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Sat 14 Apr 2018
at 03:36
These are my home made rules. They are heavily inspired by Axis & Allies, a few other games I've played, and my own whims.

The very basis of this game is on the D6, just like in Axis & Allies. There will be conditions that will give you pluses and minuses on your rolls. In example: Your Nations Morale, If you have a General leading the army and his experience, Fortifications, Weather, and Terrain to name a few.

This is my first time doing this and I may have made errors in the rules that can be broken/are broken. If I find this out there will be an update.

This game will have one 'turn' a week where everyone posts what actions if any they take. Each IRL week represents 4 months in game time. So 4 turns is one year.

The following posts are a break down of each of the sub sets of rules and what you can do in the game.