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Setting Information
What's our game world like?

The Fleet
The Stellar Consortium--Basically the Federation from Star Trek or the Union from the Orville.

Stellarbases--Our version of starbases, naturally.

Scout Squadrons--These units of five to seven scout ships are stationed on the edge of Consortium space and are tasked with exploring new territory and detecting external threats. There are four so far--Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta--with new ones being established as the Consortium's fleet building program proceeds.

Personal Gear
Uniforms--Consortium Fleet personnel usually wear dark blue uniforms, with a high-collared tunic and dark blue pants. For those females who prefer a skirt, there is a dress-cut version of the tunic, though its hem is cut inexplicably high.

The exception to this practice is medical (which may wear a white version or wear green "scrubs") and marines, who wear a medium gray version of the uniform that has been found to blend in well with ship corridors and many planetside environments. Marines may also be issued fatigues with appropriate camouflage patterns for planetside missions where combat is expected.

Rank, Branch and Department Insignia
Branches (Ship Services, Science and Command) are signified by the color of a 5-centimeter stripe on the collar of the tunic, which is repeated down the right-hand side of the chest. These usually include the department's badge, which is depicted as a dark blue "cutout" from the stripe, as well:

Ship Services: Red
Engineering badge: Stacked hexagons, as in a honeycomb
Operations badge: Four arrows originating from a central point

Command: Gold
Command badge: Row of 3 five-pointed stars
Envoy badge: Two olive leaves around a star
Captain: Five five-pointed stars arranged in a formation forming a pentagon at the center

Science: Blue
Science badge: Stylized atom
Medical badge: Sylized Caduceus

All personnel wear a comm badge on the left side of the upper chest. For enlisted personnel, the badge is bronze in color, silver for officers and gold for department heads and the Captain. Enlisted ranks are denoted with chevrons on the badge; officer ranks by a number of small black stars. Ensigns have one star, Lieutenants have two and so on through Lieutenant Commander, Commander and Captain.

Sidearm--The standard sidearm of the Consortium Fleet is the PEWPEW Mark 2. The acronym stands for Plasma Enhanced Wattage Personal Energy Weapon. The PEWPEW may be set to stun.

Rifles and Carbines--A rifle using different beam excitement technology is the LONG (Lased Oscillation By Nucleonic Gravtitaion) rifle.

A smaller version, similar in size to old earth submachine guns, is issued for shipboard actions where the LONG Rifle's length might prove cumbersome. Because these are issued to the Fleet's foot soldiers (the marines) these are referred to as FootLONGs. The rumor that they only cost five Consortium credits to make is an urban legend.

Personal sensor pack--These handheld devices serve as a combination communications/data processing device (for recording logs, etc.) and sensor package. Though there is a base model, modular hardware and software add-ons allow them to be specialized for science, medical, engineering, etc.

Shipboard technology
To keep things simple, tech in this setting is essentially the same as in Star Trek TNG, though players are encouraged to apply different names. For example, a holodeck is a holosim, transporters are transmats, etc.

The ship drive is simply a quantum drive, and uses "marks" for speed in way similar to the way warp is used in Trek, with marks from 1 to 8.

Impulse power is called by the same name and uses the same settings: thrusters, quarter impulse, half, three-quarters, full.

Applying the words quantum or space as an adjective to just about anything works in this setting.

Ship phasers are called BEAM weapons (Beam Energy Application Matrix) and since they incorporate lasers and many other particle beams in one combined beam, there's lots of opportunity for technobabble. "Captain, if we increase the mesopositrons in the BEAM by 20%, their shields will collapse..."

Torpedoes are just called quantum torpedoes.

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