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Billy - Character Concepts
Name: Nathen Rose or Willow
Concept: I never wanted to go back
Needle: Bon Vivant or Composer
Thread: Acceptance
Seeming: Wizened
Court: Courtless


“The thing you don’t understand is I’ve always been running.”

All through his life Nathen was an odd child prone to strange proclivities that saw him teased throughout his early life and in to adolescence. Even in his dreams he was prone to night terrors that his parents frequently disregarded the tales he told of monsters chasing him.

One day he simply stopped telling anyone anything and grew completely withdrawn. Shortly before high school a girl asked him to a school dance he refused thinking it some schoolyard ruse. The girls brother took offense to this and along side his friends chased Nathen with anger in their hearts. He ran and for a time they gave chase but eventually they gave up yet the weight of it all was to much and he continued to run in to the thick vines that scratched him and disoriented him until he fell in to the hands of his Keeper.

There he was changed and given a purpose, taken in, in a way he never knew before he delighted in the work that was given to him and the art he was made to weave from the feelings of others.


He is a slender looking young man and carry’s an aloof expression on his face most of the time. His hair is short to medium length and somewhat unkempt. His eyes are sharp and almost seemed to be glazed over most of the time but not enough to be unsettling to all but the most perceptive. He has no scars but there is a tattoo of a spiders web on the middle of his chest. He typically dresses with a senses of fashion except in private where he prefers comfort over showmanship.


His true form keeps much of his boyish charm yet he grows several additional eyes.
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Billy - Character Concepts
Shadow Name: Jacob Thule
Sympathetic Name: Peter Nilo
Virtue: Generous
Vice: Competitive & Thrill Seeker
Concept: Fiendish Lawyer
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Silver Ladder
Legacy: None


“My fire burns brighter”

I was born, dad was a drunk and mom did not care I was lucky enough that they did not want me around and sent me away to boarding school after boarding school. You see for as useless as my parents were they were rich and that money worked for me, good schools, private tutors all those things you think elite preppy kids get I got.

Honestly though it really was not enough, dad would squander the fortune or mom would spend it away, in either case it just would not do. All these kinds of dark thoughts started coming in to my head and I pondered them over they were all to crude to be honest, but then a voice started to offer me suggestions and I was interested it what that voice had to say.

I started seeing things that other people could not, twisted creature that tore in to each other and prowled about unseen. I could see when people were getting sick, I knew when they wanted to fuck and mind you I was just figuring that out at the time. Before to long my eyes opened when I found myself screaming through a forest like some kind of man beast hybrid until I found a tower and took what was mine.

I eventually came to a few minutes later, maybe it was hours, frankly what happened next is what I remember. I was home some summer evening and knew it was the right time the voice had told me what to do, where to put the gasoline, which gas lines to cut and what doors to lock. I exited my so called family home and threw a match and watched as the fires danced in the dark of the night. It was exhilarating, it was love at first sight.

The voice showed itself to me in the flames it said all would be ok and I believed it. I spent the next few years in the system, foster homes, foster families, I made trouble in the foster homes and the families only wanted me for the money so I made sure they worked for it.

A few years later I was done being a ward of the state I took my money and went to law school, I became a defense attorney but the truth is I k ow exactly where I am sending these people. My friend, that fiendish voice loves to cut red hot deals and I always collect the embers.

Oh sure I play my part in civilized Mage society, even took a teacher here or there but you know that’s just to keep up appearances. The fire is so hot and so am I after all.

Physical Description

He has a medium build with some fairly defined body, his features are sharp and he always seems to be carrying an amused grin on his face. His skin is smooth with a mild kiss from the sun to him, he keeps his sandy blond hair short and presentable while he peers at people with faded blue eyes. He dresses like one might expect a lawyer might except when he is engaging in his hobby where a black T-shirt and some slacks will due.
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Billy - Character Concepts
Name: Caden Abel ?
Blood: Challenger
Bone:  Hedonist
Concept: Spirit Banisher
Auspice: Rahu
Tribe: Bone Shadows
Physical Touchstone: Caleb
Spiritual Touchstone: The Prey


“Don’t judge a book by its cover”

He was born in to a suburban middle class family in Philadelphia where he spent most of his adolescent life. As a child he was prone to fits of wandering through the city streets when the moon shines brightest, his family did what they could to curtail this behavior but he was cunning finding his way past their resistance. He was prone to fits of anger going through elementary and later middle school, it was chalked up to a poor temper but the truth was his instincts were the source of his rage as the city was afflicted with the same Spirits of decay that many cities suffer from.

