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Xaver in New York
The war in Venice was won, Gavin Giovanni was forced into hiding and his allies abandoned him like rats in a sinking ship. A new night seemed to be emerging for the Kindred of Europe but the breath of relief could not be had until the mad cardinal was captured. Unfortunately the coward managed to evade those sent to capture him and so all waited on bated breath to see what would happen next.

Haloise Giovanni, the Emperor of the Invictus and primary rival to the crazed Cardinal was not intent to sit ideal. His retainers scoured Europe for any trace of the Cardinal but thus far turned up nothing but smoke and rumor. Other threats existed and it would be folly to turn Gavin into obsession, such thinking had already brought the Imperial household much trauma with the revelation that Tiberius Giovanni had survived his apparent death and had been reborn.

Haloise gathered his allies and prepared for his enemies, he called upon his close friend, confidant, and occasional lover Xaver Fürst to undertake a special mission. Haloise ordered the brooding Khaibit to take a vacation. The Mekhet staunchly refused, given the array of crisis that seemed to be surrounding them but the Emperor would not be swayed and so reluctantly the Khaibit capitulated.

The arrangements were made in great secrecy, the Khaibit was told he would be going New York City for several weeks, he had previously spent perhaps a few hours in the city but he knew the cities Kindred well enough. The Prince of the city was the Childe of Haloise Giovanni names Christen and his herald a sultry Daeva named Abby. Xaver also knew the city hosted many Khaibit under the guidance of his peer by the name of Asdrubal.

A private flight was chartered for the Khaibit and time passed by quickly enough as the plane began its decent. He sat in his seat his arms crossed, he did not like leaving his charges and he did not like how little he knew about what was happening around him yet the time for protest had passed and the time should go by quickly enough.

The plane came to a halt and he was shown out of the plane, he was greeted by the sanctity of the night for only a moment, the turbines were winding down and there was silence and then surprise. A decent car was waiting for him on the runway but he expected the Prince or his Herald to greet him but to his surprise a familiar mortal face was waiting for him.

It was the shapely women named Velvet, a mage as he recalled with a predilection for gunpowder and sweets. She was one of a short list of the Kine that the Giovanni kept close.

“Ooooh, they sent you.” Velvet said in an excited almost high pitch voice pulling a lollipop from her mouth as her arms relaxed beside her open trench coat.

“I was not expecting you.” Xaver keep his calm but could not hide a hint of surprise.

“Well I will be your guide to the city so get your ass in the car so we can get you settled.” Velvet said swinging open a door.

Xaver said nothing but got into the car none the less, while Velvet made her way to the drivers seat, they drove a little ways and the city filled in around them.

“So you live here now ?” Xaver broke the silence as he peered through the window.

“Yeah me and Vladick decided to settle down.” Velvet replies a hint of her temper flashing as she cut her way through the city traffic.

“And where is he ?” Xaver replied.

“He is gonna be gone for a few days, official city business I guess.”  Velvet answered as she continued to swerve through traffic.

“I see.” Xaver knew the rouge Khaibit would not be around.

They arrived at a parking garage where Velvet proceeded to park the car in a reserved parking space for a “Jack Cobalt”. Xaver eyed the sign.

“You did not actually think I would be crazy enough to own a car in this city, I just borrowed this one.” She mused as she lead Xaver into the apartment complex to her place.

“Welcome to your home away from home, and I just wanted to say, you got the best roommate. Me!” She said excitedly before rushing off to prepare the Khaibits room.
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Xaver in New York
“Come on in.” The Khaibit heard a few short moments later in the Mages familiar voice. With the invitation the Khaibit made his way into room and despite his typically reserved nature even he was taken by surprise at the sight before him.

The room itself was simple, a good sized bed, a flat screen tv hung on the wall and a somewhat messy wardrobe. It was obvious to Xaver that this must have been the lair of his fellow Khaibit as it was perfectly hidden away from the possibility of any natural light source. Despite the observation the security of the place or even its general appearance were not the first thing to cross his mind. Velvet was standing there bent over the bed completely exposed, her skin ever so kissed with the touch of life.

“I can’t blame you for looking but your gonna need to do more then that.” She said looking over her shoulder to the looming Mekhet.

“Do you really think such a greeting is appropriate?” Xaver questioned fighting his natural inclination to stare.

“Hell yeah I do, you see, I told those sweet ass Giovanni that I would put you up while you stay here, they offered me some cash but I don’t want any money.” She gloated.

“But what I did not expect was for Vladick to get caught up in Vampire bullshit for a few weeks and well a lady has needs you know. So think of this like your security deposit, oh and of course I take payment up front.” Velvet said with a grin her hand reaching back and stretching her flower exposing her want a delicate bead of desire dropped to ground bellow.

“This hardly seems like an appropriate way to broach such an arrangement.” Xaver stayed but now his sharp gaze fell on the mage, the vampire could hardly deny the attractiveness of her body and her defiant attitude was always a source of some measure of amusement to him.

