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Tue 27 Mar 2018
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For all the things known and learned. Will receive bumps when it obtains new information.


Zakhara - The name of the entire continental region of the world that makes up The Land of Fate.

Wasat - The Middle City
A relatively sleepy city. Basically a trading pitstop between two separate cities.

Halwa - The Solitude City
This city is on the edge of the Haunted lands. Connecting civilization with the roaming nomads.

Hiyal - City of Intrigue
This gray, industrious city on Suq Bay is the home of crime and political games. Filled to the brim with thieves, power brokers, smugglers and schemers, those that survive and thrive have to be cunning and paranoid.


Species of bird that hunts for bright and shiny objects. The pest of the travelling rich.


High Sun
The time of day when it is impossibly hot and people will sleep away because working at this time is unproductive.

Al-Badia - The Nomadic people of the desert, who have no creature comforts of society, but have the great freedom of all who sleep under the clear heavens.

Al-Hadhar - The City people who live in comfort, but are within the hierarchical structures that maintain polite society. For better or for worse.
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Story Weaver
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Sat 21 Apr 2018
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Glossary - Setting Custom Moves

All Custom moves are here for memory and revising.

City Sprawling: When you are traversing from one part of a city to another, Fate may decide to throw something unexpected at you. When travelling between sizable stretches of the city, roll +Wis. On 10+ Choose 2, on 7-9, choose 1.

--You arrive where and when you mean to.
--You find something fortunate besides your destination.
--Something unfortunate Doesn't find you.
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Sun 22 Apr 2018
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Glossary - Setting Custom Moves


Uyame and Kilamu: a man and woman who seem to be involved in illegal activities, and want to make trouble in Wasat.

Nifeema: A woman who seems to have magical ability who's probably up to no good.

Azuah al-Jawwaf: the missing court wizard...

Abrisham: means Silk, apparently, or lightness or something... A woman who works at the Bird Tower. Can also do some spells. Cursed by a genie to be hard to notice... has greyish hair.

Sai: a guide to Wasat.

Zand: our client.

Basean: a merchant who had a ring stolen from him and wants it back...

Abishe: Captain of the City Watch

Caliph Haroun al-Raqqas: The Caliph of Wasat

Jagga: another follower of Kali
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