His poor temper left him rather isolated and his constant wandering kept a wedge between him and his family. Things seemed to change though when he went to high school, the magic of puberty saw his body grow stronger and he grew to have some control of his instincts which allowed him to socialize normally.

While his temperamental nature seemed to cool his own desires were working against him, he could tell by smell alone when a female was attracted to someone or when a male was desiring, he had his own desires and worked hard to keep them in check. He attended several school dances and rather enjoyed the environment and the revelry. He inadvertently seemed to be chasing the captain of the football teams girlfriend when the reality could not be further from that.

He squabbled with the aggressive captain but the fight was truthfully one sided when he beat the captain in a hallway brawl. As freshmen year came to a close the school planed a field trip to the nature reserve the whole class seemed to be going and so was he. At one point during the retreat the captain and his companions cornered him beating him significantly and tossing his body down a hill.

The field trip was finished and he was unaccounted for. By the time he came to Night had descended but the moon illuminated the wild and so he did what he normally did, he wandered. He walked until he stumbled upon a Spirt pushing its way through the Gauntlet. As he was observing the leach like thing push its way in to his world rage pumped in his heart the likes of which he never knew, his instincts over took him and he attacked the thing in ways he could not conceive, he was knocked in his body more a passenger then anything else.

Three days would pass until the search party found him, he did not say what happened the last thing he wanted was to have to explain something he did not understand. A few days later he returned to school as his freshmen year came to a close he began coming to grips with all the changes he had undergone, he knew there was something more to what happened in the woods but he was ignorant of it, he also came to grips with the fact that the males of his class appealed more to him then the catty females.

Summer came and went and he was far more adventurous now as his instincts drove him through the city streets. During that summer a Lune found him and explained exactly what he was and what his purpose was and things in his life began to make more sense to him.

Sophomore year began and he was more in touch with what he was and he could see the spirits that feasted on his school. It provoked rage but he knew he could not fight them all. The football captain and he’s companions though were skulked by the most powerful spirit he had yet seen and instinct told him he needed to do something.

He tried to find companionship as the year progressed but found it impossible as he saw the hungering spirits in every corner. By the winter he resolved to do something, he would stay late after school observing the spirits and coming to understand their pattern. He learned that the Spirits of his school were in the court of the one Spirit that was feeding on the football captain. When spring came he had his plan.

He put out the rumor that he wished to reconcile with the the captain and by the time such things were started some thought he had other interest in him but that was not the case. Enraged at the notion the captain agreed to meet him at the school gym  to straighten things out. The spirit followed in the footsteps of the captain and when they were alone he waisted no time to launch his assault on the spirit. The battle was fierce but he triumphed in banishing the spirit, the captain was rendered unconscious thanks to lunacy yet the gym was ruined.

He was expelled for what was seen as his fault but he took pride in his actions for he knew the school was a batter place now. At the end of Sophomore year he was approached by others like him that celebrated his victory and his wisdom in choosing when to act and as a result he was made a Bone Shadow.

The next two years were uneventful compared to his previous year, he took classes for troubled youth and learned the ways of his people but never truly fitting in, he remained without a Pack and only socializing with those of his Tribe. As high school came to a close he knew that this place was to much of a burden on him, he needed new territory to live in. It was fairly easy as he had so little keeping him here, he had a distant relationship with his family and little in the way of friends and even lacked a pack, from his perspective the environment was all wrong for him.

He decided New York City would be where he set roots and attended New York University, he never really decided on a major and was more interested in the diverse environment he found and enjoyed many hunts. The flesh called though and he knew he needed to be self sufficient so he took up a career as a bar tender and worked in numerous places, he found that hungry spirits were prone to skulking about these places where human were at their most desperate.

Physical Description

Age: 25
Date of Birth: February, 12, 1993
First Change: June, 10, 2007
Hair: medium length with a messy yet classy look
Eyes: light brown
Race: White
Nationality: American
Sex: Male

Hishu: 6’2” / 190 lbs
Dalu: 6’8” / 225 lbs
Gauru: 7’10” / 325 lbs
Urshul: 5’10” / 210 Lbs
Urhan: 4’6” / 80 Lbs

He has a strong build, muscular but not significantly so, his skin is smooth and light while not particularly pale although he frequently has some kind of scratch in the midst of healing  from his activities as a Uratha. He normally carries a care free expression unless on the hunt or otherwise driven by his instincts. He prefers dressing casually as opposed to those corporate types. His right arm seems to have a kind of tribal tattoo and it is here where he shows the Renown he has earned.
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Billy - Character Concepts
Name: Slate Drakon
Concept:Prince of Dragons
Needle: Chess Master
Thread: Joy
Seeming: Fairest
Court: Spring


“You have it all confused, what can you do for me … I am just trying to help you.”