“Well if you do not want to think about it like that you can just call this a rematch for that time in the woods.” She snapped back obviously ready to play the Khaibit in a game of wits as well as challenging his talents in bed.

“For one of the Kine you …” Xaver said But was quickly interrupted.

“Enough blah blah blah, you got what it takes or not.” Velvet did not seemed the least bit worried at just how dangerous irritating Xaver might be.

The Khaibits ego had been coaxed enough, after all he had a pretty good idea what it was that motivated the mage. His reply came only with a simple grin, a subtle smirk before he vanished in a pillar of black shadow and appeared just behind the mage now matching her in such an exposed state and arguably as eager.

“No games this time Velvet, tonight I plan to win this little game.” Xaver said before pushing the tip of his lust to her wanton petals. Slowly he pushed into her her body tightly constricting around him until his body was pressed fully to hers. She let out almost a moan of relief as she was filled by him.

“Is that all you got.” She challenged him with a grin.

“You seem eager enough to let loose…” the Khaibit was amused by her defiance grabbed her hips and he quickly picked up the pace of his thrust, repeatedly filling her wholly. Each let out their own groan indicating their delight to the other even as Velvet for her body shaking with pleasure she struggled to keep herself up under the relentless claim of the Vampire, she may well have buckled had he not been holding her hips.

“Don’t think you’re the one in charge.” Velvet spoke definitely as she began moving her hips in as assertive of a manner as the vampire both of them groaning, Velvet caring little to cry out in delight while Xaver kept his teeth clenched as he could hardly deny how the mage was making him feel.

Not before long both the vampire and the mage found ecstasy, Xaver delivered his lust deep into the mage who shook in delight.

“That counts as a tie.” Velvet claimed between breathy gasp.

“Is that so … in that case …” Xaver said deviously before lifting the mage slightly and pinning her to the bed thrusting hard several times against her before turning her to her back.

“Fuck me ….” She moaned following the quick display of physical prowess.

“As you wish.” Xaver answered with a grin moving against her in such a fashion that he stood while still pressing her against the bed.

“Your almost the most voracious guy I know.” She groaned still challenging him to more as her body found its peak as the tip of him repeatedly rubbed her in just the right way and it was obvious that he knew.

Again she cried out driven to higher ecstasy as he again flooded her with his vampiric want, unleashing lust even as he stirred what he had already delivered on to her.

A few moments passed and the Khaibit pulled from her and came to lay braided her upon the bed, the excess of desire dropped steadily from the mage as she looked to the the vampire.

“So which other voracious individuals have you been in contact with?” The Khaibit questioned as he breathed steadily.

“Me and Vladick have been running with a new crew, lets just say we have a way with people.” Velvet spoke up triumphantly.

“I see.” The Khaibit pondered.

While Xaver was lost in his own thought Velvet came to be on all fours and made her way between his legs.

“What are you doing ?” He asked as she drew his attention.

“What I am not letting you off that easy.” Velvet said before taking Xaver in to her mouth and working the tip of him before sliding more in. Xaver let out an amused groan even as he watched the mage bounce up and down the length of him.

“You think I have not seen you checking me out before ?” Velvet said after coming up for aid Xavers Member now slick with want and saliva.

“What do you mean ?” Xaver had obviously looked her over but that was hardly a secret.

“I think I have something that none of the chicks you run with have.” She replied as she maneuvered Xaver between her chest and began to work him thee.

“Looks like I was right, your already about to bust.” She said gleefully as she kept at her pace, she could feel Xaver throbbing between her while a bead of anticipation dripped from him.

“You are definitely well endowed there.” Xaver groaned.

“Oh I know.” She said before letting her tongue get to work on the tip of him.

Not long after the Khaibit came to bliss and while the mage attempted to catch all of it the angle made it impossible leaving Xaver to coat her chest with his want.

“Game, set, and match.” She started coming to her knees and tasting some of the Vampires list on her chest.

“Confident words.” Xaver said with an impassioned breath.

The Khaibit again rolled Velvet to her stomach only this time his tongue went to work at the Mages backside licking and prodding almost recklessly. He left no time for her to utter any words instead focusing on her in such a way that all she could manage was to moan.

When he was sure that she was ready he filled her backside slowly sliding in to the tight entrance as his mouth came to her throat.

“Our game is just getting started.” He said before sinking his fangs into her neck drinking from her sensual as his hips thrust. He used his strength and rolled to his back not allowing them to part but enabling his hand to work her slick chest.

He moved now at a greater pace driven by the taste of warm Vitae on his tongue he moved quickly spreading the mage as both groans with sensual delight. He delved deep to her pumping one last bout of lust into the mage.

Physical exhaustion and dawn followed soon after with Velvet passing into sleep atop the Khaibit as the Vampire drifted into his own sleep.
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Xaver in New York
Xaver knew that he had certain obligations as a traveling Kindred that he could only ignore for so long despite the delights and distractions offered by Velvet. He did not know if Haloise had informed his Childe, Prince Christen Giovanni that he would be in the city. As a curtesy he would meet with the Prince in private rather then in open court as a sign of respect to New York’s Prince.

