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Michie || Story Collection || New York
Sierra VonNacre - Because I Have a Brother, I’ll Always Have a Friend


Sierra had a long day ahead of her, one those kind where she had to wake up entirely too early and was going to get home probably not until after midnight. She didn’t care for the jam packed days, but it was something that couldn’t always be avoided. It was a shame that her brother Aaron was participating in an on-site Mythica Arena practice session woh his teammates. Normally Sierra would accompany him, just because she knew he tended to behave better when she was there and not get into panic attacks.

After she was ready for the day, Sierra let her agent Eddie know about her brother’s schedule for the day. He would need someone to at least bring him to and from his friend’s house. Edgar had a decent network of reliable workers for different tasks and one was an intern he’d brought on with potential of a job. While Eddie made calls, he and Sierra made their way down to a waiting black car to whisk them off to her first appointment.

She had an interview on a news morning show, then was playing at an elementary school, followed by a photo shoot. It was around 11 when she got a bit of a break and called Aaron.

“Hello?” Came Aaron’s voice through her phone.

“Hey, just checking in on ya.” Sierra spoke in a softer tone than she used with anyone else, “You ready for team practice today?”

“Yeah. It seems like a waste though, when we all just sit next to each other with headsets rather than in separate places with headsets.” Aaron pointed out the obvious. He didn’t like leaving the apartment for just any reason.

“Well, I think it’s good for you to go and see them in person. Maybe you guys should spend a little time doing some team building exercise that involve not your game.” Sierra offered, “Maybe you guys should at least go out for lunch. Do something not on the computer.”

“Maybe.” Was all Aaron relented, “How’s your day?”

“Okay. The photo shoot ran long, but Eddie reminded me it would. They always do.” Sierra complained lightly, “But I think there’s some pretty good ones. They also had a black piano, a keyboard and a white piano. I think there may be something good for the next album cover and a few good shots for the next signing.”

Eddie signaled to Sierra that she was needed, to which she rolled her eyes.

“I gotta go.” Sierra groaned, “Look, tomorrow, we should go out. There’s a Russian restaurant I wanna try.”

“Okay. I’d like that.” Aaron stated, “I can’t wait to see those pictures. You are pretty sis. Don’t work too hard.”

“Yeah yeah, whatever.” A smile tugged at her lips, “Have fun Aaron.”

She ended the call before meeting up with the agent and he ushered her into their car to whisk them off to Juliard for a special performance. When she arrived, she changed into a nice dress and then performed for two hours. Afterward Sierra changed back into her more casual ensemble and then her and Eddie went to the studio where she did her professional recording for the two of them to negotiate a new deal for an unannounced record. She’d been on a high with composing and with the vocal teacher, she was refining her own voice to try something new.

They spent a much longer time at the record company than was originally intended, their meeting and test recording only interrupted as Sierra’s phone went off. She was in the recording room with the studio’s piano, her phone left with Eddie and the studio crew in the sound room as they watched and listened to Sierra’s haunting melody. Edgar didn’t think much of it; often the siblings would communicate when neither was at the apartment. He’d let Sierra know once she was finished.

A half hour later, Edgar’s phone began to ring. He stepped from the sound room and into an adjacent space where he could still watch Sierra play, although the music was muted.

“Hey Eddie?” Came the timid voice of his office assistant Julie, “Joel said he dropped Mr. VonNacre off alright, but he’s not there now. Should I have Joel call you himself?”

“If Aaron wasn’t at his friend’s place, then where could he of gone?” Eddie asked, irritated, “Where were the rest of his friends?”

“Apparently they were there and that someone had picked him up about a half hour early.” Julie answered as she had clearly gone through the same line of questioning the intern directly, “I thought maybe you had called someone else to pick him up and forgot to notify Joel?”

Eddie was silent, thinking about how Aaron’s nickname had rang on Sierra’s phone just about 30 minutes ago. She had left him a note saying that Eddie’s intern Joel would be dropping him for video game practice, but nothing about who would pick him up. Aaron was an odd sort, especially given his Asperger’s, and he was trusting to a fault.

