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Tue 22 May 2018
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Rules Discussion
Spinning this thread out of the Game Discussion thread.

This thread is for rules referenda from me, as well as any rules questions, ideas, and discussion.
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Fri 15 Jun 2018
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Rules Discussion
Okay so I'm trying to understand rolling, so I roll to examine the symbols. D10 Mental, D8 Wise Sage, D8 Knowledge, D6 Occult. Would that be the correct way to roll, one mental/physical/social , one distinction, two other dice.?
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Sat 16 Jun 2018
at 03:10
Rules Discussion
In reply to Myrddin (msg # 2):

That is correct. I should probably clarify more solid limitations and guidelines on that, too, since I think that section's more of a holdover from the prototype game rules, but what you have above is valid.

For this game, I think it should read, "Rolls will include one die from your Attributes, one from your Distinctions, and one more each from your character's Charms, Gear, and Specialties, up to five dice total."

So, two dice is legal (though not recommended), and up to five can be rolled routinely without counting any SFX or PP spent.

I will probably move this information to the posting section of the rules thread, as well, or duplicate it there, at least.

Anyone have thoughts/questions?