Xaver knew from his experiences in his home city that Velvet developed a closeness with the Siren called Abigail although most called her Abby. She served as the Herald for the Prince and deduced that she could bring about the desired meeting with the Prince.

Velvet was brewing some coffee draped in a shirt obviously belonging to Vladick as Xaver emerged from his temporary room. He offered a smirk to the mage who replied in kind.

“Finally decided to wake up stud ?” She say in a playful yet humorous way.

“You know well how relative our control is over such things can be.” Xaver replied with a hint of sarcasm.

“As much as I have enjoyed these last few nights I have things I need to attend to while I am here.” Xaver explained in a fairly relaxed fashion.

“I think I am plenty for you to attend to.” Velvet said as she started pouring herself a cup of coffee with an abnormal amount of sugar.

“Fair point.” Xaver said with the slightest chuckle.

“But I do not want my presence here to bring trouble to you or others.” Xaver explained with a return to seriousness.

“Fine, fine, I guess you have earned it.” Velvet refused to let go of her levity.

“I need to present myself to the Prince but I do not wish to do so in open court, I was hoping you were still in touch with Abby.” Xaver explained his plan.

“Oh ? That’s it? Never really thought of you to like getting the freaky.” Velvet said with some flair.

“That is not my intention, I am simply respecting traditions.” Xaver said with a mild hint of his dry sarcasm, the thought crossed his mind that he had perhaps spoiled the mage these past few night but he also knew he could not deny the pleasantness.

“That’s it.” Velvet said through a mild mannered laugh her hand resting at her hip.

“And here I thought you were asking for something big.” She mused pulling her phone pressing a few buttons in rapid succession before the chime of a response coming through a few moments later.

“All set, let me get dressed and we can get going where you gotta go.” Velvet walked past the looming Khaibit.

Velvet quickly moved to get herself ready even if she suspected she may have been watched by her guest. Afterwards the pair made their way to the same car which brought them here and Velvet similarly commended the same automobile. Xaver thought to question the wisdom of stealing the same car over and over again but he knew better.

Quickly enough they found themselves in the downtown heart of the city and Velvets road rage shined through several times. They were parked beside a club, not ideal for what Xaver was looking for but his talents in obfuscate would be enough if he felt it was necessary to hide away from prying eyes.

They made their way in to the lavish place and Xaver quickly learned that this must have been one of the cities Elysium’s obviously run by the Daeva if the sights and sounds were any inflammation. Velvet seemed to be in her element as the Kindred doorman almost seemed to light up as she came upon the scene.

She lead him through an unassuming door and the noise came to an abrupt stop but the scents and sounds were definitely those that appealed to the Serpents. Impressive works of art adorned the spaces between doors marked by numbers, Velvet lead him to one marked 399.

“This is Abby’s, she should be waiting inside for you, I’ll let you talk Vampire business and when your done come by the club part of this crazy place.” Velvet mused almost excitedly.

Xaver made his way into the room, it was little more then a decent sized city apartment certainly not her primary haven although a great place to bring someone who you did not want knowing your true home. It was nicely decorated for what it was with a fairly open layout.

“Well well, it looks like I have a visitor.” Abby spoke from the shadows the natural melody of her voice grabbing the Khaibit, Xaver has no way of knowing if it was natural or otherwise as he had little experience with the strange powers that his in Abby’s blood.

“I wish to tell Christen that I will be in his city for a time.” Xaver put it bluntly.

“That is good to know but you will have to wait a little while longer if you wish to tell him yourself.” Abby said her resolve more solid in this den of Daeva then it had been with some of his other encounters with her. He had no way to know if the confident courtly Kindred or the meek easily surprised Vampire was the true Abby, he concluded the truth must be somewhere between those two theories.

“He is not in the city ?” Xaver questioned as she made her way past various musical tools to something of a minibar.

“You come all this way and do not even ask how I am doing.” She spoke in an almost disappointed and condescending way, it was a two pronged assault of feeling that kept the Khaibit somewhat bewildered.

“My apologies, I do not wish for my presence to offend the Prince or his Court and so my mind was focused on urgency.” The Khaibit replied.

“Good answer.” Abby seemed pleased.

“Christen has made his way to Boston to conduct some business of his own but do not worry on my authority I grant you permission to stay here as long as you so please.” She said turning to face the Khaibit offering him a drink with one hand while holding one herself.
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Xaver in New York
“Boston ?” Xaver pauses to think taken by surprise at what Abby said.

“Yeah, being in charge of one of the most important cities in the new world mean he is often called into other domains to mediate, Boston is where his master is.” Abby explained.

“Does he not answer to Haloise ?” Xaver asked already suspecting he knew the answer to his question.

“By blood yes, but politically he acts more as the right hand of the Queen of the New World And is the go between for her and Haloise.” Abby elaborated taking a sip of her drink as Xaver took the drink from her.