He stands just tall enough to be apart from a crowd with a form that is well crafted and strong, his features are both sharp and inviting. His hair is midnight black cut to a short to medium length while his eyes are almost a hue of a fiery red. His skin is fair of color and nearly pristine, he bares a tattoo which he takes great pride in upon his body. He is always dressed for the occasion and whatever that might be it is the best of the best weather it be club attire or business attire.


Just beneath the Mask lies the truth, he keep a stunningly strong and attractive nearly human form with eyes a bright crimson and his hair longer and slicked back in a primal way. He has features reminiscent of a Dragon with patches of glittering black scales and hands almost like talons. He radiates a regal sense of charisma and desire.
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Billy - Character Concepts
Name: Biel Rosa
Chronicle: Blood and Bramble
Mask: Conformist
Dirge: Conspirator
Clan: Mekhet
Bloodline: Morbus
Covenant: Ordo Dracul / Circle of the Crone

Physical Description
In public he is an unassuming individual the type of face one would not notice in the crowd, his features are soft and unassuming, he dresses in dark clothes typically a button down shirt and slacks. He normally wanders with the blush of life in his skin resurrecting some of his Mediterranean sun kissed skin. His hair is short if slightly messy and dark as are his eyes. Among his fellow Kindred he drops the façade of pretend humanity his skin grows cold and pale and his eyes almost seem to shimmer with crimson. His lower abdomen has a deep scar from when he last fell in to torpor.


Apparent Age: late twenties
Date of Birth: October, 5, 1784
RIP: June, 7, 1810
Race: White
Nationality: Catalan
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 154 Lbs
Sex: Male

He was born to a well to do family who owned a villa and estate on the outskirts of Barcelona, the estate was tended to by several working glass families who tended to the grove of orange trees. His family earned its wealth in the business of trade, for several generations by the time of his birth the head of the family would take over the business while their younger siblings would get involved in other trades and activities. He was born the son of the youngest brother, his father not having a a place in the business became a doctor of some renown within the city and it seemed his son would follow in his footsteps.

His childhood was comfortable if somewhat uneventful, he received his education in the shade of the trees on his family’s property and the affluence of his family even enabled him to attend university. The mild mannered life was not meant to last however just as he was preparing to set out to start a family of his own war erupted across Spain and thousands of French soldiers marched in to the country.

Barcelona was quickly occupied by the French and those who were affluent used their wealth to protect themselves from the occupation. The estates servants were driven from the land however as French troops took to garrisoning in their dwelling. As the occupation went on the fields went fallow and the affluence of the family declined.

The young man would go on to help his father provide medical aid to the partisans fighting to free the nation from the French Empire. The sights and sounds of men screaming as limbs were amputated had a profound effect on him, hollowing him out in a way as he grew jaded from the experience.

The French secret police suspected the family was involved with the partisans and confiscated the families remaining wealth, his uncle the head of the was arrested and sent to a prison in some far off part of France, his aunt fell sick with grief passing away some months later. His cousins were scattered as they were sent in to exile or in to the arms of the church. When his fathers involvement with the Partisans was revealed, he was publicly executed and the estate burned to the ground.

He was left alone, penniless and without a home, everything he knew was taken from him, he went on to be a laborer but quickly caught ill. Sensing fatality he returned to charred remains of his family home. He eventually passed away from his illness but that would not be his end, his sickness was brought on by the machinations of a hungry Vampire and he awoke as one of the Damned.
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Billy - Character Concepts
Name: Claude Reverdin
Blood: Fox
Bone: Lone Wolf
Concept: Mischievous Thrill Seeker
Auspice: Irraka
Tribe: Blood Talons
Physical Touchstone: The Abuser – His Father (Formerly)
Spiritual Touchstone: The Future Self


I was born in one of the working suburbs of Paris, my family of you could call it That was not a conventional one to say the least. My mother, well she was a women that worked the night if you understand what I mean. She was young when I was born only in her teens, apparently my father was some government worker at least he was at the time.

