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Dance by Twilight Chronicle - Short Stories
Xaver // Ivy - Childe of the Hallowed Warden

-- -- -- -- --

Xaver quietly, gently plucked the thin, colorful children's book from his daughter Camille's hands as she and her twin brother Devon lay sleeping soundly. The giant of a man then pulled the blankets up to the chins, delicately tucking them in. But he wasn't ready to leave them just yet. He leaned back in the chair that had been pulled up to the bedside while Camille read. He looked at the book, running his fingers over the faintly embossed title, which he could not read. The Mekhet had advanced his literary function since aiding the lady of the Giovanni house in his experiments, but his knowledge was so basic. He didn't dare tell anyone his fault, although his children knew, but that was only through their own intuition.

He opened the book to the first page of the story, silently sounding out the words one at a time. It wasn't often that he was relaxed, but being with two of his three kids was a rare moment of peace. Even still though, his senses were vigilante. The faint tremors through the floor he recognized partly as his eldest daughter, Lily, but there was someone with her, someone new. He silently commanded the shadows around him to manifest into the appearance of a silken shirt as the footsteps slowed as they approached. Sure enough, they stopped just outside the twins' bedroom, Xaver's eyes narrowing.

The door opened and Lily stood there smiling, her icy blue eyes matching his own in color, but opposite of her joyous demeanor. Not that he wasn't happy to see her, but the person hiding to one side put him immediately on edge, particularly if they were a love interest for his daughter.

"Wait here." Lily whispered to her company, although Xaver's keen senses heard the sentence loud and clear.

The blonde teenager then closed the door and bounded across the room, where Xaver met her halfway with open arms. He knew she wanted to speak in private by the way she glanced at her sleeping siblings. He again commanded the shadows around the room to protectively encase them, allowing them to converse at any volume.

"Lily." The Mekhet regarded her glowing presence.

Despite everything that her and Camille had been through in their horrors through the Fairy world of Arcadia, her personality was beaming, although it could've perhaps been due to her Fae induced transformation into an actual lily flower creature.

"Daddy!" She embraced him warmly, "How are you? I'm so sorry I missed story time! I do hope Camille and Devon weren't upset! How was Camille's reading?"

 Xaver chuckled, "It's all fine. You'll need to make it up to Devon, but everything else was good. Now, where have you been? It's late."

"Oh, I'm sorry! I know I should've called, but everything happened so fast!" Lily exclaimed, "You see, when I was leaving the cafe to come home, a handful of young night walkers came to apprehend me. And-"

"Vampires came after you?" Xaver grew intensely seriously, the shadows around them seeming to seethe in anger.

"Well yes, but they didn't do more than this, so it's alright!" Lily chirped, holding out her arm, showing a developing bruise just above the elbow, "Because Ivy was there."

“Ivy?” Xaver glanced through the veil of shadows toward the door where his daughter’s company patiently waited, “Lily.. you need to leave the cafe. I cannot have you being in harm’s path.”

“But I’ll be fine if she’s with me! She’s new at work and we have the same schedule and she’s really tough!” The teenager beamed with a luminous smile at her father, “Besides, Ivy doesn’t have anyone. She’s only moved to the city recently and stays at the orphanage, but she’s only got a few more months left before she’ll be forced to leave.”

“Lily...” the Mekhet said quietly.

“We have to at least thank her, and I know you’re distrustful of many, but just listen to her story! Anyone of us could’ve easily been her had you not found us!”

Xaver paused. He knew that she was referring to herself, Camille and Devon. He sighed.

“So you’ll come meet her!” Lily exclaimed with her jovial smile.

“Yes, let us not keep her waiting.” The vampire relented in full.

The father and daughter made their way from the shadowy pocket space into the bedroom and exited into the hallway where an older female teenager was waiting patiently. She had straight coppery red hair down just past her hips with streaks of violet. She had a slim build, betraying her malnourished body. Her right eye was hazel and her left a bright green, and her expression... It was almost contempt.

It reminded Xaver of himself as a boy after his first kill.

Lily smiled and gestured toward the girl, “Daddy, this is Ivy.”

The girl offered the briefest bow, never taking her mismatched eyes off the Khaibit, which Xaver noted.

