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Frindal - Southern Side
Kaitlyn Rumble, Drev Stonesinger, Lady Quar'ssysn, Milo Talon, Borric d'Tor

The journey to the eastern lands was long and arduous, with the caravans reaching your destination after several weeks. There have been a few attacks on the caravan, mostly by local, barbaric tribes. They were said to be demon worshippers interested only in sacrifices for their dark lords. How much of that was true and what were merely rumors meant to justify taking their lands was anyones guess.

Finally, you've arrived to Frindal, a developing settlement at the western edge of the Fabled Lands. And the seat of one called governor Trebon, a man in charge of colonization efforts in this very area. And the man who msot certainly could use your services.

By the time you arrive, it's already getting late, so instead of meeting with Trebon, like you were supposed to, the guard captain Grem has his man lead you to your assigned lodgings. So far, the town consists of several run-down shacks and the large house in the center of the town, which contains the governors quarters, armory and soldiers barracks. The town even lacks a pallisade so far, if asked about that fact, the guards begrudgingly tell you that the governor considered it a waste of resources and posponed the construction of a pallisade several times.

Each of you is assigned a bed in one of the small houses at the edge of town. The quarters are cramped and each house has to be shared by several people. But before you can rest after long weeks of travel, you hear shouting from the distance. "Attack! We are under attack!"
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Frindal - Southern Side
Round 1

As soon as you leave your dwellings to see what's going on, you hear the sounds of fighting all around you. It seems that some enemies broke through the defenses. But you have bigger problems. Another wave is marching towards Frindal from the south and you are the only ones in their way. Several human barbarians in leather armor, wielding battleaxes and shields, three archers with longbows and one large, feral man who just transformed into a large wolf. It seems you will have to hold the line yourselves.

Soon after Kaitlyn exits her house, one dwarven gunslinger immediately follows her and as soon as he notices the man that transformed into a wolf, he immediately reaches for a pouch on his belt. "By Angradd, another werewolf! I'll take care of 'im!" He starts loading his gun with silver bullets, but a stray arrow hits him in the chest and he falls to the ground, dead, with the pouch of silver bullets still in his hand.

F         LQ  DrS     KR   
H      BdT     MT         
Q    TW1     TW3 WW   TW4     
R        TW2             
T          TR1 TR2  TR3      


Kaitlyn Rumble (24)
Lady Quar'ssysn (22)
Milo Talon (17)
Drev Stonesinger (16)
Borric d'Tor (13)
TW1 - 4 (12) - AC 15 - (Touch 11, FF 14) - HP - 8/8/8/8
Werewolf (10) - AC 16 - (Touch 12, FF 14) - HP 25/25
TR1 - 3 (6) - AC 15 - (Touch 14, FF 11) - HP - 6/6/6/6

One square = 5ft

Those squares marked with H are covered by the houses.
WT means water throughs, they are full of water.

Milo Talon is MT
Lady Quar'ssysn is LQ
Drev Stonesinger is DrS
Borric d'Tor is BdT
Kaitlyn Rumble is KR

Tribal Warriors are TW1, TW2, TW3 and TW4
Tribal Rangers are TR1, TR2, TR3
Werewolf is WW

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Thu 26 Apr 2018
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Frindal - Southern Side
Lady Quar'ssysn was hoping that she was able to get a nice long hot bath before turning into rest.  But it seemed that Fate had other plans for her and rest wasn't one of them.

Moving outside she didn't like what she witnessed but it was something she knew needed to be taken care of.  The Ranger was her first priority and the others around her could deal with those barbarians that was rushing in and that Wolfbeast.

Standing still she didn't say a word but her body started to fade from sight.

Casting Vanish.
Borric d'Tor
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Thu 26 Apr 2018
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Frindal - Southern Side
Werewolf! Borric d'Tor heard the man with the gun exclaim. He stared at the man turn into a creature of horror stories. Borric drew his bow as he stepped closer to where Lady Quar'ssysn was standing. He fired an arrow at the human barbarian waving an axe in the air.

Borric d'Tor rolled 10 using 1d20+5.  Knowledge(Nature) regarding werewolf.
Free: Draw bow
Move: to G9
Standard: Fire Comp Longbow [+1] at TW1
Borric d'Tor rolled 12 using 1d20+6.  ATK TW1 w/Comp Longbow w/Favored Enemy.
Borric d'Tor rolled 11 using 1d8+3.  DAM vs Tw1 w/longbow w/favored enemy.

Drev Stonesinger
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Thu 26 Apr 2018
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Frindal - Southern Side
Drev wasn't much like other dwarves. Most dwarves loved the underground world, beards, and axes. He hated the underground, didn't have a beard, and his skill with an axe was... questionable at best. Most dwarves couldn't sing worth a damn to his mind.

Actually, Drev didn't think he was much of a singer either. So maybe it wasn't all differences.

Freeing his crossbow from its place of security, he shook his head. Much as he loved wandering the world, he hated fighting. Aside from the fact that every battle was the possibility he might die, Stonesinger considered himself something of a coward. Not that he would ever admit that to anyone else, of course. If anyone else asked, he was smart enough to avoid fighting. Or some other excuse. Whatever worked, really.

Backing away from the incoming enemy toward the water trough - he could use it as a shield against the incoming enemies - Drev began to whistle, freeing a bolt and placing it carefully in the weapon.
Kaitlyn Rumble
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Fri 27 Apr 2018
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Frindal - Southern Side
'Werewolf?' Kaitlyn thinks. 'That's a hard thing to kill.'

Kaitlyn rushes towards the fallen gunslinger and slides behind his corpse, she uses it as cover while she loads one of his silver bullets into her gun.

Ready to fire she moves forward towards the werewolf.

"I ain't never killed one of you." Kait said as she strode forward.
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Sun 29 Apr 2018
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Frindal - Southern Side
"Well so much for an ale or two and a good night of rest, we must be wicked." Milo hurried out the door to face what was coming, filling his hands with chackrams as he goes. Another werewolf, was his only thought as he watched the dwarf fall to the ground.
  Milo looked over at Kaitlyn, "Not sure I'll be any help with that furball but I can help keep the others off ya." He then moved forward with her ready to fight.