My upbringing was anything but conventional, sure I went to school and got my lessons and at night if my mother was not around one of her friends in the business would watch me. It might be strange to you but I would not change it they taught me all sorts of things you would never learn in a school and I saw my mother plenty it was not like I was neglected I just lived a different life.

When I was young I did not really understand, a guy would see my mother once a month and give her money so we could live. My father was a ranking man in the government someone who was a slave to ambition, he sent my mother periodically just to keep me a secret. Back then I did not understand what I do now.

Time went by and I got a little older but my mother grew ill and life got hard, I wanted to help but no one would give me a job so I did what I had to, I became a thief, I took from people who did not know want to try and help but it was not enough. Some people hired me to do jobs for them and that helped us for a time but my mother only grew worse with time. Sensing a chance, my father stopped sending the money and without that we could not afford the medication.

My mother begged but he did not care so I decided to do what I had to do, I broke in to the pharmacy to get my mothers medicine. I was distracted though I felt more pressure then you could imagine and worse of all I got caught by the police. The process was so quick your head would spin, I spent a few months in prison as a result.

By the time I got out, I learned that my mother had passed away from her sickness and my heart could have fallen out of my chest. The women that were my mothers friends tried to give me solace but it just was not possible. I took a couple bottles of wine, I guess you could say bad habits are hard to shake and just started drinking.

My memory of what comes next is a little fuzzy to be honest with you, I was drunk wandering the streets and I saw the man my father would send to give us the money. I followed him for a while each step making me more angry. I saw him drop off money to someone else and I felt a fire I could not describe to you, as soon as he left I went red with rage.

I came to the next morning outside of the city, a car had pulled off the road and I saw the mangled remains of my fathers man. I got sick, I do not know if it was from the sight or the alcohol all I could do was run.

I was not scared of the police or of prison but of what my father would do, I thought quick and there was one place I thought he could not get me. I joined the Legion, they did not car for backgrounds and they were their own organization. Training was fairly straight forward, I even found others like me there and they explained what I was.

Months of training went by and things were going smoothly but on the cusp of finishing my training Hunters working as mercenaries for my father attacked me. I fought them, I tried to escape but they were prepared. How my father knew what I was I do not know and it seemed it would not matter. If I was going down though I was going down fighting.

The other Uratha in the Legion came to help me and with their help we defeated the Hunters. For my determination they dubbed me a Blood Talon. I knew though that I could not stay, my father was a minister and held power and influence to keep making trouble. I had to disappear.

I ran from the Legion and bought a ticket at the airport, whatever was cheap at the time, where ever I ended up I would make a new beginning. I ended up in New York City and even though my English was not great I found people who could put my skills to use, it has been an interesting couple years now since I have come to the city.

Physical Description
Age: 24
Date of Birth: February, 13, 1994
First Change:
Hair: Blond, Short
Eyes: Blue
Race: White
Nationality: French
Sex: Male

Hishu: 5’11”/148 lbs
Dalu: 6’5”/183 lbs
Gauru: 7’5”/283 lbs
Urshul: 5’7”/164 lbs
Urhan: 4’1”/68 lbs

His build is fairly lean although he certainly has an athletic flare to him, his skin has a warm shade to it while he has the look of someone who always has a question. His hair is short but longer then a solider would keep his, those days are behind him after all and he keeps it slightly messy but obviously styled that way. He dresses fairly casually although he never wears shorts as his right leg leading to his lower back has several scars which also act as his marks of renown.
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Billy - Character Concepts
Name: Arthur Clement
Concept: Studier of Supernatural Psychology
Needle: Counselor
Thread: Memory
Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Helldiver
Court: Autumn


“Most of us are more scared of what we are then anything else.”

I came from a well to do family during a time when the city I knew and loved was growing at an unimaginable pace. People from all over the world came in the pursuit of opportunity. It was an amazing time to be alive and I loved every minute of it, growing up I always wanted to help people and when the time came I chose to become a Doctor.

I began my training just as the First World War was finishing and I saw the soldiers coming home with their invisible wounds. It was then I went to work as medical intern at the New York City Asylum for the Insane. I had quite a few well intentioned mentors but it was clear we were at the beginning of learning how to treat these people. I grew fascinated with how these scared minds worked and began to study those who were criminally insane.

I eventually uncovered reports of an unsolved series of murders all suspected to be perpetrated by the same individual. I have to say I grew obsessed with what I read the details were so vivid I could very neatly feel like I was at the scene. One night I stole the reports and was making my way to the scene of the crime and that is when it happened.