“Have you called Aaron?” Edgar asked, his throat dry.

“Yes. He didn’t answer.” Julie replied.

“Call the police. Tell Joel to stay where he is and let him know that he is to be forthright with them.” Edgar commanded as he turned to observe Sierra who was just finishing her current piece, “I’m going to pull Sierra from the studio. We have to find him immediately.”

Edgar hung up with Julie and tapped on the window, pulling Sierra’s attention. She pushed the bench from the piano and stood, going through the sound room and meeting with Edgar in the viewing area. While he waited her to join him, he tried dialing Aaron and was relieved when the chime stopped mid-ring to signal the call was answered.

“Hey Aaron. How ya doing kiddo?” Eddie adopted a more soothing tone as he spoke.

“I’d say he’s been better.” Sounded an unfamiliar voice, one that was obviously being filtered through a voice changer.

Edgar could feel himself turn to ice as the obfuscated voice continued, “But let’s just say he’s sleeping for right now. Now why don’t you put that musical star on the line?”

Sierra waited patiently as Eddie was on the phone, but when he turned to her, she could easily see that something was wrong and blurted out just that, “What’s going on?”

He held his phone out to her, Aaron’s name reading across the screen along with the seconds counting how long the call had been going, and he answered in a hushed tone, “Someone took your brother. They want to speak with you.”

Before she could truly register what that meant, Sierra gripped the phone and brought it to her ear, her rage barely contained, “Where is he?”

“Already so demanding.” The source on the other side of the call was amused by Sierra’s tone, “He’s just resting, albeit uncomfortably.”

“You even think about laying a fucking finger on him, I’ll crawl through this phone and flay you alive!” Sierra yelled into phone, her other hand clenched into a tight fist.

“Tsk tsk little rising star, that’s no way to speak to someone in charge of the fate of the only person you actually care about.” The calm nature of the altered voice only served to further anger Sierra, “Besides, I have no immediate plans to do anymore work upon him, unless you decide to be uncooperative.”

“What the fuck do you want you shit?!” Sierra yelled again, teetering at the edge of her willpower to keep from becoming a rampaging monster to seek out her brother.

“Well, first of all, no cops involved. No cameras or secret stuff. You follow my instructions exactly as I give them to you.” The voice stated cooly, “And only you are allowed to do this. I do not want to see your agent or anyone with you. Understood?”

“Yes.” Sierra spat through gritted teeth, “Name your price.”

“Straight to the point. I knew you were a smart girl.” The voice chuckled, “You’ll bring a gym bag with $1,000,000 in large bills to the north end of the west bay bridge in North Sea New York. There’s a broken concrete pier you can leave it on. There’ll be an address there where you can then find your brother.”

Sierra said nothing as the fiend listed his demands, worry lining her face.

“You have 5 hours to complete this task. Good luck.” And then the line went dead.

Sierra shoved the phone into Edgar’s chest before she turned, hurling a punch through the nearest section of wall. She cried out, whether through pain or frustration and then crumpled to the floor. Edgar sighed as he gripped his phone, and the manager who had been in the sound room came out to see what had happened. She looked at Sierra, then to her agent, who gestured to go back into the sound room. Once inside, he closed the door.

“Some one took her brother and just had a conversation with her.” Edgar explained, “The police should already be where he was last seen, as well as at her apartment and should be arriving here shortly.”

Sierra stood and pressed one arm over her eyes, a mechanism she often used when trying to suppress tears. This demand was going to wipe out years of hard work, and it would make her have to work more in order to build back up their living funds, but she needed her brother back. If not for him, she had no idea how long she’d of even survived. He was her best friend and knowing that she hadn’t been there simply shattered her heart. She didn’t have time to waste though. The trip to North Sea was just about a two hour drive.