He stood up straight and crossed his arms, “So, Ivy. I understand that you came to my daughter’s rescue this evening.”

Ivy nodded, but didn’t speak; it struck a chord with Xaver.

“What should you like for my gratitude in keeping her from harm?” He offered an open-ended question.

Ivy’s gaze shifted from Xaver to Lily then back, but she didn’t reply.

“Ivy’s quiet, like you are.” Lily chirped, enveloping the odd girl in her arms, “And she works hard and she’s full of focus.”

The mortal seemed to shrink and almost relax in Ivy’s embrace, a faint red hue coming to her cheeks.

“Is that so..” Xaver mused, “How about both of you girls go to the kitchen and have Alfred find something nice to you to eat. I have some work I need to tend to. And I am certain that any one of the guest suites can be arranged for your friend.”

Lily released Ivy only to switch the affection to her father, giving him a tight squeeze, “Thank you daddy! I’m so glad you got to meet her! Come on Ivy, let’s go eat! Alfred makes the best food ever!”

Lily gave Xaver a kiss on his cheek before leaving to lead Ivy to the kitchen.

Xaver slipped into the darkness to trail after them. He needed to know the true intentions behind this Ivy girl and Lily, while one of the loves of his life as a father, wasn’t always very bright. Ivy tugged at him in a way he hadn’t felt since he was young, and thoughts raced through his mind about the future of his children and he had no vampiric lineage because he wasn’t taken with anyone as such, but Ivy.. She could be a candidate, if she proved to be loyal to his daughter. And Ivy was sure to realize she could be blunt in front of his eldest daughter.. Perhaps she would let slip her true interests and Xaver could further gauge this girl.

The Khaibit couldn’t help but to smile. The future seemed to be a bright one.

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Dance by Twilight Chronicle - Short Stories
Xaver // Haloise - Childe of the Hallowed Warden

— — — — —

Xaver waited patiently in the grand living room of the Giovanni estate, trying to relax on the sofa of all places. He wasn’t even sure that his target would be making their way downstairs anytime soon or at all, but he did know they were indeed in the grand mansion. He was torn and needed some advice, because he was partially in the same predicament as Selene as he had no Childer of his own, and he couldn’t even begin to fathom their fates either with or without the Embrace.

He sat up and swung his legs over the edge of the sofa and leaned his elbows just above his knees.

Xaver knew he had to do something with this girl that Lily had introduced him to. The two girls had become best friends, although an unlikely pair. Lily was so happy and energetic, while Ivy was aloof and very mellow. But he sensed the anguish in this strange girl. He knew it only by looking at her because he himself knew the struggle she internalized. The Khaibit had survived much of his mortal days with the same disdain. But Lily was a smoothing force against that negative will.

He looked up at the top of the staircase, waiting.

The Mekhet knew nearly nothing about his daughters’ conditions other than what they had told him or he had witnessed of their Arcadian touched nature. He knew even less about Devon’s and it wasn’t even that his little boy could truly tell anyone. These concerns kept him up during the daytime on occasion, but usually causing particularly horrific dreams during the torpid day sleep.

He stood up and paced to an a plush armchair, taking a seat there.

And surely Xaver’s concern had only risen higher since his children had been abducted and changed by the supernatural. And since Lily was nearly assaulted, he had to do something. And Lily had outright refused him escorting her everywhere with the argument that Camille and Devon needed him much more.

He looked again at the stairs as the sound of footsteps softly echoed back at the Khaibit and Haloise came into view.
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Dance by Twilight Chronicle - Short Stories
Haloise // Selene - Lover’s Skeletons

— — — — —

“It’s a coffin.” Selene stated flatly as she stared within the massive crate at the large black coffin inside.

It had a beautiful dull sheen and some scrolled details in a gleaming silver along it’s edges, but clearly she was confused by the gift from her husband who stood beside her. Haloise pulled her back just a step back while he signaled for one of his retainers to sealed the crate.

“You’re to take it with you to France.” Was all he replied as she looked quizzically at him, “It will be best suited in your sleeping chambers.”

“Am I... to sleep inside it?” She asked as he lead her back into the depths of their estate.

“If you so choose, but there is a gift you you within.” Haloise couldn’t help but to smile at his device, “Which is why it should be in your chambers and you should be alone when you look upon it.”