I cannot quite explain how the process worked, the sensation one feels as the matter of their person is transformed in to unsubstantial stuff. I became as little more then smoke and my Keeper, the Minister of Murders was amused not by its fellow Gentry but the prattling of the world I had come from.

Many times he sent me to torment and ebb on those people that would become killers and inevitably lead to their downfall and vanishing to be judged by the Minister. Time like I did not know passed and it all began to feel vile when I was escorting our most recent captive.

The man was a murderer that took to much joy in the act something about it made me sick, I pushed him in to a veil of thorns in the Hedge and left him to his fate. I ran but I could feel the tug of my Keeper dragging me to his realm for my punishment. I had little time I panicked, I was approached by a wild looking  women that called herself Mary.

The offer was simple, she would break the bond between my Keeper and I as repayment for the man I feed to her thorns. I was uninterested in debate I accepted and ran until eventually making my way back to the city I loved although it had changed so much.

Years had passed nearly my whole lifetime and I found that the Minister had leafy someone in my place when it took me. They had a life, got married, had children, even grandchildren by the time I uncovered it. I was enraged but anger gave way to being distraught and my Clarity slipped as I gave up on the physical world.

What happens during those dark times remains a mystery to me but I eventually found my way back to Clarity and manifested again in the world. My Fetch was gone and so I went about rebuilding my life, I eventually uncovered other Lost who helped me adjust.

I found speaking with other creatures that a fear I was familiar with was prevent, they all needed someone to talk to when they did what they thought they were never capable of. Naturally I found my way to the Autumn Court as a result and gradually rose in the ranks as the secrets I knew proved helpful to my Court.

Besides my fellow Lost I have found Vampires and Werewolves to be most prolific sources of terror but any person capable of outburst of anger fears that urge. Now I live a rather sublime existence moving my practice from place to place, I have no intentions of returning to Arcadia. I have some hired help a rather brutish Ogre and the keen Beast help me confront my patients and one step ahead of any Huntsmen.

He appears as a man of short stature and lean build, his skin is pale and seems to bruise easily although this is just his ethereal nature bleeding in to his form rather then any serious medical condition. Despite his conservative demeanor his hair is modestly long and wispy as he has long given up on trying to discipline his hair as it is almost smoke like. If one payed attention to him through the day his hair and eyes would almost seem to shift from a dark black to ebbing on early on set graying of his hair.

He dresses in a way that is odd for the time always in a button down shirt and jacket usually not far off and if it is an incident of noteworthiness a vest is mandatory. When waking the city streets he dresses in jackets that flow freely. He is uncomfortable with newer technology and is prone to keeping a pocket notebook with him at all times and reluctantly makes used of cellphones and computers.

He is practically formless behind his mask appearing as smoke with a roughly humanoid shape and the only discernible feature are his eyes which seem to smolder like dying coals.
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Billy - Character Concepts
Name: Noah Abimer
Concept: The Prince of Diamond
Needle: Chess Master
Thread: Love
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Bright One
Court: Winter (if he ever was brought out of Arcadia)



I remember the sights and sounds of a circus, I can feel these memories like they are mine but I do not know if I was ever there. I remember fire that did not burn and darkness that was always there.

My memory is woven together like a tangle web of experiences that are mine but also not. I exist in a great castle overlooking vast stretches of land.
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Billy - Character Concepts
Shadow Name: Raven
Real Name: Corbin de Bella
Virtue: Patient
Vice: Addictive
Concept: Ruthless Academic
Path: Obrimos
Order: Adamantine Arrow
Legacy: None

Dedicated Magical Item: The Broken Band – it was once a gold ring that subsequently was broken, one piece is now incorporated into a chai he wears around his neck or occasionally his wrist.

Nimbus: he fades away behind an aura of chaotic golden light which radiates with a power from beyond reality, odd things occur around him such as random objects defying gravity, the subject of space and time contort in his presence.

Age: 26
Date of Birth: February 29 1992
Age of Awakening: 14
Hair: Brown, medium to long length
Eyes: Green
Race: White
Nationality: French
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 185 lbs
Sex: Male

Remote request …
Request from Agent 1087 …
Request confirmed …

Request granted …
Accessing Task Force VALKYRIE remote database …
Accessing International Subject Record …
Subject Raven …

All information within this file is subject to ongoing investigation and redaction …

Subject Raven, was born in the town of Bondy, a low to middle income suburb located northwest of Paris. His birth name is REDACTED, he was born sometime during the beginning of 1992. His father is named REDACTED and his mother is named Clara Robineau.