Edgar came out of the sound room and moved toward Sierra, “So what did they say?”

“I have to act alone.” Sierra stated with a dark expression, “Gotta go to the bank and the apartment. I.. I need to borrow a car.”

“You sure it’s a good idea to do this solo?” Edgar asked gently, “They have means of tracking that these people don’t even know about.” Edgar offered.

“I don’t have time to waste. I gotta get a mil, a car and go to North Sea, then drive to wherever he’s leaving Aaron, all within five hours.” Was all Sierra was inclined to offer before she went to move off.

The pianist moved through the studio, walking outside only moments before the police arrived. She knew the streets of the city well enough as she’d basically grown up here. She navigated her way to her bank to make the withdrawal, her wallet in the back pocket of her jeans. She was known well enough and the employees knew to treat her normally. She waited her turn in line to speak with someone at their desk, knowing there were procedures for taking such a large chunk of money out, but she was anxious, constantly checking the time on her phone.

Back at the studio Eddie was speaking with the police dispatched to investigate, and there were more on the way to meet with Sierra at the bank.

“Yeah, she took my phone and spoke with the person-“ Edgar explained best he could given the shock.

“And you said the people on the other side was using a voice changer?” One of the officer’s interrupted.

“Yes. It was like Darth Vader or something similar.” The agent sighed, his frustration growing.

“And then what happened?” The other officer asked.

Back at the bank, Sierra was finally next in line when four policemen entered the bank, followed by two men in suits. Inwardly she cursed Edgar but she knew he was doing what was technically the right thing to do. The two suits moved through the bank. The banker Sierra normally dealt with exited his office to speak with them. After a few moments, the banker looked to Sierra and beckoned her over into his office. Once inside, he closed the door and she crossed her arms.

“Miss VonNacre, we understand that you believe your brother had been abducted?” One of the two suits stated as they were already in the office.

“Yes, well, someone did take him and I’m going to get him back as the asshole that did it has demanded.” Sierra replied snidely as glared at the man, “You two morons are here because he was taken! You can figure out who the fuck did it after I get him back. I don’t have the fucking time to play games!.”

“Okay, just take a deep breath and calm down.” The other one stated as he pulled out a chair for Sierra to sit in, “What did they kidnappers demand from you?”

She took a moment to look at the two suits. The first one was dressed in blue and had a terrible combover with a few mangy looking dark strands of hair pulled desperately to across his balding scalp. The second was much taller and not so fat, wearing a light gray suit and had black hair with streaks of gray. Her banker was Mr. Stisce a younger man dressed nicely in a black suit and a pale green shirt with a dark paisley printed tie. Sierra knew he was always excited about the ties his wife got for him and made it a point of always complimenting them.

But she wanted nothing more than to go and get Aaron.

She reached into her pocket and slid her bank card and ID across the desk, looking Mr. Stisce squarely in the eye, “I need to withdraw $1 million in cash, preferably large bills, like $100s or $50s.”

“Sierra. That’s almost all of your account.” The young banker stated as he pulled up her information on his computer.

“Yup.” Sierra gritted her teeth, “I need that exact amount. Large bills. No more questions.”

“Just give it to her.” The taller suit spoke, “We have a duffle bag you can use. We have a small tracker inside the strap that we’ll be able to see the location when this bag moves.”

“Nope, don’t care. Just give me the money.” Sierra spoke quickly.

Mr. Stisce got up and left the office as he moved to withdraw the money as requested.

Sierra crossed her arms as she waited. Her phone began to chime and she saw it was Eddie, “Hey.”

“I’ve got a car for you at the studio. What do you need from the apartment? Can I get anything before you go get him?” Eddie was the only other person that Sierra knew would be so distraught as he was sorta like a father figure for the siblings. She’d been his first client just as he was starting on his career path and she had moved with him until he eventually had his own agency, making him a large part of the VonNacre family.