“Haloise, you needn’t spoil me!” Selene blushed, “But perhaps you should tell me what it is? Or I could open it now so I can thank you before departing?”

She was suggestive in her tone, smiling bashfully at him as they walked to her room where Haloise knew her things were only partially packed. He chuckled softly at her mild attempt at seduction, but they both knew neither had time for such actions, because once was never enough... But that was exactly what had triggered Haloise in this particular scheme.

“Selene,” he gently took both her hands in his, bringing them to his lips for a sweet kiss, “I shall see you again in month’s time, but you are never from my thoughts.”

The Giovanni lord pulled his Childe to him and kissed her lips before opening the door to her room, “I must leave for England requires my attention.”

Selene pulled at his shirt collar, stealing another affection before reluctantly releasing him for his own journey, “I love you Haloise.”

He smiled in full at her and turned to set about his final preparations.

— — — —

The Blood Rose entered her large elaborate chambers in her palace in Marseille, France. She had been here for four nights now and this was first evening that her engagements had ended early and left her from midnight until daybreak to do as she pleased. The coffin had arrived the second night and was removed from its crate. The bizarrely beautiful gift was upright, placed nearby the bed against the same wall. Tonight seemed as good a time as any to open it. She knew Haloise was free to his own whimsy this night as well, so she could call him and thank him for whatever might be inside.

Selene locked her door, ensuring she was left to her own devices. She then moved before the sarcophagus and carefully unlatched the silvery-white clasps, opening the singular door. The inside was lined with plush red silk and resting upon it was a skeleton that she noticed was oddly Haloise’s height and build. But she had no clue what he was thinking with such a gift. She stepped back, taking in the whole sight for several long moments. Maybe something to practice their clan trait upon? Surely it was an odd thing to have in the bedroom as Haloise had so desired. As she shifted her stance, the light caught a bit of metal clutched in one boney hand. She leaned forward and delicately plucked it, finding a simple ring clearly crafted for her. With a smile, Selene slipped it on her finger, admiring Haloise’s craft. But her attention was drawn back to the skeleton as it began to crackle and move, stepping from the coffin.

Selene watched with quiet fascination, taking a few steps back to give the construct room to move. As it took it’s first few lumbering steps, flesh and sinew began to warp around the bones and the Blood Rose held her breath. As it finished and skin wrapped around the being, she found herself looking upon none other than her husband, although he was completely bare and eager to see her.

“Haloise?” She released her breath, blushing and keeping her vision purposely north of his waist.

“And what do you think of my latest project?” He asked with a deviant smile, “No need to be embarrassed now.”

He reached out and grabbed her hand, pulling her against him, his hands immediately wandering over her body.
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Dance by Twilight Chronicle - Short Stories
Selene // Erik - Specter’s Stalker

— — —

Erik winked suggestively at Sapphire Specter as she made her exit from the stage, evoking an air blown kiss from the her. Tonight he was working, and by that, Selene knew he meant indulging in the shows his female employees performed. It made her laugh a bit as she grabbed a silky navy robe from the stage manager behind the curtains and headed off to her private changing room. Erik had made sure she was afforded the privacy, although it was likely she would’ve had one with any other owner given her popularity. But the deviant was simply after the gorgeous array of ladies that worked for him; Jade had made mentions of the two of them scoping out nearby spots for a male strip club.

Selene smiled to herself as she locked the door behind her. The room was filled with bouquets of flowers and gift boxes that had already been opened and rooted through for security. There were also boxes filled with letters and notes stacked here and there. She’d rummage through everything later, but Erik had asked her for a drink after her last performance for this quarter’s rotation. She quickly cast off the robe, draping it on the cushioned stool set before the lighted boutique. She then sat down and began the process of untying the strappy stiletto pumps she performed in.

A near silent series of repetitive tapping sounds gave her cause to stop. She sat up and glanced about, but the air unit for the place kicked in and Selene returned to completely disrobing. She picked up the shoes and tucked them into one of the large bottom drawers of the boutique before moving to a free stand clothing rack where she had a casual midnight blue sweater dress with lacy black stockings and a bag containing a matching set of black undergarments. With the air humming through the ventilation system, she wasn’t sure if she was indeed hearing the tapping sound. She spent so little time here that it was impossible for her to familiarize herself with the nuances of the club. But unsettled nonetheless, she dressed quickly and pulled on a pair of tall, mild heeled black boots. The Blood Rose pulled the glitzy ornamental come from her long dark tresses and brushed the knots clean. She thought briefly about washing her subtly sparkling makeup off, but she was anxious to leave the oddly quiet room tonight.