It is believed that his father disappeared prior to or just after his birth and had no known contact with his son or wife since then. His mother worked as a secretary in a local real estate firm allowing her to earn enough income to sustain a modest apartment in a lower income neighborhood of the town.

Reports indicate that he did well through his education routinely coming out as a leader academically among his peers. His excellence in education seemed to be motivated by a desire to secure a better future for his mother.

Sometime around entering puberty a series of low risk supernatural events occurred around him but nothing significant enough to warrant attention but it is during this period we believe he began to manifest his talents. Regardless his talents went unnoticed by his similarly afflicted and did not seem to play a large part of his life for a time.

Towards the end of his primary education he was given a full grant to attend studies Paris Descartes University where he was to study physics among other sciences.

In 2007 the Bondy event occurred, direct details of the event can be found in its own file but a synopsis will follow.

An afflicted similar to the subject of this file became unstable in the area of Bondy, before proper authorities could respond this Mad Afflicted was killed by its peers but before it was felled four (4) people were killed and forty seven (47) injured. Among those killed was Clara Robineau, the traumatic event occurred while subject Raven was at a sleep away in Paris. The event would subsequently be covered up as an explosion caused by a gas leak.

Alone and traumatized it is at this time the afflicted responsible for dispatching the Mad One of Bondy approaches the adolescent Raven. We believe that Raven received mentoring from the subject known as Philoctetes. Shortly after Raven would begin college as well as join the militant arm of the Afflicted Witches.

Several years passed by where Raven and others would accompany Philoctetes to dispatch other renegade witches and other threats.

By the time period of 2010 to 2013 there was a significant spike in Witch activity being covered up as typical suburban crimes. The Taskforce deemed this spike in activity a threat and a strike team was dispatched to uncover and neutralize the cause of these incidents.

The Strike Teams summery is as follows …

Destructive Witch activity prevalent in suburbs of Paris, strike team dispatched to investigate and neutralize, lethal action authorization granted.

Witch coven based in Paris unable to contain entire threat, dispatches its own strike team to nutrilize threats, Witch strike team shadowed daily by operatives.

Witch strike team consist of six (6) Witches lead by subject Philoctetes.

Short term surveillance yields little insight but strike team succeeds in primitively ending several rouge Witch incidents.

Subject Philoctetes begins to act erratically, close observation ordered, deep background check ordered.

Subject Philoctetes seemed source of sudden jump in hostile Witch activity, subject was found to have a hero complex.

Strike team set a trap in a remote Paris suburb, when strike team moved to neutralize but Witch Strike Team moved to take similar action, firefight proceeded one (1) Witch is killed, four (4) flee, one (1) captured.

Strike Team suffers four (4) casualties.

Subject Philoctetes escapes and trail goes cold when he leaves Paris.

Captured Subject called Raven sent to site REDACTED for interrogation.

Remaining Strike Team debriefed and recalled.

Strike Team Leader REDACTED

End Strike Team summery …

Subject Raven was sent to site REDACTED for interrogation and experimentation in hopes of learning more about the nature of the Witch.

Subject experienced extreme interrogation methods, he clearly suffers from a psychological stress as a result of events that occurred prior to his capture and made worse under interrogation.

Subsequently the subject was placed under observation and remained dormant for sometime.
After nearly a year in captivity Subject Raven engineered his escape. Somehow he was able to defy the sensors around him and twist natural forces such as gravity. Several minutes passed before he was registers missing and subsequently escaped the facility.

Subject Raven escaped to London after a brief return to Paris where his trail was subsequently lost.

Command believes he might be masquerading as a grad student traveling through various universities.

Agents are advised not to approach alone, Subject Raven displayed abilities to twist gravity, manipulate kinetic energy, and bend time. Subject is considered docile but dangerous.

Agents are granted clearance to neutralize the subject or capture.

End of record …
Exiting database …
Terminating connection …

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Billy - Character Concepts
Shadow Name: Xiphos
Real Name: Devin Bolt
Virtue: Patient
Vice: Competitive
Concept: Stern Abyss Hunter
Path: Acanthus
Order: Adamantine Arrow

Dedicated Magical Item:


Age: 29
Date of Birth: April 15 1990
Age of Awakening: 15
Hair: Black, long often kept tied back although somewhat messy
Eyes: Blue
Race: White
Nationality: American
Height: 6’ 0”
Weight: 167 lbs
Sex: Male

What I present to you here is a written account of my life and experiences written from my own perspective, I will do my best to make certain that this account remains as unbiased as possible but I believe the reader of this should understand that I cannot completely divorce myself from my feelings. I write this so that the wisdom of my experiences might live on in the event of my passing or otherwise unable to attend by duties. To this end I have woven a spell that will ensure that this text is brought before the master of my Order the Ungula Draconis or the Adamantine Arrow. It is in your esteemed hands that I leave this and it is to you that I entrust you will know what needs to be done. With the preface out of the way I will begin discussing my earliest memories up until when I chose to write this book.

