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Sun 18 Mar 2018
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Da Rules
"Is that a Twisted Sister pin?!!!!??? On your uniform???!!!!???"--Some guy named Niedermeyer

"I've had it up to here with you, Timmy Turner! You never follow Da ****ing Rules!!!"--Jorgen Von Strangle, deleted scene, Fairly OddParents

These are Da Rules. Some of them will be actual mechanical rules, others will be guidelines for how we post and handle housekeeping. I'll update them as we go.

1. Here's the L&F ruleset:


2. The first group of players will be part of the crew of Raptor and begin in the aftermath of Captain Darcy's unfortunate incident as described in the rules PDF. Every time we recruit 4 or more new players, they will get a new scout ship and a different starting mission.

3. Have fun.
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Sat 7 Apr 2018
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Da Rules
Rolling the dice

When you do something risky, roll 1d6 to find out how it goes. Roll +1d if you’re prepared and +1d if you’re an expert. In a tabletop setting, the GM tells you how many dice to roll, based on your character and the situation. In our game, you'll decide how many dice so we keep things, um...rolling. If I have a quibble with your reasoning I'll let you know.

Roll your dice and compare each die result to your number.

If you’re using lasers (science, reason), you want to roll under your number.

If you’re using feelings, (rapport, passion) you want to roll over your number.


0If none of your dice succeed, it goes wrong. The GM says how things get worse somehow.
1If one die succeeds, you barely manage it. The GM inflicts a complication, harm, or cost.
2If two dice succeed, you do it well.  Good job!
3If three dice succeed, you get a critical success!  The GM tells you some extra effect you get.

If you roll your number exactly, you have laser feelings. You get a special insight into what’s going on. Ask the GM a question and they’ll answer you honestly. Some good questions:

What are they really feeling?
Who’s behind this?
How could I get them to _____?
What should I be on the lookout for? What’s the best way to _____?
What’s really going on here?

In a tabletop setting, you can change your action if you want to after your laser feelings question, then roll again. Here we will try to do that, but if it proves unwieldy we'll change it to you getting a second action with its own roll.

If you want to help someone else, who’s rolling, say how you try to help and make a roll with 1d6. In order to speed things up, if you succeed we will add that success to their number of successes.

Failed help rolls may make for fun comedy fodder, but will not cause the other player's success to become a failure or even be less successful.

Example: Lieutenant Yorgo is on the surface of Zurglag Prime trying to convince a space blob to cough up the Captain, rather than digest him. She rolls two dice (one for just being, one for her expertise as an envoy) and gets a success. Ensign Sven Johanssen wants to help, and offers the blob some food it can eat instead of the Captain. His roll is a failure, because he's offering the blob some nice lutefisk.

Yorgo's success still counts, and the Captain will live to command another day.

Meanwhile, Johanssen is covered with undigested remains of the blob's previous meal as retaliation for such a horrific suggestion.