Once ready, Selene vacated the room and maneuvered through the back corridors with her co-workers until she reached the discreet entrance onto the floor where men were gathered mostly around the trio of large stages. She found Erik sitting in a private booth angled to view the main stage. He grinned as she stepped up onto the platform and took a seat beside him.

“Damn you’re hot!” The deviant exclaimed as the specter relaxed next to him, “Would you like a drink?”

He raised his hand, signaling to the personal server he’d commanded for the night. The young man darted off, disappearing near the bar as he fetched a new round of beverages for the VIP table.

“Erik, have any of the girls complained about the air ventilation?” Selene asked as she watched her fellow dancers performing.

“No, but that would be Martin’s department anyway. He’s maitenance.” Erik replied scooting closer to the Lady Giovanni and slyly putting an arm around her shoulders, “If you’re cold, I can warm you up.”

Selene shot him a smile, “So clever, but no thank you... I just noticed the unit in my room making a lot of clicking noise tonight.”

The deviant leaned his head close to hers still with a charming smile, “There’s still plenty of night left for me to change your mind.”

She was about to reply, but with her exceptional senses she could hear the same repetitive clicking sound as in her dressing room. The smile fell from her face as she looked around, realizing it wasn’t the air unit.

“What’s wrong?” Erik’s demeanor shifted at seeing Selene’s abrupt reaction to something.

“Erik.. what device would make rapid tapping sounds?” Selene asked while still trying to locate the source, although it had definitely vanished.

The devilish Giovanni stood up just as the server was returning with drinks. He made a simple gesture and the server moved quickly with the drinks to the offices in the second floor. Erik gently pulled Selene to her feet, stealing her attention and smiled at her.

“Come with me... We’ll go somewhere else to talk.” Erik began to leading to his office.

The two Giovanni moved swiftly to Erik’s office with the server waiting to let in with the drinks he’d procured. Erik easily produced his keys and unlocked the door, holding it for Selene and taking the drinks before shooting off the attendant. The door fell closed behind him, the lock clicking as it could only be opened from the inside without a key. He saw Selene move before the massive one-way-window that overlooked the club below.

“Come at least sit down with me.” Erik placed the drinks on a low narrow table in front of a long lounging sofa that was positioned in front of the same window, “Only thing to be paranoid about in here is me.”

Selene relented and sat down with Erik sitting immediately beside her, their legs pressed together. She gave him a look, trying to smile at his games, but was obviously worried.

“Come on now, don’t give me that look.” Erik cooed as his arm came around her shoulder again, “It’s only you and I here. What’s going on?”

“I don’t know.. I heard a tapping noise in my dressing room and assumed it was ventilation system, but then out on the floor with you, I heard the exact same noise, same number of clicks, it’s like I’m being followed?”
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Dance by Twilight Chronicle - Short Stories
Selene // Stavros - The Surprise Guest

— — — — —

The Blood Rose sighed as she stepped into the hotel room, leaving the door open as she moved immediately to balcony overlooking the glittering ocean in Manarola, Italy. Behind her the bellhop brought in two luggage bags, setting them both to one side. He then approached Selene, his Italian like music to her ears as he asked, “Is there anything else I may do for you Signora?”

“No, this is absolutely perfect.” She replied with a glamorous smile as she turned, holding out several bills for his tip.

He nodded, his eyes lingering upon her a moment before taking the money and leaving her. Selene could hardly tear herself from the view as the moonlight glittered off the soft waves of the sea. She felt the breeze sweep over her skin and into the room, making her sigh happily. This was a trip she’d taken for herself for a week during her extended stay in France. This was her chosen destination, as she’d loved it during her visit in her mortal days. At night it was utterly breathtaking, with it’s views and vibrant flora.