I was born to something of a broken family, my father was an absent alcoholic and my mother otherwise dismayed. I am the youngest of my siblings having both an older brother and sister respectively although this disparity in our age kept us from forming a close bond and life would eventually pull us along our own roads. It may seem that I had a rough childhood and while our family came upon the occasional hardship I never knew want in terms of tangible needs.

The emotional loneliness of my household would be crushing for many as I understand it, it was my good fortune that I was able to overcome this adversity. I believe as a child I sought the companionship my family life never could provide me as such even to this day I find myself close to those I consider my friends although I am restrictive as to who I let so close now. The neighborhood I grew up in was densely populated by relatively young families at the time and so there was never a shortfall of children my age for which I could acquaint myself with.

My best friend at the time was another boy my age named John Cross we spent a great deal of time adventuring about our neighborhood and generally causing mischief. We had comings and goings with other groups but we always remained close.

It was because of John that I would have my first encounter with the supernatural. One day during the twilight hours we were playing in the part long after our parents expected us home as was typical. He went down the slide followed shortly by me. By the time I made my way to the bottom though John was nowhere to be seen. I thought at first that he had miraculously made it back to the top.

He never came back down and I began to scour the play area of the park for any sign of my friend who I was still sure hand planned some kind of prank at my expense. It was only after a few quick moments that real panic began to set in and then I found it.

My friend was in the clutches of a creature easily twice the size of a grown man whose massive hands easily coiled around Josh’s small frame. The creature only shot me a glance which was enough at the time to knock me to the ground. The bushes of the park were standing upright forming almost an arch that the creature passed through and in a blink returned to normalcy.

The last light of day faded quickly after that and soon after our parents came for us and quickly followed by the authorities. No one believed me when I said what had happened they took it as my over active imagination.

A few days later John would turn up wandering the streets although I never assumed it to actually be him I would later find out that this was a being called a Fetch and that my friend had been whisked away to the far off realm of Arcadia.

In a sense this Mystery was to become my first Obsession as I tried to uncover what truly had happened. I found myself with plenty of time as the Fetch of John did not seem interested in maintaining our friendship and once word of my outlandish story got out no one else would pay me any mind. I would return to the park almost daily analyzing every detail I could to try and make sense of what I had seen.

My fixation and social isolation did not serve me well in my academic pursuits, I was never a good student in school and easily fell off the radar in classes with far to many students. During school hours I would rack my mind with ideas about what happened in the park.

Years passed for me and little changed although I found myself occasionally encountering the Supernatural, there was the odd chance I would see through the Mask of a Changeling revealing their true form to times where I felt like entire days would simply repeat themselves.

All of this lead to me doing ever worse in school to the point where it became so unbearable that I dropped out. Leaving school helped sooth the bizarre flow of time I seemed afflicted with but I still could not escape trying to uncover what happened to my friend.

I returned to the park and just sat there taking in the space and gained some measure of clarity, I understood that there was no changing what had happened only understanding but this answer was simply not enough. Inside I raged against what seemed to be impossible to defy.

I understood that an alignment of stars and the sun is what would open the door, the knowledge of that planted in my mind from the beckoning tower. I could not change such comic forces but if only I could go back to that time.

I hardly noticed that as I was stepping towards the bushes which John was pulled through I was stepping back through the years. I only noticed the change when the arch stood before me and doubt vanished from my mind as I ran through the arch.

The sensation was one hard to describe, at first I was falling through water then earth, then a thicket of thorns. I cannot begin to accurately describe what I saw but I had a sense for where I needed to be and so I walked.

Eventually I found the looming structure of woven thorns and vines of silver illuminated by a low hanging moon. I pressed into the structure and was assailed of visions to numerous to recount here that seemed to tare at the very stuff of my soul. When the nightmares stopped I found myself atop the tower my name written upon one of the Silver thorns.

I felt a hand on my shoulder when I turned to face it I could have sworn I saw the face of my friend shrouded in blackness. Before I could say anything everything went black and I awoke several days later in a hospital bed.