“Julia …” Xaver muttered under his breath before sipping the gifted drink.

“What was that ?” Abby asked prudently.

“Nothing, I suppose I will be on my way, thank you.” Xaver said taking another sip of his drink before turning to find Velvet and depart.

Before Xaver could reach his hand for the door another door in the apartment beside him swung open and a young looking man stepped out. He had a sharp look to him and a rose studded earring in one of his ears. His lower half was covered by a fowl while the rest of his body was bare and looked as if he had just emerged from a shower.

“Oh Abby, you truly have out done yourself this time, what a pristine form and how dangerous to lure another Kindred here.” The Vampire spoke with fervent enthusiasm.

“I think you might be confused.” Xaver commented.

“Tommy, I think …” Abby seemed more amused by everything then anything else.

“Now, now, there is no need to be nervous, I promise you will enjoy this, just take a drink and relax.” Tommy said fervently helping Xaver to another sip of the drink. The Khaibit could not escape the feeling like a hand was at his hip and chest but there was clearly nothing there.

“I am not nervous.” Xaver said plainly.

“So feisty, what an interesting tease you are. Abby I know we usually enjoy the company of a couple of ladies but I can understand wanting to change it up from time to time, not that it matters to me.” Tommy spoke quickly allowing his hand to reach out and run along the Khaibits torso.

“I do not think you understand.” Xaver spoke his eyes turning to Abby as the Khaibit tried to make sense of the very forward Daeva.

“Oh, Xaver, this is Tommy he is my boy toy and best friend, he knows this city like no one else.” Abby said with a smile making her way behind Tommy her hands squeezing his shoulders in a messaging fashion.

“Is that so.” Xaver stated the question more matter of factly then as a question, he immediately figured out the nature of their relationship and did not bother to put much concern in the matter.

“Trust me.” She smiled playfully at the Khaibit picking up his glass and leading him to the couch using her free hand to lightly lead him to long couch.

“What are you getting at Abby?” Xaver questioned her.

“If she explained it what fun would it be.” Tommy chimes in approaching the pair from behind intensifying his psychic affect upon the Khaibit a slew of caressing hands and an invisible warm breath by the ear.

“What are you doing ?” Xaver questioned as he found Abby leading him to take a seat on the couch as she joined beside him.

“Well your blushing, care to explain that?” Abby said her own hands ever tentatively caressing along his body as well.

“Well the situation might warrant some measure of embarrassment, he is naked for all intensive purposes and you dressed equally provocatively.” Xaver stated observing Tommy clenching his teeth seemingly envious of Abby’s ability to keep the attention of the Khaibit.

Tommy focused his powers moving from ambient affections to an intense series of affections that were profoundly acute. Tommy but his lips himself growing excited in unleashing such a torrent of desire. Heated breath from an impassioned lover fell on Xavers neck while invisible hands caressed even the most sensitive areas of him while false lips found his neck.

Tommy could feel himself in the moment and his focus made it impossible on anything beside his power. Xaver for his part could hardly deny his reaction to sensation his body practically acting as it might be expected to naturally. He was fairly certain that Abby was not at work here as her tricks tended toward the vocal and Tommy’s expression made it obvious.

Xaver lunged forward lifting himself from the couch and seized Tommy by the neck and pressing g him against the wall.

“What are you doing to me?” Xaver said with a seriousness in his voice as he pressed up against the pinned Daeva.

“Oh Tommy did you start playing tricks on our special guest already.” Abby said playfully as she stood up.

“You know what he was doing?.” Xaver looked over his shoulder to look at Abby.

“I know all of his tricks and I do not think you can deny the results.” Abby said coming up behind Xaver her hand sneaking into his pants finding the Khaibit in a quite desiring state.

“I must have done something special to get such a response.” Tommy said with a grin as he saw Xaver let out a breath of pleasure as Abby allowed her hand to slowly work the Khaibit.
“You would fit right in with the Giovanni.” Xaver said as Abby continued to work him pressing her now bare chest against the Shadows back.

“You must be the Mekhet that Abby told me about, there is no denying it, it seems the Giovanni have an inclination for you asps.” Tommy said hardly able to contain his excitement of being stuck in such a situation.

“What are you getting at.” Xaver was uncertain how to take that comment.

“Oh he is just talking about Christens new bodyguard, I guess he must have been jealous of Haloise and you.” Abby chuckled slightly.

“Is that so.” Xaver aloud his thoughts to travel silently in his mind but that was valuable information for him.

“He must have something in his mind because he just got more excited.” Abby observed a wide grin her hand still steadily working.

“You know, if all you were looking for was a good time all you had to do was ask, after all I did admit to thinking your looks were something.” Xaver relaxed slightly allowing Tommy to gain his own footing.

“Now look who came around.” Tommy spoke confidently

“But first …” Xaver spoke softly before sinking his fangs into the Daeva taking a deep sample of the new kindreds Vitae.

“Ah!” Tommy groaned as he submitted to the sudden change in the the imposing Khaibits demeanor.

