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Frindal - Northern Side
An'desha, Neva Trevail, Rolen Stormborn, Veronica De Marcott, Greyscale

The journey to the eastern lands was long and arduous, with the caravans reaching your destination after several weeks. There have been a few attacks on the caravan, mostly by local, barbaric tribes. They were said to be demon worshippers interested only in sacrifices for their dark lords. How much of that was true and what were merely rumors meant to justify taking their lands was anyones guess.

Finally, you've arrived to Frindal, a developing settlement at the western edge of the Fabled Lands. And the seat of one called governor Trebon, a man in charge of colonization efforts in this very area. And the man who msot certainly could use your services.

By the time you arrive, it's already getting late, so instead of meeting with Trebon, like you were supposed to, the guard captain Grem has his man lead you to your assigned lodgings. So far, the town consists of several run-down shacks and the large house in the center of the town, which contains the governors quarters, armory and soldiers barracks. The town even lacks a pallisade so far, if asked about that fact, the guards begrudgingly tell you that the governor considered it a waste of resources and posponed the construction of a pallisade several times.

Each of you is assigned a bed in one of the small houses at the edge of town. The quarters are cramped and each house has to be shared by several people. But before you can rest after long weeks of travel, you hear shouting from the distance. "Attack! We are under attack!"
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Frindal - Northern Side
Round 1

As soon as you leave your dwellings to see what's going on, you hear the sounds of fighting all around you. It seems that some enemies broke through the defenses. But you have bigger problems. Another wave is marching towards Frindal from the north and you are the only ones in their way. Several human barbarians in leather armor, wielding battleaxes and shields, accompanied by a heavily armored spearman, three archers with longbows and one shaman dressed in furs. It seems you will have to hold the line yourselves.

C        TR1 TR2           
E          DS           
F             TR3        
H     TW1 TW2 TS TW3          
S          Gs           
T    AD   VM   NT         


An'desha (22)
Tribal Spearman (13)
Dark Shaman (12)
Veronica De Marcott (12)
Neva Trevail (11)
Greyscale (8)
TR1 - 3 (7)
Rolen Stormborn (5)
TW1 - 3 (1)

One square = 5ft

Those squares marked with H are covered by the houses.
WT means water throughs, they are full of water.

Rolen Stormborn is RS
An'desha is AD
Neva Trevail is NT
Greyscale is Gs
Veronica De Marcott is VM

Dark Shaman is DS
Tribal Warriors are TW1, TW2 and TW3
Tribal Spearman is TS
Tribal Rangers are TR1, TR2 and TR3
Dark Shaman is DS

Veronica De Marcott
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Wed 25 Apr 2018
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Frindal - Northern Side
Veronica begins to pray.

"Lady Calistria hear your follower in these new lands and know I call upon your divine grace and wrath against the foes who make themselves known this day."

A glimmer of Amber light washes out from Veronica and an angry buzz follows as an ephemeral wasp flies to all her allies inspiring them and encouraging them to strike.

Standard Action: casting Bless, duration 1 minute.  effect +1 to resist fear and +1 to attacks. 50' radius 100' diameter.
Move Action: I dont know where the doors are please see below.

Veronica will then try and move into a nearby home using it for cover planning on using her crossbow through a doorway or window the next turn.

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Frindal - Northern Side
  An'desha steps forward, tossing hair from her eyes and pulling her greataxe from her back.  Her black fox, Fox Friend, slinks forward at her feet.  Looking about from under heavy brows, she quickly assesses her opponents and her allies both and responds almost instantaneously.  Her eyes and the fox's both fall on Greyscale, and she chants in draconic, "Bad luck turn, bad luck bail; good luck only for Greyscale."

Move Action: Draw Battleaxe
Free Action: 5' Step to (T,06)
Standard Action: Fortune Hex on Greyscale.

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Neva Trevail
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Wed 25 Apr 2018
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Frindal - Northern Side
Seeing the mob of barbarians coming Neva grew very worried. They looked like they knew how they could use those weapons. Why were they attacking? It hardly mattered, Neva was a thief, not a warrior. She could defend herself but not out in the open and certainly not in the face of what was coming, so she chose the better part of valor
and ran behind the defenders, between the houses to hide behind a water through..

Double move: to Z6 (into cover).
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Thu 26 Apr 2018
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Frindal - Northern Side
Greyscale's eyes narrowed as he spied the approaching enemies.  They had the advantage, and his companions knew it as they scattered cowering for cover.  Greyscale knew how morale in scoring the first hit could bolster their courage.  He reached into the sheath at his side and drew forth a javelin.  He took three large strides, and let it fly in a high arch towards the shaman.

Move to Q11
17:03, Today: Greyscale rolled 8 using 1d20+3. Ranged attack reroll.
17:03, Today: Greyscale rolled 4 using 1d20+3.  Ranged attack (fortune used).
Actually, those would be 2 lower due to extended range increment. So 2 and 6.
I did take the +1 from bless into account.
Yep, that's usually my luck with the dice roller.

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Rolen Stormborn
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Frindal - Northern Side
In reply to Greyscale (msg # 6):

Rolen saw the sheer numbers and knew he could slow them down a bit with a simple spell. He gestured with his quarterstaff and vines and bramble reached out and grasped at all their attackers and the ground became filled with the overgrowth.

OOC: Cast Entangle - 40 foot radius starting at the center (x axis) and back (y axis) of the enemies. Square B-11 to be precise. stretching out 40 feet in each direction
DC15 Reflex check to avoid being grabbed. DC 15 Escape Artist or Str check if they are entangled. Also anyone who moves into the area has to make that Reflex save.

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