“Yeah, I need a gym bag. And can you have someone bring the car to the bank three blocks south of the studio? They’re pulling the cash now and I feel like I’ve wasted too much time.” Sierra maintained a fierce demeanor in front of the two suits, but inwardly was on the verge of tears.

“Got it. Car’s got a completely full tank and will be waiting for you. I’ll take care of the bag.” Eddie paused for a moment, “Bring him home safely.”

Sierra said nothing as she hung up. She couldn’t even think about what state her poor brother must be in. She kept thinking about the time when he was running down the hallway and broke their mom’s vase, slicing up his hand in the process. He had been in a rush to show Sierra and their mom that he had stopped his childhood stuttering, but after that day he didn’t speak for a week and when he finally did, his stutter had been worse than before. Sierra couldn’t bare for him to go backwards again and by the hand of someone else it was so unfair.

The pianist snapped out her thoughts as Mr. Stisce returned with the bag full of money. It was neatly wrapped in stacks of $500 and the banker was sure to show Sierra that the requested amount was all there. She grabbed the bag and moved to the street, with both suits trailing after her.

“You should give us a call after you drop it off. That way we can turn on the tracker.” The taller man stated.

“No.” Sierra replied flatly, “I’m not using your bag because I’m not risking my brother’s life so your squad can flounder about tailing these assholes.”

She recognized the car as Eddie himself brought it around, pulling up beside the curb in front of Sierra, cutting off the protests of the two suits. She opened up the passenger door as Eddie got out of the driver’s side and came around with the keys. She dumped the cash into an emptied overnight bag that Eddie had stashed in all his cars for him and his talent in case they had to stay overnight anywhere.

“You sure I can’t go with you?” Edgar asked quietly as he kept the two suits at bay with a rough stare.

“Yeah, the guy was specific about not having you or cops. Just me.” Sierra sighed as she zipped up the new cash-carrier and hurled the other one at the suits, “Once, I’ve got him, I’ll call you and you can give them ahead to the nitwits here to do whatever they’re going to do.”

Edgar nodded and placed the keys firmly in Sierra’s palm, “You be careful too.”

“I think it’s sick fucks that started this you should be worried about.” Sierra stated before taking the keys and getting into the black car.

She got to the highway relatively quick and booked it for North Sea, but unfortunately there was traffic and construct at certain junctures, although she made it there with time to share and didn’t dare let her thoughts wander. As she exited right after the bridge, she spotted the broken concrete pier that had been landlocked for a time, and drove the car down a dirt road along the forgotten beach. As she parked the vehicle, she looked around, wondering if they would be stupid enough to be scene out here. But aside from the cars echoing off the bridge, there seemed to be peace and quiet.

Sierra grabbed the bag and walked over to the pier, her eyes already scanning for the address where Aaron was promised to be. She threw the bag on of the concrete rubble and walked around to the ocean side, finally seeing a newspaper placed deliberately beneath a stone of concrete. She grabbed it and opened the newspaper to see an article about Grand Central circled several times with a black marker. With the newspaper crumpled in her hand, she ran to the car and began to the trip back to New York City.

By the time she got to Grand Central Station, Sierra was in a full panic as she only had about fifteen minutes left. As she parked the car near Pershing’s Diner, she grabbed the newspaper with the address circled and ran across the street, looking for anything indicating a more specific spot within the station Aaron might be. She glanced something about the food concourse where one of the restaurants down there was being renovated. She ran through and headed within, pushing past people as she fumbled for her phone.

“C’mon, c’mon!” She spoke hastily to herself as she dialed Eddie, although he picked up in a single ring.

“Sierra?!” He answered, hopeful.

“I’m at Grand Central.. I can smell blood.” Sierra didn’t care how insane it might sound, “Call an ambulance. Your cars at the diner.” And she hung up.

She ran for the compressed wooden sheet boards that were blocking off the restaurant as soon as she saw them and climbed with relative ease, much to the surprise of those watching. It seemed as though a handful of tourists visiting the Big Apple for the first time managed to capture some shaken phone video of the feat, but Sierra only had one thing on her mind.