I had Awakened and it seems during the process I was physically beaten up, with me having recently dropped out of school and this my parents assumed I had gotten involved with drugs and were quick to push me out of their lives. I was utterly confused by what was happening around me that my only fortune was I was eventually found by a man calling himself Anax.

Anax was a Moros mage and ten years my senior in age, he was quick to take me under his wing and explain to me what I had become and how to control and work magic. He also forced me to complete my education. While he taught me about the arcana, paradox, the lie, and Wisdom his subordinate Mage named Cetus completed my academic studies.

By nineteen years old I had completed my studies and Anax offered for me to join his Cabal the Lotus Eaters. I happily accepted as some part of me craved a place to belong. I quickly meet the two other members Electra, a Mastigos mage with expertise delving into the astral for knowledge and Anassa a Thrysus who coveted hidden knowledge above many things. Upon joining the Cabal Anax granted me my shadow name Xiphos.

The Lotus Eaters were a Cabal of adventurous souls who sought answers to questions others would ignore, they traveled places most Mages would never see and encountered beings of great enlightenment as well as utter dread. I could go into detail about our adventures but the fate of the Lotus Eaters is one I will not wish to see happen again.

There was one Mystery that lead to our undoing and the arrogance of all of us that lead to such ruin. Anax came upon a grimoire which described a hidden place known as the Temple of Stolen Fire. He decided for us that finding this temple would become our purpose.

We spent nearly two years tracking down information and acquiring knowledge about how to get to the temple. It would be Electra that would bare the first punishment for our arrogance for she delved deep into the Astral seeking answers, she found the door to the Temple of Stolen Fire but the ensuing Paradox broke her mind in such a way the only comfort we could offer her was to be confined to an asylum.

We should have stopped there, indeed the Cabal was debating what to do now, Anax wanted the glory of discovering the place for himself while Cetus said we should seek guidance from others. One night after a particularly intense argument Anassa pulled me aside and explains to me that she had already been to the temple while we had been debating what we should do.

The way she marveled at it captivated me, I was blind to what was truly taking hold of her. While the other two still argued she brought me to the doors of the Temple and something struck me as out of place even then.

Pushing through the door we were greeted by broken gears and decaying metal hung up against an infinitely black foreground. Immediately I heard whispers but I could not make out what was being said. The darkness seemed offended by our presence and quickly enough we were assailed by creatures composed of complete anti reality. We tried to ward them off but out magic seemed to only find limited usefulness here.

We were left with no option but to flee and made our escape from the temple and agreed that we would leave well enough alone. We returned to our companions and explained what we had seen.

They were both furious and I suggested we let the mystery go forgotten, Cetus agreed but Anax was unconvinced and Anassa beloved together we might be able to unravel the temple.

Despite my misgivings, we all agreed to go to the temple together. When we arrived we easily pushed past the Abyssal entries making it far deeper into the Temple then we did prior and even then I suspect we only scratched the surface.

The deeper we went the more strain we could feel except for Anassa who seemed to grow more invigorated the deeper we went. She turned to us abruptly and spoke with three voices at once and it was then it became clear. She suggested we invite the power of the Abyss into ourselves as she had.

Each of us refused the offer which drove her into a rage, then we saw a sight of such horror that I cannot begin to explain, her body had become a hosts to Abyssal parasites and her power was beyond any of ours. She tore the arm off of Cetus as we struggled to escape her.

It was only my bending of fate that allowed us to escape as reality broke down around us, we sealed the door behind us and agreed not to return to the place.

Personal rivalries and blaming lead the lotus eaters to break apart. We were not prepared for what we found our arrogance blinded us to the corruption amongst us.

As a penance for what I had been a part of I joined the Adamantine Arrow, to serve my fellow mage and learn to fight the horrors I had witnessed. I spent years training my body for the war my life would become becoming proficient with sword and fist because of various teachers.

During the time I was training I found myself returning to the Park where at the time all my troubles seemed to start and to my disbelief I found my grind John now grown as I had wandering about. He had become a Changeling as they are called he told me what had happened to him but I will not betray his trust by scribing that here.

I offered to help him as the Fetch still occupied his spot among his family and he could not bring himself to end it. He crafted a new identity for himself now going by the name of Janos Cross. Our friendship picked up largely where it left off and he remains one of my closest confidants.

It is with him that I honed my fighting style and it is to him you should go to if I become loss and you wish to recover my knowledge.