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Game Rules

These rules are in effect regardless of if you read them or not.
It is your responsibility to read all of the Game Rules before you join the game, including Rpol's adult policy.

Rules for Posting

No Portraits
In a game where most characters are magical creatures, scrolling through Rpol's portrait library will be tedious at best. To keep threads clean and not pressure players into hunting down portraits that do not suit their characters, please refrain from using one. You will be asked to remove it if you do. You are welcome to use as much visual material as you want in your character biography and in posts (within reason).

Images Allowed
Images and GIFs are permitted, however, do not spam threads with images, and refrain from using large images. NSFW images of any kind are not allowed. If an image link breaks, the GM reserves the right to request editing or remove the image themselves. To cut down on broken links, please host images you intend to use on a image hosting site such as .

Third Person, Past Tense Only
Everyone makes grammatical, spelling and tense mistakes in their writing now and again. However, please put effort into your posts as breaks in tense and perspective are especially jarring. Present tense is not allowed in excess but is allowed so long as your main tense is in past-tense "She did, he said, est." Storyteller posts may be in present tense to convey current events for the players to react to.

Use To/From Tags
Please indicate which threads you are moving between with [To: Thread Name] when you are leaving a thread and [From: Thread Name] when you enter a thread.

Colored Dialogue Optional
Colored dialogue is not required and will not be used for NPC. If you choose to color your dialogue, please use a color that is easy to read.

Post Length & Consistency
Please write at least a paragraph (5 sentences aprox.) each time you post. There is no minimum post rate per week, however, if it's your character's turn and you don't post within 7 days, the next player is allowed to post. You do not have to wait for your turn to post again, simply do so when you have the chance. If you know you will be not be able to post for 7 days or more, please let the GMs and your writing partners know.

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Game Rules
No Racism, Sexism, Homo/Transphobia and Ableism

Some argue that historical racism, sexism and homophobia add "realism" to a fantasy game. Not only is this factually inaccurate, it also perpetuates Western/European history as the only acceptable fantasy cannon. Historical realism is a flimsy excuse for abuse when you have dragons and ice zombies walking around. This game is a modern, multi-cultural setting full of magic and monsters, meaning players should be open minded to all that entails.


The definition of racism is "prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior. The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races". Humans discriminating against Elves socially or systemically would be racism. This extends to humans in general. While they are one "race" within the lore of this game, racism against POC humans is not acceptable in any way. This extends to color-coded characters of non-human races. Just because your orc is green doesn't mean you can get away with writing an ethnic stereotype.


"Prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group". Colorism covers all flavors of racism that might be complicated by a fantasy setting. It will be treated with the same severity as racism. Ex: Wood Elves discriminating against Drow.

Appropriation & White-Washing

Fantasy settings inevitably draw from real life cultures. If your character is inspired by cultures IRL, you must put in the effort to represent them in a non-offensive manor. This includes white-washing. If you adopt Japanese culture for your character, your character probably shouldn't be white-coded.


Players must respect the pronouns of all characters. The pronouns of each character is listed in their bio so you know which to use in you post. The only exception is if two players agree on a scene in which miss-gendering happens. All characters must use the correct pronouns and not miss-gender the character after the scene is resolved.


Our RTJ only requests the gender and pronouns of a character. While transgender characters may divulge they are transgender in their bio, they reserve the right not to. Players are not entitled to knowing the genitalia of other characters as it shouldn't influence how you treat them. If two characters are RPing a scene, a transgender character may choose to tell their RP partner, but are not required to. This includes romantic and sexual RP. Please refrain from harassing characters about their genitalia or with other intimate questions. This extends to characters of fantasy races that do not adhere to human-based gender or anatomy. Your RTJ to the GM is confidential, meaning your bio only needs to include information you want to share publicly. This right is preserved regardless of another player's sexual advances.

Playing Mentally Ill, Disabled and Neurodivergent Characters

If you wish to play a character who falls into any of the above categories you will be held accountable for representing them in a well researched, non-offensive manor. You are not expected to get everything spot on 100%, but please do the research required. You will be asked to edit your RTJ if your character perpetuates harmful stereotypes about mental illness.

Slurs and Offensive Wording

Derogatory words aimed at POC, LGBTQ, or any other marginalized group are not permited. This includes the following:
  • Gypsy - A slur used to refer to Romani people who still face prejudice in Europe. This is not a word you should use to describe nomadic people or someone who enjoys a bohemian lifestyle.
  • Describing Colored Skin as Food - Describing black and brown skin as "Chocolate", "Coffee" or "Brown Sugar" is dehumanizing. Don't compare human beings to things you want to consume.
  • Retarded or any Variation - This extends to international terms. In general, don't use these words as insults or to describe Neurodivergent characters



If a player wishes to address prejudice as a part of their character's arc the GM will plan a scene or create an NPC with them. In this case, prejudice is an obstacle to overcome, change, or defeat, rather than something to indulge in or tolerate.


A history of oppression and prejudice is allowed in character RTJ. However, if your character hails from a land where there is systemic oppression, it would be in poor taste if your character was part of an oppressive class who never questioned or rejected the system at some point.

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Game Rules

If you write content that is offensive or disrespectful you will be asked to edit your RTJ, post or other content. If you repeat offenses and it becomes apparent your behavior is willful, you will be evicted from the game. For example, if you miss-gender a character in your post, you will be asked to edit your post. This extends to excessive narration that miss-genders a character, not just missuses pronouns. If you continue to disrespect other characters and players, you will be evicted from the game.

Eviction from the Game

Anything that falls under our Zero Tolerance Policy that can not be undone by editing a post. This includes repeated offenses if it becomes clear a player is willfully ignoring Game Rules. Any content involving Pedophilia, Bestiality, Graphic or Disturbing Abuse, or Sexual Abuse of any kind will result in immediate eviction from the game. Intolerance directed at a player or persons is also grounds for eviction. Players are entitled to a formal message of eviction from the GM detailing why they are being evicted. However, players are not entitled to a debate.

Evicted/Abandoned Characters

Control of these characters will be assumed by the GM. Characters will be excused from their scene as organically as possible before being removed from the game. Characters that are abandoned for more than 1 month will be excused from their scenes and moved to the NPC list. Inactive NPC may be removed if it becomes unlikely a player will return. Intellectual property belonging to people who are no longer playing will be removed from the Race and Deity index. Evicted and resigning players have the right to remove their intellectual property from the game.

Thank you for taking the time to read the Game Rules completely. We believe all players deserve respect and that includes respecting their characters in game and out. We will do our best to be fair, and are strict for the sake of protecting the enjoyment of our players. Please do not hesitate to contact the GM or other players if you are unsure if certain content is acceptable or not. Copy and paste "Cosmic Slop" into the password section of your RTJ.

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