She was easily able to pick up on the scent now that there were no crowds and she ran to the left where there was a bar. She skidded around to the back of it and saw her brother curled up in the fetal position, his clothes torn and bloodied. Tears instantly sprung to her eyes as she saw his chest slowly rise and fall, signaling he was alive, although she could tell he was unconscious. She moved beside him and pulled his arms away from his face, those tears streaming down when she saw how badly beaten he was.

The chiming of her phone cut through the silence past the echoes of the bustling station beyond them. Shaking, she looked to see Eddie’s name scroll across her screen and she answered.

‘‘Sierra, where are you?! Do you have him?!” Eddie’s panicked voice asked.

“...Y-yeah.” Sierra choked as she lovingly brushed Aaron’s hair from his face, her eyes surveying every bit of damage done to him, “The Oyster Bar.”

“Sierra? Is.. Is he...?” Eddie’s voice cracked as he never heard Sierra cry, not since she was a kid.

“He’s alive.” She sobbed, “But he needs a doctor hours ago.”

Edgar stayed on the line with her, using his secondary phone to call his office and arrange security for them at the hospital as it had apparently gotten out that someone held a VonNacre for ransom and the media was waiting. The ambulance arrived at the massive train station and made their way down to where Sierra was waiting with her brother. Leaving the station proved to be a hassle in itself as the place was crowded when people shared their videos of Sierra leaping the barrier into the restaurant and more than a handful recognized her. She rode in the ambulance with Aaron on the way to the hospital, blankly answering all the medial and family history trivia that the EMTs had to know. Once at the hospital, Eddie’s secondary security group as already in place along with hospital security to keep a large distance between the VonNacre siblings and the noisy public.

Aaron was brought into emergency surgery while Sierra and Eddie waited in a gloomy hallway. One of his trusted assistants arrived with coffee for both, although Sierra just numbly held the cardboard cup in her hands. A few hours went by before a doctor came out to speak with them. He was stabilized and would need to remain in the hospital for a while, but the internal bleeding had been stopped. They arranged a private room for him before Sierra and Eddie took a few moments to speak.

“I think you should go home and rest.” Eddie spoke softly to the pianist.

She was still wearing the same clothes she’d discovered Aaron in and was exhausted from an extraordinarily long day, but she shook her head, staring through the window at her brother, “No. I’m not leaving him.”

“He’s going to be asleep for a while and I promise I’ll wait here until you come back tomorrow.” Edgar reasoned.

Sierra could feel her chest heaving slowly as she had never been so upset in all her life, “... I’ll go home to change, but I’m coming right back.”

“I really think you should sleep.” Her agent begged.

“No. I won’t be able to right now anyway.” She sighed, every action feeling weighed down and strained, “Besides you have Marilyn to go home and see... You two... You two pick out any baby names yet?” She asked deferring to Eddie’s wife of three years.

“No, not yet.” Eddie sighed and he brought Sierra into a hug, “I’ll get someone to drive you there and back, but only because you’re being stubborn. And you shouldn’t be driving at this point.”

Sierra relented with a nod and used the back of her wrist to dry her eyes, “I’ll be back soon.”

“Here.” Eddie said digging into his pocket and pushing a $50 bill into Sierra’s hand, “Get something to eat on the way there or back.”

She nodded again and trudged off to meet the driver,

Sierra went upstairs alone, past the police officers that were stationed within the lobby of her apartment building. When she got into the apartment, she crumpled to floor crying. The sound of her falling to her knees was enough to signal to her new beau, Gabriel, that something was wrong. He was able to sneak into her apartment earlier in the day when everyone had been out and was waiting for Sierra to return home. He was mildly concerned when the day ran late for both VonNacre’s, but to exit her room and see Sierra sobbing on the floor was alarming.

“Hey..!” He called to her as he crossed the room.