Selene smiled and moved back into the room, a little surprised the door was still opened. She walked over and closed it, chaining the latch before stripping her clothes off along with her jewelry. She moved to the bathroom and left her jewelry on the counter beside the sink. With just her about, she didn’t bother closing the door and this suite left her plenty of privacy to the views, so she turned on the water and showered to ease the tension from her travels. Afterwards she grabbed a towel and dried herself off quickly before draping it behind her neck and over both shoulders. She quickly maneuvered through her luggage for a pair of lacy panties and a tank top to sleep in. As she dressed quickly, she moved again to admire the stunning view, but stay just within the frame instead of stepping out onto the balcony.

It was the exact moment he’d been waiting for.

Stavros laced his arms around the unsuspecting lady Giovanni, one around her waist the other coming up between her chest with his hand clasped over her mouth. His muscular build made it easy for him to overpower her as she struggled in the surprising embrace.

“Oh I think not my lovely jewel.” Stavros whispered against her skin, his lips brushing her cheek as he spoke, “You may deny me in the short term, but tonight I shall have you to my heart’s content.”

He pressed a shockingly gentle kiss to her cheek before quickly spinning her around and claiming her lips, his hand shifted to her chin and pressing with just enough force to part her lips. His other hand snaked around her, holding her close with his strength, his fingers squeezing her almost completely exposed backside. Shock paralyzed her as she saw her attacker, her mind reeling at seeing her eternal nightmare, and perhaps moreso at his softer than expected touch.

Stavros guided Selene back until he could pi her down the bed, being sure not to give her much room to wrestle from his grip. His lips parted hers as he trailed affections down her neck, his passion causing him to become a little rougher in his caress. His hands shifted again, quickly bringing her wrists together in one grasp while the other lifted her flimsy top exposing her chest.
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Dance by Twilight Chronicle - Short Stories
Stavros // Selene - Beauty & the Beast

— — — — —

Stavros gritted his teeth. He had been filled in on what had happened and quite frankly, he was enraged. For one, he had waited and bided his time and worked so fucking hard to become a permanent fixture in Selene’s requiem For two, he was trying to prove that he was ultimately her prince charming so he should’ve been the one to rescue her- not Haloise. For three, now that Haloise had returned with Selene, both had obscured themselves and Stavros had enough.

He readied himself for the night, dressing in a shirt that Selene had gotten for him after he had proved himself to be a powerful sheriff for her city. He was especially careful about his appearance because one way or another, he would be the only sight that held Selene’s attention this night.

He hailed a taxi and had it bring him to the Giovanni’s estate, walking the rest of the way up their drive and to the front door. By this point, he was a frequent guest there at the call of the Prince and the only person he would ever serve again. Selene’s butler, Alfred, was already at the door, holding it open for the Haunt.

“She’s in the garden sir, but she may not want companionship.” Alfred informed Stavros.

He didn’t waste his breath with a reply, but set off to the back of the house. As he passed through a hallway at the back of the house lined with windows, he could see her sitting down in a rather picturesque area of the elaborate floral art that spanned most of the property. She was facing away from his view, but he could already tell she wasn’t the powerful Prince he’d come to know in modern nights, nor the stubborn girl he’d first met in Amantea Italy. Her hair wasn’t brushed and she was wearing oversized clothing. He picked up his pace to the door nearest to her location and practically sprinted his way to where she sat.

“Selene.” He spoke, commanding her attention, but she didn’t even tilt her head.

“It’s.. It’s too soon.” She said quietly, submissively.

He came up slowly, standing where he could see her face. She had been crying because he could see the shiny streaks where tears had left their trail. Her eyes were glazed over as she was clearly prepared for more. Her gaze jumped momentarily to his and her lip trembled.

“What happened?” Stavros asked as he slid onto the bench beside her.

He snaked his arm around her waist and pulled her immediately against him. There was no resistance, which he had come to expect from her on every occasion. Stavros felt her torso heave and as he looked at her, she was fighting tears that had already fallen.

“Selene..” He whispered, using his other hand to wipe her tears, “Come now, you’re safe. It’s never going to happen again. It’s no longer about just being sheriff to the city, but your guard as well.”

Stavros had no idea whether his words had the effect he wanted or if Selene was lost to her own horrors, but she buried her face in her palms and wept. His felt as though his own heart was breaking because there was nothing he could do. The Haunt pulled the Lady Giovanni onto his lap and wrap both arms around her while she sobbed. He kissed her dark crown of hair, contemplating how to pull her out of her misery.. And why Haloise wasn’t here as he tended to be to comfort his Childe.