“Now that is cute.” Abby said with amusement working to free Xaver of his minimal clothing the time being something close to her mind.

As Xaver found himself exposed before the already eager Deava he licked Tommy’s wound shut before standing slight to the side allowing his form to impose over both vampires. Tommy and Abby looked on with a greedy look in their eyes while Xaver could not help but appreciate the awe he seemed to be inspiring.

Before long both Tommy and Abby were at his hardness their tongues dancing to seize the moment while the other would take a turn taking the Mekhet into their mouth. It almost became a game within the game as they composted to see who might take more of the Mekhet.

“Abby, we have already experienced one another, perhaps you shall let your friend have a taste.” Xaver said in as deviant a way as his typical stalwartness would allow.

“I suppose that would only be fair …” Abby said with a tinge of disappointment but she complied.

“Gotta make sure your in for a good time tonight Tommy.” She said sneaking behind her compatriot grabbing him firmly by his backside and putting her tongue to work.

“You would certainly have something clever to say now but I have better ideas.” Xaver said running his hand through Tommy’s hair before thrusting modestly as Tommy groaned and gauged.

Xaver stepped back giving Tommy a moment to recover his Member glistens with saliva and he had a smirk on his face.

“This will have to do … as an expression of my gratitude for your insights.” Xaver said with a grin before vanishing in the dark and appearing behind Tommy.

Xaver lifted him and aligned him so that the Khaibit could enter him with but a simple thrust. Xaver feeling no inclination to lose time made his claim with certainty as he moved already with a steady pace.

“Fuck … Abby he is just as crazy as you said.” Tommy said as his mind already slipped in to newer forms of lust as Xaver held his legs and thrust at a certain pace.

“I would never lie to you.” Abby said looking up as the spectacle almost seemed designed for her to have the best view.

“Your not that bad yourself.” Xaver noted biting his lip as he was further enticed by Tommy moaning.

“Look at you getting compliments.” Abby hummed as she watched her friend be filled over and over again.

“I can’t take much more !” Tommy groaned as his member erupted to lust provoked to such a state by Xavers claim. Tommy’s sudden tightness brought Xaver to his own peak of desire driving deep into the Daeva to plant his lust deep into him.

“You know you two could make a fortune together, what a show you could put on.” Abby said a tinge of desire radiating in her voice.

“I appreciate the compliment but my night is not over with just his touch.” Xaver said with a grin as he looked at Abby and the shadows began to dance around them.

Everything went black for a moment before senses returned and Abby found herself at the couch laying atop Tommy still drilling from his experience. Her back was pressed against her fellow Daeva and Xaver was standing over her.

“What are you planing ?” Abby stated trying to figure out what had happened.

“You know what he was doing and said nothing, so you are just as responsible.” Xaver said before pushing himself into her slick petals her body greedily taking in the Mekhet as he trashed her chest with her hand.

“Oh fuck.” Abby cried out with surprised delight although sense quickly left her as Xaver moved at a pace even more ravenous then he had before.

“I forgot how much of a delight you were.” Xaver groaned arching his back as his hips continued to lay claim to her parting petals.
“Is it a clan trait that makes you Daeva all so tight.” Xaver said with delight.

“I … am …” Abby moaned her body convulsing with lust but she came to reason with herself and smiled wrapping her legs around the Khaibit and sinking her teeth into his neck.

The sudden rush of sensation was enough for Xaver to deliver his lust into her as his body was tremendously sensitive as she drank from him.

“What the fuck is going on here guys.” Velvets voice aches from the doorway not a moment later her hands at her hips as she saw the spectacle before her.
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Xaver in New York
“What the fuck …” Velvets voice pierced through the silence rubbing the temples on her head, her eyes glanced around the room and the night before came surging back to her. The room was littered with an assortment of half drunk bottles of various alcohol shadowed by their empty kin. Her body laid next to a vampire she had meet for the first time that night while Abby was somehow interwind between the Mages legs.

“Finally awake ?” Xaver stated looking over the trio of exposed bodies the nights frivolous brevity well written in his mind. The Khaibit could not avoid the information he learned just as the heat of passion was starting.

Prince Christen Giovanni the Childe of his own charge had apparently taken on a Khaibit bodyguard of his own. Xaver new this city was going to be something of a sanctuary for the Khaibit for his fellow shadow crusader had made his Haven here for nearly half a century and reared a new generation of Khaibit in that time of the stories he heard were true.

Still this young Khaibit stood out among his peers because of his proximity to the Giovanni and the matter was simply something he could not let go. He knew he had to meet this neonate.

“Hey are you listening ?” Velvet seemed irritated.

“Sorry my mind was somewhere else. What did you say ?” Xaver retuned his focus to the world around him.

“What are our plans for tonight ?” Velvet proclaimed.

“We need to find someone.” Xaver said rather assertively.

“I mean, what the hell that should be fun.” Velvet did not need much convincing to kill some time.

“Fun ? Oh are we going again ?” Tommy chimed in as he came to.