She couldn’t see beyond the blur of tears as they seemed endless, so he gathered her up in his arms and brought her to one of sofas by the tv. His hand came to the back of her head , pressing her cheek to his chest as she sobbed, until she seemed drained of tears and energy. Gabriel said nothing as he waited patiently to see if she was ready to divulge the day’s events to him or not.

“Aaron was taken for ransom.” She spoke in a quiet, hoarse voice, pulling away from the Ivory Claw and leaning to the coffee table to grab a tissue.

Gabriel’s face remained expressionless as she moved, but his eyes flared with anger.

“I paid the amount and got him back, but...” she quivered as she struggled to find the words, “He’s in bad shape... They... They destroyed his face... I could see where he tried to cover himself in defense.”

“Where did you find him?” Gabriel asked through gritted teeth, his mind already working.

“The Oyster Bar restaurant in Grand Central. I...” she stood, looking down at her bloodied outfit, “I’m changing and going back to the hospital.”

She reached into the pocket of her black jeans and offered the contents to Gabriel, who looked at her curiously, “I was going to wrap it up and make a big deal out of it, but I just.. can’t, now. But I want you to take it, so you can come and go as you want.”

The male Pure took the key to the apartment before he too came to stand. He watched silently as Sierra moved off with heavy footsteps to her room to swap clothes, her mind in a tunnel as her single fear turned reality this day.

The pianist threw everything she was wearing into the corner of her room, some of it landing in the trash bin kept there. She grabbed a whole new outfit of a fitted white t-shirt and dark blue jeans from the dresser, as well as a black zip-down hoodie with large red rose stitched across the back and smaller one on the left breast on the front. She threw on a battered pair of sneakers before grabbing her gray and pink gym bag to fill with clothes for Aaron, a stuffed animal he kept in his room from their mom on one of her good days, as well as a bunch of portable video game stuff for when he woke up.

When she back into the main living area of her home, Gabriel was gone. She felt torn on the matter, because she felt like it would’ve been nice for him to come with her to the hospital, but given the way he’d grown up and all that, a hospital was going to be spectacularly uncomfortable for him. She went to the fridge and grabbed a couple bottled waters and then into the cabinet for the goldfish crackers she had stashed away for a rainy day that her brother might be sick. She was quick to get back into the car and head for the hospital altering having the driver stop and sending him inside a 24-hour Dunkins for coffee and a donut.

Once she had returned to the hospital she saw that there was a crappy cot set up against one wall and Eddie nodding off in a chair. Sierra thrust the coffee at him, to which he nodded and grabbed it, taking a long sip.

“I had them get you a bed, and my guys have a list of who’s allowed in and who’s not.” Eddie explained as he savored the coffee, “All the nurses on shift have been cleared so far and you can add names to the list if there’s anyone I forgot.. Although I wasn’t sure if you wanted his friends on there.”

“Yeah.. they can come. They’re nerds, but they’ve got hearts of gold.” Sierra’s voice was hoarse from all the crying and lack of water, “I might add only a couple of people if any. But if anyone takes pictures I’m going after them. I don’t want Aaron to have to look back on this and see what’s happened. I... Why didn’t I just push my shit back or tell him to move his practice?”

Edgar stood and brought Sierra against him again, speaking softly, “You couldn’t of known that this would’ve happened. It’s not your fault. I’ve already taken care of things in my end and I promise you, nothing like this will ever, ever happen again.”

Sierra said nothing, just barely peered over Eddie’s shoulder at her comatose brother with tears silently falling from her eyes.

“Why don’t you pull up a chair and talk to him for a while. I’m sure he could do with stories from his big sister.” Eddie suggested as he pulled away from her, taking her gym bag and putting it down on the cot.

“Yeah.. I can talk to him.” Sierra replied as she sat in the chair and Eddie slipped out, closing the door behind him and nodding to the two security guards flanking the door.

“Aaron... I... I’m so sorry...”

