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The Database
Known Systems

    01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
    __    __    __    __
 A \__/??\__/??\__/??\__/??\
 B \__/??\__/??\__/??\__/
   /??\__/??\__/??\__/  \__/
 C \__/??\__/??\__/
 D \__/??\__/??\__/
 E \__/??\__/??\__/  \__/??\
 F \__/??\__/
F4\__/  \__/F8\
G3\__/  \__/G7\__/
 G \__/
G2\__/  \__/G6\__/??\
   /??\__/  \__/
 H \__/
 I \__/??\__/??\__/??\__/??\
 J \__/??\__/??\__/??\__/??\
      \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/

B8—Xiaozhou: The source of all the good entertainment.
C6—Sant'anna: Backwards planet.
D6—Calabria: Old Sector capital.
F4—Zazan: Enki homeworld. Little land, lots of radiation.
F5—New Sky: Avoid landing on planet; local diseases are dangerous to outsiders.
F8—Myitiayaotov: Hostile drones dominate the asteroid belt; avoid.
G2—Shinkyou: Radioactive due to New West Dakota Mandate internal disputes.
G3—Hecate: Pre-Silence abandoned colony overrun with wildlife and booby traps.
G6—Rochelle: Important New West Dakota Mandate industrial world; beware irregular  EMP bursts from star.
G7—Koride: Drakaride homeworld.
H2—Urbania: Planetwide city sealed off by an energy shield; DO NOT try to land.
H4—Khagastan: Biologically unsafe due to New West Dakota Mandate internal disputes.
H5—Laputa: Only local source of computronium; unusually high percentage of psionicists among the population.
H6—New West Dakota: Capital world of the New West Dakota Mandate.
I3—Jade: New West Dakota prison planet. Off-limits to civilian craft.

Indicates the presence of an orbital refueling station.

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