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Sun 25 Mar 2018
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A little bit about the world
this is just a rough draft. So a little more about the world. It right now is still in recovery from a massive war, the two factions where wizards vs Dragons, this war lasted for 100 years and the wizards have exhausted to much of natural materials, creating Living sentient golems (can't remember the race name for them right now) so they had armies to fight the dragons. The dragons where trying to enslave all living creatures to have free rein. The war ended when Shortfuse, the general of the golems, ended the life of the dragon cult leader Trelimar.  thus began the recovery period. in this time multiple guilds have started growing to help the process of getting normal life back. Deathbell is ran by a halfling named Alistar. If there are specifics you need to know about please ask