— — —

“You know, the banker said it was nearly everything in her account. You think maybe we should’ve halved  the amount?” The tall man in the gray suit asked as he scooped up his share.

“Please, she’s probably got multiple bank accounts!” A younger, much more muscular man reasoned easily enough, his knuckles just starting to scab over.

“Yeah, we probably could’ve gotten more if she’s really been famous for that long.” The short fat blue suit man interjected as he fixed his terrible combover, “What a rude little bitch she was anyway. I say next time, we take her. Could have some fun with a body like hers.”

“Gentlemen please.” Came the final voice of the final of the men in the dimly lit finished basement of the Newburgh, New York house, “We can discuss the second round once this has blown over.”

“Aww c’mon Uncle Carson,” the younger man complained, “We could easily rig something against Sierra herself. I bet her lame ass brother would pay every penny they have for her back. Besides, I’ve seen pics of her; she’s hot and I think fatty here might be onto something with that.”

“Bryson, well, she might be adopted, Sierra is still family.” The uncle argued, but a she stepped into the light, he wore a deranged smile, “Besides, we need to wait for your cousin Aaron to recover so he can see enough to make any withdrawals we request.”

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Michie || Story Collection || New York
Sierra VonNacre - Those Walls I Built

— — — — —

Sierra stood in the bathroom, looking at herself in the mirror as she finished her makeup. She was still wearing a bath robe as she turned to look at the dress she had hanging on the closed bathroom door. It was a flowing white gown with an ethereal nature. She had picked it out at a thrift store, thinking it was exactly what she wanted to portray for her new cover that she was dedicating to Gabriel, but looking at it now, she was unhappy. In fact, she was feeling nervous for the first time in a very long time. She could sense Aaron and Felix in the main space of the apartment as Aaron explained how the video feed and electronics worked, but Gabriel.. He was waiting patiently on her bed for her to emerge because he wanted to be the first to see her before a performance for a change.

But she didn’t like the dress now that she was ready for it. The pianist let out a heavy sigh, blowing it up and ruffling her long bangs in the process.

“Everything alright in there?” Came Gabriel’s voice as he moved silently toward the door.

“I don’t wanna wear this.” She answered bluntly even as her fingers ran along the soft fabric.

“Then don’t.” Gabriel replied in a similar tone.

“Fine, but I have to wear something, so watch out.” She announced before slowly opening the door and stepping into her bedroom.

She moved past him, but his gaze was fixated on her face. It wasn’t often around him that she did her own makeup and her choice for regular wear was much more colorful than her theater performances. She walked over to her dresser and opened a drawer, pulling out a loose white crop top with long lace sleeves and a pair of black high waisted snake patterned leggings.

As she held the clothes she looked over at Gabriel with a slight smirk, “You want me to do your makeup too?”

“Don’t you think I’m pretty enough without it?” He gave her a grin back.

She chuckled as she closed the drawer and looked on top of the dresser inside her jewelry box. She pulled out white feather earrings edged with gold and a black and gold heart locket that hung on a long gold chain. She also grabbed a copper necklace that had a purple rose charm on the end that was much shorter.  She also grabbed a few rings just for the look.

She moved past Gabriel with a smile back to the washroom, but he grabbed her arm and leaned in close. He didn’t say a word as his gaze studied her face and she looked quizzically back at him. She’d gone with black eyeshadow with some gold coloration and did her lips in a gradient to match. And her hair was loose, falling into large untamed waves, but it was a different look than what he was certainly used to with her.

“You can change here.” He suggested, but Sierra could feel the command of his voice.

“Yeah, I could.” She playfully challenged him as she remained quietly a moment, letting the taunt settle in as it was so amusing to her before she gave in, “But only it’s my room first.”