The Haunt could not afford to waste this opportunity.

“Selene.. I think you need a change of scenery.” The Nosferatu spoke as gently as he knew how, “Come on, we’re going somewhere else.”
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Dance by Twilight Chronicle - Short Stories
Selene’s Captivity || Selene x Luka

— — — —

Selene awoke, groggy as she came to. Clearly there was some form of drug in the air, or somehow was being administered. She was redressed in the sultry slavery garb that Tiberius had obviously chosen for her, and she was shackled by her wrists and ankles. In her mouth, keeping her lips parted, was the a gag, keeping her from being able to bite or speak.

The Lady Giovanni looked around. She wasn’t in a cage persay, but her chains were attached to one of the two walls that were to be her home while she was here. She was laying on a variety of pillows, big and small, plush and flat. Above her on the wall and spotted throughout the vastness beyond her sight were flickering candles to provide light.

She sat up and looked around to try and gage her surroundings better. The ceilings were incredibly high and there was a dampness to the air. Water dripping from somewhere far off echoed back to her keen ears. She was definitely underground, but where exactly was a mystery. Her and her entourage had been ambushed before reaching Budapest and she wasn’t sure if her journey had been secretive, but clearly Tiberius had a hand in capturing her.

Footsteps drew her back into the moment at hand. With the echo though it was nearly impossible to tell which direction they were coming from until a young man came into her view. Her gaze narrowed. He wasn’t kindred, but she could sense a tie to Vitae in trace amounts in his veins. A ghoul with a frail frame, a modern emo hairstyle and a matching wardrobe. He carried an old fashioned lantern, one that made Selene somewhat homesick for her first home in Italy.

He came closer until he was upon her location, a peculiar smile on his face. He set the lantern down on a crude wooden bench that Selene had yet to notice. It was probably where Tiberius had his way with her one her first night in captivity. In fact there was a table and somewhat ornately carved chair with red cushions on the back and seat.

“I mean, wow!” The ghoul spoke in Russian, eyeing Selene from her sitting position as her feet pressed her into the corner, “He told me you were something else, but it’s not even close. You’re beautiful.”

He leaned in toward her with an expression Selene could only see as admiration, which felt alien to her in this situation and from a complete stranger. She pressed herself tighter into the corner and tried to hunch her form, but he held his smile and grabbed the slackened chains, hooking them to an overhead pulley before removing the shackles from the wall.

“I bet you’re a little hungry.” The ghoul continued with a friendly, calm demeanor.

He reached for Selene, which she stayed still for, not sure what he was getting at. He ran his fingers gently through her long dark hair until he reached the buckle of her gag and pulled it. He moved in more until he was completely leaning above her and freed the mouth restraint.

“Now come on, I’ve got plenty for you.” He whispered almost sensually as his fingers pressed her head so her lips would meet his skin.

“What are you doing?!” Selene yelped, angling her head to look directly upwards.

“I told Tiberius that maybe you would be hungry and that’s why you were out for so long.” The ghoul replied with his cool nature intact, “Just don’t drain me dry.”

“You belong to Tiberius?! Let me go!” Selene squirmed.

She had to be somewhat gentle because this was obviously some blood doll that Tiberius had dominated, but if anything happened to him, she would be the one to bare the Ancient’s wrath.

“Come on, don’t think about it.” He whispered against her ear and inhaled her scent, “Can’t you feel my blood pumping? Don’t you want to share my life?”

Selene hesitated. The only blood doll she really knew in any capacity was Velvet and Velvet was a rare bred of.. well everything.

“Go on.. Trust me, it won’t hurt. I want this.” The ghoul smoothly goaded her and Selene couldn’t deny her hunger; she also had no idea how often she’d get a chance to feed.

She slowly lowered her lips to brush his skin, his grip on her tightening in anticipation. Selene closed her eyes and less than a second after her fangs descended, she pierced his skin and slowly drank. The ghoul held her tightly, his grip bringing her completely against him. She didn’t take much from him because was uncertain of when anyone else had fed off of him or if Tiberius was going to be keeping tabs on his precious blood doll. After a few moments she withdrew with a sigh and quickly licked the small puncture wounds shut. But the ghoul didn’t relinquish his hold.

