.” Ulbrecht spoke so as to ensure none could hear their conversation.

“Dose she know you contacted me?” Haloise questioned.

“No my lord, she is even unaware of my presence, we are fortunate that she remains Unsworn there is still time to withdraw her from the Order as she remains unsworn.” Ulbrecht explained.

“No.” Haloise answered with a cold certainty.

“I will leave the decision as to weather she leaves or not up to her, I am simply here to convey a message.” Haloise explained.

“As you will.” Ulbrecht replied submissively.

“Now bring me to this Dragon.” Haloise commanded.

Ulbrecht knew better then to argue the point even if bringing one from outside of the Order to the Academy uninvited would be controversial at the least. He lead his master through the streets to what passed as a hospital for the time and through its dim halls they traversed to what hospital officials called the research wing which was in all actual a façade for the Orders Academy in this place. At the end of the corridor was a large seminar hall where the Dragons would present their findings to their superiors. Tonight though Ulbrecht ensures that only the head Dragon, his advisors and whatever bodyguards they had would be in attendance.

“My fellow Sworn, allow me to introduce lord Haloise.” Ulbrecht said to gather the attention of those in the room as he gestured to his true master.

“Ulbrecht, What is the meaning of this you know that only those in the Twilight Council may call for an outsider to be brought before us!” The lead Dragon voiced his protest.

“You misunderstand.” Haloise spoke up and with a flicker of his potent blood the ones he identified found their minds blank and they fell to the floor.

“I go where I wish, no door is denied entrance to me, I do not need your summons for what I see, I become the master of.” Haloise spoke as the bodyguards fell limp to the ground around him.

“You … you cannot do this …” the lead Dragon was obviously unnerved.

“It is you who has made an error but be fortunate that I am a gentleman, those of you who are unnecessary leave.” Haloise state flatly to which the advisors were more then happy to oblige making their own quick exit.

“Recently you pressed a women in to the service of your Covenant.” Haloise turned all his focus upon the head Dragon grabbing him by the throat and effortlessly lifting him from his chair.

“Know that should and harm befall her as a result of the petty games of your Covenant I will hold you personally responsible. If you value your Requiem and the myriad of tortures I could in part upon you after it you will heed my warning, and should you take any punitive actions for our conversation tonight would be most unfortunate.” Haloise spoke with a grim seriousness before displaying his power by effortlessly tossing the man aside.

Haloise turned and made ready for his departure from the building with his message delivered Ulbrecht escorted his lord back to the train station where he could depart before sunrise. The Ordo had received his message and some among the Ordo who were there that night talked about this mysterious Haloise among ranking Dragons.