He gave her a grin as he released his hold on arm, and she tossed her outfit onto the bed. She put the jewelry on first as Gabriel made himself comfortable on the bed, watching her silently. Sierra pulled free the sash of her robe and let it fall to the floor, revealing her perfect form almost completely bare. She was already dressed in a strapless bra and thong. When she grabbed the leggings, she turned so Gabriel could see the lack of clothing and appreciate the view before she covered it up and slid the garment up her form. Then she pulled the white crop top over her head and fixed her hair so it wasn’t caught beneath the fabric before she turned to look at her alpha as her outfit settled on her body. It left a stripe of her torso visible from where the shirt sat hanging off her ample chest and the leggings rested a few inches from the inward curve of her bust.

She couldn’t help but to smile as she watched Gabriel’s eyes start from her purple painted toes and climb to the top of her blonde hair.

“Are you ready?” She asked, extending her hand to him.

“I’m not the one doing a show.” He grinned but took her hand.

She flexed to pull him up even though he didn’t need the help. He stood, but brought her hand up to his lips, not exactly kissing her, but rather gently brushing his lips against her skin. She blushed and quickly pulled away and headed to join Aaron and Felix.

“You and your minion got everything ready?” Sierra grinned at her brother as both he and Felix turned at the sound of footsteps.

“Wow...” Felix breathed from where he stood beside Aaron as he saw the Forsaken.

“I don’t have any minions, but Felix has been very interested in the equipment.” Aaron beamed, “It’s really nice to be back home.”

“Sorry to put you to work so soon after coming back.” Sierra lamented, “We could’ve pushed this back until you were rested.”

“I haven’t gotten to do something normal in weeks, so this is good.” Her brother smiled and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, “Besides I love hearing you play. Evan came by when you were out and even told me how impressed with your voice he is.”

Sierra blushed but couldn’t resist shooting Gabriel a satisfied smile as she saw his expression shift at the mention of Evan. Her alpha was now standing beside his dumbstruck brother who was mesmerized by Sierra.

She looked back at Aaron and gave him a quick hug before pulling back and looking at her classic black piano. There was a wide flat circular microphone for her to sing into, one that was used to record the piano, and a camera to visually record. Aaron and Felix has even gone to the trouble of changing the curtains to be long billowy white ones for an ethereal look.

“The curtains look really good. Thank you guys.” She smiled as she surveyed the scene set before her.

“Is there anything we forgot?” Aaron asked as he looked between his sister and the mini music studio.

“No. Not a thing.” She turned to look at him, “So is it just you manning he camera?”

“Felix said he wanted to see how it works.” Aaron nodded excited, “So he’ll be with me . She during the song.”

“Okay.” Sierra looked back to the Quinn brothers, “So Felix with Aaron and Gabriel, go sit your ass down over here so you don’t distract me.”

Felix’s cheeks took on a faint pinkish hue but he quietly took his place on one of two stools next to the camera. Gabriel smirked at the Forsaken but did as she instructed, taking a seat on the ivory angular sofa set well behind the piano where she couldn’t see him once she was seated, but he could easily observe, and he wouldn’t be in the video either.

“Okay, begin sound test whenever you’re ready.” Aaron instructed as he set on a pair of headphones, leaving one side tucked just behind his ear.

He adjusted the position of the camera slightly as Sierra stepped over to the piano and took a seat on the worn bench, feeling completely at home before the massive instrument. She ran her fingers along the piano, touching every key as she made the piano sing from high to low and then back to high.

“Okay, good.” Aaron confirmed with a nod, “Start with synchronization test in 3... 2... 1.”

“One, one, two, three, two, one, two.” Sierra spoke as her fingertips danced across three different keys, each corresponding with the number she iterated.

“Okay, we’re all good on this end.” The male Von Nacre gave a thumbs up as he then settled on the stool next to Felix.

Sierra took a deep breath as she let the piano fall silent, slightly adjusting her position and the mic she’d be singing into. Normally she’d give the video a brief introduction of her name and the piece she’d be playing, but she didn’t feel like it. It felt better to just go for it and get over her nervousness.

With her eyes nearly closed she lifted her hands back to the keys and began to play the in song that was her testament to Gabriel.


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