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The Night Circus Chronicle - Short Stories
Seth // Noah - The Proposal

— — — — —

Seth was smitten, he knew this for certain.

The True Fae was currently enjoying one of the rarest moment in immortal lfiespan; watching the love of his days sleep peacefully in his traincar bed. Typically it was the muscular Dragon who slept his time away as the task of maintaining a human form in the material plane was draining, despite the contract he held with Ada’s lineage.

His fingers barely caressed over Noah’s pale pristine skin, his cheek soft. Seth’s vermilion gaze watched over the albino as his chest gently rose and fell. He couldn’t say exactly what it was about the Awakened that had drawn him in at their first encounter, but ever since they had exchanged words at the introductory dinner for the Night Circus, Seth was hooked. This fascination with Noah was one he had never experienced with another being in all his eons. Sure the Dragon understood emotions and feelings and love in the sense of family, but to fall in love himself was something indescribable.

And this pristine diamond birthed of mortality was the source of his happiness.

The watch which the albino had lovingly crafted for Seth struck ten in the morning, and Noah stirred. They had performed the night prior and while many of the troupe would deem this hour much too early after the long night and getting to sleep around five, Seth knew that Noah’s mind was already working as he and the other Awakened had much at stake. The two shared nearly an hour together before the Dragon’s Diamond snuck off into his own traincar to be discovered by his fellow Willworkers.

Seth laid back, hands clasped behind his black shaggy hair. He already knew what he wanted to do, but he wasn’t sure how. He also wasn’t keen on asking for any help, although it did cross his mind to interrogate Noelle for ideas, but if he involved her now, she could ruin the surprise that Seth wanted for his Diamond.

And then it hit him. Noah loved books, loved expanding his knowledge and had an ever growing curiosity with each new piece he learned. Seth would get two copies of a book that his diamond he did not yet have and within one he’d carve out the pages and hide a ring that Seth was already working out the schematics for. The other he’d leave intact so that the Willworker could still enjoy the book for it’s intended purpose.

— — — —

Several days later, the Dragon was again lounging on his bed, this time anxiously awaiting the diamond. The hollowed book was in it’s place on the writing desk Seth had set up months ago for the albino. Within it’s aged pages was a set of rings; one for the diamond and one for the dragon. Both were forged from a scale of his underbelly he had wedged free for this purpose, and then melted and molded to fit it’s intended wearer. Both were silver with a vermilion sheen, and a thin band of onyx metal running the middles. The smaller of the two sported six circular white diamonds and between each of those were six circular black diamonds, while the larger only bared a medium sized diamond of black and white. In Latin script, Seth had inscribed a loving message in gold within the inner band of both rings.

Noah knocked, as he always did, before coming into the traincar. Seth smiled at him, and saw the diamond’s eyes flicker to the book awaiting on the desk.

Today was the day.

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