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The Game Master
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Tue 20 Mar 2018
at 14:40
Request to Join information and the Org Charts
So, you have decided to join our intrepid crew and serve as an officer in the starship <TBD>? Remember, we are looking for team players that are an asset at space. Tell us more about yourself.

Previous knowledge of the system is not required; the free PDF can be gotten for free at but I am willing to help newbies in going through character creation step-by-step.

Currently, we have open positions as:
  • The Captain
  • The Bridge Commander (Bridge)
  • The Gunnery Master (Gunnery)
  • The Comms Officer (Comms)
  • The Chief Engineer (Engineering)

If we have more than five PCs and it makes sense in the type of organization and ship, further positions may be open such as Medical Officer, Marine Commander and Chief Air Group.

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