“Tommy you are so relentless.” Abby said moments later.

“Unfortunately Velvet and I have some work to do tonight.” Xaver insisted on keeping the situation from growing so out of hand.

“Fine but we must do this again some time.” Tommy said almost as if planing his next meeting with the interesting group.

“Don’t worry player, I know how to find you.” Velvet stuck one of her sweets in the Darvas mouth as she emerged from the coil of vampires.

After getting dressed the pair made their way from the sanctuary of the sucubi. Retrieving their absconded car and making their way back to the streets their silence was ended.

“So who are we looking for ?” Velvet broke the silence.

“The two of them mentioned one of my kind who have grown close to Christen, I wish to make sure this Khaibit is worthy of such a charge.” Xaver spoke in his typical calm.

“You know Vladick has been mentioning this guy, it has got to be the same one as who you are looking for.” Velvet said as she cast a middle finger at someone trying to cut her off.

“More then likely, what do you know about this individual?” Xaver questioned.

“Well apparently he is like you and Vladick and some big shot in your clan wants Vladick to sort of take this guy under his wing so to say, probably because Christen wants to be like Haloise and have his own hot piece of shadow ass around.” Velvet spoke never one for dancing around a subject.

“Is that all you know ?” Xaver pressed for more answers.

“Apparently he runs some kind of night club but Vladick has been having a hard time getting in, its still pretty new and really popular.” Velvet explained.

“We can get in.” Xaver was certain.

“I like you confidence.” Velvet smiled.

The pair made their way back to Velvets apartment where they refreshed themselves and recover for a time. They knew better then to show up to such a place right at soon as the door opened. Just after midnight they made their way to the club Velvet dressed in her typical club fashion sure to show off her curves while Xaver dresses rather casually as he had little desire to to draw attention to himself.

They made their way to the club called Oil and Water, there was a line to get in the front door. The two waited there was no need to rush the nights events after all but the line moved at a steady pace despite many people being turned away.

Finally Velvet and Xaver came before the bouncer although they certainly did not look to be together.

“Hey big guy let me in” Velvet said playfully.

“Sorry little lady we are not letting in any loners tonight.” The bouncer said looking her over.

“What ? Are you kidding me.” Velvet was appalled.

The bouncer smirked and looked her over leaned in close.

“Hey baby, I’m on break in half an hour, how about you polish me off and then I let you in.” The bouncer said on a whisper placing his hand at her leg.

“I think it would be best if you let us in and we all forget this happened.” Xaver added his voice to the silent conversation grabbing the mans hand and gradually added pressure.

“Fine, fine go.” The man said with through clenched teeth as Xaver squeezed him.

The pair made their way into the club Velvet feeling rather vindicated while Xaver did what he could to avoid throwing the man across the street.

“Thanks for that.” Velvet could not help but express her appreciation as the sounds and sights of the club came to fill their senses.

“That animal obviously needed some adjusting.” Xaver said with a smirk as he took note of how fine tuned the place seemed to be, it was obvious the owner of club, the Khaibit he pursued was certain to take heed of his Banes.

“Shall we get something to drink ?” Xaver suggested.

“Your not gonna go run after your target right away ?” Velvet seemed surprised.

“No, I want to see if he senses anything among the crowd and besides that, I do not mind entertain you for a time.” Xaver said putting a few dollars on the bar top.

“Fuck yeah!” Velvet seemed ready for a good time that night while her companion was staring at a camera for only a brief moment.

For a time the pair socialized with others at the bar while Xaver allowed Velvet to do the majority of the talking he participated somewhat. The mage was even able to drag Xaver on to the dance floor despite his protest but the Khaibit knew the advantage in hiding in plan sight and getting familiar with the layout of the place. After a second round of drinks Xaver knew it was time. He gave Velvet a stare she understood and continued to party on as she wished while Xaver seemingly vanished into the crowd.
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Xaver in New York
Xaver used the simplest applications of obfuscate, masking his presence to those around him appearing as nothing more then another face in the crowd. Certainly he was capable of such mastery of Obfuscate that his whole presence could vanish but that was not his intent. He was testing the neonate he came here to see.

At first the elder Khaibit knew it would be nearly impossible for him to be spotted on the club floor no matter how vigilant his prey was. The Khaibit passed through an employees only door which lead to a kitchen. Now if the neonate was keen he would be spotted after a few moments although the clubs employees would not notice him.

Meanwhile the young Khaibit named Ethan Reise was in his office, he found himself lost in a sea of responsibility which he was used to but which called for skills he simply did not have. Since reopening the club he and his coterie took much of the responsibility for the business fell on him unfortunately he did not have knowledge in many areas of the club outside of running security. Fortunately he was put into contact with a Beast named Yvette Merula, she had a talent for numbers and a sense for business but she needed someone to give her a chance. At the insistence of others the pair was made to work progressively closer together. They made arrangements, he would help her with personal training while she helped him use the money he earned besides this they were both creatures of hunger and when convince dictated they needed to act on their hungers they had one another.