“You’re so soft..” he murmured as he was obviously dazed from the sensation of the Kiss, “I.. Would it be alright if I held you a bit longer?”

Selene was confused yet again, “You.. I’m Tiberius’ prisoner. I don’t see how could I can have influence on what happens.”

The ghoul held her in his embrace as he came to his full senses again, “Maybe, but sometimes consent is nice. And he said that you were of his blood so you need to be treated with some decency. I wouldn’t hurt you anyway. But he also said I could have some fun with you...”

Selene blushed and tried to move from his grip, but with her wrists restrained from above, it was impossible, “Maybe you should go rest.. you know, after being fed on..”

“Oh no, I don’t really get tired after it.” He breathed against her neck as his hands began to roam over her form, “And actually, I’ve never had anyone as beautiful as you before, so I don’t plan on wasting it.”

“I mean! Tiberius might not be happy with such an arrangement!” Selene squeaked in argument.

“Quite the contrary. He told me to enjoy myself because I’ve been working so hard.”  The ghoul’s hands found their way beneath the meager cloth that was draped over her backside and he squeezed her soft skin, causing her to gasp, so he did it again.

“Feel free to enjoy yourself...” he whispered softly in her ear, “You may as well since you’re stuck here anyway... Also my name is Luka, in case you want to use it as friendly encouragement.”

He pressed his lips to her neck as his hands began to squeeze and massage her backside. With their bodies pressed tightly together, Selene could feel Luka’s excitement through his jeans and the scrap of cloth that fell from her waist to cover her front.

“Pl-please! Please stop!” Selene gasped as she squirmed.

“I’m sorry.. Am I hurting you?” Luka asked as he leaned back to look at her, his hands loosening their hold, “Are you okay?”

“No.. you’re not hurting me, I just.. I’m married and this is just.. Please, if you let me go, I’ll can make it appear as though I broke free and tricked you.” Selene pleaded.

“Don’t be nervous.. And he warned me that you had a husband, but because you’re his by blood too, you also belong to Tiberius. Just think of this as something you’ll get to enjoy with him someday.” Luka smiled and kissed her lips softly before resuming his romantic seduction.

Luka slowly worked his hands closer to his goal, kissing along her neck and shoulder, ignoring her breathy pleas to stop. He took her squirming and the occasional moan to keep at his work until one of his fingers found her entrance. She squeaked, her back arcing as he found the spot, and he leaned his head back to watch her face as he pressed a second finger to the sensitive spot and rubbed.

“Ooh, what a face..” Luka mused with a smile as he watched her eyes roll to the back of her head, “Either you’re completely new to this, or you must really love it... right... here.”

As his fingers prodded at her backside, her knees went weak. She fought against the chains, but whatever they were constructed from were much stronger than anything she could shatter even with her supernatural vigor. She was snapped back to attention though, as Luka went around her to press against her back, his fingers still working at what would be his prize. His other hand moved to her hip to keep her still.

“Come on.. Let me treat you a bit. You’ve got nothing to be afraid of with me. So just relax..” The ghoul whispered against her ear before lowering his knees and spreading her backside to see her twitching rear entrance, “Ooh, your body is just begging for it.”

“Wa-wait!!” Selene squeaked, squirming, but she felt one of his hands leave her form to yank on the chains, tightening them and holding her firmly in place.

The Lady Giovanni let out a loud gasp as she felt Luka’s tongue press to her backside. A few timid licks and he suddenly dove in, his tongue drawing decadent circles at the sensitive entrance. She quickly lost track of herself as all she could feel was the Ghoul’s lavish treatment as he used his tongue to penetrate her saliva coated entrance. Luka himself groaned occasionally as he seemed to be drawing pleasure from the very act of tasting the female vampire in such an intimate way. Nearly ten minutes later, Luka stood, panting heavily.

“Damn, you’re ass is fucking hot!” He grinned as one hand stretched her backside, while the other worked to free himself of his pants.

Selene couldn’t think to reply as she began slowly to recover from the decadent oral treatment, but gasped as immediately Luka was rubbing his excitement against her slick backside entrance.

“Fuck, I can’t wait!” He exclaimed as one hand grabbed her hip and his other positioned him extremity and held it as he thrust slowly into her with a groan.

“Oh fuck!” Selene moaned before biting her lip as her rear opening was stretched to fit the Luka’s girth.

His hands came to her hips, holding both her and himself still, “You are squeezing me so tightly.”

The Ghoul’s lips brushed her neck as one hand moved up until it rested underneath one breast, then he slowly began to thrust.

“You seriously have the best ass ever!” Luka groaned as his hand slid up and began to massage Selene’s bust, his fingers rubbing against the delicate circle of flesh to illicit more noises of lust from her.

His hips started to move faster, coming to a feverish pace and causing Selene’s eyes to roll. Between his extremity and dueling grips, all the vampire could do was moan and gasp, sweet honey dripping down her thighs as her own want was obvious. In the back of her mind, she could taste the presence of someone else in the air, but with Luka stretching her after such a decadent foreplay, Selene couldn’t possibly dwell upon it.

The Ghoul moved at a steady pace, groaning near Selene’s ear as he played with her body to each of their delights, grinning to himself as suddenly she began to tremble at the mounting pleasure he sent coursing through her form.

“Pl-please!” She begged with a heated whisper as her backside squeezed his member, “I...!”

“Not without me, you’re not!” Luka groaned as he delivered a few hard, fast thrusts before her body milked his hot sticky essence from his member in tandem w her own powerful climax.

All the sound of the damp underground prison was filled with their heavy sighs as each took a moment to recover, Luka’s arms moving to embrace Selene as he remained with his extremity buried deep inside her rear. He leaned his forehead against her spine between her shoulder blades, smiling to himself.

“You really have a fantastic body.” The Ghoul praised her before he slid himself out, causing her to gasp.

A sudden slow applause drew both their attentions, and Selene’s eyes went wide as she watched Tiberius step from the shadows wearing black robe held closed with a pin and a broad grin, “You two put on quite a show.”

Selene’s mind whirled as she opened her mouth, but before she could speak, her grandsire grabbed her cheeks with one hand and leaned in close, catching her gaze.

“Hold your tongue my lovely Venus.” He smiled manically at her, “I’m sure you can put it to much better use than berating me, so let us get to it then... Luka.”

“Yes?” The mortal looked expectantly at the ancient kindred as his grip loosened slightly on Selene.

“How quickly might you be ready to go again?” Tiberius asked without looking away from Selene, holding her gaze with such intensity she was afraid to look away.

“I um... Maybe a couple of minutes?” Luka estimated with some measure of confusion and excitement.

“Good... that will do. Go ready the instruments for tomorrow night and then return. You shall enjoy yourself tonight for all your hard work.” The reborn Giovanni commanded before he focused himself fully on Selene, “And for your part, you shall willing accommodate both of us as we so desire. Isn’t that right my charming little Venus.”

Selene felt Luka’s embrace loosen and then disappear as he left her in Tiberius’s care. She could feel her grandsire’ s presence and suggestion echoing in her thoughts until it seemed to be all she could hear. Her time in the Ordo Dracul had taught her some loose tricks for such evading the dominant commands that so many kindred implemented, but it was no specialty of hers.

Tiberius for his part could see that she was struggling with resisting his suggestion of shared revelry, but wasn’t looking to waste time as he had grown excited from watching his ghoul ravage Haloise’s chosen. He leaned in closer as he examined her, projecting his Beast in an alluring manner to solidify his next words.

“You shall willing serve me to all my whims, my lovely Selene. Your body will worship mine and you will be ravaged to the touch of those I deem worthy of your form.” He spoke almost seductively as he looked deeply into her turquoise gaze.

He released his grip on her jaw, and she closed her mouth, craning her head back from his gaze, but already Tiberius saw that she was loosing her own thoughts as his words grew firm in her mind. He easily shifted his hand into a monstrous claw and slashed at the chains holding her arms up, and she sank to her knees, the position thrilling the Ancient. Her head was bowed and her hands came up to her face as the last bits of her free will tried to combat his words. He leaned down toward her and gently cupped her chin upward to look at him.

“How...” she paused as she looked at him, her muscles relaxing, “How would you like me to satisfy you, master?”