The club had been open for nearly four months now and the time came for the business to file its first taxes, it was rudimentary but necessary. Yo Yvette’s surprise Ethan wanted to be a part of watching her work. They worked in his office looking over three months worth of financials and did what needed doing. The work was finished quickly enough but Yvette gave Ethan a look he understood all to well.

Yvette placed the documents in the filing cabinet before Ethan pounced her from behind, pinning her between him and the cabinet. Yvette’s heart began to race from the sudden excitement which only served to further tempt the Kindred. His hands did not let a moment slip before they found skin. One worked its way under her shirt searching for her supple chest while the other pulled at her office skirt.

Her heart Now was racing as she could feel Ethan growing excited pressing against her as his hands began searching for those parts he knew were sensitive on her. There was a particular heart rate that he came to know which gave her exquisite Vitae a quality he came to rather enjoy. He bit his lip in anticipation moving her quickly so that her back was against the desk. He quickly sank his fangs into her throat pressing himself to her as her body let him slip in.

She groaned as he drank from her, the Vitae that flavor he had come to enjoy but even as the last drops rolled across his tongue he looked to the monitor on his desk and saw an individual which stood out of place standing in the Kitchen on the camera making his way to the office.

“Is something wrong ? Why did you stop ?” The Beast said panting as she saw Ethan staring at the camera with an intensity that was not typical.

“Something is going on, go to the safe room and stay there until I get you.” Ethan stated in a concerned way although Yvette could sense that his concern was more for her then anyone else although that did little to ease her concern.

The Begotten took a moment to put herself together before making her way to the safe room. Ethan quickly picked up the phone telling his security team to watch the stairs leading to the office.

Ethan observed the camera more but he was tense standing behind his desk as he watched the intruder approach the guarded entrance to the office. He observed a smirk of the intruders face before he suddenly vanished.

Xaver utilized higher levels of obfuscate to vanish and Obtenebration to move through the shadows closing the distance to his target.

 In an instant Xaver stood before the neonate, who was taken by surprise at just how imposing the elder Khaibit truly was. Xaver used obfuscate to hide the fact that he was a Kindred from Ethan. The younger Khaibit while surprised was undaunted saying nothing as he quickly assumed a defensive posture. Xaver smirked retaining his silence suppressing his own supernatural potency so to make the fight as even as possible.

Xaver lunged forward hoping to use his superior size to full effect but he was pleasantly surprised as the younger vampire sprang forward quickly shifting to an aggressive posture as he moved to land a series of potent body blows. Ethan was surprised just how swiftly his assailant was able to move maneuvering in such a fashion to avoid being struck.

“I don’t know who the hell you are but you are going to regret this.” Ethan threatened as his body surged with fresh Vitae.

“To much time talking.” Xaver stated catching Ethan’s fist in his hands, Xaver could appreciate the effort the neonate was putting into the struggle but he was easily more powerful.

Xaver proceeded to quickly lock Ethan in a grapple.

“What the hell are you …” Ethan said on a staggered breath, utilizing the darkness around him he lashed out with the shadows freeing himself from his assailants grip.

Xaver was pleased by what he observed despite his young age this new Khaibit showed both promise and tenacity. Xaver thought to test his endurance lurching forward delivering a blow squarely to Ethan’s chest propelling him several steps back. Ethan was winded by the strike but did not buckle he accepted the momentum of the strike and took the opportunity to strike his assailant with a hard blow to the head.

Xaver was presently surprised as he withdrew after the strike.

“Good.” He commented with a smirk dropping the mask of obfuscate revealing his nature as a Kindred.

“Who are you ?” Ethan questioned leaning against the desk as he captured his breath now sensing the blood potency of his assailant he knew just what a disadvantage he was at.

“My name is Xaver Furst and like you I am a Khaibit, it came to my attention that you are a prospective bodyguard to this cities Prince.” Xaver stayed calmly.

“Yeah ? What about it ?” Ethan could hardly wrap his mind around the sudden shift in Xavers mood.

“To make a long story short I also protect a Giovanni and wanted to ensure you were up to the task.” Xaver continued to explain.

“So that was what all this was, you could have easily beat me so why did you pull your punches.” Ethan relaxed slightly but still seemed agitated

“I could have but such is the disparity in our age, I wanted to test your talents is all and to that end you did well, had time played its hand differently perhaps we would have been able to make one another stronger.” Xaver stated in as relaxed a way as possible.

“I guess that is your way of saying we could have been friends.” Ethan was obviously trying to understand the elders way of thinking.

“I suppose such a sentiment might be true.” Xaver offered as much agreement as he was inclined to give.

“So what now ?” Ethan questioned the Elder.

“My time in this city is short and I have a great deal of business to attend to but perhaps understanding you fully is one of the greatest task I have.” Xaver stated in his usual manner.

“So what do you want to know ?” Ethan asked earnestly.

“You.” Xaver replied quickly before pulling the neonate close.

Down the hall Yvette sat quietly behind a locked door waiting for Ethan while her mind raced between desire and concern. She sat there trying to make sense of what could possibly be happening and her mind was unable to draw any conclusions that satisfied her curiosity.

With resolution she stood up declaring in her mind that whatever the threat was she would help her friend face it. She marched down the hallway with stealth in her mind, whatever advantage she was going to have would come from the element of surprise.

She made her way to the conjoined office peering her head just slight around the corner she grew surprised by the sight she saw. The office was in a disheveled state although she had no way to know if that was from her and Ethan earlier or whatever conflict erupted there. That being the case that was not what shocked her.

Standing there near bare was Ethan, with him was the only person with a more defined physique that she had ever seen. Both men were practically bare for her to see and pressed nearly against one another with Ethan stroking both of their hardened extremities in one hand. Each gave out the occasional moan while their glistening hardness was pressed at one another.

In one regard Yvette was relived that there seemed to be no threat, although concern turned to questions but she was able to push those to the back of her mind as she continued to watch. She could feel the waters of her Lair hungry for guilt and her body grew with want as her hunger intensified.

Slowly she began to loosen her clothing, not that it was difficult Ethan had already done most of the work for her. She let her chest out and one hand began to tease the peeks of her chest while her finger continued the work Ethan had started.

“So how long have you been one of the Kindred?” Xaver questioned as his hand squeezed Ethan’s backside, a slight groan on his words as he found himself enjoying the sensation more then he thought he would. It seemed this Neonate might just teach him something after all.

“Just about a year.” Ethan groaned smirking at Xaver as he drew some measure of pleasure at the idea that he was pleasing his peers.

“You have grown into what you are very quickly.” Xaver complimented.

“I have some good mentors and I guess I never really blended well with normal society anyway so the change was easy.” Ethan answered.

Xaver listen as the neonate spoke but his refined senses could detect a rapidly beating heart just beyond the office. He knew what that heartbeat meant and it did not concern him greatly but he was feeling rather playful.

Yvette found herself rather lost in the moment that she did not notice the shadows starting to Well at her feet and slowly crawl their way up her body. Before long the shadows to tangible shape and one pushed its way into her slick flower. Before the gasp of shock could escape her lips another shape filled her mouth.

They moved at a slow but very firm thrust gradually bringing Yvette to her peak, once she found decadence once the shadows grew in girth and their pace intensified slowly tearing the seems of her clothing until she was as bare as they were.

By now Ethan was working at a feverish pace and both Mekhet found their moths a gape trying to fight back their peak, neither one wishing to be the first in this competition. Before long though both Kindred almost simultaneously let loose potent spurts of desire each making something of a mess on the other.

“It seems things remain undecided.” Xaver stated with a smirk.

“Looks that way, think you can go again?” Ethan was defiant.

“If your up to it.” Xaver answered the challenge.

As the pair got themselves into another position another shado came up behind Yvette this one making its way to her backside. As Xaver grew ever more in the moment the shadows grew all the more active driving Yvette past her peak yet again but eventually allowing her to see the two.

They were sprawled out across the desk each at either side of the other, their mouths working diligently upon one another. She could not help her own mounting lust as the shadows each seemed to come to an abrupt stop. The living darkness began to twist itself until she found herself surrounded by three near identical copies of the stranger with Ethan.
The shadows shot her a deviant grin as each almost seemed to take on its own personality, the one filling her lust ridden flower moved at a rapid pace, while the one at her backside moved with a slow yet hammering pace, while the one at her mouth liked to push with deep strokes and hold the position.

The sensations were indescribably for the Begotten, Lost in a sea of sensual darkness she came to her peak and she could feel the shadows flood her again and again even so they allowed her to watch the dueling Mekhet.

Ethan and Xaver tasted one another until each came to their peak. Again each sat up and shot the other a grin.

“I look forward to seeing you grow neonate.” Xaver said brushing his mouth.

“So that means we are going to stay in touch?” Ethan locked his lips.

“We shall.” Xaver said with a nod.

“You still have a great deal of training to do however.” Xaver said as he gestured Ethan to follow.

As Ethan and Xaver finished so to did the shadows finish with Yvette dissipating as they came to the door.

“It seems we had a spectator.” Xaver noted as the pair of Khaibit stood above Yvette.

“I assume she is yours ?” Xaver questioned.

“We work together.” Ethan stayed rather bewildered at Yvette’s appearance.

“Ethan one thing to note, when the discrepancy in blood is great between you and your rival be sure to be fully aware of yourself.” Xaver stated.

“What do you …” Ethan began to question but before he could finish Xaver lashed out with the sensual beast, admittedly his weakest predatory aura but powerful enough to achieve the desired effect on Ethan.

Ethan grew instantly incensed with desire and pounced upon Yvette who Xaver had also lashed out allowing the pair of them to engaged in mindless revelry there in the hall of their office.

Having learned what he set out to lead Xaver departed, leaving Yvette and Ethan to enjoy his gift and lesson and he returned to Velvet so they could continue their adventures.